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15+ Pinterest Infographic Templates and Marketing Tips


pinterest infographic

Infographics are a powerful tool that allows marketers to engage audiences visually using a format that is easy to follow. Due to their visual nature, they work well on social media.

You can use a Pinterest infographic to tell people more about the industry you’re in or teach them insider tips and tricks. An infographic will capture their attention easily and stick with them long after it’s out of their sight.

Not a designer? No problem. Use Venngage professional templates and Infographic Maker to create an engaging Pinterest infographic today.


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pinterest infographic


Want to learn more about other types of infographics? Read our blog on the 9 main types of infographics or watch the video below:

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Brand style guide Pinterest infographic

pinterest infographic


If you’re looking to tell people more about who you are as an organization, a brand style guide template can help you tell your story.

This Pinterest infographic has a pretty clean, straightforward design treatment that you normally can find in social media infographics or social media posts. In fact, you can easily repurpose this Pinterest infographic to a new layout that’s suitable to be posted on other social media platforms.

This template was inspired by our blog on brand style guide. Click to read it here:

brand style guide

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Pinterest list infographic: Email marketing tips

pinterest infographic


Have a blog on email marketing? Spice up your blog posts by using this Pinterest infographic template to summarize the key learning points of your article, which—in this case—are the top 3 email marketing tips.

Notice that this Pinterest template only lists 3 email marketing tips, and it’s for a good reason. As the tips are short and to the point, it’s easy for readers to take a look and even remember them at a glance.

As the list is fairly short, the designer inserts an icon after the title to make the best use of the negative space. If you want to change the icon to fit your blog content, simply double click it and choose the icon you want:


For more examples, templates, design tips and marketing tips for marketing infographics, visit our blog posts:

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Pinterest list infographic: Presentation design tips

pinterest infographic


Another list infographic example, this particular template is an excellent option for presenting information in an appealing but concise manner. The lack of other significant elements means you won’t be distracted from the essential information.

If you often create presentations on your brand or relevant topics in your industry, it might be worth making a Pinterest board featuring just tips infographics such as this one.

Similar to the Email marketing tips Pinterest infographic, this template can be used to summarize the key learning points of an article. In order to have more space for the list items, this template doesn’t use an icon to accompany the title.

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Pinterest list infographic: Must-read social media books

pinterest infographic


Another list infographic you can easily upload to your Pinterest account, this one is perfect for suggesting bibliographies, learning resources and other materials to people who follow your posts.

It features a space where you can name the author of the resource and a beautiful background of a library. You can add as many more resources to the list as you want by simply editing the template.

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Pinterest infographics for a Pinterest board

pinterest infographic


You can use this Pinterest infographic as a nice cover for a board featuring tips on designing a mind map, or just about any other blog post.

Naturally, you can replace the text with anything you want your Pinterest board to be about. It will provide an attractive starting point that will motivate users to click to see more.

Here’s a different treatment of the same template to spark your creativity juice:

pinterest infographic


Let’s look at some more examples of Pinterest infographics you can use as your Pinterest board cover.

pinterest infographic


If you have a blog on presentation design tips or presentation ideas, this Pinterest infographic template is perfect for you. Of course, you can always customize it for any other content.

Notice the use of two questions as a hook to capture readers’ interest, as well as the clever use of icons to make for a wittier design.

As a Venngage for Business user, you can also upload your brand colors, logos and fonts, and have those applied to your design in one click using My Brand Kit. Here’s another version of the same template, using a different brand color palette:

pinterest infographic


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Poster design tips Pinterest infographic

pinterest infographic


This list infographic has a completely different treatment from the three above. Featuring colorful icons and strong fonts, it will help you draw readers’ attention in no time.

When editing this Pinterest infographic template, you can choose from a large variety of icons. They will fit any topic you want to focus on, from business to brands and logos, computer, data, food, media, and many more.

Venngage offers 40,000+ icons and illustrations, 2,000 of which are diverse icons to help reflect your diverse audience:

diverse icons

Here’s another example of a Pinterest infographic that has the same block design treatment with a strong emphasis on icons:

pinterest infographic


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Magenta poster design tips Pinterest infographic

pinterest infographic


Another poster design tips Pinterest infographic, this template lists 6 tips instead of 3 like the one above.

By keeping the tips concise and using a simpler design treatment, this Pinterest infographic template hosts quite a handful amount of information without feeling clunky.

It also features a really smart use of icons that illustrate the tips very well, despite the minimal design.


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Nonprofit Pinterest infographics

pinterest infographic


If you’re looking for a nonprofit infographic template for your organization’s Pinterest board, you’ve come to the right place.

This nonprofit Pinterest infographic on human rights makes really good use of the top space for a bold, large title that captures the audience’s attention right away. The brand colors are also very consistent throughout the design and can be spotted at a glance.

The elegant treatment makes it suitable to be used in more traditional, formal marketing collaterals as well.

For a different take on the same topic, have a look at this other Pinterest infographic, which is more suitable if you have a nonprofit campaign to promote and are in need of a poster:

pinterest infographic


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Image-based Pinterest infographic: Galentine’s Day

pinterest infographic


If you own a business where celebrating Galentine’s Day might be appropriate, you can create a Pinterest board of ideas and use this template as a cover photo. To also promote your business in the process, don’t forget to link to your product(s) in the posts.

For example, a restaurateur might link to their order online button to invite users to treat their best friends to a delicious meal as a Galentine’s Day treat.

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Pinterest infographic poster: Earth Day

pinterest infographic


Are you celebrating Earth Day as a brand, or do you want to encourage your Pinterest followers to be more environmentally conscious? This simple Pinterest infographic layout can help you inspire them with a lovely quote and a beautiful image.

You can use this template for a variety of holidays, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. Simply replace the background image and the quote with one more suitable for the occasion. You can also replace the logo at the bottom with your company logo.

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Food Pinterest infographic: Thai Salad recipe

pinterest infographic


One of the first rules of Pinterest for restaurants is to share your recipes with existing and potential customers. This handy recipe infographic is the perfect place to start.

Users don’t like to read a lot of text on Pinterest. That’s not what the platform is for. Instead, add a photo of the recipe and use icons for the ingredients to encourage them to recreate it at home. You will get many more visitors than with a plain text recipe.

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To promote your Pinterest infographic and get more users to see it and click on it, you have to use search engine optimization (SEO). The principles are pretty similar to those for regular blogs. To find keywords users are searching for on Pinterest, use their ad platform.


If you put that keyword through Pinterest’s search bar, you will get suggestions of other long-tail keywords you can use.

Interested in learning more about how you can optimize infographics for your SEO strategy? Read our guides:

To make sure users have a good experience on your Pinterest profile, try to upload only photos with a 2:3 aspect ratio. That is why using a Pinterest template is ideal. It’s already created to fit the platform’s specifications.

However, you don’t always need to create content specifically for Pinterest. You can also share content you’ve used on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Read our blog on social media strategy to learn more.

The Instagram carousel below is an example of how you can repurpose your Pinterest infographic on brand style guide for your Instagram:

instagram carousel branding statistics


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Pinterest infographic FAQ

1. How do I make an infographic for Pinterest?

To make a Pinterest infographic, you need a captivating topic and a graphic designer to help you visualize your ideas.

However, that might be too costly if you’re planning on releasing infographics constantly. The alternative is to use a Pinterest infographic template like the ones above.

pinterest infographic

2. How do I post an infographic on Pinterest?

To start posting your infographics on Pinterest, create a business account and fill in all the details related to your brand first.

Then, decide whether the infographic will be stand-alone or as part of a board featuring multiple infographics. Remember that you can fill in a title, description, and destination link for every pin you upload.

3. Why does Pinterest matter to marketing infographics?

Pinterest is the perfect place to promote your infographics because it’s a visual platform where like-minded individuals share graphics they’re interested in.

Brands can capitalize on that by sharing helpful information from their industry in an attractive format. That will ultimately boost brand recognition and engagement.

Next, you can read about the 6 Formulas For the Perfect Pinterest Infographic.

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Summary: Customize any Pinterest infographic templates to boost your marketing strategy

Pinterest infographics are versatile. You can use them as your Pinterest board covers, as an infographic summarizing the key learning points of your blog content, as posters promoting your next event and more.

Start incorporating Pinterest infographics into your marketing strategy today with Venngage, using our professional templates and simple online editor. No design experience required.




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