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16 Best Bootstrap Social Network Templates 2020


To build your own social networking platform, don’t start from scratch, rather pick from the list of the best Bootstrap social network templates.

These templates give you plenty of user management options. The design of this type of templates is also done with great care.

These templates must be able to provide tons of information to the user in an interesting way and engage visitors constantly. these powerful site canvases give you a well-structured base and also make the job of making the website responsive easier.

As you can see these web designs need a lot of precise designing and development. In this type of niche templates, you need to give working features manually (by code), which is possible in WordPress with the plugin integration (no coding).

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In this case, you need to do heaps of coding to make a functional web feature. It is one of the reasons why Bootstrap social media templates are fewer in number when compared to other niches. In this list, we have collected some of the best free and premium Bootstrap social network templates. For your convenience, we even added a few WordPress alternatives to make your job easier.

Important functions you must see on social network sites are user login and signup, user dashboard, neatly designed news feed and easy to search for the contents they want.

Please take a look at our dashboard template collection to get a better idea of creating a user-friendly dashboard.

The Bootstrap social network templates in this list closely provide you the functions you need in a social network site. But still, you have to customize yourself to make these tools fit your needs.

Best Social Network WordPress Themes


Would you like to start your very own social network? With a few tweaks here and there and the resourceful Divi, you can bring into being nearly any web platform you want. Know this, in the bundle, you will find over one hundred complete site packs – how crazy is that? But the samples are just one part of all the goodness Divi has available for all its users. It even comes with a custom page builder which you can use to modify layouts exactly to your taste. There are no limitations with Divi, as it is powerful enough to handle any challenge.

Divi, indeed, practices all the modern trends, like responsive layout, cross-browser compatibility, SEO-friendliness and fast loading speed. If you are interested in building your own community of loyal followers, take a peek at Divi, test it out and see what is possible.

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Jevelin is a multi-concept web design, which has no trouble catering to your needs and regulations. Even with the out of the box layouts, you can already create loads of different websites. All the demos are clean, professional and very appealing to the eye. Even if interested in expanding Jevelin with a social network or a forum, a simple integration will do the trick. Note, Jevelin is compatible with all modern plugins, as well as allows complete creative freedom. As far as changing the look goes, it is WPBakery drag and drop page builder which will do the trick.

Even as a beginner, you will quickly get the gist of Jevelin with the video material and documentation. On top of that, you can also seek help from a professional support team and witness site realization without a hitch.

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priday social network template
While PriDay is a social website template primarily focused on the LGBT community, you can easily utilize the web design for something entirely different. Whether you would like to go super niche or create a general web platform, with PriDay, a ton is possible. There is demo material available for you to kick things off right away. In the kit, you will discover two different homes and many more internal page layouts for a swift realization of your ideal page.

PriDay also comes with Slider Revolution, PSD files, unlimited colors, Unyson support, AccessPress, Instagram feed and Snazzy Maps plugin. If you are interested in creating a website for a more intimate community, get things moving forward with the amazingness of PriDay. No need to be an expert coder nor designer, as PriDay ensures everyone to get the most out of it even without prior experience.

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cera community website template
Cera is a flexible and multi-purpose social network template that works for many different aims and intentions. It also comes with four main demos to choose from, all set and ready to operate without a hitch out of the box. In addition to that, you can also style and fine-tune the default settings with the use of the drag and drop page builder, Elementor. Without coding, you can establish a web platform that is exactly to your liking.

Moreover, Cera includes plenty of features that call for a quick-start of something remarkable. From members and group directories to user dashboard, private messaging, activities wall and paid and free memberships, it is all in the Cera kit. You can also choose between dark and light themes and deliver a performance that will keep the experience at an all-time high all the time. Indeed, Cera is fast loading and mobile-ready, too.

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squadforce wordpress bbpress forum theme
SquadForce is for all the gamers out there, offering you to establish your own online community of enthusiasts. With the amazing flexibility and extendability, you can easily utilize SquadForce for your project. The tool comes with an impactful and interest-grabbing dark look that everyone will enjoy. Also, SquadForce rocks a responsive design, reshaping to smartphones, tablets and desktop computers immediately. And if you would like to tweak the appearance, you can do that, too.

Some of the features include ready-to-use blocks, practical navigation styles, tournaments, galleries and news sections, to name a few. You can also create a forum with the integration of the bbPress plugin. Last but not least, the WooCommerce-ready pages allow you to sell products online and take your gaming project to an entirely new degree. It is all in the kit, readily available for your convenience.

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vikinger community wordpress theme
Creating your very own social network requires Vikinger. It is a powerful and feature-rich WordPress theme with all the necessary and then some. On top of that, you will never need to undergo any challenging tasks, as Vikinger is very beginner-friendly. Note, it comes with the Elementor page builder, which unlocks the creative freedom you deserve.

The features are endless. From BuddyPress and amazing gamification (GamiPress) to tons of page layouts, newsfeed and neat profiles, it’s all there. Due to the modern and trendy design, you only really need to focus on the perfecting touches.

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Beehive is a striking alternative that helps create a niche or generic social network. It is a WordPress theme that contains all the must-have page layouts boundled with tons of components and elements. For the most part, you only mix and match what’s at your disposal and call it a day. The entire procedure is a child’s play, so Beehive is great for newbies and professionals.

Beehive supports photo and video feeds, groups, notifications, comments, live chats and classifieds, to name a few. It takes just a few steps to install and setup Beehive. From then on, it’s all about having some fun, fine-tunning the default configurations to your liking and needs.

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cholot social network template
Cholot is something a little different as it caters to retirement communities specifically. If in the business offering helpful services, let Cholot assist you with your online presence and expand your reach. When using Cholot, you need to have no coding knowledge, meaning, everyone can get the most out of it without a sweat. Thanks to Elementor and the drag and drop technique, the method of customizing Cholot is as easy as pie. However, Cholot comes with such pretty design out of the box, the chances are high that you will want to use it as is.

Import the demo data with a single click and go from there. You can expect to have a full-blown page all set and ready to attract all those in need of your services right from the get-go.

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Best Bootstrap Social Network Templates


tutorio social network template
An educational website totally deserves the best treatment since it furnishes learning and development. Tutorio can provide these needs enthusiastically. This Bootstrap social network template will take care of everything from design to integration to maintenance. It even has various tools to help you achieve your overall goals more efficiently. You can choose from its rich collection of pages and components, all responsive and stunning. Meaning, your outcome will appear at the highest quality on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Multiple landing, courses, teachers, students and lessons pages await every Tutorio user. You can effortlessly tailor each to your likings and establish a custom online learning platform with the smart Tutorio. Customer service is also top-notch, ready to address your questions in a friendly manner. Kick it off with Tutorio and shine online.

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hireo-bootstrap social network template
Hireo is keeping its rich standard on an all-time high for you to make the most out of it when building a job board and freelance services web platform. It only shows that this Bootstrap social network template is the best one out there. Hireo provides flexibility, convenience and functionality in creating the ultimate online marketplace for job seekers and other creative individuals.

A dependable tool, Hireo lets employers and job hunters connect with each other in the best possible way. Mix and match various adaptive and ready-made layouts, each with its own distinct settings for easy customization. Core functions include micro-interactions, Google Maps, invoices and form elements, perfect for your needs. There’s more to mention about Hireo, but it’s better to explore it by yourself. Take a peek at the live preview page and Hireo will take care of all the rest.

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workwise bootstrap social network template
While Workwise is versatile enough to use it for all sorts of intentions, freelancing platform is its heart and soul. This fantastic, highly customizable and straightforward to use Bootstrap social network template is one you should not miss. The web design of Workwise is very smooth and minimal, clean and tidy what makes browsing the content and interacting with others an always clutter-free experience. Moreover, Workwise is also one of the simplest and easiest ways to realize your project once and for all.

Workwise comes with one home page, three profile layouts, offers three simple signup steps and even includes forum pages. On top of that, it has two forms to post a job and a project, home page chat feature and a ton of other widgets. If a social network with a somewhat familiar look is what you are up to, Workwise will do the trick and help you bring it into being.

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socifly bootstrap social network template

SociFly is a complete social media website template package. It is one of the few Bootstrap social network templates that provide multiple variations. With this template you get four homepage variations, all have almost similar designs with slight modifications. The long homepage helps you to describe your network and the visual effects on the homepage are also sleek and simple. This simple website template is also flexible, it gives you the option to change the color scheme from one of the ten colors provided.

The design quality and the features are not only great on the homepage, you get the same quality in the sub-pages also. This template is bundled with twenty plus subpage pre-designed for you. It also includes the coming soon template and 404 error page templates. Overall it is a complete package, so you can use this as a base for your social network website project.

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olympus bootstrap social network template

Olympus is a social network template toolkit. The design of the template is modern and trendy. The user interface is done with great care so that it looks elegant and also includes all the useful features. It includes both the feature page templates and full corporate style website templates in its package. This template covers all the pages you need in a social network site. The interesting part is the feature pages includes features for people with different interest like shopping, music, weather, management and financial.

The only downside of this template is, it is not a complete working template. You get only the outline of the page. To make it a fully functional website, we have to manually do lots of code editing and integrations. Overall this template is a good package for web developers.

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nrgnetwork bootstrap social network template

NRG network is a Bootstrap social network template for creative professionals. As soon as you land on the site your mind will surely find some similarity with the Behance and Dribbble sites. If you are planning to make a multimedia rich social community then this template will be a good fit. This template uses a well thought out design elements and features. If you are intended to create a fully functional social network site, this template will reduce your work.

In the header, you have the option to add optional signup and facebook login option. The top bar acts as a sticky navigation bar with login options. Just above the footer, you have a full-width widget to add your Instagram feeds. The left sidebar helps you to add filter options. This flexible website template also gives you option to switch between different color schemes.

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Friend Finder

friend finder bootstrap social network template

Friend Finder is a social network website pages template collection. This template includes the pages right from the login to the user dashboard and the news feeds. So by keeping this template package as a base, you can create a social network easily. The Friend finder template takes design language of Twitter, Facebook and one of the social network ancestor Orkut. With the clean background, the web elements and their colors are clearly visible. The sticky top bar gives a user friendly navigation option. This Bootstrap social network template uses HTML5 and CSS3 framework. This well-coded template can easily be converted to WordPress and make it a complete working site.

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trade bootstrap social network template
Trade is a website template for classifieds and listing. With the features and pages for profile creation and interaction with other users, this template can also be used as a social network template. As a package, this template comes with six homepage variations. Design wise all the templates follow almost similar style but with slight modifications in the content alignment.

As of now, this template does not give you the option to add other social media login options, the user has to create their own profile. The form templates are also designed neatly to get all the necessary features from the user. If you are interested in creating a wizard based form to get more information in an interactive way take a look at our free bootstrap wizards collection.

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Final Thoughts

These are some of the best Bootstrap social network templates you can make use of for your site. Creating a social network purely on the HTML templates took lots of human resource and time since this niche needs lots of interactive actions and background functionalities to be integrated.

You can use this template as a base to create your own social network site or start with a WordPress theme and save yourself plenty of time.


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