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24 Best Mobile-Friendly Free Music Website Templates 2020


Exclusively developed for singers, musicians, bands, DJs and everyone else within the industry, here are the best free music website templates.

Without spending a dime, you are to hammer out a website for your outstanding tunes and promote your work with the online world.

You can now easily reach ears of those living on the other part of the continent or globe. If you would like to go from local to global, by all means, craft a music website for your art with these free templates.

Although you are busy all the time rehearsing and coming up with fresh tunes, that does not mean you should postpone site creation. Sure, doing it all from the ground up takes time, but with these free music website templates, you do not have to.

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Pick the design you are into the most and have your online presence ready in as short amount of time as possible.

In the list below, you will find a mix of HTML, PSD and even WordPress templates. All are carefully designed to give you the most bang for your buck. Oh wait, there is no buck. Meaning, a 100% return on zero budget invested. Cool, right?

Use these free templates for music websites for personal or commercial use. Moreover, you can easily customize them to perfectly suit your requirements and turn them into a unique creation. Get busy and start building the much-needed page where others can get familiar with your music.

For all of you who are ready to go premium, check out our best premium music website templates. These unlock an entirely new chapter of possibilities, full of features and stunning elements.

Hint: If you are in need of best hosting for musicians, we have you covered. Pick accordingly and start growing your band or music career immediately after the site launch.

Divi (WordPress)

divi music website template
If you are a musician or a band who would like to take their project to another level, make sure you do not miss building a solid online presence. While all these 3rd-party platforms allow you to popularize your tunes, take it a step further with a page. This gives you the certification to have complete control over your website, pushing your works over and beyond.

One such tool that will get you going immediately is Divi. With Divi and the available demo material, you can set up the desired website in close to no time. You do not even need to be an expert when it comes to crafting sites, with Divi, anyone can realize their music page without a hassle.

On your website, you can create playlists, embed tunes, build a portfolio, sell merchandise and even start a blog. Once you have it under total control, the options are unlimited, especially with a tool like Divi.

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Jevelin (WordPress)

jevelin music website template
No need to seek help from a coder nor a designer when building a page for your musical project. Just get your hands on Jevelin and all the rest becomes history. This powerful and adaptable web design caters to all sorts of different aims and intentions in a split of a second. There is also the practical WPBakery drag and drop page builder which unlocks a broad horizon of possibilities, especially to those who are not fond of coding. The process of visual editing keeps things simple and very beginner-friendly.

Jevelin is, of course, flexible and responsive, fluently reshaping to smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. It also works like a dream on all web browsers and displays content flawlessly on retina screens. For newbies, Jevelin also includes video tutorials, extensive documentation and free support. Get the gist of it and enter the online space with a bang.

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Tabula (WordPress)

tabula music website template
Tabula is an exclusive web design for a music school. Of course, the tool is packed with tons of different predefined layouts for you to start an assortment of different pages for various schools and online courses. However, since music is our main topic today, that is what we will focus on primarily. Before we continue, there are actually twelve entirely different home page demos at your disposal, of which two are ideal for building a page for a music school.

The modern, creative and vibrant design of Tabula will surely spark everyone’s interest. Tabula is also entirely translatable, responsive, fast loading and browser compatible. Extra specialties include parallax effect, time limited content, one-page support, smooth transitions and more. What’s also unique about Tabula is the money-back guarantee it offers, so you have nothing to lose.

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Best Free Music Website Templates


Musico Free Template
You can enjoy yourself using the spectacular Musico and take your tunes to the next level. This free music website template is a solution that will do the trick for both solo artists and bands. Musico also caters to different music genres without a problem. After all, the design of the tool is highly adaptive out of the box. However, Musico accepts personalization, too. However, other than altering the colors, you will very likely want to use Musico as is.

Start with an engaging image and title and hook everyone over. Moreover, introduce your latest or most popular tunes, share a stunning image gallery and let folks contact you via the compelling form. All this and more is what you get with Musico. There is even a blog section for announcing news and whatnot, as well as Google Maps.

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Solmusic Free Template
Solmusic is an excellent free music website template if you are looking to create an online streaming platform. Not just that, but if you are in the process of launcing a mobile app, do yourself a favor and promote it strategically with the use of Solmusic. It is a nifty page skin that provides an array of predefined page layouts, elements and other features that will benefit you greatly. And if you would like to introduce your signature style aka brand Solmusic, you can make it happen with ease.

Solmusic is a Bootstrap Framework template with a fluid layout. Meaning, your page will run beautifully on smartphones, tablets and desktops. Different inner pages, blog/news section, social media icons, Google Maps and a working contact form are other bonuses of the A-OK Solmusic.

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Deejee Free Template
While Deejee might be for DJ’s out of the box, you can employ it for other music projects as well. You will have a blast setting up an exciting and engaging online presence for you tunes and anything else you would like to push on the internet. With Deejee, you have an array of options, thanks to the flexibility it sports. Also, Deejee’s dark mode is pretty spectacular, making sure the outcome is as attention-grabbing as possible. This professional and sophisticated free music website template is perfect for those who are looking for something more.

Although Deejee is a free site skin, your page will not be half-baked. A complete opposite; it will look very premium-like.

Some of the features that you get are multi-level drop-down menu, parallax effect, sticky navigation, on scroll content loading, testimonials and social media buttons, to name a few. Let Deejee save you time and help you make a strong impression on every new fan.

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Hnband Free Template
HnBand is a free music website template for bands and artists. With its distinct design, you will create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone to immerse themself in your work easily. Even though a tool that costs you nothing, HnBand still rocks many great features. Not to mention, it is perfectly in tune with all popular devices and web browsers. In other words, HnBand makes sure the performance is always top-notch.

Keep in mind, if you would like to perform any customization tweaks, you can do that as well. The code of HnBand is well-structured, so you will quickly get familiar with it. Spread your tunes with the world by building a solid website.

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mypodcast free template
Mypodcast is something different, but it still falls perfectly fine in the music templates category. If you would like to start your own podcast – about the music industry – you can do it with Mypodcast. It rocks many awesome traits that will help you kick-start your project. From home and internal pages, it’s all at the tip of your fingers.

Moreover, Mypodcast is also ready for an audio player, includes a sticky and transparent header and comes with social icons. You can also start a blog and take things to the extremes. Boost your podcasting game with Mypodcast.

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DJoz Free Template
Okay, let’s make one thing clear; even if a template aims to a particular niche by default, that does not necessarily mean you need to stick to that genre. For instance, DJoz is best for DJs and electronic music artists, but works for something else, too. Always think outside the box, DJoz can fit many musical projects with ease.

From a transparent header and carousels to a countdown timer, social buttons and playlist section, it’s all part of DJoz. The design of the template is also very modern and creative, wowing every visitor and fan. Expand your reach and popularize your musical masterpieces with DJoz.

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razo free template
Razo is a versatile free music website template which you can use for building neat and trendy blogs. Whether you run a radio station, a podcast or would simply like to start a music blog, Razo is the solution for you. It does not really matter what genre you are passionate about, Razo is ready to work with any without a hitch. Pretty much, all it takes is to change the content and you shift the entire purpose of Razo. Yes, it truly is as simple as it sounds!

Moreover, Razo is a Bootstrap Framework tool that works seamlessly with all mobile, tablets and desktop devices. It also instantly acclimatizes to modern web browsers and appears crystal clear on retina screens. The experience Razo delivers is first-grade, making sure your visitors will be happy to return for more of your enticing content.

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music free template
Only by reading the name, you know that Music is a free website template for music-related projects. Solo artists, bands and even platforms for streaming and downloading music, here is a cracking web design that will get you started on the web sooner than later. Contemporary web design, mobile-ready and SEO-friendly, Music makes sure your page practices all the latest trends and regulations. In other words, it will perform smoothly, with stability all the time.

Music features sticky navigation, call-to-action buttons for selling tickets, latest news and newsletter subscription form. You can also link your page to your thriving social media platforms with included icons and offer fans to get in touch with you by filling out the integrated (working) contact form. Get your tunes known all around the globe thanks to a fresh page Music will help you put together.

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poca free template
Hence the name, Poca is a free music website template for podcasters and podcasts of all niches and topics. Whether you talk about fashion, lifestyle, business, music, entrepreneurship, you name it, Poca caters to all and everything.

The web design of Poca is highly versatile and adaptive, ensuring you to get the most out of it. Even if taking the shortest way and utilizing Poca as is, you can have a spectacular podcasting website up and live as quickly as possible. On the other hand, you can always make improvements and tweak Poca to your likings.

Poca loads content on scroll, sticks navigation to the top and features parallax effect. While you can solely rely on 3rd-party platforms, with a website, you can do oh so much more for your podcast. That said, waste no more time and take your project to another level with Poca.

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radios free template
Radios is an excellent web design if you are running or plan to start a radio station. This free music website template has it all at your disposal to create a visually appealing page that will capture everyone’s attention. Radios also displays on all devices and web browsers seamlessly and ensures an outstanding experience for a greater chance of winning over even more listeners.

Some of the many features of Radios are full-screen banner with parallax effect, on scroll content load, testimonials slider and an exclusive events page. You can also capture their emails with the newsletter subscription form and push top tunes, featured artists and other compelling content. As far as the look of your radio station’s online presence goes, you can now be entirely comfortable about bringing into realization a marvelous one.

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88 free template
Eighty8 is another stunning, elegant and fashionable free radio station website template that offers an out of this world experience. What makes Eighty8 special is its eye-catchy dark layout that will encourage them to tune in. To truly understand the power of Eighty8, you better take a peek at its live preview page. Be ready since Eighty8 will knock your socks off.

Bear in mind, even if you run a podcast, Eighty8 is a great option to get your name out there and market yourself like a pro. Along with a catchy home, Eighty8 also gives you access to other internal sections, like about, charts, DJ’s, blog and contact. The latter includes both a functional form and Google Maps. Establishing a website is much easier when you have access to the right set of tools.

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mixtape free template
Singers, bands and other individuals that are passionate about music and everything related to it, start your project with Mixtape. This free music website template delivers a gorgeous dark layout with great attention to details. Its contemporary scheme increases your potential and encourages people to press the play button. Once your tunes hit them with great vibes, they are hooked forever.

As for the features, Mixtape has a framed layout, banner with text and call-to-action, sticky navbar and playlist. You can also promote your upcoming gig and sell tickets straight from your website. Introduce your band, start a blog and go on a more personal level with your fan base. A website unlocks a broad specter of new opportunities that can boost your existence through the roof. Use your creativity and shine on the web like a rock star.

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One Music

one-music free template
One Music is nothing else than a contemporary, responsive and flexible free music website template. It sports a large slideshow with zoom-in/zoom-out effect that helps you capture their interest and spark their curiosity. You can link each slide to your latest release or another enticing content you would like to put an extra shine on. By creating a strong first impression, you immediately score yourself a few extra points.

Other goodies of One Music are multi-level drop-down menu, working contact form, log-in form, audio player and a cool albums page. Even if you are already successfully promoting your band or music project on social media, the time has come to step it up. Do the right thing with an impactful website and grow to new heights. You can also sell tickets and merchandise with a page and have it all under full control.

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musica free template
If you are still in need of more web designs that cater to the musical industry, that is exactly what you will get. Musica is an amazing, versatile and high performing free music website template for artists and bands of all genres. Musica has a funky banner with zoom-in/zoom-out effect and a lovely and warm preset color scheme. The web design is nothing short of magnificent.

To continue the hype, Musica features an audio playlist, mega menu, hover effects, social media icons and subscription form. Announce forthcoming shows, sell tickets, share your compelling story and kick off a blog, too. You now have your entire web presence under full demand. Employ Musica to your likings, make adjustments, implement your signature style and create a custom variation with ease. Blended in the layout is also a practical contact form so those interested in working with you can get in touch right away.

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Indeed, music sure is life and if you are part of the industry and do not have a website yet, you need to get one done as soon as possible. You do not know yet how much are you missing without a solid online presence. Make an end to it and craft a creative website with Music website template. Solo musicians and artists, bands, radio stations and nearly any other who is associated with the music industry, grow your fan base above and beyond with a page. A combination of a website and social media can bring you very far without the need to invest a lot into marketing.

Music’s full-screen banner with text support for your band name and other information impresses everyone who visits your page. The template is compatible with videos, has a clean portfolio section, sports parallax effect and comes with a working send-us-a-message form.

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Callie Free Template
Music industry is immense and there are all sorts of different niches and other whatnots you can get yourself into. And no, you do not have to be a musician to be part of the community. You can be a passionate and enthusiastic music fan and start your very own online project using Callie free music website template. It is a blog and news style tool with a neat and clean web design. Callie will attract everyone who comes across your portal.

Callie has plenty of useful features and assets that will greatly benefit you. From a comfortable navigation that comes in a classic drop-down menu, as well as mega menu, to widget-stuffed sidebar and footer, these and loads more is what you get with Callie. Besides, the template is also responsive, optimized for search engines and compatible with all modern web browsers. You can start something fresh and novel in the music business reasonably quickly with the use of Callie.

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Sunfest Free Template
For a summer music festival or pretty much any gig or event you are hosting, Sunfest is the template you need. It is a multifaceted tool which you can use for all sorts of intentions, music-related, too. This highly optimized and great performing page scheme is ready to complete your web space in as short amount of time as possible. What’s more, you will find Sunfest very simple to use and tailor to your needs. That said, make sure you utilize Sunfest to its full potential and get the most out of it.

Modern and sophisticated look of Sunfest will spark everyone’s curiosity. It will have them hooked as soon as your site loads. Not only that, but they will want to learn more about the forthcoming event immediately. Create a countdown timer, push your lineup and even sell tickets straight from your website. All this and a ton more is possible and easily achievable with none other than Sunfest.

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If you are an event organizer that specialized in hosting different music gigs, concerts and festivals, market yourself with Eventasia. This is a professional website building tool which you can use for boosting and enhancing your business and get all your musical events to sell out. It allows you to go in-depth with your forthcoming shows and get everyone unable to resist them.

From a full-screen banner with a countdown timer to convenient navigation, hover effects and handy event calendar, Eventasia has it all and then some. The template has a single-page layout with a newsletter subscription form and Instagram feed in the footer section. Eventasia also practices all the latest trends what makes it work smoothly and stable across all devices and platforms. To truly understand how much is possible with the tool, go ahead and check out Eventasia’s live preview page. Be amazed and impressed and kick off your web space creation in style.

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Agenda Free Template
The best way to advertise all your shows and concerts you bring to your local area is by owning a website. It unlocks a whole new specter of possibilities for you and increases your potential (read, gets you more attendees). The first thing you will notice is the full-screen slider which you can use to push all your coming events and get the hype going. Moreover, in the top right corner of the web design, Agenda also sports a call-to-action button which will increase the chances of them buying the tickets early.

Agenda has a clean and elegant design that is easy to browse through, as well as highly converting. Have each music event enticingly presented on your page so there is no way they will leave your site without taking action. Moreover, Agenda is mobile-ready for your web space to work smoothly on all devices for everyone checking your page on the go.

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WordPress Free Music Website Templates

For a complete website creation coverage, we are adding extra WordPress free music website templates. There is no need to kick things off with premium products. You can first test the waters and only later upgrade to a payable version. To each their own.

Seos Music

seos music
Seos Music is a WordPress free music website template with a two-column responsive dark layout. It is clean and straightforward, ready to advertise, your music, band and any other audio project. Seos Music is optimized for search engines and compatible with browsers, as well as translation ready. Also, you can use the tool with all the most popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce for expanding your website to an online store. As far as customization goes, Seos Music allows you to modify header and background colors and background image.

To wow visitors, Seos Music does it with hover effects and on scroll animations. A back to top button is located in the footer, plus different widgets to add more information about your music and feature recent posts. If these types of layouts are your thing, by all means, download and install Seos Music now.

More info / Download


It is a DJ with a twist, meet Deejay WordPress free musician website template. Needless to say, the tool was carefully designed and developed with DJs in mind but also suits other musicians, as well as event planners. You can use it for all sorts of intentions since it supports many plugins. To name a few, Deejay works with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and Events Manager.

In the footer, you will find three widgets, for recent posts, recent comments and testimonials. Bear in mind, Jetpack is needed for the testimonial widget. Create a website for your portfolio, publish content, sell merchandise and boost the upcoming event or gig.

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