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17 Best Free Lawyer Website Templates For Legal Sites 2020


This comprehensive collection of the best free lawyer website templates covers all and everything for legal practitioners and law firms.

Being a legal problem solver and solution provider owning a website for your firm is a must. The most important thing you must note in a lawyer website template is, it should be bold and powerful just like your profession.

The color scheme of the template must show trust, a secure and royal feel to the users. Color psychology plays a major role in business branding and also in website branding, CoSchedule made a detailed post on color psychology, take a look at it for more detailed information.

Moreover, another great way of building customer trust is via testimonials. The themes and templates below include these as well, so you do not need to create them from scratch. Friendly tip: introduce a blog section as well, where you can share all sorts of tips and tricks and give back to the community. Become an authority.

Note: Go straight to free HTML templates.

Following are the best free lawyer website templates, in the free website templates you get only limited support. However, these come with certain limitations but still get the amazing job done.

If you really wanted to customize the website template to your liking and stay unique, then please check our premium lawyer website template collection.

Divi (WordPress)

divi lawyer website template
Lawyers and attorneys, as well as law firms, get ready to present your services and cases online with Divi. This gives you an opportunity to create the exact lawyer website that you fancy, making sure you increase your potential and win over more business deals. With Divi’s outstanding customization features, you can bring into being the exact page that you fancy. Have in mind, even if you have no experience with building websites, you can effortlessly make one with the user-friendly Divi. The integrated page builder will surely do the trick.

Also, you do not need to bother about the technicalities, as Divi practices all the latest trends and regulations. Your page will be flexible, responsive, in tune with all web browsers and fast loading. In short, the performance of your fresh lawyer website will be outstanding from the get-go.

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Jevelin (WordPress)

If you would like total creative freedom when it comes to establishing pages, you better take a peek at Jevelin. With the very many samples at your disposal, you can start the process strong even when it comes to building pages for law firms and attorneys. The versatility and adaptability of Jevelin give you all the rights to establish the page of your dreams. But most importantly, such a website which will take your business to new heights and successes. After all, who does not want more business, right?

Moreover, Jevelin comes with all sorts of features, like custom-made shortcodes, Revolution Slider, parallax effect, smooth scrolling and mega menu to name a few. And if you need any additional assistance, Jevelin’s team of experts will help you out at any time.

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AttorCO (WordPress)

attorco lawyer website template
AttorCO is a complete web design solution for everything law-related. With four creative and one-of-a-kind ready-made demos, you can get things moving forward pretty much instantly. In some instances, you will even want to use AttorCO out of the box and have a page live within minutes. Still, if you would like to fine-tune the layout, you can do that, too, with AttorCO and the amazing WPBakery drag and drop page builder. There is no such thing as programming with AttorCO.

Tons of blocks, inner page layouts, RTL support, Revolution Slider, CSS3 animations, sticky header and WPML plugin compatibility, are a few of the specialties of AttorCO. Last but not least, AttorCO also operates flawlessly on all devices, smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. To top it all up, everyone will have a pleasant experience browsing your page, as the performance will always be of the highest degree.

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Best free lawyer website templates


Justice Free Template
Present your cases and services online with Justice. This is a spectacular free website template that anyone in the legal space can put into play. Lawyers, attorneys, law firms, you get the gist of it; Justice is powerful and practical enough for everyone. Also, this is an HTML template, so coding knowledge is necessary to turn it into an active website. But the amazing code organization makes sure that everyone gets the most out of Justice.

Full-screen banner, on scroll content loading, animations, testimonial carousels and multi-level drop-down menu, it’s all at your fingertips. Enter the industry with a bang.

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Notary Free Template
Notary keeps things simple and impactful, perfect for a lawyer website. It is a free tool that appears more premium-like than anything else. It comes equipped with many great features and layout designs, so you do not need to build anything from scratch. Still, basics of the HTML are necessary to utilize Notary successfully.

In the kit, you will find an opt-in form, drop-down menu, testimonials, image background for the footer area and a working contact form. If you would like to keep things minimal, Notary is an ideal solution for you. With a bit of work, you can even turn it into a one-page website.

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TheLawyer Free Template
TheLawyer is professional and sophisticated, going straight to the point. The look of this free lawyer website template is also neat and tidy, presenting all the content beautifully. You can bring forth your services, your case studies and even create a compelling about section. Everything will pop out distraction-free for a pleasant experience.

Functional contact form, Google Maps, back to top button, testimonials/references and blog section are all the specialties you can work with. As for the latter, invest some time in creating quality and helpful content and give back to the community.

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Legalcare Free Template
LegalCare is a professional and sophisticated free lawyer website template that will positively impact all your potential clients and prospects. With a tool like LegalCare, you can save yourself time and energy when establishing your business’ online presence. But this applies to all the other solutions that you find on this comprehensive list of excellent site canvases as well.

Pick accordingly and go from there.

As for LegalCare, it delivers all sorts of greatness that will level up your page. From full-screen background and typewriter effect to parallax effect, sticky navigation and on scroll content loading, it is all part of the LegalCare kit. A few extras include free consultation form, testimonials and a fully functional contact page. LegalCare is also based on Bootstrap Framework to ensure complete responsiveness. The performance of your page will be phenomenal and that is a guarantee.

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Lawyer Free Template
Lawyer goes pretty much straight to the point with its name. It is a first-class free lawyer website template that suits all and any legal services. Whether you go solo or run a firm, with Lawyer, you can make a website that will boost your internet presence through the roof. You do not even need to change anything, design-wise; you stuff it with your details and custom content and you are all set for success.

The fluid layout also makes sure that your page runs without a hitch on handheld and desktop devices. Lawyer rocks a bunch of predefined page layouts, appointment form, blog, an array of practical elements, contact form and Google Maps. If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of the world wide web, establish a website that will take things to an entirely new degree.

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Judge Free Template
Lawyers, attorneys, legal practicioners, firms and solo professionals, everyone can profit from Judge tremendously. Even though Judge is a free website template, you can expect an outcome to be very premium-like. Not only does Judge come with a very appealing and professional look, but the features are also very many. Also, Judge follows all the latest trends and regulations, making sure the performance of your page will always be on point.

Full-screen banner, parallax effect, scrolling animations, hover effects, ready-to-use forms, sticky menu, you name it, Judge offers it. You can work with Judge either out of the box or brand it with your custom colorway and other special tweaks. Last but not least, do not forget to start a blog and implement strategic content marketing. You have loads of possibilities to push your law business to the extremes with Judge.

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Lawfirm is our modern, creative and sophisticated free lawyer website template that is fully customizable and easy to use. All the stuff that you get in the package is well commented what calls Lawfirm a friendly tool to both beginners and pros. Right off the bat, you will notice the large, full-screen slideshow that warmly welcomes all your visitors and potential clients. This is the feature which you need to put the work in to get them enticed and intrigued to learn more about what you have to offer.

Along with the home page, Lawfirm also comes with several other inner sections which are all just as neatly designed and developed. However, if you feel like tweaking it, by all means, modify Lawfirm however you like it. Some of the cool features are on scroll content reveal, parallax effect, functional contact form and social media icons.

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impact free lawyer website template

The Impact is a premium feel free website template. It is a multipurpose website template that fits for all types of professional websites as well as personal website templates. The smartly designed homepage helps you to attract and retain your website visitors. In this free website template, you get all the premium features and elements you can expect in a premium website template.

With this Bootstrap website template, you get features like animated counters, parallax scrolling, interactive scroll effects and pricing table. Since it is a multi-page website template you have plenty of page design layout to choose. This well-coded website template is mobile responsive and is also cross browser compatible.

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whisper free template
Whisper is a free lawyer website template with the capacity to fit numerous businesses within the legal and law practices. It is a modern and easy to use tool that you can put to use immediately. With a comprehensive page, you can scale your law business to new extremes and attain great successes easily and quickly.

Some of the very many features Whisper has available for you are parallax effect, sticky navigation, loads content on scroll and fully supports video and other types of media. There is also a free consultation form integrated into the web design so you do not need to build it yourself. There is a special section for practices and attorneys, as well as a blog and a contact page. A single click on the free download button gets you to start building the vital website.

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lawful free template
Nowadays, there is no need to start developing a website from scratch. You have many free resources that help you get things rolling sooner rather than later. Even when it comes to building law and legal websites, we have an entire collection of free lawyer website templates available for you. Lawful is another striking site skin that speeds things up for you regarding creating the must-have page. No time to waste, download the free tool now and start making a big difference for your business.

Lawful is based on the well-liked Bootstrap Framework what ensures flexibility and mobile-readiness. Of course, Lawful is also in tune with web browsers, search engines and provides excellent performance. There you go, kick things off in style with the professional and premium-like Lawful and make the page that you need.

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primelaw free template
Regardless of the industry, you are in, you need to follow all the latest trends and regulations with your website. Especially when it comes to lawyers and law firms, it is crucial that it expresses your professionalism that will take you to new heights. Couple the contemporary look of Primelaw with your outstanding services and you can start moving mountains. This free lawyer website template is ready and set to assist you at establishing a killer design for your online presence. Make it yours and tweak it accordingly, it is all possible.

Primelaw comes with a full-screen slider, appointment form pop-up, case studies, animated statistics and testimonials slider. There is also Google Maps for when you would like to share the exact location of your law firm. No doubt, you will stand out from the masses and build trust and loyalty in potential new clients thanks to the astonishing Primelaw.

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Marco 2

Marco 2 is your go-to free lawyer website template if you are solo. You can create a magnificent online presence that will act as your portfolio, as well as a marketing medium. With Marco 2, you can tell more about you, your experience, practice areas, case studies and all the other necessary information. Right below the full-screen split-screen banner, Marco 2 features a free consultation form that comes very helpful.

Other fine qualities of Marco 2 are parallax effect, smooth scrolling, working contact form, Google Maps and widget-rich footer section. If you have a video presentation, you can feature it on your page as well. Marco 2 is flexible and adaptive, ready to work with users of different levels and tastes. As a professional individual, Marco 2 is one of the best free templates for legal practices that you can find on the market today.

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theorder free template
With a first-grade website, you can unlock a whole new specter of options that will take your law firm to a new degree. TheOrder is a terrific free lawyer website template that creates a neat design solution for your web space. You can now speed things up regarding building the modern and responsive website that you need. Exactly, you do not need to hammer out a page from scratch anymore. It is TheOrder that delivers a layout that will suit many business requirements.

The features and goodies are there, ready and set for you to employ them to your likings. From parallax effect and animated statistics to sticky navbar, cool testimonials and attorney introduction, get your name out there with TheOrder. If you offer free legal consultations, TheOrder also has a working form included in the web design.

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law free lawyer website template
As the name suggests, Law is a free lawyer website template that pretty much anyone in the legal industry can use. It is flexible, easy to use and modifiable so you can alter and adjust it effortlessly. Feel free to use it out of the box but do yourself a favor and make improvements until Law matches your branding to a T. Create a spectacular marketing channel that will bring in new leads and help you seal big deals.

What to say, Law is clean, modern and minimalist web design with a great collection of traits that will benefit you significantly. Use the ready-to-use layouts and elements and have a website masterpiece up and running sooner than later. The opportunity is here; it is now entirely up to you how serious you are about your law business. Little do you know, you start bringing in new clients and your firm grows on a steady basis thanks to Law.

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