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29 Best Free Education Website Templates [HTML & WordPress]


Your search for the best free education website templates is now over. Here we have only the best web design alternatives that fit all educational institutions and online learning services.

Nowadays, you do not have to make an entire website from scratch. In fact, you also do not even need to know how to code and still witness great success in some instances. But this applies to WordPress themes only (we have a few here, too).

For the education templates, they require basic coding knowledge to turn the HTML structure into an active website. Still, every template’s code is neat and organized, so everyone will enjoy using it, whether a beginner or a pro.

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Sharing courses, promoting school and all the rest that falls in the category, you can do with these templates like a champ. Each tool also ensures exceptional performance across all devices and platforms. So it’s not just that the design is very appealing to the eye, but the technical aspects of a successful website are also fully sorted out.

If you need to build an educational website, now you know where to start. Take charge and enjoy the smooth execution.

Best education WordPress themes

Divi (Premium)

divi education website template
For schools, universities, colleges and online courses, Divi is a sophisticated and all-inclusive website template for your convenience. One thing is for sure, once you gain access to Divi, you can do all the work yourself.

After all, without the need to do the coding work, you can edit and fine-tune Divi to your likings effortlessly. On the other hand, with a collection of over one hundred complete website packs, you can expect to find the layout that suits you best shortly. Each demo works as a full-blown website out of the box; however, you can also adjust it with the use of the integrated page builder.

Once you see the vast amount of features and components that Divi has in store for you, all the rest becomes history. For pages, even when it comes to education-related ones, with a tool like Divi, you can sort them out in a small breeze.

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Jevelin (Premium)

jevelin education website template
Starting a website for a school or university is child’s play once you begin putting Jevelin to use. In the collection of thirty and counting samples, there is one predefined for everything eduction. Now, feel free to employ the layout exactly as is, but you do not have to. In fact, with the simplicity of WPBakery drag and drop page builder, you can quickly alter the style of Jevelin and make it practice your regulations and requirements to a T.

Some of the amazingness of Jevelin includes massive slider, animated statistics, sticky header, filterable programs/classes portfolio, back to top button and events timeline. With Jevelin, you can also sell books and other items online with the integration of an eCommerce section. Additionally, start a blog, give tips, share compelling articles and other whatnots with existing and soon-to-be students.

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Edumy (Premium)

edumy education website template
Edumy is a dedicated education website template, particularly for online courses and everything related to it. For speedy creation of your own online educational platform, Edumy gives you access to eight different demo home page designs. Of course, you also get tons more inner layouts to just mix and match and have the final design ready to roll. No need to do anything from scratch anymore, let Edumy take care of the majority of work for you out of the box.

Edumy comes with Elementor page builder, LearnPress LMS plugin, simple course creation, blog layouts, social icons and nifty headers. The structure of Edumy is also 100% mobile-ready and retina friendly, ensuring the smooth operation of your page on all devices. It is also fully compatible with web browsers and optimized for fast loading speed.

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HTML Free Education Website Templates

HTML free education website templates help you to make simple websites easily. Some of the templates are built on the bootstrap framework; it gives you shortcode options to make customizations easy for the end users.

Bellow are the best free website templates built on HTML5 and CSS3. Some of them are built on the bootstrap framework.


Edumark Free Template
We have an array of different free education website templates here for you, making sure to take care of all your objectives. Edumark is another excellent site skin that comes perfect for building an online education/learning platform. Instead of doing the work from the ground up, you can now do it with help from Edumark. The design part and various other nifty features are at your disposal, readily available to put them into play.

Moreover, Edumark includes stuff like sticky navigation, hover effects, drop-down menu, social media icons, testimonials, you name it, Edumark delivers it. Skip the process of brainstorming the online presence for your sophisticated platform when you can take Edumark and let it do the magic for you and your users. For your information, you can freely employ Edumark out of the box, keeping the default look intact. Or do take it a step further and brand Edumark according to your liking.

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Kiddy Free Template
Kiddy, as the name suggests, is a free education website template for kindergarten and kids care. If that is something that you are after, Kiddy is one of the best tools on the market today. And, of course, it does not cost you a dime! How awesome is that? Even if Kiddy happens to be free, the outcome will not be half-baked. A complete opposite, in fact.

This modern solution practices all the latest trends of the current web, ensuring a first-rate performance at all times. It is 100% responsive, cross-browser compatible and retina-friendly. Kiddy is also a Bootstrap Framework template, making sure the flexibility is on point.

What’s more, you will find all sorts of stuff, like packages, pricing plans, client testimonials, social media icons, parallax effect, gallery and the list goes on.

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Nurture Free Template
Nurture is a splendid free website template that works both for online and offline education. Keep in mind, Nurture is an ideal solution if you are setting up a learning platform/facility for kids. This means it can even work for an elementary school; the options are numerous. Nurture follows all the modern trends so that the performance of your website will always be top-notch.

It features a full-screen banner with text, call-to-action and video support above the fold. Use this section strategically and you will win over more parents easily. Nurture also rocks all the other necessary features and elements to start online quickly.

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Studylab Free Template
Studylab is a free education website template with heaps of great features and functions. If online courses is what you would like to specialize in, create an online hub with Studylab. Even though it is a free solution, Studylab is still full of great amenities for you to put into play.

Moreover, it is an HTML template with a well-organized code, so using Studylab will be comfortable. This applies both to beginners and pros. Some other specialties are floating navigation, registration form, animated stats, on scroll content loading and testimonials. Share knowledge with the world professionally with Studylab.

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Courses Free Template
As the name suggests, Courses is an ideal solution if you are building eLearning website. With this modern and eye-pleasing web design, you can push any type of courses. You can go niche but you can also create a general online learning platform. The choice is yours, it just shows that Courses is very versatile and extensive.

This free tool comes with all sorts of specialties that create a powerful website. It’s all in the kit, from carousels and back to top button to drop-down menu, Google Maps and a working contact form. Avoid the method of building a website from scratch with Courses now.

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Fox Free Template
When searching for the ideal free education website template, you are definitely looking for sophistication and easy of use. Fox has the best of both worlds and then some. It is an extraordinary solution that gives you all the necessary for a quick start of your website. You can employ Fox for all sorts of intentions, like school, college university, heck even online learning platforms. The options are many, making sure Fox caters to your needs effortlessly.

Above the fold, Fox sports a slider and call-to-actions, helping you encourage them to take action right away. Other treats of this tool are animated statistics, parallax effect, on scroll content loading, request a quote form, functional contact form and Google Maps. Get your educational project on feet with Fox now and set yourself apart from the competition.

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eclipse free template
For websites that offer online courses and other learning services, Eclipse is the free education website template that does the trick. With contemporary and creative web design, Eclipse captures everyone’s attention right off the bat. There is no need to but you can also modify Eclipse’s layout and introduce your signature style to it. Of course, the out of the box version is already nifty, you will want to stick to it and not bother modifying it much. Still, do customize it at free will and express yourself uniquely. The options are there.

Present all your courses like a champ and let everyone familiar with your knowledge base and expertness. These are also different sliders, full video support, testimonials, hover animations and multiple internal pages and web components. Make your website the fun and simple way and grow your online project.

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edusmart free template
Schools, universities, colleges and other educational institutions should not miss the power of the online world. If they lack a solid web presence, they might be losing a ton of opportunities. One of them is reaching more students, willing to get on board. On top of that, with a website, you can go in serious details, presenting your services and other offerings. Do things the right way with Edusmart, a free education website template.

You can now easily be ahead of the competition and do it your way. Knowing that Edusmart is flexible and extendable, you can modify the default web design and enrich it with your creativity and originality. Edusmart has all the necessary to establish your website and get things rolling. It even comes with a blog and a contact page with both Google Maps and form. Now you know what to do next.

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educature free template
If you would like to make the experience fun and entertaining, you better take a peek at Educature’s live preview page. The design is contemporary, stylish and spiced up with cool animations. For instance, an adorable rocket launches straight out of your screen as soon as you start srolling. You will soon know what I am talking about. Not only that, but this same rocket takes you back to the top when down at the bottom or somewhere in the middle of the site. Sometimes, these small details make or break the experience. This time, you will find it very rewarding.

Present online courses in different niches, share what students will gain from them after enrolling and build trust with testimonials. The options are many when you gain access to Educature, so use it to its full potential and shine online.

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webuni free template
For the most part, all our free education website templates come versatile enough for you to use them with different projects. Webuni is no different. It is a tool for online courses, but you can also employ them for crafting a neat web presence for schools and universities. Whatever the case, the final product will rock the online world with cleanness, professionalism and sophistication.

Webuni keeps the web design relatively simple and modern, making sure it suits different users. Bear in mind, while you can use it as is, you can also perform adjustments and tweak it to your needs. Webuni has an option to search courses by different categories and even a function to upload your own courses. Avoid brainstorming web design from scratch and inspire your creative thinking with Webuni.

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learnit free template
We continue our outstanding collection of the best free education website templates with LearnIT. It is yet another superb, mobile-ready, retina-friendly and web browser compatible template for your educational projects and businesses. You can use it for schools and you can use it for online courses. Of course, you can employ LearnIT for both, too. As far as the design goes, LearnIT knows what it means to guarantee a fantastic experience whether browsing it on a mobile or a desktop device. It perfectly and instantly adjusts to all gadgets and appears beautifully on retina screens as well.

Parallax effect, sticky navigation, call-to-action buttons, extra web elements, pricing plans and blog, these are just some of the features you get with LearnIT. Even as a faculty, LearnIT is an impressive solution for your online presence.

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genius free template
Back in the days, you almost needed to be a genius to develop a striking website. Nowadays, well, it is not quite like so anymore. When it comes to the ideal web design for your web space, you can simply pick a free education website template and have it near completed. Needless to say, it is Genius that will do your project ideas well and finally bring them to life. Genius is perfect for universities, but schools, colleges and faculties can take it to their advantage just as well.

Core features of Genius are Bootstrap Framework, mobile-ready layout, high performance and search engine optimization. Other goodies are on scroll content load, animated statistics, blog, events, subscription widget and a functional contact form. There you go, you can now comfortably create your education website and make a difference.

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Unicat Free Template
If you are all about sharing your knowledge and creating online courses, chances are, you will enjoy Unicat a whole lot. This free education website template might cost you nothing but the features and layouts it brings to the table are very premium-like. Not only that but working, editing and later maintaining a superb website with Unicat is also a piece of cake. It is a wonderful web design that helps you get things sorted out.

Unicat features a full-width slider, sticky navigation, minimal look, parallax effect, courses registration form, events section and latest news. As for the latter, there is actually a full blog included in the web design for you to start sharing knowledge bombs on a regular basis. Kick off your online education project like a pro and help students gain the required knowledge.

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Ezuca Free Template
Ezuca is a free online learning website template which you can use for all sorts of different purposes. First, you can utilize Ezuca to create online courses only. Moreover, you can also apply for your school or university website and alter it accordingly. This just shows how adjustable Ezuca is. And yes, you can also fully customize it to suit your project perfectly.

With Ezuca, you will have a fully flexible and mobile-ready website that will work on all devices and platforms like a dream. The wonderful features are at your service, available to employ them according to your branding standards. Enticing banner, call-to-action buttons, hover effects, social media icons and other striking sections await every Ezuca user. Look no further and pick the tool to finally bring into being a terrific website that will help those in need.

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Unica Free Template
Unica is a fabulous free education website template for schools and universities. It rocks a web design that you can alter to your needs without hassle. With a layout like Unica, you also do not need to worry about the responsiveness of your website. It is a guarantee that every Unica page perfectly readjusts to any devices, mobile and desktop. It is also in tune with browsers and optimized for excellent performance and search engines.

The massive slider will hook everyone and encourages them to take action. Use it to promote your most popular courses or other must-read news about your university. There are also about, courses, blog and contact pages in the bundle for you to save additional time and energy. Turn Unica into an active website and spread the awareness.

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Lingua Free Template
As the name suggests, Lingua is a free education website template primarily for language courses. Regardless of the services you offer, Lingua has no problem adapting to your requests. It’s the beautiful and light design that makes Lingua versatile enough to suit even those with the pickiest taste. Implement your creative touch and make it yours with ease. The organization of the theme is of the highest degree for everyone to have a seamless experience working with Lingua.

Lingua’s numerous features and assets make sure you complete building your online language courses website as fast as possible. It includes flags slider, free courses sign up form, countdown timer and newsletter subscription widget. Besides, Lingua also includes courses, instructors, blog and contact pages. The latter comes with Google Maps and working contact form what makes Lingua even more functional and practical.

More info / Download


Eskwela Free Template

Eskwela is a fully featured premium feel free education template. This template is quite the opposite to the Aviation School website template. Eskwela is a modern looking full width design website template.

It has all the trendy elements and design layouts needed for an education website in this era. You get interactive elements like hover effects, counters, and interactive map at the contact section. This template is the best match for training institutes, course offering sites and education consultancy sites. Since as soon as the user, land on the template they first see the services offered in the header section.

It is a single page website template, people who want to tell the visitors about their services in a single page will love this template. This template practices HTML5, CSS3 and it is entirely mobile responsive.

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Education Free Template
Education is one of our leading and most sophisticated free WordPress templates for everything teaching and learning related. You can use it for schools, universities, online classes, you name it, Education is ready for any challenge. It starts with a full-screen slider, text and a call-to-action button. The handy navigation is continuously present due to its stickiness so a user can quickly jump from section to section without the need of scrolling back to the top.

Awesome hover effects, advanced courses search form and even a section for your upcoming events, you get it all with Education. Besides, the tool is also responsive and retina ready to work smoothly on all modern devices. You can even start writing a blog to keep your students updated with all the latest news and other whatnots.

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Skwela is the best free education website template for online courses of any kind. It rivals most of the premium offerings out there yet it remains completely free. You can play around with features and edit and improve Skwela per your needs quickly. Skwela has the power to promptly adapt to your needs and help you stand out on the internet.

For the best online and device performance out there, Skwela follows all the new-age web and tech trends. It is mobile-ready, compatible with all web browsers and displays your content crisp clean on all retina devices. In the bundle, Skwela also comes with login and registration forms and has a fully functional contact form. Push your classes, grab the attention of even more potential students and scale your business.

More info / Download


Englight is a neat looking professional education website template. You can use this template for college, academy, university, school, kindergarten and all other education-related websites.

It is a multi-page simple looking straightforward website template. The colors and fonts used matches both the children education sites and universities. It does not have any animation effects or transitions effects.

This website template is the best match for the people who want to make a simple website or a single page site to tell about their services and the courses offered. This is also a mobile responsive website template.

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Course free template
Course is a neat looking education and online course website template with the use of bright professional colors. It is a multipage education website template with clean animations, hover effects and design layouts.

The service page of this website template is designed neatly, and the subtle hover effects easily get ones attention. This template gives you features like banner text slider, hover effects, carousel slider, gallery lightbox effect, font awesome icons and bootstrap shortcodes.

Course is built on HTML5, CSS3, JSS and Bootstrap framework. It is also a mobile responsive website template.

More info / Download

Edusite (Most Popular)

Edusite is by far the most popular education website template with thousands of downloads and counting. It offers loads of premium features and is a solid alternative to all paid products. However, Edusite is and always will be completely free for private and commercial use. Edusite rocks an amazing and clean web design that fluently adapts to mobile, tablet and desktop devices. The experience browsing your offerings is intact, always of the same and highest standards.

Whether it is schools and universities or your business solely relies on online teaching, Edusite is waiting to sort you out with a solid web presence. It has a contact page with integrated Google Maps, social media icons and a stunning blog included in the layout. As for the latter, you can freely use it for a separate page and start an education blog.

More info / Download


Labs is a colorful, trendy free education website template. It is a pixel perfect website template which uses modern cool colors, icons and layout design. With a big space on the header section for your brand logo, this website template makes a strong impression on the visitors about your brand.

The use of trendy icons and subtle animation effects and hover effects made this website template look professional. It has all the website elements and features you need to make a modern education website.

The professional design layout and cool colors easily attract the students to your website. This website is a perfect choice for training institutes and other online course offering educational institutes.

This template is built on HTML5 and CSS3. It is mobile responsive by default so that your site can reach students on any device.

More info / Download

Creative Agency

Creative Agency is the brand new website template with a fresh design and professional website template look. It is a one page website template with blog section. If you are looking for a clean website template, which can say about your educational services in a single page; Creative is the template for you.

This free education website template gives you features like big header image section, parallax scrolling, clean hover effects, neatly designed price table and simple icons. The hover effects and other animation effects on this website template are neat and also get visitors’ attention easily.

This website template is built on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. This is template is also mobile responsive, to help you display the website neatly in any devices.

More info / Download

Free Education Website Template For WordPress

WordPress website templates gives you lot of additional features which you will not get in a free HTML website template. When you opt to use (premium WordPress education website templates) you will get the option for Learning Management System also known as LMS. Online educational services and training service provider find this LMS features very useful.

It does not mean you will get the LMS features in the premium WordPress themes alone; you can also install LMS on the free education website templates via plugins. The LMS plugins are premium plugins; you can save some money on the free theme and can use the money to buy a premium plugin. Following are the best free education templates for WordPress.

Shapely (Most Popular)

Shapely is our outstanding free WordPress template which is as versatile as you wished it would be. That said, you can use Shapely for almost any type of online project including those related to education. It will beautifully display your classes online, attract new folks and share with the world why you offer the best learning programs out there.

With the phenomenal assets and characteristics, Shapely inevitably will become one of the best tools for hammering out pages. It is responsive, retina ready, comes with an amazing support and also supports WooCommerce plugin. Adjust the theme however you see best fit for your project and let it take it to the next level. The work is already done, you only need to fill it with your content and even use Shapely out of the box. Whatever feels right to you, Shapely is here to help and realize it.

More info / Download

Illdy (Trending)

Illdy is another remarkable free education website template for WordPress with a one-page layout. You can have it all displayed on one page to ensure visitors to find what they want as quickly as possible. Illdy is fully responsive, customizable and instantly acclimates to your coaching project. Make changes to Illdy real-time and see live results simultaneously for the fastest theme editing ever.

Flat design, animated statistics, testimonials slider, search engine optimized and major plugins support, Illdy is loaded with awesomeness. Everyone who downloads it (for free!) also receives complete documentation and a chance to talk to our professional support team. Take things into your hands and start moving towards building a page for your top-notch education organization. Nothing is here to stop you, Illdy is ready for you to use it to its full potential for the fantastic results you aim for.

More info / Download

Which Template Impressed You?

These are the best free education website templates you can make use of for your education website. Both the HTML and WordPress alternatives in the free version only gives you limited options and features in their template.

For more advanced options you have either get a pro version or in the case of WordPress template you have to get a premium plugin for features like Learning Management System. What’s your favorite free education website template? Let us know in the comment section and also share your experience with other free education templates.


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