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47 Best Free Website Templates For A Trendy Web Space 2020


Your search ends here if you seek the most impressive, modern and flexible free website templates. Our collection of the best alternatives takes care of every project idea that you have.

Why struggling with a design if you can have one entirely free of charge? But these are not just any designs; they all perform outstandingly well and are easy to use.

In addition to that, we also added a few WordPress themes to unlock even more options and possibilities. With these, you do not even need to touch the code to put them into practice.

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Whether of a blog, an agency or a small business, let these site canvases do the trick to expand your potential. They all guarantee an exceptional performance that will wow every visitor. Of course, do not hold back and perform customization tweaks to improve and personalize the default appearance accordingly.

There is always an option to update and optimize your online presence. However, if you start with a well-thought-out template, you save yourself plenty of time and energy. Make the right decision and start pushing the boundaries now.

If you are ready to view only the best website templates available to date, here they are.

Best responsive WordPress themes

Divi (Premium)

If you want to keep things simple and uncomplicated, just go with Divi and make a difference right away. Knowing that Divi works with any project idea imaginable, you know instantly that you are in good hands when picking the tool. Listen, if over eight hundred predefined designs and more than one hundred website demos is not enough for you, continue reading. Divi also includes its own page builder which takes customization and site possibilities to an entirely new level. Indeed, you can modify and alter the look of Divi without the need to touch a single string of code.

With Divi, you can go very specific with editing the web design until it matches your expectations precisely. The tool even offers responsive editing, meaning, you can individually fine-tune smartphone, tablet and desktop version of your site. In conclusion, you have unlimited options with Divi.

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Jevelin (Premium)

Jevelin is multi-concept website design with a horde of goodies for your convenience. Just with the demo data alone, you can establish multiple different websites out of the box. However, once you put into play WPBakery drag and drop page builder, the possibilities go over and above. Sticky to the samples but you do not have to. You can use the demo as an inspiration, but the outcome can actually be entirely different. That is correct; you can entirely modify Jevelin until it suits your meticulous taste.

Jevelin contains Slider Revolution, tons of custom shortcodes, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce powered eCommerce segment, mega menu and social sharing. The layout itself is mobile-friendly, cross-browser compatible, retina-ready and fast loading. And if you question yourself whether or not Jevelin is Google-approved – it sure is!

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Free Website Templates [HTML]

The latest HTML website templates help you start a modern website in minutes. Setting Up the template and customizing the templates are also made simple in the modern HTML website template. The templates developed with the latest Bootstrap framework provide you shortcodes to place the web elements in the place you want. The following are the fresh new HTML free website templates.


Imagine Free Template
For everyone who is a fan of a one-page website, Imagine is the free website template you should consider. Create a landing page to present your services, heck even products, in the best possible light. With Imagine and its clean and simplistic look, everyone will have a blast surfing your page. Keep in mind, with great attention to detail and creativity, Imagine will keep everyone engaged throughout their entire stay. And you can also introduce your creative touch, spicing things up.

Imagine makes sure all is in perfect order whether the user comes from a smartphone or a desktop device. It also showcases content stunningly on retina screens and works like a dream on popular web browsers. In conclusion, if you are looking for a neat and tidy site canvas, I tell you one thing – Imagine is the one!

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Nitro Free Template
The three main characteristics of Nitro are: minimalism, sophistication and effortlessness. As a free one page website template, Nitro promises to deliver a memorable experience, thanks to its outstanding performance. You can present your agency, your small business, even your freelancing project, with Nitro without a hassle. Not just that, the premium-feel that Nitro has will level things up and boost your web presence through the roof.

Nitro’s design sports sticky navigation, multi-level drop-down menu, full-screen banner, call-to-actions, filterable portfolio and on scroll content loading. Testimonials, pricing tables and blog are also part of the deal. Lastly, you will not need to build a functional contact form either, as Nitro has it integrated already. You are one step closer to realizing a top-notch page for your services and projects.

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Quantum Free Template
Quantum is a powerful and practical landing page template for everyone. It may not cost a dime, but the outcome will still be phenomenal. Quantum rocks this clean and minimal appearance that puts all the content on display stunningly. Other than changing the color schemes, you will very likely want to keep it all as is.

Moreover, Quantum comes with a split-screen above the fold section, which creates a nice introduction. There are also pricing tables, social media icons, a floating navbar and a working contact form. Start on the internet with a bag now.

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webhost free template
Webhost – hence the name – is a free website template that works for hosting companies and domain registrars. It rocks a plethora of peculiarities that will help you stand out from the masses. The great choice of colors and all the different sections call for a pleasant site experience. Speaking of experience, Webhost adapts to all modern screens and browsers flawlessly.

You will find slider, call-to-actions, animated statistics, pricing tables, and parallax effect in the bucket of features. You can also introduce client testimonials for building trust and loyalty. But this is still just the beginning of all the fun. Create a modern hosting website with the all-around Webhost.

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Started Free Template
If simplicity is something you strive for, you will absolutely enjoy Started. It is an ideal website template for freelancers and agencies, even small businesses and startups. Due to its cleanness, all the content will pop beautifully on your website. While the default configuration is already well-thought-out, you can also introduce your creativity if necessary.

Started contains all sorts of specialties that will help you save additional time. Multi-level drop-down menu, team section, social media buttons, services page and a working contact form are a few of the goodies for you to use. See live demo preview and make it yours.

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snipp free template
Snipp is one of the best free website templates for creative individuals and businesses out there. Meaning, whether you run an agency or you are a freelancer, Snipp is for both. You can now create a stunning and impactful online portfolio for your services, projects and all the rest that you would like to push online. Yes, you can even start a blog and introduce content marketing to reach a lot more potential prospects.

The creative and eye-catchy design of Snipp works for different tastes out of the box. On the other hand, you are free to brand and personalize Snipp, so it matches your style to a T.

From awesome animations and on scroll content loading to testimonials slider and sticky menu, Snipp brings it all and plenty more. Along with home, there are also other inner pages included in the kit for you to avoid building your presence from the square one.

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sogo free template
Sogo is a free website template for hotels, resorts and other accommodation businesses. With its striking and modern web design, it grabs everyone’s attention effortlessly. Utilize the tool as is or improve it with your branding and other creative tweaks. This way, you can truly take your business to another level and have your rooms booked throughout the entire year. Of course, even if you use Sogo out of the box, the final product will be outstandingly amazing as well.

Your website will welcome all your potential guests with a full-screen banner that features parallax effect and continues with the availability form. All the content displays beautifully on scroll for an extra touch of elegance. There is also foods and drinks menu and testimonials, as well as subscription, reservation and contact forms. Pick Sogo and create an enticing experience.

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travelers free template
From the name itself, you know what you are getting when you decide to download Travelers. It is a free website template for travel agencies that also applies to other tourist-based businesses. Travelers is powered by Bootstrap Framework what ensures responsiveness and mobile-readiness. Your website will also have no trouble displaying with crystal clarity on retina screens and acclimatize to modern web browsers. Indeed, Travelers follows all the latest trends and regulations.

Other traits of this cracking website template are parallax effect, call-to-action buttons, slideshow, video support and a full-blown booking form. You can also start a travel blog and offer everyone to get in touch with you via the included contact form. The features are there, you only need to employ them in your best fashion and the fantastic result will come.

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eventalk free template
For events, conferences, meetings and other types of gatherings, Eventalk is the free website template that will do you well. With this site canvas, you can quickly hammer out a web space with which you will increase your reach and sellout the forthcoming forum. In the bundle, you will discover all the necessary for creating a spectacular web design that will wow and amaze all your page visitors. Enrich the default setting with your branding and stand out a mile.

Eventalk rocks a countdown timer, on scroll content load, animated statistics, event schedule and ticket pricing plans. The overall look of the template is clean, ensuring a smooth experience for both mobile and desktop users. After all, Eventalk is optimized for fantastic performance, as well as mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible.

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yogalife free template
If yoga is your life, Yogalife is the free website template that we offer you to push your services to another degree. As a personal instructor or a yoga studio, Yogalife is a fantastic page canvas that will display all your services and classes professionally. The style of the template is very nifty and minimal, making sure all your content is put right in front of your potential new students. Stick to the out of the box variation or implement your personal touch to it and customize Yogalife accordingly.

Yogalife has an attractive and full-screen slider with parallax effect, special yoga classes page, events section and a working contact form. Instead of only relying on word of mouth marketing, use Yogalife, create your website and use it to grow your business to the next level.

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marco free template
Marco is a brilliant free website template if you are after putting together a website for a restaurant. In fact, you can use Marco for other food businesses besides restaurant, too. The template is powerful and versatile, as well as simple and effortless to use. You can customize the look of it and make it follow your branding to the T. Chances are, you will want to change barely anything since the web design of Marco is high-quality anyway.

Full-screen banner, sticky navigation, categorized food and drinks menu, reservation form and a neat portfolio, Marco has it all at your disposal. With the template, you can also start a food blog and introduce content marketing into your business to attract even more potential customers. Salivate them with your delicious dishes and have them hooked in an instant.

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Amado Free Template
You definitely need Amado if you would like to start a furniture-based online store. The web design of this fantastic free website template appears almost like a portfolio which helps your eCommerce page to stand out from the crowd easily. The screenshot above is one thing but checking out the live preview is a whole other story. If you have not seen Amado in action and what is possible with this tool, you better go and see it right away.

There is a complete selection of pages at your disposal, from home and shop to product, cart and checkout. Feel free to customize what is available and have a personified version of Amado up and ready to go live swiftly. Selling goods online has never been simpler thanks to all the available material you have access to for free.

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Unapp Free Template
Professional, modern and neatly designed free website template, Unapp, is here to sort out your web space. It follows all the latest web and tech trends for your websites to be stable, working flawlessly all the time. Unapp is based on Bootstrap for flexibility and offers you an organized and simple to modify code. Even if you are new to crafting websites, Unapp and all other templates, we have here for you, are newbie-friendly.

Unapp is a great choice for startups where business applications are their focal point. It gives you an opportunity to showcase all the details, share the amazing features your application has all the rest that comes along. Unapp helps to push it and reach a whole lot more folks that will find your product of benefit.

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Jackson calls for loads new gig opportunities once you put it to use for a personal website. Use it as a professional creative needs or as a job seeker, Jackson works for both options ideally. It creates an enticing online resume page where you can tell all about yourself, your skills, talents and education. But most importantly, showcase your works and let your completed projects speak for you. At the end of the day, it is what you can deliver what matters most.

Sticky sidebar navigation and slider are the first things a visitor, a potential client and a new employer sees. Make it gripping and interesting and they will start strolling and learning more about you. On scroll content reveal spices things up while filterable portfolio pushes your creations above and beyond.

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Essence Free Template
Deliver the greatest shopping experience known to mankind with Essence free website template. That’s right, make it so extraordinary, they will enjoy return to see what’s hot and what’s on sale. With Essence, you can start a fashion, accessories, jewelry, shoes, bags, you name it, all types of different online shops. The web design is clean and minimal, what makes it adapt to loads of different niches with no trouble.

Showcase new collection right off the bat, push your features categories and display popular product with a slider. Essence also has brands your carry section, back to top button, newsletter subscription form and social media icons. The eCommerce website template is mobile-ready, SEO-friendly and cross-browser compatible. Whatever your end product will be, Essence makes it work across all platforms like a dream.

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Unicat Free Template
For any E-Learning needs, Unicat is one of the finest options for a neat website. Create a grand platform full of valuable courses for students to enjoy and sign up for. Give those interested in learning new things an opportunity to get what they want using your education website. Unicat is a great free website template with numerous handy features that you can utilize for the creation of the most sophisticated online learning resources.

The web design of Unicat is clean and up-to-date, powered by Bootstrap 4 what makes the layout fluid. Meaning, it works smoothly on all devices and no modern web browser is of a challenge. In short, any website build with Unicat works all the time and ensures a solid experience for new and returning students. Get things going and help those in need of your education program.

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Balita Free Template
If you are still considering which free website template to go with for you blogging project, the search ends now. Balita is more than ideal for pretty much any type of blog you would like to start. Heck, even if you would like to build an online magazine, Balita is ready to sort you out with one. The options are many, it is up to you what you would like to realize and start to work on.

As far as the web design goes, Balita’s is very minimal and, to some extent, quite basic. However, it is the simplicity that plays a big part when it comes to making your blog or news page as readable as possible. No distractions, no nothing, just your amazing texts and enticing pictures. It is a simple rule that many follow for one reason: it works.

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With a free website template like Glint, there are barely any limits you will face with. The tool might cost you nothing, but the features and the capabilities it has are similar to those of a premium template. Wait until you get blown away by Glint’s live preview and how much it delivers. What you see at the moment is nothing compared to what you will see in a few. A novel could be written about Glint but that is not something we have time for right now.

Glint is a first-class website template for startups and small businesses, but agencies and professional individuals will find it useful, too. Full-screen banner with parallax effect, animated statistics, on scroll content load, tidy portfolio and a working contact form, Glint is a killer template that is for sure.

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Balay Free Template
Architects and interior designers, you are welcome. Oh wait, I have not said anything just yet. But you somehow know already that Balay is one superb free website template with absolutely phenomenal web design. It’s true, it will knock your socks off. Not only yours, but Balay grabs their attention, too, and that is what matters most. Create a web presence everyone will be envious of. It is your website in combination with your work what makes your business flourish and reach new degrees.

Balay has a wide and responsive layout with a handy and sticky navigation on the left. With this alone, you already stand out from the masses and go against the norm. But all the other incredible traits of Balay only spice things up and make for a website worth talking about. Have a unique web presence complete as quickly as possible thanks to Balay.

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South Free Template
After you get a feel of South, it will be hard to find another better free real estate website template. Well, there is none out there so do not waste your time, pick South and the rest is history. The template is packed with amazingness for you to hammer out a cutting-edge website for your real estate agency. Let them find their preferred property using your website and learn all about it before they hit you up.

South sports an advanced search options so your visitors get a chance to quickly find the exact home they are after. Listing page sports a slider with additional images, as well as all other useful information and its exact location (Google Maps). Moreover, South package comes with all the obligatory pages for a complete real estate page and a mega menu for comfortable navigation.

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Eatwell Free Template
You pretty much know what type of a free website template you get with Eatwell. It is a responsive restaurant tool with a tasty web design that will attract new visitors and make them book a table almost instantly. The out of the box layout of Eatwell is so refined, you will not want to do much in regards to web design. Just add your content, information and other details and you are ready to shine online.

Still, if minor improvements are necessary, by all means, perform different tweaks and customize Eatwell to meet your likings. Full-screen banner with a call-to-action button that opens a reservation form in a pop-up is the first things that every site guest sees. Of course they can learn more about you first but those who are already familiar can take action right away. Get your restaurant crowded all the time thanks to a neat page you are about to set up with Eatwell.

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Dentist Free Template
When building a website for a dental clinic, Dentist is your best best. This free website template is stacked with goodness and useful assets for you to complete the process quickly and efficiently. After all, the material is prepared and ready for you to put it to use immediately. But first, take a peek at the live preview and get the gist of it. Dentist is a free website canvas that brings a lot to the table and that is something we made sure to achieve.

The template is fully responsive, powered by Bootstrap and simple to use and customize. From home page to other compelling inner sections and an appointment form, finalizing your web space with Dentist is child’s play. It also comes with expert pricing tables and a full-blown blog section which you can utilize for content marketing.

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Transcend Free Template
Transcend gives you the power and freedom you need when establishing the preferred website for your design studio. It is a free website template with a contemporary touch to it and an array of grand traits. Transcend has a single-page layout which is becoming more and more common among business website owners. You feature all the needed on one page and give everyone a chance to see what you are all about only by scrolling up and down your site.

The design of Transcend is big and bold, appearing beautifully on all devices and browsers. Mobile, tablet and desktop users will all enjoy your page and its content exactly the same. It is vital that your website is responsive and cross-browser compatible to fit modern web users and their expectations. With Transcend, you do not need to worry about that! Boost your business today with a neat page that Transcend helps you bring to fruition.

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Stuff Free Template
Stuff is for all the stuff related to blogs and news pages. Indeed, Stuff is a free website template which brings you a web design you will not be able to resist. Not only you but all the fresh visitors and readers that will come in masses upon your site launch. Thanks to Stuff, you need to invest very little work into the design and development of your blogging project. Most of it is ready for you to put it to use and witness great results coming your way.

Your content is placed front and center when it comes to Stuff. Due to its plain, simple and vibrant layout, readers will always get the most out of your site and, most importantly, you compelling posts. In the Stuff package, you will discover pages for writing a captivating about section as well as a fully functional contact page with Google Maps. Get stuff done with Stuff.

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Alotan Free Template
To all the barber shop owners out there, you need Alotan. This free website template is here to take care of your page and make your services appear on the web in a way to attract a whole new clientele. With the modern and up-to-date web design, Alotan intrigues everyone landing on your site. They absolutely want to find out more about you, your talent and what you offer. For your convenience, Alotan has every section predefined for you to push your business to new levels.

Full-screen image, parallax effect, drop-down menu, video support and widget-rich footer with social media buttons, that’s Alotan. The template is also entirely responsive and uncomplicated to use and modify. Make it your own and sport a customized version of Alotan for a unique web presence.

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Original Free Template
Original is definitely a one-of-a-kind free website template that helps you grow your audience and boost your blogging project. Although it comes at not cost, Original still brings to the table heaps of goodies for you to take to your advantage. But first, let’s chat about the web design. It is clean, minimal, to some extent very basic, yet professional and high-class. It is all carefully packed into one mesmerizing look for you and your end users to appreciate.

Moreover, Original sports carousel slider, sticky and multi-level drop-down navigation and a widget-rich sidebar. Top bar and footer section both sport social media icons for you to link them to your growing accounts. As for Instagram, Original has a full-width feed at your disposal. Make your blog shine thanks to Original template.

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Bato Free Template
Photographers but truly, everyone who needs a professional online portfolio, you better go with Bato. It is a distinctive free website template with an enticing full-screen slider that helps you express your individualism. It rocks a split screen approach with pagination, text and call-to-action buttons. I know, right? I bet that is something you either have not seen in your life or it happened only a couple times.

And now it is you who can sport it.

While Bato’s home is definitely a place where everyone won’t mind spending extra time at, other sections of the template are just as special. Be it work, blog, about or contact page, whatever Bato does, it does it with extreme style. In the navigation section, you also get a chance to create a gallery with your latest and greatest works. Go pro with Bato and captivate new clients.

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Travelix free template
With Travelix, you can swiftly build a website for your travel agency and help fresh clients go on vacation without any hassle. It is a free website template with a modern user in mind. Due to its contemporary design, Travelix always delivers enhanced experience and begins the journey early. Travelix is a real eye candy that everyone will take pleasure in browsing and discovering new locations they have not visited yet.

They can quickly find what they are looking for using the handy search option, Travelix comes with. Let them find hotels, flights, trips, cruises and other whatnots promptly and get the adventure and hype going beforehand. There are also an active contact form and Google Maps part of the Travelix kit to offer potential clients to get in touch first before they complete booking.

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Invest free template
Invest in a free website template for financial firms which you can easily use for cryptocurrency-related businesses, too. The site skin is powerful and flexible for you to alter it to your exact project needs quickly. Make it follow not only colors of your branding but change the web design and customize Invest in its entirety. Indeed, you can do a lot of things with Invest and make it a website where magical things will happen.

The template provides enough space for you to tell more about what you do, your services, give secret tips and tricks and even share your portfolio. By the way, Invest comes with two home pages, one for blockchain projects and the other for financial company. There is also a bitcoin to fiat currency calculator which you can comfortably activate.

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Ozberk is a creative website template with fresh new look and design. It is a multi-page website template with all the basic pages pre-designed for you so that you can kickstart your site fast. The template uses trendy fonts which is attractive and also easy to read in any screen size.

Ozberk uses hamburger style navigation menu option to provide the user a distraction-free website experience. Each segment on the template is separated neatly. You also get custom fonts along with this template to depict your services elegantly.

This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Ozberk also gives you the option to integrate video. The Ozberk is optimized for the mobile devices so that it can be seen neatly on any device.

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Maze helps you to create an eye-catching personal website. You get a premium feel free website template with the Maze. It is also a multi-page website template, helps you to describe more about you and your services in detail to the users.

It is a full-width website template that makes use of the screen space smartly. This template has a modern design layout with all the necessary features and the web elements you need. It is a flexible website template, you can customize and main the website easily.

With the bright pink color, the Maze obviously becomes an obvious girls choice template. This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

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Pato is a modern restaurant website template. The trendy design template helps you elegantly display the food images on the site. With the big image slider, you can display your best food recipes here and impress the user as soon as they land on the site.

In the header image slider, you can also add a call to action button. The transition effects are subtle and attention-grabbing. It is a multi-page website template helps you to describe your menus and other services in detail to the user.

This template also gives you table reservation option, where the people can select the date, time and number of person and reserve a table. You also get a separate food menu page, it is an interactive page with parallax scrolling. The user can get an idea about the foods and their prices from the food menu easily.

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Five Star

Five star is a creative style free website template for creative studios and creative agencies. With the full-width website layout design, you have more space to display your creative works and also to describe them.

Each segment in the template is differentiated elegantly with the neat design elements. On the clean white background, the images and the texts are clearly visible. Five star template is also mobile responsive so that all the elements and the texts are optimized for the mobile devices.

With this template, you get neat icons, custom icons, and carousels. The call to action button uses a bright red color which easily manages to get visitors attention.

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Ilene Berg

Ilene Berg is a bright colored website template. This template is the best choice for agencies and personal websites. The template uses modern web elements and trendy colors. Each segment of the home page in the template is separated elegantly with modern solid colors.

In the header section, you get light-weight big texts with a call to action button. This template also provides a history segment, where the user can know more about the professional career and achievements of you. The history segment is given in a tabbed interface, which enables the user to easily navigate between tabs and find the required details.

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Top Builder

The Top Builder is a free website template construction sites. This template takes your construction site to the next level with its modern design layout and web elements. It is a full features website template and uses clean coding.

If you are intended to convert an HTML template to a WordPress theme for your construction site, then Top Builder template would be the best choice. It is a pixel perfect website template with neat visual effects.

In the header section, you get a big image slider with bold texts and a call to action button. Cool transition effects are used for the images in the image slider. Custom fonts are used in this template to match the overall fit and finish of this template.

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Yummy is a free website template for food websites. This template uses casual trendy fonts which looks clean in this template. Yummy provides you two type of background variations, one with a clean white background and other with an image. You can customize it easily based your need.

The visual effects and other visual effects on the template are done nicely on this template. Some of the effects and the features provided in this free website template are very premium. It never felt like a free website template once you have installed.

This template best suits for food bloggers and food review site. This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and latest Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download


Katt is a free website template for artists and personal sites. This template follows modern box-width design layout with interesting web elements scattered here and there in the template. The use of geometric webs elements in the template gives an artistic touch.

The content blocks are designed intuitively so that it can handle both images and texts efficiently. The alternate image and text handle in the template keeps the readers engaged. On the white text background, the texts look clean. The solid grey background acts light on the user’s eyes. This template is the best match for design agencies and other creative studios.

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Inmotion is an eco-friendly theme based free website template. This template best suits for nature, lifestyle and travel bloggers. The fresh green color gives a peppy feel to the template. You get carousel, custom icons and hover effects with this template. The Inmotion template also gives you the option to embed videos into the template easily.

This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. It is a mobile responsive template so that all the web elements, texts, and the images are optimized for the small screen devices.

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Free Website Templates For WordPress

WordPress templates provide you more advanced features than the HTML free website templates. The customizations of the WordPress themes are easy. There are page builders to make customization a breeze. All you have to do is to drag and drop the web elements at the place you want.

When you use a freemium or lite version WordPress theme you get a premium quality WordPress theme for free. But the downside of using a freemium theme is the options are limited, to get advanced options you need to get the pro version. Bellow are the best free website templates in WordPress which gives you premium features in the free version itself.


tyche free website template

Tyche is an e-commerce WordPress free website template. It is a feature packed website template with all the necessary feature you need in an online store. This template uses bright colors for the web elements and for the call to action buttons to grab user attention easily.

In the header section, you get a big image slider to display your products and special offers to the users. In the header section itself, you have the option to integrate the call to action buttons. Since the Tyche template is powered by the WooCommerce it gives you plenty of option for your online store. You can easily manage your products and the pricing from the admin dashboard itself.

In the single product page, you can give a detailed description of the product and its rating. Below the product description, you can display related products.

More info / Download

Pixova Lite

pixova lite free website template

Pixova Lite is a modern one-page website template. This template helps you to describe your services elegantly in one-page so that the user no need to search for the required details. Since it is a single page website template the homepage of the website is done intuitively to help you provide all the information on one page.

This template follows a hamburger style website navigation menu for a distraction-free website experience. With this template, you get modern web elements like animated counters, parallax effects, and neat carousels. The visual effects on the web elements are done neatly to make this template look more professional. This template can be used for business and agency websites.

More info / Download


blaskan free website template

Blaskan is a free blog website template for WordPress. It is a minimalistic WordPress theme with lots of white space. On the clean white background, the images and the texts are clearly visible.

This template uses a traditional navigation bar with a drop-down option for better user experience. Blaskan WordPress website template best suits for lifestyle blogs. In the sidebar, you get widgets for about, category and tags. This template follows HTMl5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. It is a flexible and well-coded WordPress theme which is easy to customize and maintain.

More info / Download

Newspaper X

newspaper x free website template

Newspaper X is a news and magazine style free website template for WordPress. This template has all the features you need on a professional news website. It is also of the best free website templates which give premium features in the free version.

Since it is a magazine style website template you get plenty of spaces for adding advertising banners to the site. You no need to adjust the theme to place the ad, Newspaper X is an ad optimized website template.

When you combine this theme with the BuddyPress plugin you can easily start a membership feature on your site an can manage the members of your site easily. But if you need to add more effective membership features and options you need to get a premium plugin.

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activello free website template

Activello is a blogs style free website template for WordPress. It is a simple and straightforward website template helps you make a professional looking blog. It has all the premium elements you can expect in a blog.

In the header section, you have a big carousel which shows recent post with the corresponding featured images. The home page of the Activello is designed smartly so that it can display both the blog post images and their excerpts. In the sidebar you have recent post widget, social media profile links and categories to keep your readers engaged.

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shapely free website template

Shapely is a multipurpose free website template for WordPress. It is a multi-page website template which helps to show your business services and products elegantly in separate pages. With this template, you get parallax effects, carousels and neat call to action buttons.

On the clean white background, the texts are clearly visible. Each segment in the home page is neatly separated with the greyish and white backgrounds. This template follows traditional navigation bar at the top with a drop-down option. This template is the best pick for business sites, portfolio website, and personal sites. The Shapely WordPress website template follows HTMl5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

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