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17 Musician Website Templates For Singers And Bands 2020


If you are an artist that expresses himself or herself through ear-grabbing tunes, these musician website templates will be ideal for you. Quick and efficient tools for building outstanding websites to promote your music to the world.

Whoever was doing it locally and live-only so far, it is time to step things up a few notches and go online. Even if you are not feeling like you can do it, let me tell you one thing: you sure can. At the end of the day, you only need to understand the pure basics and you are closer than ever to music site realization.

You can use this collection of the best musician website templates for personal, singer, band, DJ, event, radio, night clubs and other websites. For as long as your imagination is on full whack, there are no limitations. These site-building tools are all flexible, responsive and powerful enough for you to customize them to meet your likings precisely. You can also use templates as inspiration when building a custom page. To each their own.

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Depending on what your long-term plans are for your music project, you should certainly not avoid sharing it online. Sure, you might have music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud or iTunes, but having one location where you can gather it all is a wise decision to make.

By having your own website, you can share news, new releases, promote upcoming gigs and interact with your loyal fans. Leverage the power of musician website templates and take things into your own hands. Musicians and artists can do so much in regard to promotion all on their own. With a website and a well-executed social media, you can see a ton of success without spending huge amounts of your marketing budget.

Best musician WordPress themes


divi musician website template
Whether a DJ, a band, a solo artist or even a music event organizer, boost your reach with an online presence that will help you increase your fanbase. With Divi, you can establish such a page with relative ease. You will not need to touch a single line of code when doing the web development work with Divi. On top of that, you can simply choose a demo that suits your taste best and speed up the process even more. You will never have to do anything from scratch when you have Divi under total control.

Share tunes, create a portfolio, push merch and latest album releases and even start a blog, these are just some of the stuff you can do with Divi. To sum up, create a full web presence which will market your project in the best possible light. Create a hub where fans will find more information about you and what you have been up to lately.

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jevelin musician website template
Jevelin is a multi-purpose web canvas which you can utilize for various intentions, including music projects. It is easy to use, perfect for both beginners and professionals. Also, Jevelin comes with WPBakery site builder, which ensures codeless editing. In other words, you do all the work with a process of dragging and dropping – visually, if you will. With this in mind, you can effortlessly create custom layouts, too, and create an exclusive version of Jevelin. While demo contents work smoothly out of the box, you can always alter and modify the look further per your request.

Social sharing, Revolution Slider, mega menu, Contact Form 7, over forty shortcodes and blog section, Jevelin rocks it all and loads more. The layout is also optimized for speed and SEO, 100% mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible. You can be sure that the performance will be first-class all the time.

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recond musician website template
Recond is an all-around solution for nearly any musical-project you have going on on your end. There are two main demos to choose from along with several more internal sections. Note, you can modify the layout and make it follow your needs and wants precisely with the integrated drag and drop website builder. But sticking to the default settings works just as well. Bands, artists, DJs, recording studios and audio producers, Recond works with all and then some.

Core features of Recond are responsiveness, as well as compatibility with browsers and popular plugins. This web design is, of course, fast loading and SEO-ready, too. Instead of being present only on social media, step things up a few notches with a killer website thanks to Recond. You will manage and maintain your page without a hassle, even if bringing into being your first site.

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herion musician website template
If you are on the hunt to create a website for a musician or an artist, you better not miss taking a peek at Herion. This sophisticated and all-around WordPress theme is packed with amazingness. In the kit, you get a collection of fifteen sample home pages. Go with the one that resonates with your style best and make it yours. With the use of the WPBakery page builder, you can also edit and modify the look of it and make it practice your directions entirely.

In this kit of practical features and treats, Herion brings to the table just about whatever you need. In fact, it goes way beyond that. You might want to start slow and only later expand your online presence with new additions – if that is so, Herion has you covered entirely. Spread tunes out there with Herion now.

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Angio is a modern, trendy and tunes-driven musician WordPress theme that will help you stand out from the masses. Create an official website where you can share all and everything about your music, you as an artist, your band, start a blog, the list goes on. Angio strikes everyone heavily with its darkness that will help everyone immerse in your musical project much easier. Try it out yourself; the live demo preview is available to everyone.

Some of the features of this first-rate tool are smooth transitions and effects, interactive music player, events manager, full-screen menu overlay and full compatibility with 3rd-party player embeds. Also, you get different homes and all the other necessary internal pages, including the shop section. With Angio’s original and distinct design, everyone will enjoy your music world to the fullest.

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neobeat music wordpress theme
NeoBeat is this all-around music WordPress theme that works for just about anything. Metalheads, DJs, solo artists, you name it, with NeoBeat, you will create an outcome that will wow everyone. Of course, in some instances, you will need to perform some more editing, but that’s fine, as there is no need to do the programming work. But first, do investigate the ready-made material, as it already caters to different tastes as is.

Other treats of NeoBeat are discography layouts, tours, events, music store, audio player, social media sharing and different header styles. In fact, there is so much stuff available, you will not really need to seek any other extension and whatnot – NeoBeat rocks it all and everything. Expand your reach and take your fanbase to the next level with a well-thought-out website, thanks to NeoBeat.

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vex music wordpress theme
Creativity knows no bounds and nor does Vex. It is an excellent musician WordPress theme that works spectacularly well out of the box. If this is what fits you, you can have a entirely active website live swiftly, with little to no work necessary. You can now enter the music industry with a bang, all due to the predefined page layouts and elements of Vex. Even though you do not need to build anything from the ground up, the outcome will still be very impressive and professional-looking.

Like any other tool on this list, Vex also features only the latest technologies to guarantee great performance across all devices and web browsers. It is also optimized for fast loading speed and SEO. Start working on your musician website now; the outcome is just around the corner. Present your project on the internet like a champ and grow to new heights.

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beatit musician website template
Beatit is another impressive musician website template with all the very many different materials that will get you on board in close to no time. Nowadays, you do not even need to hire a web developer anymore. Heck, even if you are not a designer yourself, you will still create a real masterpiece with Beatit. For your information, Beatit and all the other tools that you find on this list have it all at your disposal, readily available for utilization.

With the powerful and impactful appearance, Beatit guarantees a dope outcome that will spark everyone’s curiosity. And if you would like to perform any customization tweaks, you can do that, too.

Some of the very many theme features include Slider Revolution, mega menu, tons of inner page layouts, WooCommerce compatibility and catchy animations. Comprehensive documentation and professional support are also part of the package for you to benefit from. But working with Beatit is so straightforward, you will probably not need any assistance whatsoever.

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firemaster musician website template
Get the name for your band or musical project out there with Firemaster. It is a dope and trailblazing website template for WordPress that will make a difference and set you apart in the snap of a finger. Thanks to the twelve different home page samples, you will quickly find the one that suits your taste best. In addition to that, Firemaster also comes with WPBakery page builder, so you know that editing and modifying the default look of Firemaster will be hassle-free.

With Firemaster, you can create playlists, stream music, push events, showcase photo and video galleries and even sell merch online. You have an array of possibilities with Firemaster, offering you to create an online hub where all the magic will happen. Instead of solely relying on 3rd-party music platforms, create an official website and take your thing to an entirely new degree.

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Best musician website templates


mousiqua musician website template
For a modern look to push your creative sound, you need Mousiqua musician website template to get your page rolling. The layout is mobile-ready and optimized for modern web browsers for your page to always look amazing. Mousiqua also performs great on all devices so all users can enjoy listening to your music whether at home or on the go. There are multiple sections that you can fill with whatever you want to feature to spark their interest.

Mousiqua comes stuffed with Twitter feed to keep your fans up to date with everything that they need to know. Call to action buttons, social media icons, sticky navigation, video support and upcoming tours and gigs section, Mousiqua is ready for your musical project. What’s more, the single album page allows you to promote your very best work to the entire world and keep your fan base growing. Do stuff in your unique fashion with Mousiqua.

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solonick musician website template
Solonick is a musician website template with a portfolio-like layout that is both unique and very appealing to the eye. In the Solonick kit, you will discover eight different homes which you can put to use in an instant. From then on, it is up to you how you would like to appear on the internet. You can use the exact look that you see live preview using or you can push yourself further and adjust the web design for a custom version of Solonick.

Expand your reach and share your music portfolio with everyone and march toward the success you would like to see yourself achieving. However, if you do not put the work it, it will never work out. Still, there is no need to wonder anymore how to get your web space sorted. That is something Solonick will take care of. With all the extra time that the tool saves you, you can market yourself and grow your music project, band or whatever else you do.

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quadra musician website template
If it is a multi-functional tool, then you must be able to create and establish websites of all kinds, right? You Bet! In Quadra’s case, you are treated to a creative and modern web design that is full of amazing features and assets. And you need no prior experience to bring your project to the online space. However, those of you who have the basics down, you are one step ahead of all the rest.

Speaking of musician website templates, that is something you can do effortlessly using Quadra. The template has it all in perfect order, tidy and neatly packed for you to benefit from it greatly. Put the traits it offers you to use and start the building process straight away. Quadra gives you a chance to do things creatively or super minimalistic, the core features are vast what calls for conveniency and advantage.

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oumaila musician website template
Due to the fast-paced booming of the music industry, you need a website tool that can provide solutions which are competitive enough. But if you think making a website takes a lot of work, then think again. Oumaila is certainly the musician website template that you can rely on. Whether you are a record company or a budding instrumentalist, this template does not differentiate, providing the same high quality of features for everyone.

Oumaila’s unique design platform enables you to create pages that attract visitors and help you grow a loyal fanbase. Whether you want to stick to the default setting or enriching Oumaila to suit your needs precisely, you always get a satisfying outcome. No need to build a website from the ground up anymore. Spread the word out and popularize your band or solo music project with the easy to use Oumaila.

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soundflare musician website template
SoundFlare is a very specific website template that you can use to offer your services to musicians. It is a landing page style layout for those of you who deal with Hi-Fi audio repair services. SoundFlare has a very minimal look that will appeal to a broad audience, as well as service owners. With a design like SoundFlare’s, you can quickly alter it to your needs and push your offering.

SoundFlare comes with a full-width slider with text and call-to-action buttons, sticky navigation and cool hover effects. You can add an image for a background and utilize the integrated pricing and plan tables. Neat portfolio, team section, testimonials slider and newsletter subscription form are a few of the assets that you can use for your gripping web space. Grow your business with SoundFlare and keep your clients satisfied.

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Dj Bishop

dj bishop musician website template
It does not really matter what’s the music you create, one of the very best ways to share it with the world is to use Dj Bishop musician website template. In other words, create a page and market yourself to boost your potential. In the package, Dj Bishop offers over one hundred HTML pages that grant you all the needed to create a website that you are after. It is all drag and drop so you will not need to know a single line of code to get your web space up and running.

Dj Bishop comes in both dark and light layouts with the addition of three color presets. You can easily give your website the unique look you want with Dj Bishop. Included are also PSD files, parallax sections, MailChimp and lots of widgets. Let Dj Bishop take you on a journey and use it in a way that will best represent you and your music.

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singer musician website template
For a one-of-a-kind site that puts your music front and center, download Singer today and start making your web presence known. In the bundle, Singer provides all the features and assets that you need. The single and multi-page layouts are easy to deploy and fill with your content. It follows the drag and drop method which rapidly speeds up the customization and building of your website. Not only that but you also do not need to touch any line of code.

Singer has both light and dark skins and supports both wide and boxed layouts. On top of that, it offers you three color schemes, free fonts and icons, PSD files and lets you enhance the experience with parallax effect. You can easily animate everything you want to make your site a truly exceptional one. In a very short space of time, you can have a functional website for your musical project ready for the launch.

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thecrowd musician website template
TheCrowd is a music website template that helps you rock the world with your tunes and scale your fan base. While it is a perfect fit for a rock band, TheCrowd will work with other projects, too. The page canvas is flexible and fully customizable for you to get the most out of it. TheCrowd comes in two styles, a one- and a multi-page layout, boxed and wide version, as well as three color schemes. The multi-page demo additionally comes with a static and a full-screen slider style.

Create you stunning and attention sparking pages with the help of visual page builder and let it help you avoid the tedious coding. Moreover, you can animate any element of the TheCrowd web design and introduce parallax effect to the scrolling experience. TheCrowd is Bootstrap based what gives it responsiveness across all devices, smartphones, tablets and desktops. Keep your fans up to date at all times by building a page using TheCrowd.

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