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26 Professional Website Templates For Ace Web Presence 2020


Creative individuals, agencies, businesses and corporations, professional website templates are ready to turn them into functional websites. Expand your reach and raise your potential sky-high.

With hundreds if not thousands of available products available, we put together a list of the best and most promising ones.

If you need to showcase your work, finished projects, promote your services or boost mobile app downloads, a website is a must. When it comes to marketing yourself, your products and your services, creating a compelling and modern page should be the first on the list. If there is no website, people will doubt in your project and go to the competition. On the other hand, you might run a website already but it is outdated. If that is the case, you better refresh it as soon as possible with any of these professional website templates.

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For individuals, teams and companies, there is a mobile-friendly and high-performing template for you. Needless to say, you do not have to look elsewhere since we almost certainly have it listed below. One thing worth mentioning is that all the templates for professionals and firms are more or less entirely customizable. Meaning, you might find the right template out of the box but it is missing a particular element. If so, by all means, improve it to your likings.

The time has come for you to create a cutting-edge website with professional website templates. You could not be closer to launching the ideal website for your flourishing businesses and projects.

Best professional WordPress themes


A professional website template, like Divi, unlocks a new horizon of opportunities. For as long as you need to build a striking website, you can now make one in a small breeze with Divi. Seriously, this tool is packed with goodness, from predefined website packs to all other elements and components, you will find it all and then some. To top it all up, Divi also includes its very own page builder, giving you a chance to edit default designs and even come up with your custom-made variations. The options are endless.

Design your page real-time, without writing a single line code, and see instant results. This calls for fast and reliable creation of the exact page that you need for your or your client’s project. While experience is not necessary to work with Divi, advanced users also have custom CSS control to make something truly extraordinary out of Divi.

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Jevelin is always the right decision to make when in need to build a page. This professional website template gives you all the rights to realize the page you always wanted to own. And if you are working with a client, you can easily meet their expectations with the powerful and user-friendly Jevelin. Even later, everyone will effortlessly manage and maintain their pages with Jevelin. Experts and newbies, Jevelin is perfect for anyone.

Let’s now speak more about the features you gain access to with Jevelin. First, there are about thirty ready-made demos which you can use out of the box. Moreover, Jevelin also comes with WPBakery page builder which calls for codeless editing. There is also Slider Revolution, parallax effect, mega menu, over forty shortcodes and more. To keep your page fresh and modern for years to come, Jevelin ensures a lifetime worth of free updates.

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rogan professional website template
With an option to build five entirely different pages out of the box, Rogan, a professional website template, gives you more than enough options to shine online. For your information, you can expect even more demos to come your way with upcoming updates. Speaking of updates, they are free for a lifetime. Different predefined dark and light header layouts are also available and ready to use.

With a single click, you can import the desired demo and start enriching it with your details and contents. Bear in mind, Rogan is also coupled with Elementor page builder. Knowing this, you are well aware of the fact that there will be no need for performing and programming work.

Other greatness of Rogan includes over one hundred shortcodes, Bootstrap Framework, animations, over seventy page layouts and MailChimp integration. Rogan is well documented, responsive and harmonious with all modern web browsers. For a creative, advanced and attention-sparking page, use Rogan.

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exponent professional website template
Exponent is an outstandingly professional and striking website tool that you can use for establishing many different business websites. With the 26 demos alone, you have more than enough options and solutions to approach site establishment with confidence. You can employ this alternative for corporate, app, agency, startup, online shop, education and hosting websites, to name a few. There is also no need to be an expert when doing the job, as coding is not necessary.

With the visual builder, you can fully edit, customize and fine-tune Exponent and make it follow your branding directions to a T. You can also translate the template to any language you want. Moreover, Exponent is optimized for fast loading speed, SEO, compatible with all modern devices and in tune with web browsers. Get ready and stand out from the crowd with Exponent now.

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webify professional website template
With a whopping collection of fifty and counting predefined website demos, Webify is a solution that will amaze you. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is one of the best professional website templates that you can utilize for building your stirking WordPress page. It does not really matter what niche or industry you are in, with Webify, you will make it happen in a little breeze.

While all the sample material works remarkably well out of the box, you can also style it according to your preference. Webify is coupled with the all-around Elementor page builder, making sure everyone gets the most out of this masterpiece.

Moreover, Webify comes with a ton of blocks and modules, an outstanding modular system, an array of ready-to-use headers and footers; well, there is nothing really that Webify misses.

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ekko professional website template
Ekko is a professional and multi-purpose site canvas that you can get your hands on and experience a speedy site creation. Thanks to the numerous predefined website concepts, over two hundred template blocks and more than forty nifty elements, you have it all and then some at the tip of your fingers. There truly is little to no work necessary to get your project on feet and make a difference. Even if you use Ekko exactly as is, you win the game. However, you can quickly take things to an entirely new degree with the activation of the included drag and drop page builder.

Other specialties of the theme contain Slider Revolution, KeyDesign Addon, portfolios, eCommerce segment, child theme, fast loading and parallax scrolling. Of course, there are still plenty more goods and amenities that will do you and your business exceptionally well.

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snapster professional wordpress theme
As a photographer, you should not miss yourself building a professional website. To achieve an enviable web design, make sure you go with Snapster. It is a resourceful WordPress theme with a whopping collection of eighteen home pages. These, you can use exactly as they come out of the box or fine-tune further. For modifications, you use the method of dragging and dropping or access WordPress’s live customizer.

The bundle of features contains many portfolio styles, galleries, sliders, inner pages, blog, WooCommerce integration and custom-made shortcodes. Another cool trait of Snapster is proof-gallery management, where you can work on a task with a client individually without making it accessible to the masses. You only really need to invest a small portion of your time to create a sophisticated photography website with Snapster. Take charge and make a difference.

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nifty professional wordpress theme
Nifty is a professional WordPress theme for businesses and consulting agencies. It is a pretty all-around solution that easily catters to different objectives. Even by utilizing Nifty’s default settings, you can have an outcome ready that fits your industry precisely. Of course, without the need to do the coding work, you can also step things up and make alteration to Nifty, enriching it with your creative ideas.

The layout of Nifty is fully fluid, so you know it will adapt to any screen size instantaneously. In addition to that, the theme is compatible with all popular browsers, too. Ensure an excellent site performance for all your visitors and potential clients, which you will. Nifty takes care of all the heavy lifting for you, so you only focus on the finishing touches.

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konstrakt professional wordpress theme
As the name implies, Konstrakt is a professional WordPress theme for construction and building companies. If you are looking for a way to expand you reach and bring on board more business opportunities, make sure your online presence is fully sorted out. With Konstrakt, you can make it happen quickly, without breaking a sweat. Let’s face it, not only do you have all the page layouts and other special features available, but Konstrakt will also never ask you for coding knowledge. The tool welcomes any customization idea that you have without changing any line of code.

Three different concepts, headers, footers, time-limited content, SVG logo support, translatable and Multisite compatible, are just a handful of traits that Konstrakt offers. Needless to say, if you ever have any questions and concerns, Konstrakt’s support team is available to offer you a helping hand at any time.

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Best professional website templates


templatehub professional website template
With a responsive multi-purpose website template that comes ready for any business, you can do loads of things. TemplateHub is the tool I am talking about and it is a remarkable solution for all your web design needs. It is stacked with amazingness and a ton of goodies that will be of epic help on your journey to a successful site launch. A complete and active website is just around the corner once you gain access to TemplateHub.

The template features a total of over 32 predesigned pages of which 4 are home schemes. Other pages are ready-made for adding about us, services, gallery, blog and even shop segments to your site. Of course, TemplateHub also has two different contact pages. Smooth scrolling, parallax effect, CSS animations, AJAX based portfolio with filters and a sticky header is what are some of the traits of TemplateHub. The organized and commented code is also very beginner and developer friendly for making tweaks of all sorts.

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mono professional website template
To have the power of choice at your fingertips, make sure you do not miss Mono professional website template. For creating a web destination that will drive your business, this is the site skin you need. Mono comes with 38 mindblowing unique and contemporary home pages to choose from. In short, there is a layout for every taste. Of course, you are allowed to improve and customize it, too.

Mono also has ten different headers, eleven footers and four additional portfolio layouts. Besides, there are also over fifty button styles and more than eleven page preloaders. What’s best, Mono has it all highly organized to help you find what you need, when you need it. All lines of code are executed in the simplest way to make it as lightweight as possible. For the freedom to craft anything you want without any hassle, settle on Mono.

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minikini professional website template
Minikini is a fun name for a minimal portfolio website template that will help you crush it in the online space. The tool is keeping things very simple and to the point, making sure you appear on the web as professional as possible. And that is what you initially came here for. To get a website build quickly and reliably for the best results imaginable. What once seemed hard and a long process can now happen almost in a snap.

With Minikini, you get 59 HTML pages that cover everything, from the front to all the rest that you need for visitors who are interested in learning more about you. The source code is tidy and well commented what makes doing any types of customizations a breeze. For an always up-to-date site, Minikini also comes regularly updated with new fantastic features and improvements.

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socifly professional website template
In this collection of professional website templates, you can find a wide variety of canvases. Some are more generic while the others are more niche-oriented. SociFly is somewhere in between. It is a multi-purpose social network template with truly inspiring features and assets. If creating your very own social network is something you are after, SociFly has all the elements for you to create a well-liked platform successfully.

There are many traits that SociFly brings to the table. It rocks a mega menu, comes with ten color schemes, is eCommerce ready and even includes a coming soon page. Besides, SociFly is ready for you to start a forum, as well as a blog. SociFly gives you so many opportunities to start something refreshing and get your idea for a social networking platform realized and recognized.

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angles professional website template
Everything you need is just one click away with Angles professional website template. This multi-purpose gem provides all the necessities to get your page up and running as quickly as possible. Angles gives you several different one- and multi-page demos which you can utilize instantly. Of course, you can make improvements, too, but going with the design as is is just as fine.

Angles is mobile and retina ready and comes with cross-browser support so your page is always stable and available. Call-to-action buttons, hover effects, 404 pages, maintenance page and a whole specter of other valuable details give your website a distinct touch. Angles is a premium design at an affordable price to get you going as quickly as you want. Just put the available to work, edit it with your content and you can have a working page prepared for the launch sooner rather than later.

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The Copywriter

the copywriter professional website template
If you, too, dig the “less is more” approach, then you will surely like The Copywriter professional website template. It sports a minimalist design that focuses on what you have to offer first and foremost. To be able to use this powerful offering, you do not really need any prior coding knowledge. All you have to do is add your information and your website is ready to be uploaded to the internet. However, if you will need any support when setting up the site, you can always get in touch with the team of experts.

No need to be wondering, The Copywriter is a mobile optimized template that always looks amazing. You do not have to worry about your site looking different to different visitors. It forever shines with all its light and sparks their interest with what you are showcasing. One- and multi-page layouts are at your disposal with tons of features and practical assets.

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oliver professional website template
To differentiate yourself from the masses and do things individually compared to what others are doing, Oliver is here for you. This professional website template is ideal for photographers who want something more. Once you see its live preview page, you will immediately understand what I am talking about.

Oliver has a dark layout that comes with two different front page designs and several other grand sections that allow you to do things however you like it. You can use the included layouts out of the box or you can adjust them with your individual touches. What’s best, in both cases, you are establishing a top-notch web space for all your works, talents and other stuff you would like to push.

Speaking of other stuff, you can also start a personal or a photo blog and use it to drive traffic. Whatever your plans are for your business, you can realize them all with the astonishing Oliver.

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miami professional website template
For a professional portfolio website, Miami is the modern, creative and super adaptive scheme that brings your ideas into being. A fully active page is just around the corner once you get busy, bringing Miami into play. Utilize one of eight predefined home samples and help yourself out with all the additional portfolio and other inner pages. Miami has all the elements and a ton of extras at your disposal for you to take to your advantage.

There are many other traits that you get with Miami for an even smoother site creation. Contact form, Isotope filterable gallery, loads of free fonts and icons, as well as handy documentation. Whatever you do, do it in style and elegance with Miami portfolio template. Get your creations in front of people, increase your potential and skyrocket your project to an entirely new degree.

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slabo professional website template
Some website developers only assure good design, while others focus on delivering quality service. Meanwhile, Slabo does both. This professional website template is ideal for users who want to custom an admin panel and manage their projects efficiently. Slabo’s templates are all neat, minimalistic and fantastic. Add flavor to your brand with hundreds of elements, without spending a fortune.

Powered by Bootstrap, Slabo makes sure that the final product is entirely responsive and 100% flexible. This template enables you to adjust and update your website easily and modify everything from backgrounds and banners to navigation, logos, headings and more. On the flip side, you can effortlessly utilize Slabo exactly as it comes out of the box and have an admin dashboard up and running even swifter. You can now focus on your application’s performance instead of brainstorming the design of your admin.

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agro professional website template
The agricultural niche covers a lot of ground, but Agro ensures versatility to fulfill any farmer, entrepreneur or nature lover’s needs. With Agro, you can play by the rules or you can go entirely against the norm, the outcomes will inevitably be striking web design. This professional website template allows you to do a lot of things, like selling your products online and growing a trustworthy community.

Agro comes with three home and additional fourteen internal pages, over two hundred elements, fifteen PSD files and vibrant and alive color schemes. You are free to either publish your Agro site as is or integrate widgets on your website for originality. Furthermore, Agro is also mobile- and retina-ready, cross-browser compatible and optimized to ensure excellent performance. Make the right move, download Agro now and scale your agriculture or organic food store to the extreme.

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arna professional website template
Being a multipurpose Bootstrap template, Arna continues to be on top of the website building chain. This professional website template is an exquisite, contemporary, simple and responsive tool suitable for your admins. It comes with several unique pages and themes which looks stunning with any device or browser. The designs are 5-star quality with unlimited customization options to please even the most detail-oriented eye.

Arna has ten layouts, over ninety pages, more than sixty plugins and a collection of ten data table extensions. Indeed, Arna is a serious pack full of goodies and handy features that will do you and your project well. You will have a small breeze creating the exact admin dashboard that you want, covering all the sections, widgets and other components that you need. There are loads more features in store so check out Arna and get ready for a dose of awesome.

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missio professional website template
Time and patience are indeed essential when doing photography. Save your precious resources by choosing a professional website template to streamline your site creating process. Introducing Missio, a specialized service provider for your artistic interpretations. Without the need to start from scratch, you can commence operations fully. The developers do not believe in instant gratification, especially if the end product turns out to be half-baked. With Missio, you will get everything without follow-ups, mishaps and errors. After all, Missio aims to make your photography website visible for your clientele and ensure an always smooth and seamless experience.

Watch out for other features like 48 ready-to-use demos, Slider Revolution, Cube Portfolio, Slim Icon Set, Vanilla Form and many more. The options to create an outstanding online presence for your photo projects are there, just download Missio now and make it yours.

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arlo professional website template
Highlight your skills and experience better by taking them online. With Arlo’s help, you will accomplish this goal without a sweat. This professional website template works its wonders in so many ways. Only by heading over to the live preview page and you will immediately understand the power of Arlo.

There are hundreds of functional elements to choose from which allows for personalization. Feel free to modify Arlo to match your branding and signature style to a T. Once you have selected the right ready-made layout for you, simply stuff it with custom images and embed media files. Moreover, utilize tons of compatible widgets to elevate your website. You have overall control of your work – do take things to an entirely new degree with Arlo. No matter if you are a freelancer or a job seeker, even an agency, Arlo has you covered.

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pofo professional website template
Pofo is a multi-purpose website template that covers individual professionals, agencies and corporations. The template delivers an endless amount of features and a broad selection of ready-to-use demos. You might find the ideal layout for your website available already and only edit it with your infrmation and content. If so, you, indeed, will have a website live and ready to take new business deals quickly.

With over 25 predefined demo front pages and overall 210+ pages and more than 150 fantastic elements, you can do pretty much whatever you want with Pofo. This professional website template will fill your business with extra professionalism and expertness. Pages that use Pofo will intrigue visitors and let them know how much talent and experience you have. Enjoy checking the live previews of demos, pick the right one and lift your online project or business.

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sofbox professional website template
We managed to pick a variety of professional website templates that all of you can take to your advantage. If you are building a software or you already have it available, but your website is not fitting, Sofbox landing page template will take care of it. With its modern and UI and UX elements rich design, your software’s website will deliver a pleasant experience. Everyone examining your product or service will immediately understand what it is all about. You can expect an increase in downloads if you execute the website correctly. You do not have to worry about that when Sofbox is in action.

With Sofbox’s number of demos and pre-made home pages, you can start the creation process straight away. Along with video, gradient and canvas demos, there are Google, Dropbox and Bootstrap site lookalikes at your service. Nope, you do not have to build from scratch. If any of the predefined suits your needs, by all means, go with it, adjust it and launch it.

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terahoster professional website template
You instantly know what you get with TeraHoster. It is a web hosting website template with a contemporary touch to it. Everything you ever wanted in a website, you now get it with TeraHoster template. It is as professional as it could be, promoting your hosting service on the web in a beautiful way. If one thing, then you sure do not want to lack online presence and this goes for individuals and companies. Before they even get familiar with your work, services or software, do the first step of persuasion with a neat web design. With our professional website templates, you will not have a problem achieving that.

TeraHoster begins your website building journey with three different front page designs. Moreover, home page demos are accompanied by additional fifteen and counting HTML files, three pricing tables, sticky menu and smooth scrolling. Need to build a web hosting website? Now you can!

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Consulting Pro

consulting professional website template
For your consulting business, you surely need a professional website template, and Consulting Pro is one that you should take into consideration. With its ten original demos, boxed and wide styles, as well as dark and light, you have a solution out of the box. You can create one-page and multi-page websites with Consulting Pro and even start an online magazine. It is a responsive and cross-browser compatible template with a smooth and elegant design. You will appear even more professional than you already are on the web.

What’s more about Consulting Pro are the additional premium features that you get for free. Revolution Slider and Menuzord, a responsive mega menu, are in the package which will improve your overall website’s performance. Take them to your advantage, craft a terrific website and turn your guests into potential clients.

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