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19 Best Modern Designer Website Templates 2020


Whoever is designing for a living or even if it is a side job, create a cutting-edge online presence with designer website templates. No matter what niche you are in, these tools will take care of your websites with ease.

While you can use them all as they are, feel free to add your personal touch to the preferred one and customize it. We all know how important having a unique and original approach is.

But even if your website is as professional as it could be, it is still important that you know how to distinguish yourself from the crowd of other talented designers.

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Your work unquestionably is the first thing you should polish when it comes to differentiating yourself. However, even if your work is out of this world but your website, pardon my French, sucks, potential clients might choose the individual who has it all in order. And the latter is who you want to be.

With designer website templates you save yourself time and effort which you would otherwise need to invest when building from square one. Even if you have a ton of experience creating websites, you can still benefit from these and use them to influence your creativity.

Browse through the best of designer website templates collection and find the ideal one for you. Sooner rather than later, you will be actively putting things together and set up an innovative website for the launch.

Best designer WordPress themes


divi designer website template
Are you looking for a way to take your design project to an entirely new degree? If that is the case, sort out a solid online presence with Divi. This tool is all you need to successfully manage and maintain a web space that will turn heads. Moreover, Divi also suits just about any user out there. In other words, you could be a complete beginner or an advanced web developer, Divi is for both. While there is no need to code to edit and improve Divi, experts can go behind the scenes and fine-tune the layout, too.

Kick things off with predefined sample that suits your taste best. There are multiple available for your convenience. From then on, utilize the Divi builder and make edits, corrections and improvements to customize the web design according to your preference.

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jevelin designer website template
You are just short moments away from realizing a striking online presence for your design project. Whether you are a freelancer or plan to venture into the agency space, with Jevelin, you can bring into being a top-class page without a hassle. Experts and beginners, you are all welcome to play with all the different layouts, features and functions, Jevelin brings to the table. Even if you dive into the online space with Jevelin out of the box, the outcome will still be spectacular. But modifying Jevelin is possible, too, with the WPBakery drag and drop website builder.

For all the newbies, do not miss checking video tutorials first and get the gist of it. Additionally, you also get comprehensive documentation and an option to talk to the friendly support team. With Jevelin, you will comfortably create a page for your designer needs.

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limerick designer website template
Limerick is a versatile portfolio web design for designers and all the other creative professionals. With the five home pages, you can easily find the look that fits your style best. And if you would ever want to customize and alter the default design, you can do that, too, with the method of dragging and dropping. However, all the styles that you gain access to out of the box are already outstandingly amazing and eye-catchy anyway. It is a guarantee that the final product will capture everyone’s interest in a split of a second.

Core features of Limerick contain Slider Revolution, one-click installation, advanced typography and color options, PSD files and in-depth documentation. The layout of Limerick is mobile-friendly, cross-browser compatible, retina-friendly and high performing. You will definitely make a strong and lasting impact on all your visitors, raising your potential to level eleven.

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gentium designer website template
Show your designs in the best possible light with this sophisticated and impactful offering. Gentium is fully responsive across all platforms and works as one of the best designer website templates on the market. It is all put together in a creative and unique design that your visitors will love. There are a bunch of different samples to choose from, as well as dark and light modes. You do not really need to do much work yourself actually.

Also, Gentium was created with mobile-first in mind, so it will look great on any handheld device. It is easy to customize and comes with a one click demo template installation. You can make it your own with unlimited header and footer options. In conclusion, Gentium is exactly what you need to put your designs at the forefront. Make your works pop and raise your potential to level eleven.

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ohio designer website template
Get your site up and running fast with Ohio. It has been designed with you in mind and is one of the most uncomplicated designer website templates that you can find on the internet. Speaking of easy, everyone can profit from Ohio, regardless of your experience. Still, you can expect a top-notch outcome that will turn heads – even as a newbie!

There are over 27 carefully crafted demos for you to show your designs off to the world. Ohio is fully loaded with flexible layouts and elements to make your site stand out from the pack. The convenient admin panel makes it easy to keep your site running at peak efficiency, and it’s coupled with ACF Pro to give you the best experience possible. Get your name out there now and start making some noise with the use of Ohio.

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droow designer wordpress theme
Droow is an up-to-the-minute designer WordPress theme for forging a striking online portfolio. It helps you present all your works, talents and services on the internet in the best possible light. The main unique feature that you will notice is the extraordinary dark design that Droow sports. This will leave a strong and lasting first impression on everyone who visits your website. There are different home and internal pages at your disposal, awaiting your content and details.

The integration of the Elementor page builder makes sure that any tweaks, you would like to perform, you do with ease and confidence. Awesome transitions, one-page structure, Google Fonts, hamburger menu and ACF Pro plugin are some of the highlights you can expect in the Droow kit. You are now fully equipped with the necessary material to start on the world wide web like a champ.

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wavee designer wordpress theme
Creating a designer website requires little time and energy on your end. But to achieve this, you need a dedicated WordPress theme, like Wavee. Since everything is ready-to-use out of the box, you now have all the necessary to enter the world of the internet quickly. Of course, with Wavee, you will achieve a professional outcome that will trigger everyone’s interest easily. Even if you employ the default settings exactly as they are, you can expect magical things. On the other side, you can also step things up with customizations and improvements. Fro this, Wavee will never ask you to do the coding work.

What do you get in the kit?

Nine homes, eight portfolios, seventy elements, a total of 28 page templates, Elementor, header and footer styles, yes, it’s all there and heaps more. Also, if you ever need additional help, you can always get in touch with the support team, and they will be happy to assist you. Make your designs stand out with Wavee now.

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pearce designer wordpress theme
If dark design is what you are aiming for, drop everything and teke a peek at Pearce this very instance. It is a designer WordPress theme that will blow everyone away. By heading over to the live demo preview, you will immediately notice all the different page layouts that this impressive site canvas sports. And yes, those can already represent you and your business online. But with a few improvements here and there, you can quickly step up your game and make Pearce even more inspiring.

Pearce makes sure that all your works and details pierce right through your visitors, having them hooked immediately. Pearce’s other goodies are multiple custom shortcodes and widgets, load more function, infinite scroll, five headers, back to top button and more. It also comes with a child theme if you would like to take things to the extremes.

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vavo designer website template
If you are looking to make a difference, you better not miss checking out the creative and innovative Vavo. Get a clean, interactive style that puts your work first with this designer website template for WordPress. You can install any of eight unique home pages with a single click to get your site up and running fast.

Vavo has excellent performance and is fully responsive across all platforms, as well as cross-browser compatible. Your end product will look just as great on mobile devices as it will on desktops. Needless to say, you do not have to worry about the technical aspects of your website when working with Vavo.

Some more features include fast loading speed, retina-readiness, video support, social media integration, parallax effects and Google Maps. To keep it short, you get it all to manage and maintain a website successfully with Vavo.

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Best designer website templates


lester designer website template
Lester is a super creative HTML5 website template which every designer out there can use to push his or her works. If you would like to create a page that has a strong first impression and intrigues everyone, Lester is the tool you need. Let it impress you with the live preview page. Lester is a clean and sophisticated template with all the needed and then some.

In the bundle, you will find five fantastic home variations which vary from gradient and slider to video and canvas. All and everything that unlocks after unboxing the Lester package is organized and commented for your convenience. Lester is also a Bootstrap 4 template to deliver a fluid layout that smoothly adapts to any device you visitors use to come to your page. It also sports all other latest technologies so your site is stable and up to date at all times.

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casely designer website template
When the time comes to craft a page that you are proud of, use Casely designer website template to make sure it is as amazing as you can imagine. Casely is put together with a creative and impressive look that will never go out of style. Today, tomorrow and ten years from now, your page will still look fresh and tempting. Casely is stacked with animations and is constructed with Bootstrap 4 and Flexbox. Stability and flexibility will always be on point.

The Casely bundle includes over twelve demo layouts of which each is simple and effortless to customize. These will help you decide on the finished look you would like to have for your web space. Make it remarkable and let it stand out from the crowd to attract even more clients and scale your design project. Casely is a real eye candy when it comes to choosing the most appealing vehicle to build the much-needed page.

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insee designer website template
To put your face forward and push your creations, all you need to call for is Insee designer website template. You have it here, at your disposal, ready to be put to use and help you succeed. Insee is a large template with over sixty total HMTL5 files to make your website truly unique. There are six home ready demos to check out and get an idea of how creative you can really be with Insee.

As creative as you would like.

But there is more.

Everything Insee delivers is neatly packed in a clean, friendly and gorgeous design that will stand the test of time. There’s also a full set of blog pages which allows you to start sharing your story and even introduce content marketing into your business and increase your potential. Insee is the portfolio template to help you present just about whatever you would like to bring in front of people.

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skylith designer website template
There is stuff you can do with Skylith template that you previously never thought is even possible. But it gets even more satisfying. You need to invest very little work and effort to realize your design website and make it shine online. For your information, Skylith has over thirty predefined demos at your service and loads other inner pages for portfolio, blog, post, eCommerce and more.

With Skylith, all you need to do is to mix together what is available and you could be done already. However, do not hesitate and adjust and improve it, add your personal touch and truly make it your own. It is very possible to create something entirely customized with Skylith. Moreover, you get a functional contact form, active Instagram and Twitter feeds, Google Maps and modern header and navigation styles. Need anything else? Just dig deep enough and you will find it in the Skylith box.

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xcent designer website template
Are you ready to share your art masterpieces globally? Achieve such a feat with Xcent, a revolutionary companion for your website needs. The power to design, build and publish responsive websites consistently makes Xcent the ultimate designer website template. Everything is based on an intelligent and reliable interface to ensure that your website looks lustrous, clean and astonishing.

With pages specially intended for those who are interested in building a personal portfolio page, you are assured that your website will not look out of place at all. Xcent is user-friendly and easy to customize which makes anyone start their own site speedily. Xcent also comes with four hero versions, parallax effect and a striking look that will grab everyone’s attention. Get your hands on Xcent now and take your design or art venture to new heights.

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agenci designer website template
Elevate your concepts and dive into limitless design options with Agenci. This designer website template will surely satisfy your needs thanks to all the amazingness Agenci brings to the table. It comes with everything you need to create and manage a stunning website such as background videos, color schemes, flexibilit, extendability and more. Agenci is also packed with user-friendly functions to help customize your site with ease. But first, take a peek at sixteen exceptional and innovative home page demos and numerous other internal layouts.

Your website will definitely look great on any device because all designs are fully mobile-ready. In other words, everyone viewing your content from mobile, tablet or desktop device will have a blast. Agenci also has a special section for your blogs and articles in case you would like to take the extra step and personalize the experience.

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art designer website template
For the most creative and artistic people out there, Art designer website template is here to make your site establishment process as fast and easy as it can be. Even if you lack experience, Art is here to turn you into a professional and help you create a page that will shine like the stars. Art is fully adjustable and comes with six headers and unlimited possibilities for the ideal list layout that you need. It is all there, ready for you to fill the space with everything that you need.

Art also includes blog section that supports all post formats, image, gallery, music, video and quote to name a few. No matter what creative work you do, if you would like to make a difference, Art is always going to be the best solution. You can enable or disable image lazy load feature, spice up your space with scrolling animations and form an RTL style page, too. Get online and boost your capacity to a new degree.

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showkase designer website template
Showkase is here to bring your work in front of a global crowd and get your creations to attract even more potential clients. If you would like to showcase your latest works, the projects you are most proud of or altogether, you can do it easily with Showkase. The tool has a minimalistic approach to web design with a great attention to detail and some really next level features and assets.

You get access to numerous home and portfolio pages, supreme UI and UX elements and an array of other goodies that will skyrocket your business. No doubt, Showkase is also responsive, retina ready, optimized for top-notch cross-browser performance and guarantees fast loading speeds. Unlimited colors, striking hover effects, multi-styled carousels and blog demos, Showkase is no joke. Further investigate what is possible with Showkase by visiting preview page and put it to some good use.

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juno designer website template
While Juno might be a photography- and magazine-first template, every designer who would like to build a website can benefit from it, too. Not only will you undoubtedly find a predefined demo for your business, Juno is highly customizable for you to make it follow your requirements precisely.

Speaking of demos, twelve are available but more will drop in the future. For the most part, you only need to change the content of the preferred demo with yours and you are closer than ever from launching your design-oriented website. You might even want to start a design blog. If so, Juno has you covered as well.

Juno comes with additional eleven color schemes, various header and slider options and three premium plugins. Instagram feed, different blog and portfolio layouts plus responsiveness and SEO friendliness, Juno thought about everything.

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simpleux designer website template
Simplicity and fantastic user experience first designer website template, Simpleux, is one not to miss. It is modern and elegant, very appealing to the eye, one-page template with which you will have a blast constructing a website. Personal pages and those for small businesses and agencies, you can do them all with Simpleux. A customized version of the template or one out of the box, whichever path you take, the final piece of online art powered by Simpleux will always be an impactful and cracking one.

Particles, image slideshow or video backgrounds, different color styles and boxed or full-width layouts, Simpleux is aware of the term different strokes for different folks. There is something for almost every taste. And if it does not fit your style 100%, feel free to modify it and make a bespoke version out of it.

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