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19 Top Mobile-Ready Artist Website Templates 2020


Being a creative individual as you are, it is crucial to help yourself build a jaw-dropping website using one of the best artist website templates we have ready for you.

If you do not have an online presence sorted out yet, you do not know how much you are missing.

Show your insane talent and outstanding works and completed projects with help from a compelling website. Promote yourself and your expertise and start taking new project deals solely due to your freshly put together modern and beautiful page.

With artist website templates, we carefully selected for you, your work will be organized and beautifully displayed. Everyone who will land on your page will be glued to the screen. Your professionalism will leave them in amazement and ready to get in touch with you.

Quick access

All the templates for artist websites are following the latest web and technology trends. From amazing portfolios and galleries to mind-blowing sliders and overall pleasant and attractive designs, they sport it all. Needless to say, they are mobile friendly and compatible with all the high-tech device screens.

If you are looking to build an extraordinary website, look no further. You have it all gathered here only a few scrolls and clicks away. Just pick what you dig and start putting your artistic mind to good use. Success follows.

The best artist WordPress themes


divi artist website template
Artists and other creative individuals, show your projects and share your talent with the world by employing Divi. This allows you to quickly create an online portfolio which will help you boost your potential through the roof. Divi contains all the necessities for establishing a functional page which you can use for gaining new business deals. After all, with the sophistication of Divi and your masterpieces, everyone will be intrigued to get in touch with you. Some persuasive talking later, and you win them over.

Divi offers you to edit the layout to the very last detail. With this in mind, make the site skin follow your meticulous style precisely. For your information, Divi’s integrated builder unlocks visual editing – no more coding for you! Also, with Divi, you have complete control over how your page will appear on desktop and how on mobile devices.

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jevelin artist website template
As an artist, you obviously need to have a portfolio sorted out to show it to your potential new clients later. Instead of relying on 3rd-party platforms, take your professionalism to the next level with a website. Thanks to Jevelin, you can now build your very own online portfolio swiftly. In the package, Jevelin delivers over twenty demos of which several serve the cause. Once you find the sample that best resonates with you, feel free to use it as is, but you can also step things up and modify it accordingly.

For your information, Jevelin is easy to edit due to the WPBakery drag and drop page builder. Meaning, you will never need to touch a single line of code. Jevelin also practices all the latest trends, making sure that your outcome rocks the online space with all and everything. In short, Jevelin ensures a remarkable experience for every site visitor.

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billey artist wordpress theme
With Billey, you can now create your own online art exhibition. This top-notch artist WordPress theme comes as a pack of goodies that will do you and your masterpieces well. Present them online in a way that will move all your visitors. With Billey, that is not too big of a task due to all the amazing features and functions that it sports. Just home page samples alone, you get over twenty – you know there is something for everyone.

But it gets even better.

Billey includes 26 portfolios, 39 widgets, Slider Revolution, Elementor, WooCommerce shop, blog and social media integration. Still, this is not it; you get many more extra practical traits with the use of Billey. The tool also sorts you out with a lifetime worth of free updates, support and documentation.

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ozark artist wordpress theme
While your art is already extraordinary, it would be wise to keep your online portfolio of a more minimal nature. This way, your works of art will pop beautifully for everyone to enjoy. Ozark is a great artist WordPress theme that sticks to simplicity and elegance. For a small investment, you can now start working on your project even if you have no coding experience. Ozark is here to make sure that everyone makes good use of it. No tedious tasks, rather a very fun way of setting up a website that will move mountains – that’s what to expect form Ozark.

Along with creating an online portfolio, you can do tons more with Ozark. You can start a blog, introduce a WooCommerce store and the list goes on. If you would like to localize your website, you can do that, too, as Ozark is fully translatable. Make things your way and stand out a mile with the refreshing Ozark.

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colega artist wordpress theme
Brining to fruition a portfolio for an artist, in fact, any creative, will happen quickly with Colega. It is a WordPress theme full of great material, from ready-to-use page layouts to components that you can mix and match into a striking build. To top it all up, if you would like to introduce your creative touch, you can comfortably do it without the code work.

Colega sports only the latest technologies and solutions to ensure that your online artist portfolio works like a dream. With that in mind, Colega is mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible, retina-friendly, in tune with SEO regulations and speed optimized.

What’s a pretty unique feature of Colega is the fact that it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. You can test it out to its full potential and only then make your final decision. But to be honest, once you go Colega, there is no turning back. Enjoy.

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maree artist website template
With the original and innovative approach to web design, Marée sure does spark your interest in an instant. Any artist can put it to use and present themselves on the web with an outstanding, awe-inspiring and enviable website. Marée even has multiple demos to choose from, giving you more than enough options to start on the right path. Along with home layouts, you also get several handy and convenient inner pages. Just mix and match what is available, introduce your creative touch and you are ready to take your business to new heights.

Marée contains WPBakery, Slider Revolution, unlimited colors, blog layouts, online store (yes, you can even sell your work!), custom shortcodes and four headers. If you are entirely new to designing a website, Marée’s user manual will do you great. Of course, you also have access to customer support for any additional questions you might have.

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manon artist website template
Show off your creative genius to the world with this WordPress theme. You will never be alone while you craft your website. It is one of the easiest to use artist website templates on the market, and it comes with its own YouTube tutorials that will help you get things moving forward right from the get-go. You can get your site up and running in a matter of clicks, not weeks. It comes with customizable portfolio layouts, plenty of inner pages and a place for you to blog about anything you want.

Make sure your fans have a place to buy all of your merch with the included storefront and get your creative works out there. The options are very many with the use of Manon. Get things rolling with any of the predefined samples and make an immediate impact. You also get an array of shortcodes, various header styles, smooth scrolling, child theme and social icons.

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zugan artist website template
Rise to the top of the results with a remarkable solution that will make an instant difference. After all, isn’t that something you strive toward? Let your creations speak for themselves through this easy to use and customizable artist website template. Zugan has been built with SEO in mind to make sure you reach the audience that you want organically. But things go way beyond that, thanks to all the very many powerful and practical features.

You can customize it all with Elementor in minutes instead of hours. However, if you fancy Zugan as is, use the demo out of the box and have a page live in the snap of a finger. It is highly flexible and you can pretty much use it for anything you want. One thing is for sure, your portfolio will shine. There are extensive layout options to use, along with many other features and functions. If you have the creative fire inside you, this is how you want to share it with the entire planet.

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hervin artist website template
Make sure the people who matter most see you, your skills and your works with this killer tool. Hervin is a highly modifiable and responsive artist website template made for people like you. It is loaded with smooth page transitions and comes with both a full screen and a classic menu. Moreover, Hervini is also fully compatible with Gutenburg, as well as entirely responsive across all platforms. That means your site will look just as great on a mobile device as it does on a desktop.

Choose your advanced theme options and watch the traffic flock to your web space. It is what every creative artist needs to make an impact. If you would like to trigger everyone’s interest, you better make it happen with the utilization of Hervin. Keep in mind, what’s unique about Hervin is the 14-day money-back guarantee. Those two weeks are more than enough to start seeing some decent results with your fresh page.

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Best artist website templates


bizhub artist website template
Bizhub is a mobile-ready multi-purpose website template that you can use for all sorts of intentions. Out of the box, Bizhub delivers over thirty pre-made websites and a total of more than 4400 HTML5 pages. I know, these numbers are hard to process. The amount of content you get access to with Bizhub is tremendous and will unlock a whole new specter of opportunities for you.

Speaking of artist website templates, Bizhub easily alters to all your creative needs and helps you hammer out the much-needed page. While you will undoubtedly find a predefined demo in the bundle, you can still improve and tweak it however you see the best fit for your business. Bizhub is fully SEO and performance optimized, comes with a fast and reliable support and includes free plugins and regular updates.

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missio artist website template
If you are planning to start your own photo project, you can now secure yourself a spot on the web effortlessly with Missio. This cracking web design will put all your outstanding pictures on display for the whole world to enjoy. Also, Missio applies a modern approach which gives you the liberty to manage your online presence like a professional from the start. As a result, you can control and maintain the exact page you would like to run seamlessly at all times.

Missio also contains cool and functional stuff like Slider Revolution, Vanilla form, nine headers, sixteen color skins and others. There is a ton more to Missio that you can take to your advantage and shine online. Just mix and match the available with your own creative touch and succeed.

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runaway artist website template
Runaway is a magnificent tool that will help you craft an impactful personal portfolio website. This artist website template fine-tunes every component and section of your page so it looks of the highest degree. Couple Runaway’s design with your works and projects and you have a winning combination right in front of your eyes. No need to start with a blank canvas when you can benefit from Runaway.

Created with passion and dedication, this site skin assures all templates are clean and trendy. While others limit you to creating a boring, motionless website, Runaway allows you to express your individuality with its interactive features. In addition, it is fully responsive and compatible with pretty much any browser conceivable. For an added touch, Runaway’s sections include resume, services, portfolio, pricing and testimonials to name a few.

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aivo artist website template
Once Aivo is yours, you can do any type of portfolio website for freelancers and agencies. It is an all-around artist website template with numerous options for you to take to your advantage and market yourself properly. You get six distinctive homes, several portfolio pages, a full blogging system and all other neat elements that you need to complete building a novel page ASAP.

Aivo is based on Bootstrap Framework what gives it the flexibility it needs. Meaning, Aivo can reshape to the size of any device instantly for an always undisturbed experience. Profit from other features, like video support, Google Maps, functional contact form and content carousel, too. Since Aivo is aware how important footer section is, it treats you to six different styles. By now, you should already be putting the work in for a super rapid website creation.

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thecrowd artist website template
For rock bands exclusively, TheCrowd is the artist website template that will show off your hard work in the best way. Get your presence known and gain a whole new loyal fan base thanks to the internet. TheCrowd is an all-in-one solution, packed with over one hundred HTML pages for you to build anything you would like. From home pages to blogs and FAQs, you will never need another asset to keep your site going.

TheCrowd will keep your visitors up to date with all of your latest tunes and moves. It comes in both dark and light skins to fit the feel that you want. Introduce your band members, push your latest music video and create a playlist of your entire discography or each album separately. Due to the heavy mobile usage, TheCrowd is, indeed, responsive, as well as compatible with web browsers.

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The One

the one artist website template
If you are a photographer looking for an artist website template and came this far, you are in luck. The One is, well, the one. This is a cracking page canvas with countless demos and a very original and innovative approach to displaying different content pages. While The One is a one-page website template, it is nothing like the ordinary single-page layout design that you are used to. The One is different.

How different?

Very different.

Of course, photo projects are not the only projects that The One covers. To be frank, everyone who is in need of a portfolio to display his or her work can use The One and get your brand known. Along with all these one-of-a-kind approaches to web design, The One also comes with a MailChimp newsletter form, Instagram feed and a language switcher. You can globalize or localize The One effortlessly.

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The Dive

the dive artist website template
For a web space like none out there, as well as a template that is easy to build and manage, you need The Dive. One superb artist website template, fourteen different styles to choose from. Add your artistic touch to it and that number of entirely different sites you can create increases drastically. There are also both dark and light skins for all the assets and six full content pages that cover all and everything.

Keep all your visitors and potential clients up to date with the works page and keep in touch with them through the contact section. Text rotator, animated facts, testimonials and a complete set of icons are just some of the traits of The Dive. When you need to make a site that everyone will love and be impressed by, drop everything and download The Dive right away.

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oliver artist website template
If dark style is your style, than you sure will enjoy Oliver through the roof. This artist website template is a remarkable one and offers you to craft a page that will wow every visitor. Oliver is a Bootstrap tool what gives it the flexibility and responsiveness a modern page needs. Besides, it is also retina ready so all your works will appear crisp clear on all devices.

Functional photo gallery, effortless customization, blog section, RTL support and detailed UI are some of the features of Oliver. Every user also gets free template updates and detailed documentation. With Oliver, your page will always be up to date, looking fresher than ever. As for the documentation, it ensures you to never run into any problems when establishing the desired website. Get even more people to experience your talent thanks to Oliver.

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creatink artist website template
Creativity has no limitation. If you are somebody who would like to have a great impact on everyone visiting your website, you came to the right place. Further investigate an artist website template that does not need to show its features and beauty to grab your attention. It does it with its name first and all the rest follow. Enough of me blubbering, here is Crea;tink. That is no typo, it is the way how masterminds behind the template named it for good.

Crea;tink is an immense template with so much material, you will need to take a day off to go through all of it. But in reality, it has forty demos and a whopping 300+ UI elements and 200+ HTML files. Yep, that clearly is a lot. Demos for pretty much any website make Crea;tink a multi-concept template with an endless amount of possibilities.

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malefic artist website template
Sure, you might need to pay for a premium product, however, sometimes, if you dig deeper, you later realize that you actually saved money. The same goes for Malefic HTML5 template. For a small investment, you do not only get a brilliant product that will help you construct a website for your art business, you also get three premium plugins worth $79. Not bad, not bad at all.

Malefic is entirely mobile friendly with retina-ready graphics for your websites to appear stunningly on all the modern screens. The template is also optimized for search engines to rank your site and its content higher and potentially drive in more organic traffic. Professionally designed and optimized for the best usability, Malefic is ready for any challenge aka website creation.

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