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17 Number Infographics for Business Data


Number infographic blog header

Complex data visualizations may get a lot of attention in the information design world, but pound-for-pound, few types of infographics have more impact than a number infographic.

Number infographics sometimes include data visualization, but more often, they use just a few key numbers or statistics to ensure that readers can’t miss the key takeaways. For this reason, business data is often an ideal candidate for the number infographic treatment.

Not sure how to get started? Check out some number infographic templates below for inspiration. Then, customize them using our simple Infographic Maker and bring your business data to life.


Want to learn more about other types of infographics? Read our blog on the 9 types of infographics or watch the video below:

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1. Infographic with numbers

Pandemic Impact On Refugee Number Infographic Template


The above example, while it’s focused on data that’s definitely not business-oriented, is ideal for situations where you have many different data points spread across a range of general topics.

In this number infographic, we learn how many people are affected, where they live, how this issue has changed over time and much more. The most important aspects to understand are covered, and the numbers are presented in a way that makes them memorable.

For a business, an infographic template like this could be used to share data about employees, customers, product offerings and more.


2. Icon number infographic

Number infographic template workplace accessibility


In number infographics, icons sometimes are used to visualize data, but often, their primary purpose is to make an emotional connection in readers’ minds. In the case of the above example, icons combine with numbers to make clear points.

From the number in the title through the numbers shared in the individual data points, the simple icons help illustrate what might otherwise be dense information.


3. Marketing summary number infographic

Number infographic social media marketing template


Most marketing campaigns will generate many different types of information that, while all related to the campaign or the business overall, may not have much else in common. That can make it difficult to bring the information together in a single story.

In the middle section of this infographic, we see four distinct data points that would be impossible to put into a chart format because they’re all completely different types of information and there is no one “good” number.

By using icons and focusing on the numbers themselves, the reader gets a quick summation of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that detail the success of the social media marketing campaign in question.


4. Number of employees infographic

Number infographic Teen Ethnicity and Technology Statistics Template


Number infographics are often at their best when they’re used to distill just one or two data points. While this example is focused on technology use by teenagers, it’s easy to see how it could apply to a business.

This number infographic template could be used to illustrate the number of employees in various branches of a company or the percentage of employees who have enrolled in the health plan.

The template could be customized to show one single data point rather than comparing two, and the simple icons are appropriate for numbers and statistics that deal with people, though it’s wise to take inclusivity into account and consider broadening the type of icons included.

This infographic is also an example of how you can use infographics to represent data collected from a survey. Read our blog to learn more about the 12 survey infographic templates and other essential data visualization tips.


5. Number comparison infographic

Number infographic top laptops brand market overview template


Helping readers understand how numbers compare is one of the biggest benefits of using infographics in your business communications. In cases where data is limited, number comparison infographics are ideal.

This example covers just two data points and only four years’ worth of information. It’s possible to visualize this type of data through charts, but because the sample sizes are small, it likely wouldn’t improve understanding.

By going the simple route, the reader is easily able to compare the relevant data without worrying that they might be misreading a complex data visualization.


6. Simple number infographic

Number infographic basic simple stat template


While the figure at the center of this simple number infographic isn’t exactly a real statistic, the minimalist approach that displays the number in question with shaded icons to visualize the statistic provides the best of both worlds.

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Consider this infographic template for any business use involving just one percentage, whether internal or external. That could be data about how effective the sales department is or customers who responded to a marketing email.


7. Annual report number infographic

Number infographic business annual report template


Annual reports are ideal candidates for number infographics because for most businesses, annual reports offer a handful of data points that are often spread across a range of information types.

The annual report template above combines display numbers, data visualization and icons to provide a summary of the year in business. And the compact design means it’s easy to email to employees, shareholders and others.

This type of layout is ideal for companies with annual reports that aren’t necessarily heavy on data.

Number infographic economic policy annual report template


For some companies, annual reports are very data-heavy, which can make them difficult to read. But by using a number infographic, such as the one above, zooming in on a few key data points and adding simple visualizations can provide a memorable summary.

Every chart in the above example also lists all the data points being illustrated. This helps ensure that the reader understands the numbers without the need for overly complicated charts that have hard-to-read labels.


8. Financial projection number infographic

Number Infographic Modern Financial Projection Report Template


For those whose job it is to predict the future of a business, getting colleagues and superiors to understand how you arrived at your projections is a challenge, to say the least. That’s why using a number infographic to explain financial projections can be so powerful.

In the example above, the biggest takeaway (projected revenue) is at the very top, while important data points that help feed the projection are included in simple and easy-to-understand formats.

You can also see that some data is presented in table form in the infographic above. Tables can be a great data visualization tool, but only in certain situations. Read our blog to learn when and how to best use tables in your infographics.


9. Revenue number infographic

Number infographic monthly sales report


Folks working in finance departments are well-versed in seeing the stories inside numbers, but colleagues outside those teams aren’t usually as numbers-minded.

That’s why revenue number infographics like the above example are so helpful. Because of how large the font is, the reader’s eye is immediately drawn to the net-sale number, while other data helps support the key point and provides context.

(Looking for more finance-related inspiration? Check out this case study on how a financial consultancy doubles their revenue using Venngage.)


10. Sequence number infographic

Number infographic hiring process template


Sequence number infographics are ideal for business uses that involve explaining a process. In the above example, the sequence in question is the hiring process, but other business uses could include onboarding, product development, quality control and many more.

When creating your sequence number infographic, be sure to include just a handful of steps so that the viewer doesn’t become overwhelmed and assume that the process will be too difficult.


11. Big number infographic

Number infographic geography statistical template


When it comes to creating some infographics, the notion of editing down your information to make it manageable isn’t really a problem. That’s because you’re dealing with just one figure.

The data in the example above isn’t related to business (unless your business has something to do with the Great Lakes), but the large font used to display the number makes the one big takeaway unmistakable.

This template is appropriate for business contexts like human resources, training and onboarding or marketing.


12. Horizontal number infographic

Number infographic horizontal top 5 jobs us template


Horizontal number infographics come in many varieties, but that often means dealing with just one single data set due to space limitations. In the example above, the numbers in question are salaries, and the text, shapes and illustrations all help the reader visualize the data.

Number infographic water crisis stats template


In this horizontal number infographic, a few data points are included to help illustrate the main point, while a photo illustration is the main visual element. The simple layout and limited text makes it ideal for instances when just a few data points are available.


13. Vertical number infographic

Number infographic microlearning team highlights template


Vertical number infographics are ideal in cases where more visual real estate is available than for horizontal infographics. That means taking advantage of the added space by increasing the amount of data or making the displayed numbers larger, as in the above example.

Number infographic annual corporate wellness facts template


Just because they’re vertical doesn’t mean vertical number infographics must be super-tall, though, and as in any infographic, it’s important to be economical with words. This example has a tiny amount of text, which allows the numbers to speak for themselves.


14. Number infographic for PowerPoint

Number infographic powerpoint iconic pitch deck template


When you’re making an infographic for business purposes, it’s common for your work to end up being used in a PowerPoint presentation. While you need to keep in mind any internal templates you’re dealing with, making a number infographic for PowerPoint is simple.

With Venngage’s Infographic Maker, you can create multiple slides, including those that use a number infographic approach, such as the example above. (Learn more about optimizing your infographics for PowerPoint.)


Number infographic FAQ

Have questions about number infographics? We have answers:

What is a visualized number infographic?

A visualized number infographic is an infographic that uses large typography or charts to help readers visualize one or more data points. Number infographics are similar to other types of infographics, but they are best used when little data is available or needed to tell the story.

How do I visualize a number in an infographic?

There’s no one way to visualize a number in an infographic, but the most effective options include using charts or graphs, as well as using icons to illustrate a percentage. The best option depends on the type and size of the data.

In cases where you have just one or two data points, it’s often best to use large typography to visualize data or simple visualizations like pie charts.

How do I show revenue in an infographic?

Apart from using large typography to show a single year’s revenue figure, the best ways to show revenue in an infographic include a bar chart or line graph to compare revenue over time or to show projections vs. actual revenue.

What terms are important to understand when it comes to number infographics?

Number infographics are similar to many other types of infographics, but they do have some aspects that make them unique. As we mentioned, number infographics are most at home in visual storytelling that includes only a handful of data points.

In cases where you might have several big sets of data, infographics that rely heavily on data visualization are more appropriate, while in cases with no data at all, informational infographics are ideal.

  • Display: This refers to large-size typography. Think of large typography as any text around the size of your section headings or larger. Number infographics tend to rely heavily on display numbers.
  • Icons: These are used across many types of infographics, but icons are often used in number infographics to help illustrate data without the need for a chart or graph. A good example is this statistical infographic, which uses icons to visualize data (1 in 3; 1 in 4).
  • Charts: Some but not all number infographics also employ the use of charts, which are more common in statistical infographics. In number infographics, charts and graphs should be limited to just a few data points to avoid overwhelming the reader.


In summary: number infographics are a powerful way for businesses to communicate data

Infographics that have tons of dazzling data visualizations have their place in business communications, but the workhorse for most companies is the number infographic because it allows for visual storytelling that’s all about effectiveness.

Whether you’re limited by the amount of data available or you just want to focus on making sure your business data hits home, consider a number infographic for your next project.




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