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20 Best Free Bootstrap Accordions in 2021


In this blog post, I have collected the best free Bootstrap accordions, which fit multiple projects and intentions, and have briefly explained them.

Accordions let you create collapsible content. They allow you to show blocks of texts within collapsible items, clicking which collapse/show the texts. This saves you a lot of space on your webpage and enhances UX.

Accordions are great for FAQ pages. You can show your website visitors one answer at a time, which will not just save webpage space, it will also keep your visitors focused on what is important to them. This way, they can easily find an answer.

Accordions can also be used for displaying product descriptions or for explaining the services on your company website. You can also display tutorials or how-to guides on your site using them.

What makes accordions so special is that they can make the content on your webpage much more organized, making the webpage clean and user-friendly.

Making accordions is easy. But if you don’t know much about coding or if you think you can make amazing accordions with Bootstrap but you don’t have the time, you can use the free Bootstrap accordions available on the Internet.

Best Free Bootstrap Accordions

Bootstrap Accordion V01

accordion 01
This all-around pricing accordion is great for a variety of different service-based businesses. Out of the box, it fits spa salons and wellness centers ideally, but you are welcome to go against the grain and modify it to your liking. The flexible design due to the Bootstrap Framework foundation also guarantees smooth operation on different devices, mobile and desktop. With the simple +/- signs, the user can open or collapse each accordion, learning more about your services, session length and pricing.

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Bootstrap Accordion V02

accordion 02
As a restaurant or other food business website owner, a food and drinks menu is almost a must. With Bootstrap Accordion V02, you can now embed a convenient solution that displays your delicious offerings for your users to indulge in. You can break it down into breakfast, lunch, dinner, drink and wine or use your custom categories. Along with the prices and additional text, you can also feature beautiful and mouthwatering food photography. Now you know how to grab your potential customer’s attention.

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Bootstrap Accordion V03

accordion 03
With this flexible Bootstrap accordion, you can present all types of content in a clean and distraction-free way. Due to the minimalist design, you will have no trouble embedding it into your application, even by utilizing it as is. On the other hand, you are welcome to modify it, so it follows your branding regulations to a tee.

Whether you would like to display additional product specifications, provide extra information about your business, or even FAQ, the options are very many. Moreover, due to practicing the latest technologies only, the performance will always be top-notch.

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Bootstrap Accordion V04

accordion 04
For user accounts and profiles, you can benefit from this free and responsive Bootstrap accordion tremendously. The free snippet is easy to use, ensuring both beginner and professional web developers get the most out of it. Of course, it works out of the box, but you can fine-tune it so that it matches your project. Instead of working on an accordion from the ground up, save yourself time with a ready-to-use alternative now. You can play around with different options and possibilities before you come up with the ideal outcome.

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Bootstrap Accordion V05

accordion 05
With our collection of the best Bootstrap accordions, you will easily find the one that fits your needs. This one is excellent for accounts and profiles, displaying additional information about the person. Account settings, profile, location and hobbies are the default configurations, which you can alter further. You can also improve the color choice, making it flow with your application’s theme. The foundation and code structure of the free widget is very user-friendly, so you will get the gist of it right away.

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Bootstrap Accordion V06

accordion 06
This exclusive accordion widget is your best bet if you would like to add FAQ to your website or application. It displays additional information to your users in a convenient way, ensuring a top-class experience at all times. Along with the minimalist design, the plus sign is green but turns blue when the additional section opens. The layout of the free snippet also smoothly adapts to different devices, so there is no need to work on that yourself. Lastly, if you would like to modify this template, you are welcome to do it.

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Bootstrap Accordion V07

accordion 07
Follow the modern trends even when it comes to accordions. This and all our other alternatives boost UX and guarantee excellent content distribution. Bootstrap Accordion V07 features a contemporary and clean look, as that’s what’s necessary to ensure a magnificent experience. Whether you click on the icon or anywhere else on the main accordion section, a dropdown appears with the answer or other information you would like to share. Also, when the accordion opens, it changes color, and the icon turns purple for a more dynamic feel.

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Bootstrap Accordion V08

accordion 08
If you are limited with space on your application, this free Bootstrap accordion will do you well. It features three default sections/tabs for account, messages and cloud with multiple subdivisions. Needless to say, you can use the widget out of the box or alter and improve it further. However, if you dig the black and orange color combination, you are good to go right away. One thing is for certain; it helps create an outcome that you will smoothly integrate into your project.

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Bootstrap Accordion V09

accordion 09
Instead of focusing only on questions and answers, spice things up with images. To achieve an excellent result that fits your needs, this is the Bootstrap accordion snippet that you should not miss. With its mobile-friendly structure, your image and text content will flawlessly readjust to different screen sizes, whether on a mobile or desktop device. Moreover, the accordion contains a light design with a green detail that makes it more vibrant (and clickable). See it for yourself and make it yours – it’s free of charge.

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Bootstrap Accordion V10

accordion 10
If you are searching the web for the best dark accordion template based on Bootstrap, you came to the right place. This expert solution is easy to use and comes with multiple collapsible sections that you can configure to your needs and regulations. Skip the process of working on including an accordion to your project from scratch with a well-thought-out free widget. You can see it in effect first by heading over to the live demo preview and go from there.

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Bootstrap Accordion V11

accordion 11
There are multiple variations of adding FAQ to your website, accordions being one of them. In fact, if you have limited space or you would just like to keep things more minimalist-looking, a Bootstrap accordion is probably one of the best options for frequently asked questions. This is a wider alternative that beautifully reshapes itself to different screen sizes, keeping the top-notch performance intact. Each section highlights on hover and turns blue when the accordion with the answer opens for the user.

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Bootstrap Accordion V12

accordion 12
A very minimalist accordion for questions and answers, aka FAQ with green highlights and chevron. It has a wider design that displays effortlessly across all popular mobile and desktop devices. The free snippet is pretty straightforward when it comes to usage, too. With that in mind, whether you are a beginner or an expert coder, you will both have a blast using it. Hence the name, it also uses Bootstrap Framework foundation and the latest technologies, so you know performance will be outstanding.

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Bootstrap Accordion V13

accordion 13
This minimalist FAQ accordion is great for a broad selection of different applications and projects. Due to its cleanness, the widget quickly adapts to different designs and themes for your convenience. You may only alter the green color choice while keeping all the rest as is. But if you would like to add a different font and whatnot, that’s also what you can do without breaking a single drop of sweat. Pick up a predefined accordion template now and make an immediate difference

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Bootstrap Accordion V14

accordion 14
The practice of accordions knows no bounds. They work for displaying FAQ, like in this case, but you can employ it for something entirely different, too. Keep in mind, even though Bootstrap Accordion V14 is great for questions/answers, it will not take you long to modify it for some other intentions. Even if showcasing company details, adding additional information about your services, you name it, the options are endless. It’s just important to know that you are free to make your thing and enjoy the result shortly after.

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Bootstrap Accordion V15

accordion 15
This free Bootstrap accordion works great for creating a profile widget that will serve your users very well. Profile, messages, settings and logout are the four compartments of the free snippet with additional sections that open in a dropdown. The subdivisions also come with a hover effect, highlighting them once you place your mouse cursor over them. Moreover, you can work with the default color combination or you can opt for something else – editing and customizing the widget will be a piece of cake.

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Bootstrap Accordion V16

accordion 16
With a more mobile-oriented design, this free Bootstrap accordion is great for different apps. Along with the rounded shape, it also features + and – signs for opened and closed accordions, along with the green highlight. For your information, there is no need to stick to the existing configurations, as you are welcome to fine-tune it according to your needs and branding objectives. On the other hand, using it as-is will save you additional time and energy so that you can finish the task much quicker.

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Bootstrap Accordion V17

accordion 17
This Bootstrap accordion is pretty similar to the one above, just that it features sharp edges instead of round. Since they are both free and easy to use, you can even test them on your application first, see which works best and go from there. They are both a quick solution to add FAQ in a convenient way or even some other details. Additionally, the layout is wider for a better experience on desktop but adapts to mobile smoothly, too.

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Bootstrap Accordion V18

accordion 18
If the two predecessors are your thing, but you are still looking for something even more minimal, Bootstrap Accordion V18 is it. You almost cannot go with a cleaner and more distraction-free accordion than this. It almost does not feel it’s an accordion, but the chevron reveals it. However, once you click on the section you are interested in, it highlights with green and displays content on a grey background. This makes the overall encounter more pleasant and reading more appealing to the eye.

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Bootstrap Accordion V19

accordion 19
If the last free snippet is close to the one that you are looking for, but you are still not convinced with its cleanness, drop everything and enjoy this neat alternative. This is our current simplest and most minimalist Bootstrap accordion widget that you can opt for. It features text, chevron and a highlighted text – that’s it. It also features a layout that displays great across mobile and desktop devices for an always pleasant contact. This one is easy to integrate out of the box – you will probably want to change the highlighted color only.

More info / Download

Bootstrap Accordion V20

accordion 20
Here is a responsive and multi-purpose accordion widget that works for FAQ just as well as it does for something else. With that in mind, you should not feel any limitations when it comes to its use. Meaning, by performing customization tweaks and improvements, you can comfortably apply it for whatever you fancy. Out of the box, the free snippet mixes orange, white and grey colors with three different font tones for better visibility on different backgrounds. You can now make it yours with a single click, so don’t sit on it.

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Which is Your Favorite?

In this article, I have given you a list of the best free Bootstrap accordions and have explained them in short with screenshots.

All these Bootstrap accordions are free to use. If you like any of them, go ahead and use them on your website, and do not forget to tell me in the comments section which ones have drawn your attention.

So among the accordions listed in this post, which ones have impressed you? And have you developed such accordions?


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