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20+ Best Free Envelope Mockups In PSD 2021


Here we bring you a hand-picked collection of remarkable and easy-to-use free envelope mockups. These are all in PSD and super effortless to edit and customize. Only the pure basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is necessary and you can already start creating top-notch designs and presentations which you can employ for all sorts of intentions.

Although sending letters by traditional mail is not that common in this day age, receiving them is always exciting. For the most part, only bills and commercials come by mail, that said, when someone sends us mail, it always makes us rush opening it. “I wonder who took the time to write me a letter?”

As a designer, looking to spice up the overall presentation of your creation, use any of the envelope mockups below and make a difference. Also, you can now create a personal collection of the best templates, which help you keep your workflow at the highest degree all the time.

With all that being said, find the right layouts for your needs and requirements and go from there. If you already have the graphics, the logo, or any other artwork ready to go, you can have the outcome finalized at full tilt.

Best PSD Envelope Mockups

Mockup of a horizontal Envelope

mockup of a horizontal envelope

A pretty basic envelope mockup that guarantees a professional outcome in little to no time. Without really needing to undergo a ton of work, this mockup allows you to create a life-like presentation swiftly. After all, if you have the design ready, just head over to Placeit, insert it and you are good to go. Of course, you can also change the color of the envelope and card, as well as the background. By the way, you can also go slightly against the grain and use the card to display the front design of the envelope. Moreover, if you are looking to append some text to it and a graphic, you can do that, too.

Mockup of an Envelope Viewed From Both Sides

mockup of an envelope viewed from both sides

It is always a wise move to use a mockup when coming up with a design for an envelope, or just about anything else. This way, you can have a better understanding of how the actual product could look with your design on it. Thankfully, we have a broad selection of goodies here that you can take to your total advantage. Here is a horizontal envelope that offers you to put on display the front and the back design. On each side, you can also enrich with a custom color, making it follow your branding directions precisely. The outcome is just a few clicks away, readily available to share with your client or your customers.

Card Mockup Featuring an Envelope and Holiday Decorations

card mockup featuring an envelope and holiday decorations

While the envelope mockup works ideally for holidays and Christmas vibes, you do not need to limit yourself in any way. In other words, get creative and use the presentation for some other event with ease. You get to improve both the card and the envelope with any design that you fancy. To top it all up, the mockup also allows you to change the color of each item individually, making it as colorful as you want. Like that would not be enough already, feel free to append a text overlay and a special graphic that will only spice things up.

Envelopes Mockup Set (+props)

envelopes mockup set and props

A wonderful set of envelope mockups for you to create the exact ones that you fancy. With a variety of views and angles, you can establish a striking presentation of your ideas. The bundle contains nineteen PSD files of 6000 x 4000 dimension. You can customize the templates however you fancy, change colors and benefit from the realistic 3D wrapping. There are also more than twenty props and whatnot to spice up the experience even further. With the use of smart object layers, you can effortlessly insert your designs and art and see them appear on the mockup of choice in a snap.

Blck Branding Mockup

blck branding mockup

If the color black is your cup of tea, this envelope mockup is the ideal set of goodies for you. You only brand the items that the set includes and you are ready to roll. With a little time and energy as possible, you can now have a photo-realistic presentation all set up and ready for your client. You can modify every detail you want until the outcome matches your style to a T. This wonderful creation is perfect for spreading the hype for your branding skills on social media, showing everyone your amazing print projects. Moreover, you get fifteen PSD files, as well as international and US paper sizes.

Papers & Envelopes – Big mockup set

papers envelopes big mockup set

If you want to get your hands on only one envelope mockup set, you are probably safe with this one. For your information, not only does the kit include a whopping 178 envelope templates, but you also get 54 paper mockups. You will surely find something for every occasion.

Additionally, with the ease of customizing and fine-tuning each layout, you unlock yourself even more options and possibilities. There are also twelve ready-made scenes for you to take to your full advantage and save time. Enjoy the broad selection of material for crafting the most creative and unique presentations ever.

Envelope Business Card Mockup PSD

envelope business card mockup

If you are on the hunt for something different, particularly business-related, this envelope business card mockup might spark your interest. It is a clean, modern and professional template of two small envelopes, featuring front and backside. You can freely change the color of the items and the background, make the final design follow your branding regulations precisely. There is also an option to go with the open or the closed version of the envelope (or both!). Just search for the smart object layer, double click on it, copy and paste your creative and that’s it. Quick and effortless work for outstanding results – enjoy the mockup.

DL and C4 Envelopes Mockup

dl c4 envelope mockup

For someone who knows exactly what he or she wants, here is an envelope mockup template of DL and C4 envelopes. You get front and back views with awesome details and close-ups. You can change, alter and adjust the appearance to your needs and requirements precisely. Moreover, this mockup also provides light and shadow layers that you can fine-tune for a more life-like presentation. It is an organized and easy-to-use mockup template, which you will have a small breeze putting into play and stuffing with your branding. Avoid doing the work from scratch and see the outcome in a small breeze.

Envelope Mockup in PSD

free envelope mockup download

Creating super stylish enveloped designs should not be too much of a trouble, at least when it comes to presentation. With any of these mockup templates, you can easily import your designs and have the final product ready to go. This way, you can investigate the life-like envelope in great detail, figuring out whether or not it needs any additional fine-tuning. This mockup comes with the addition of a bowl that you can also customize and fine-tune. Change the colors and make the presentation follow your branding to a T. It all happens quickly, allowing you to come up with several variables just like that.

Letterhead & Envelope PSD Mockup

letterhead envelope psd mockup

As the name suggests, this is a free mockup template of a letterhead and an open envelope. The two of them are a perfect match for any brand or company that is sending out mail regularly. Whether as an invitation to an event or any other special occasion, you can now design the ideal combo that will keep your level of proficiency intact. You can easily change the color of the letterhead and envelope, as well as the background. There is also a pen included in the presentation to spice things up. Thanks to photoshop and the smart object layer, very little work is necessary to come up with the ideal look that will impress and amaze everyone receiving your mail.

Flyer & Envelope Design PSD Mockup

flyer envelope design psd mockup

Here is a beautiful combination of a flyer and an envelope mockup that both easily editable and adjustable. You can use this set for an assortment of different purposes. But before you actually create a physical product, you can first try out different variations with a mockup. This allows you complete creative freedom, offering you to come up with several different options for your objective. You will decide which solution to go with a lot easier with a photo-realistic presentation of a flyer and an envelope. You will have a breeze modifying text, color, fonts and other effects, making it your way entirely.

Envelope PSD Mockup

envelope psd mockup

Here is a three-in-one envelope mockup that calls for a nifty showcase of your neatly designed envelope. One envelope is closed, one open, and one with a letterhead. All three are customizable via a smart object layer, including letterhead. You do not really need to do much work other than some dragging and dropping and you are good to go. Yes, the process truly is as simple as it sounds. You only really need the essential knowledge of Photoshop and you can put any of these mockup templates to use right off the bat. Brand and personalize all three envelopes and showcase them from different perspectives.

Free Invitation Envelope Mockup

free invitation envelope mockup

An elegant and modern invitation envelope mockup that calls for sophistication and professionalism. These are the two main characteristics, ensuring you a striking outcome in close to no time. After all, if you have the designs and the idea of how the envelope and the invitation letter will look like, you can be done in just a few clicks. With this particular mockup template, you can change the color of the envelope, letter, stamp and background individually. For the remarkable results that this mockup produces for you, the work necessary is kids’ stuff.

Free Customizable Envelope PSD Mockup

free envelope psd mockup

While sending out letters is not that common in personal life anymore, in business, it is still a high practice. Sure, many are moving to online communication only, but all the others are still sending out tons of mail regularly. If you would like to brand your envelopes, you can easily come up with how the final product would look like by employing this free mockup template. What’s cool about the layout is the fact that it sports both front and back views of the envelope in a single mockup. Along with that, you can also change the letter, as well as colors of pretty much any object you see on the image above.

Envelope Mockup in PSD

free download envelope mockup in psd

It is not only that you would want to use a mockup mainly to keep the inside content undamaged, but for marketing purposes, too. Instead of sending out a blank envelope, take things to an entirely new degree by designing your own alternative. That said, this exclusive envelope mockup gets you to test out different variations before you fully decide on the final version and send it out for print. For your information, this mockup suits sizes from 9″ X 13″ to 9″ x 1.5″. What you will also notice is that there are actually two variations, offering you more options and possibilities.

Big Envelope PSD Mockup

big envelope psd mockup

A clean and modern envelope mockup, intended mainly for sending out bigger items. Moreover, the template is best to edit the envelope with your company logo. And to do so, all you need is to open Photoshop, import the mockup and find a smart object layer. From then on, all the mockup requires is some dragging and dropping and you are ready to roll. That is how simple working with a layered and organized mockup is. No complication and very user-friendly if you will. When designing envelopes, this is the best approach to finish the work with a solid presentation that will take their breath away.

Envelope Set Mockup in PSD

envelope set mockup in psd

A complete set of envelopes, front and back view, open envelope, and pencil. The color of the envelope, the pencil, and the background are fully editable. Have in mind, you can also alter the inside of the envelope with a custom color which will make the final product even more impressive. Before getting a physical product, you can first try out different options and possibilities until you come up with the most viable solution. Of course, do not forget to fully brand the envelope and make it clearly stand out from everything else a postman brings them.

Customizable Mail Envelope Mockup

customizable mail envelope mockup

If you take your brand or company seriously, everything you put out will have your creative twist to it. In other words, make sure you keep everything customized and branded, to the very last detail. With that in mind, even when it comes to an envelope, the receiver won’t throw it in the trash bin the moment he or she opens it. To achieve outstanding results with your envelope design, this cracking and entirely editable and customizable mockup template will do the trick. Make things your way and stand out from the masses, creating an envelope that everyone will be super excited to receive.

Free Envelope PSD Mockup

free envelope psd mockup download

This is a super exclusive envelope mockup with great attention to detail. Along with the envelope itself, the mockup also includes a card, stamp, wax seal, and a fully editable background. Add your design or logo to enrich the presentation and make the background follow your signature style. With a few quick customization tweaks, you can have a banging outcome ready and set for everyone to enjoy to the fullest. Especially if you are working with a client, this comes exceptionally helpful, showing them how the physical product could actually look. No need to create a physical product just yet.

A7 Envelope Mockup

a7 envelope mockup

Hence the name, this mockup template is of an A7 envelope. If this is something you are in the process of designing, you can now create a stunning presentation without breaking a single drop of sweat. For as long as you have the designs ready, let this mockup do the major part of the work for you. You can swiftly change the color of the envelope, as well as the background. Also, the mockup gives you the front and back view of the envelope, allowing you to customize the layout to the very last detail. You can keep things minimal and contemporary or stuff it with something out of this world; whatever the case, let the final product resonate with your branding to a T.

Creative Envelope PSD Mockup

creative envelope psd mockup

Your stationery should definitely follow your branding precisely. Even when it comes to envelopes, letters and cards, keep things intact across all sections, segments and sectors of your brand. With this approach, everyone will see you as a serious business that cares about all and everything. This beautiful and creative envelope mockup calls for an outstandingly amazing final product. Showcase the design in an enticing way, such that will spark everyone’s interest upon seeing it. Give your clients the reason to ring you every time they need a design made. A solid presentation is a fine finishing touch that will keep your professionalism at the highest level.

Pretty Looking Free Greeting Card Mockup

greeting card psd mockup

A greeting card with an envelope, readily available for you to utilize and create a custom version out of the two. This mockup allows you to play around with all the different features and functions, making the outcome eye-catchy. In just a few clicks, the default template setting can look something entirely different. All it takes you is to drag and drop your graphics to the mockup via smart object layers and you are good to go. You can then send out a preview of the potential greeting card and envelope before it goes to the print shop.

Mailing Stationery PSD Mockup

mailing stationery psd mockup

A stunning mailing stationery mockup with an envelope and a letter. The mockup template is easily editable, thanks to the convenient smart object layer. This allows for quick improvement and customization of the default appearance of the template. Let’s face it, no one really wants to receive boring and dull mail. Surprise them with something exclusive, something that will make them go wow as soon as it lands into their hands. With this mockup, you can create a photorealistic presentation that will help you easier create the final design. This comes super helpful if you plan to print in bulk, as the chance of running into any inconvenience is very little.

DL Flyer Mockup

dl flyer mockup

Another mockup that you will find standing out from the masses. It is a DL flyer mockup with an appropriate envelope. Of course, you can edit both according to your preference. Have in mind, you can stick with the default setting, but you can also enrich the items with your custom approach, making it super exclusive. Just like all the other templates on this list, this one is also equipped with smart object layers, making the usability very beginner-friendly. You can download the mockup completely free of charge and start working on it the moment you have it on your computer.

Invitation Card PSD Mockup

invitation card psd mockup

If you are hosting a fresh event or any other type of gathering, spread the awareness with cool invitation cards and beautiful envelopes. However, this particular mockup template would work best as an invitation to a special ceremony, like a wedding or baptism. While you have been busy doing the design work all until this time, now is the right moment to test out your creation. Simply append your graphics to the template and see the photo-realistic version of it. What makes the mockup special are the human hands, holding both the envelope and the card, appearing even more life-like.

Real Estate Business Postcard PSD Mockup

real estate business postcard psd mockup

This one is exclusive for everyone in the real estate space. It is a business postcard and an envelope mockup in PSD. That said, once you open the file in Photoshop, the whole editing and improving process happens through smart object layers. Impress your existing and potential clients with a remarkable presentation that will take the business to an entirely new degree. Make adjustments until the digital version of the actual design follows your regulations and wants precisely. There is more than enough space for creating the outcome that you always dreamt about. Only then, once you are fully satisfied with your creation, you can confidently send it out for bulk print.

Simple Invitation Card PSD Mockup

simple invitation card psd mockup

Absolutely stunning invitation mockup with a card and an envelope. If your wedding is just around a corner and you are still deciding on the design of your invitations, try out a few different variations with this modern, simple and clean mockup template. However, the whole scene also works for all sorts of other special occasions where you would like to invite folks with a pleasant card in a simple, yet sophisticated envelope. And if you are working with a client, present your creation with this mockup and capture their attention in an instant.


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