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20 Best Modern Creative Free Inquiry Form Templates


This is the most extensive bundle of versatile free inquiry form templates you can use for your project comfortably.

Inquiry forms act as a bridge between you and your customers. No matter how much keen you are in making your product user-friendly, detailed clear-cut documentation and the website content you make to explain your services, still we might miss minor details that user might need.

Being website owners we know that through the forms we get a considerable amount of valuable leads. Especially startups will receive lots of inquiries from the site visitors, in that case, inquiry forms play a vital role. Here in this post, we have collected best free inquiry form templates.

Speaking about the inquiry form templates they can be classified into two broad categories. One is the structured inquiry form, where the users have to choose the questions from the given set of options.

The other is the general type, where the user can openly inquire about your products. The second inquiry form templates are the most predominant one if your organizations include more than one department then the first model will be useful.

In this free inquiry form templates list, we have added both types of inquiry forms. All these free inquiry form templates are from the inhouse Colorlib team to ensure that you get trendy and well designed templates for free. Just download the template you like and enjoy.

Best Free Inquiry Form Templates

Contact Form 17 by Colorlib

contact form 17 template

This template follows a split screen design, to make sure you have enough space form fields and other information. On the right hand side, you have the option to add image and your contact details. So if the user wants to reach you directly with a personalized message, these contact details will help them. To the left side, you have the form to collect basic contact details and the message. We have added sleek animation effects when the users click the contact form fields to give an interactive feel. You can also mark the required fields on the contact form. The message field is given without any character restriction, so the user can add their messages in detail.

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Contact Form 18 by Colorlib

contact form 18 template

This template variant belongs to the first category of the inquiry form template I mentioned above. But it is not completely option based template, we have also provided to their own custom message. In this template, the user has to select the department, by this option both the website admin and the users get benefited. Since the message is direct to the corresponding department, you can respond in detail within a short period of time. This template is also a split screen design, but it is a full page template. In the contact form, you have the name, email address, department selection option and custom message form fields. To help you engage visitors in the social media at the bottom you have the option to add social media profile links.

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Contact Form 19 by Colorlib

contact form 19 template

There is always one rule in lead generation, the simpler the process the higher the lead capture count; the same principle is used in this form. With this form template you can collect the customer email address and their message, that’s it no fuzz. It is a full-page template with a map as a background. The contact form is designed with a clean white background so that the texts are clearly visible while the visitor type. Subtle animation effects are added to the form fields. The template uses latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework.

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Contact Form 14 by Colorlib

contact form 14 template

Contact Form 14 is a colorful form template that fits well with the modern trendy creative website templates. The clean white form looks neat on the gradient background. Field validation is done on this template, so if the user misses a field it will be highlighted as a red box. Each form field is given ample amount of forms to accommodate longer texts. Hover effects are also added to the call to action button to give a lively feel to the template.

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Contact Form 15 by Colorlib

contact form 15 template

Contact Form 15 by Colorlib is an interactive website template. The intuitive design of this template makes it an easy fit for the contact form as well as inquiry form. Interactive map background makes this template unique from others. The map given as the background is linked directly to the Google maps, so you get all the features you usually get on a Google map. Not only in the background we have also given design importance to the form. The subtle smart animation effects indicate the users which field are they currently editing. Moreover, contact form 15 uses latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework, so you get all the modern web elements and effects with this form template.

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Contact Form 16 by Colorlib

contact form 16 template

Contact Form 16 is a simple and elegant form template. You can use this type of website template in a one-page website template. It is a lightbox based form. So if you want the customer to reach you immediately without waiting for the next page to load, then this template will come in handy for you. The use of light stroke line vectors in the form field makes this template look professional. We have used blue color as the overlay for the lightbox effect if you have a different color scheme you can also customize it easily. The contact form 16 template supports field validation, so you needn’t worry about missing information.

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Contact Form 20 by Colorlib

contact form 20 template

The contact form 20 is also similar to that of the form type fifteen mentioned above. In this template also you get an interactive map background. This is a straightforward bold form template which includes only important form fields. Since only important form fields are added you get plenty of space for the given form fields. Visual effects are used to silently indicate users in which field they are entering the data. For the call to action button, the pink color is used. So if you are looking form template for a girly website template or for kindergarten website templates, you can use this template as such because the color scheme mostly matches to the type of website templates mentioned.

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Contact Form 1 by Colorlib

contact form 1 template

If you have checked our recent under construction template listing, then you might have seen an interactive template like the contact form 1. It is a trendy form template which uses modern web colors, fonts and effects. It is one of the best free inquiry form templates which uses visual effects in a right proportion that keep the form template interactive to the user. This template is the best match for creative software company website templates and the app landing page templates. It is full page template which uses solid blue color as the background. Our developers used latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework to create this interactive form template.

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Contact Form 2 by Colorlib

contact form 2 template

Contact form two is a colorful modern contact form template. The smart design of this template is a perfect fit for versatile use all types of forms. It is a bold template which has only important form fields like name, email address and the message. The call to action button uses trendy gradient and for the hover effect also it uses gradient colors. As gradient colors are the trendy factors in the present-day website design this color scheme easily fits in any modern HTML5 website templates. To indicate user which field they are a using small line filling like animation effects are used.

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Contact Form 3 by Colorlib

contact form 3 template

Contact form 3 is an another versatile form template from us. We have also mentioned this template in the booking form templates collection, this shows how this template fits well with any type of form. This template includes both types of inquiry form templates I have mentioned early this post. The user can either send a generic message to you or can select a department and can get a direct response. It is a full page template with an image background and for the contact form, we used solid green as the color scheme. The professional looking fonts and the white text color makes legibility of the texts easier on the colored background.

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Contact Form 4 by Colorlib

contact form 4 template

Contact Form 4 is a colorful form template. It is almost like the contact form version three, but in this template, you only have conditional form template. In this template the visitor can select the services and the budget, all other fields are given without character restriction. The template uses a color gradient as the color scheme. For the hover effect also gradient colors are used since the reverse gradient is used this adds more richness to the overall look of the template. Both bold and regular texts are used in the appropriate scale so that user can read the texts on the field easily.

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Contact Form 5 by Colorlib

contact form 5 template

Contact Form 5 by Colorlib is a simple and straightforward form template. With its plain design, this template makes an easy fit for all types of websites. Functional wise this template is a fully functional form, it has the form field verification and hover effect. All you have to do is to integrate with your contact form software. Since the form is plain you can add your own CSS to make this template fit your existing HTML website templates design. With this template, you get fields like name, email, service section option and text message.

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Contact Form 6 by Colorlib

contact form 6 template

Contact form six template is a slightly different form template in this free inquiry form templates list. Instead of providing you the form directly we have added a glowing mail icon, by clicking it the form appears. The form is a simple and wide with lots of room to handle long texts. The visual effects are also kept subtle so that it can be used in the professional website templates. Again this template uses an interactive map background which is linked to the Google maps. The template uses latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework, as a result, you get modern web elements, smooth animations, and trendy colors.

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Contact Form 7 by Colorlib

contact form 7 template

Contact form 7 is also a simple and clean looking form template. The simple elegant style of this template makes it a universal form template, which can be used for any type of forms. Form fields this template includes are name, email, phone and personal message. Line icons are used to indicate the form fields indirectly. Some of the website owners send a copy of the form to the visitor’s email so that they can use it for later reference. In this template, we have given you the option to add a checkbox to let the user select whether they want a copy in their email inbox.

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Contact Form 8 by Colorlib

contact form 8 template

Contact Form eight is a hybrid of the sixth and the seventh version form templates. You get a simple and clean contact form and an interactive map background. In the form, you get the name, email address, and personal message form fields. You also have a sent copy to email check box to help the user to choose, whether they need a copy of their conversation with you. This template uses HTML5 and CSS3 framework. It is smooth and also responds quickly to the user interactions.

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Contact Form 9 by Colorlib

contact form 9 template

The ninth contact form iteration is a colorful version of the contact form eight. This template also has an interactive map background which is covered by a transparent gradient color overlay. The template uses a gradient mixture of blue and pink, which looks modern and elegant. Drop shadow effects in the contact form field makes it distinct from the white background. All the form fields support field validation, so when the user misses a field an error message is shown in a bright red color. Right below the call to action button we have provided an option to add your contact details so that the user can reach you directly if they want.

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Contact Form 10 by Colorlib

contact form 10 template

Contact Form ten is a clean and professional looking form template. Its simple clean look makes this form template an easy fit for types of website forms and the website template. Not only with the design, we have also made the visual effects simple but they are attractive too. With this template, you get form fields like name, email address, phone and the personal message text column. The form uses texts to use indicate the form field. A small line vector is used in the call to action button, this is the only icon in this template design. As a developer, the advantage of using a simple design template is you can use or customize the template based on your needs.

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Contact Form 11 by Colorlib

contact form 11 template

This form template is designed for the modern trendy websites and personal website templates for creative professionals. Trendy green and blue gradient is used as the color scheme of the template. With the clean white background, the form looks distinctive from the gradient background. The white background also makes the text legible and easy to read. With this template, you get form fields like email, name, website address and the message text box. The call to action button also uses a gradient as the button color. Thanks to the HTML5 and CSS framework to create this colorful form template with modern web elements. At the bottom of the page, you have the option to add your contact number so that if the customer needs they can reach you directly via the telephone.

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Contact Form 12 by Colorlib

contact form 12 template

The twelfth version is an interactive form template just like the contact form one. On the left side, you have a colorful interactive vector, which response as per the cursor movement over it. The right hand side has the form fields; it has the name, email, and the message form fields. All the form fields support field validation. When a field is left it is indicated as the red box and the user can infer about the error by hovering over the warning symbol. Since it is a full page template, we have used image background with a modern color overlay effect.

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Contact Form 13 by Colorlib

contact form 13 template

The contact form thirteen is a split screen design website template. On the left hand side, you have an interactive map which continuously syncs with the Google map. The user can also expand and see your office location in this template. You get all the basic features of the Google maps on this template. On the right hand side, you have the form with the name, email phone, and message form fields. To help the visitors reach you directly via the phone, we have added a static holder to show your contact number. As most of the inquiry form templates on this list, this template also supports field validation. So the probability of getting faulty information is reduced. Like all other template this template also uses HTML5 and the CSS3 framework.

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These are some of the best free inquiry form templates designed and developed by us. As you can see most of the templates follows an adaptive design, so you can use these templates for any forms by making few changes. Most of the templates support field validation and all the templates have modern visual effects.

Overall these free inquiry form templates are a complete package which covers all the basic functions. Since all these are HTML template all you have to do is to add these template manually to your existing websites.


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