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20 Best Free Logo Makers for 2021


best free logo makers

The idea of encapsulating your entire brand in a single image like a logo feels overwhelming, but the good news is that there are many free or cheap online logo makers that can help establish the identity of your new business.

When you think about the biggest brands in the world, chances are you picture their logos, whether they became iconic because the business was successful or the logo helped the organization succeed.

Of course, creating a great logo is just the start, and establishing and reinforcing a strong brand identity requires consistent application of fonts, colors and other brand guidelines. Keep your messaging on-point with Venngage’s Logo Maker.


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How can I create my company logo?

The short answer: you can hire a graphic designer, or create one your own using logo maker tools.

While many branding and identity companies charge into the six figures for logos and corporate identity services, a great logo does not have to break the bank. In fact, anybody with good taste can create one.

Whether you use one of the best free logo makers we’ve listed below or another tool, a good logo itself is secondary to a great company. If Nike’s shoes weren’t popular, it’s doubtful we’d remember the brand’s iconic swoosh.

(By the way, Nike’s founders paid only $35 for a young graphic designer to create that logo, though she later was rewarded with Nike stock.)


1. Venngage’s Logo Maker

best free logo maker

Venngage’s Logo Maker is a standout option because it doesn’t stand alone. Create your logo alongside a suite of other brand materials like pitch decks, presentations, infographics and more so you can be sure everything works harmoniously.

Choose from dozens of templates and customize one using your company name. Use the editor to modify the font, colors and size of the text and scroll through hundreds of options for imagery. Venngage offers 40,000+ icons and illustrations you can use for your logo.

Pro tip: Want to know you can edit icons for your logo? Check out our recommended best icon makers.

Once you’ve done customizing your logo, you can change the color or opacity of the template background if you want a transparent background before downloading:

best free logo maker

It’s free to create your logo, but to download it, you must upgrade your account. But doing so also gives you access to thousands of templates you can use throughout your company’s communications.

More importantly, with a paid account, you can apply your logo and brand color palettes automatically to any of your Venngage designs.

Once your logo’s ready, you can then access My Brand Kit to have your logo automatically extracted from your website (along with your brand colors):

best free logo maker

Or you can manually upload your logo to My Brand Kit:

best free logo maker

After all that’s done, simply customize a template and have your logo and brand color palettes applied for your design in just one click:

best free logo maker

Want some more inspiration to help create your company logo? Here are some examples of logos you can easily customize with Venngage editor:

best online logo makers


Consider simple but clever logos like this one that uses a straightforward visual metaphor to describe what the company does.

best online logo makers


Or scroll through the thousands of available icons and shapes available to find one that applies to your business. If clothing isn’t your industry, no worries, there are ample options that could apply.

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2. Squarespace


Squarespace’s free logo maker

Squarespace‘s free online logo maker is simple but effective.

Rather than selecting from a slate of templates or examples, you jump straight into the editor, which is intuitive and easy to use. That said, if this is your first go-round with any sort of visual editor, you will need a few minutes to get the hang of things.

Type in the name of your company and search for an icon or symbol that represents what your business does. That could be something tangible like cupcakes or more esoteric like consulting; in this case, our fake company came from the TV show “Seinfeld.”

Change colors, fonts and imagery, though the font selection is somewhat limited compared to other tools. Still, you can download PNG files in color, black and white versions that you can use anywhere completely for free. All that’s required is creating a Squarespace account.

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3. Logo Maker

best free logo makers

Logo Maker

The logo creation process at Logo Maker begins with the website asking for some information about your company and your tastes, including overall logo design approaches and fonts that you like. From there, the system generates logos it thinks you’ll like.

Scroll through what’s created and enter the editor to customize and refine the logo you’ve chosen. While you can’t customize every aspect, which you can in other editors on this list, change fonts and colors and see how your logo would look applied to a range of assets like a website, apparel and stationery.

We also did find the editor a bit tricky when it came to selecting individual elements to change them. It’s free to create your logo through Logo Maker, but downloading usable files will cost at least $40.

Creating consistent branding may start with a good logo, but it sure doesn’t end there. Learn more about what it takes to imprint your business on the minds of consumers with brand guideline templates.

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4. Tailor Brands

best online logo makers

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands‘ online logo maker is possibly the most refined and sophisticated tool on this list, though you can’t download what you create for free. The cheapest option is an annual subscription that starts at $3.99 per month.

The process begins with entering your company name (in this case, we took inspiration from “Mad Men”), logo style, font styles and whether you prefer abstract shapes or recognizable icons. The maker then generates options you can customize.

While we found the tool incredibly intuitive and appreciated suggested pre-generated color palettes, all your options are limited based on the choices you made in the beginning. So, straying from that is a challenge. As with other tools, you can see what your logo would look like in the real world before you finalize it.

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5. LogoMakr

best online logo makers


LogoMakr allows users to start from scratch with a blank page or use a template, which is obviously the easier route. The editor is relatively robust, though it’s less sophisticated than other options on the list.

You can choose from seemingly limitless shapes and icons, and the font selection is among the highest. Once you’ve perfected your logo, you can download a low-resolution version with a white background that may be suitable for limited uses.

If you want full access to your logo so you can put it on whatever you want, you’ll need to pay at least $19.99.

Here’s an example of a logo you can recreate with LogoMakr, inspired by a Venngage template:

best online logo makers


Set a cool mood by creating a stylized personal or business logo like the one above. Using retro fonts immediately shows people you have great taste.

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6. Adobe Spark

best online logo makers

Adobe Spark

Adobe fans will appreciate being able to quickly generate high-resolution logos without having to tax their computers by firing up Illustrator or Photoshop. Using Adobe Spark‘s easy and intuitive logo maker.

The system won’t suggest its own icons, but you can search from thousands of options. We even found latex gloves to illustrate the fictional work of Vandelay Industries and their salesman, George Costanza.

Customization options are limited once you select a system-generated logo.

Prompt the system to change fonts and colors for you, though you can’t select your own in the simple version of the editor. However, you can enter the full version of Spark to make more modifications.

Try recreating this logo using Adobe Spark:

best online logo makers


Tell the consumer what you do at a glance by making a shape or symbol the main element of your company’s logo. With Adobe Spark, you can download PNG files with transparent background that you can use for any purpose for free, though you do need to provide your email address.

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7. TRUiC

best online logo makers

TRUiC logo maker

TRUiC is an educational tool to guide entrepreneurs as they launch new businesses, so its logo maker is one of the least design-y on this list, though that may be perfect for many companies.

Put in your name and slogan, pick an industry, answer some questions about your design preferences and decide if you want a graphics-based logo or one that’s text only. The system will auto-generate nine logos on each page, and you can click to see more.

Once you find one that will work, you can make some simple tweaks, though the options are extremely limited.

You can only change the font style or color style, and you’re limited to what the system suggests rather than being able to select specific ones. Download multiple free versions sized for social media platforms.

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8. Logo Design

best online logo makers

LogoDesign.net logo maker

To get started at LogoDesign.net, just enter your business name and industry and see how quickly the system generates logos. The speed is truly impressive, though the industries are quite broad, so many if not most of the icons or images won’t apply.

Still, you can toggle between logos based on symbols, initials or text, which is a nice touch that similar editors don’t have.

Once you pick one you like and want to customize, the editor is among the best on this list, letting you add text effects like gloss or shadows and choosing from the biggest variety of fonts.

However, downloading a usable version of your logo will cost at least $78.

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9. Designevo

best online logo makers

DesignEvo logo maker

DesignEvo gives you the option of starting from scratch, scrolling through all templates or seeing ones from your industry.

Unlike other tools, you don’t enter your company name until you switch over to the editor tool. The logo maker itself is decently robust with lots of fonts and shapes on offer, though when we tried it, it had a tendency to freeze when applying changes.

Still, it also offers a unique aspect, which is that in addition to regular type, you can render your business name in sticker-like artwork. Your mileage may vary when it comes to whether that’s a feature, as it might seem silly for some organizations.

Download a low-resolution logo for free by providing your email or get access to high-resolution files starting at $49.99.

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10. Designhill

best online logo makers

DesignHill logo maker

DesignHill users make a few style selections upfront after you input your company’s name, including picking design styles, color families and shapes that appeal to you. Entering the customization tool requires creating an account.

Once inside the editor, you get access to a reasonably high number of fonts and shapes and you can see what your potential logo would look like on apparel, stationery, signage and more.

It’s free to get logo inspiration from DesignHill. However, you’ll need to pay to download. A low-resolution version of the logo you’ve just created will cost $20, and a high-res file will run $150.

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11. Placeit

best online logo makers

PlaceIt logo maker

PlaceIt is the go-to tool many businesses use to visualize what their products look like in the real world without having to pay for expensive models, and its logo maker is one of the most effective on this list when it comes to customizing every aspect of the shapes and text.

Input your name, pick an industry and see how the system attempts to slot your name onto logos within that same field.

While this might create a winning combination, it also will generate some truly bizarre word combinations. Waystar Royco House, Waystar Royco State and Waystar Royco Pain Healing were among the most amusing we encountered.

Once you enter the editor, you’ll have access to one of the largest font libraries of any tool on the list, while you can easily move or modify the text, which you’ll need to do, for the reasons we just mentioned. Add multiple colors to shapes to create a truly custom look.

On the downside, you can’t download anything for free and for only the logo, you’ll spend $39.95.

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12. Zyro

best online logo makers

Zyro online logo maker

Zyro is a unique tool in that it prompts you to select abstract shapes representing logos that appeal to you. The system then guides you to refine your choices, including color palettes and more detailed shapes until you end up with something that feels very organic.

Zyro’s logo maker stands out for that reason, as most other auto-generating systems tend to give you symbols and shapes you’ve seen a million times.

You can add symbols from the library, though the options are limited. And once the system generates your shape, there’s not much you can do to change it, and a tiny number of fonts are available.

Still, if you’re in the market for what feels like a custom symbol as your icon, Zyro is the best on this list, as you can download a high-resolution PNG in exchange for providing your email address.

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13. Ucraft

best online logo makers

Ucraft free logo maker

Ucraft‘s free logo maker starts all users off at the same spot—a blank page. This is a decent logo builder in that it’s simple and intuitive to use, though the options for fonts, shapes and icons are fairly limited.

Those who want to customize every tiny aspect of their logo will find this tool lacking thanks to its simplicity, but that’s what makes it appropriate for those without much graphic design experience.

Best of all, if you can get your logo perfected, downloading a PNG is totally free, which means you can get a usable file for all your brand assets.

Here’s a logo template you can recreate with Ucraft:

best online logo makers


Simple shapes and symbols sometimes are the best option, but many brands try to get a little too creative or clever when crafting their logos. Find one simple key image and run with it.

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14. Online Logo Maker

best online logo makers

Online Logo Maker

Online Logo Maker starts users off directly in its logo maker tool, preloading a stock logo. While that makes it a bit easier to understand how the tool works, as users can click each element to see what tools appear, it also means they’ll need to do lots of deleting.

Still, the editor is quite easy to use, though the included fonts and icons lean toward the youthful side and may not be appropriate for corporate environments. Most icons available would be more appropriate for use in infographics or other communication tools.

But if your brand is youthful and attempting to appeal to younger generations, you will likely find symbols that work for you. Once you do, download a free, low-res version or opt for a package with more files starting at $49.

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15. Logaster

Best online logo makers

Logaster online logo maker

At Logaster, input your name and have the system generate ones it thinks fit, then narrow down based on industry and color family. Before loading the logo editor, you can see what that particular logo would look like on a set of stationery.

The editor itself is easy to use, though it’s almost overwhelming. That’s because the tool is designed to get you to purchase multiple logo versions for your website, business cards, signs, billboards and much more. Each of those versions must be edited separately, which is a bit frustrating.

Still, you can change fonts, colors, layouts and icons for each of the seven logo versions the system creates so that each one is perfect. You can purchase a package including 200 files and a brand book for $128.99. The cheapest high-res logo is $21.99.

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16. Vectr

best online logo makers

Vectr online design tool

Vectr is a free online graphic design tool that you can use to make logos and other digital assets for your brand. Vectr’s logo maker does not send you to a template page or give you a chance to see pre-made versions first.

Users start with a blank page and while the system is fairly intuitive, we recommend running through the site’s basic tutorial first to be sure you see all the tools you can use. For that reason, if you’ve never used graphic design tools, Vectr may take some getting used to.

The library of art options for creating logos is fairly weak, so this tool would be more appropriate for small-business owners who want their logos to be all words or words and basic shapes. However, exporting files is entirely free, though you must sign up first.

best online logo makers


Your business logo doesn’t have to hit customers over the head with imagery in order to be successful, and sometimes simplicity is the very best advertisement for your goods or services.

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17. Design Free Logo Online

best online logo makers


DesignFreeLogoOnline lets users scroll through logo templates in their chosen style or in their industry, and then allowing them to customize the logo to fit their business name, colors and more.

While the editor is quite simple, it has the basic tools you’ll need, though we’ll warn you that it’s easy to click off the tool and lose your progress. Font options are fairly lacking, though you can change icons and layouts with just a single click.

Create and download as many as five versions of your logo for free.

best online logo makers


Not every business can be boiled down into a single, immediately recognizable shape. Use abstract forms or apply well-known shapes in a new way to make your logo memorable.

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18. Free Logo Design

Best online logo makers


FreeLogoDesign‘s logo maker is one of the slickest on this list, and it offers tons of variety, though we found the list of industries limiting given our choice of fake company name. Still, we think advertising is a pretty common industry that should be listed.

We digress. Once inside the editor tool, you’ll be able to choose from dozens of fonts, one of the biggest selections of any tool on the list. A range of icon and shape styles are available, and you can customize their color, even adding gradients, which is an especially nice touch.

Download a low-res jpeg for free, but be prepared to pay $59 for a bundle of high-resolution files that include a PNG and SVG.

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19. Graphic Springs

best online logo makers

GraphicSprings online logo maker

GraphicSpring‘s online logo maker prompts users to add their company name and select a logo image that applies from a list of categories. Pick your favorite and customize your logo in the editor.

Change the font for your business name, though the options are fairly limited. Change the logo symbol or add shapes and quickly modify the layout to make it exactly what you want. Add effects like shadow, outline and glow, or apply gradient colors to shapes.

Preview what your logo will look like on stationery, apparel and your website before you purchase it. No downloads are available for free, though you can ensure no other company can use your logo by purchasing the license for $199.99, which prompts removal from GraphicSprings’ database.

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20. Logotype Maker

best online logo makers


LogotypeMaker is an AI-powered logo generator that had a tendency when we used it to generate amateurish logos. That said, within the editor, there’s a decent amount of functionality that can help you elevate a basic logo to something truly beautiful.

The editor has many of the same tools as others on this list, including enabling effects like shadows, though its biggest limitation is that the fonts are not named, so it can be very tough to choose one.

Creating your logo is free, but downloading it isn’t. You must sign up for an account, which costs at least $3 per month.

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Company logo FAQ

Do you have questions about creating a logo for your company? We’ve got answers.

What is the best free logo maker?

There are many free online tools you can use to create a logo for your business, but the best ones include Venngage, Adobe Spark and PlaceIt. Depending on the file types you need, you may need to create an account or purchase a subscription.

How can I create my logo for free?

Using an online logo generator is the best way to create a professional-looking logo for free. For totally free logos, try Adobe Spark, Free Logo Design and Vectr.

How long does it take to create a logo?

Individuals with good design sense or good design tools can create a slick, custom logo in as little as five minutes, though smart companies are always looking out for ways their branding can be improved. And that means while your logo might be finalized, that doesn’t mean it can’t change later on.


In summary: Logo design doesn’t have to break the bank with these free and cheap logo makers

Bring your brand story to life with a professional, custom and free logo design.

Make your logo at Venngage to take advantage of robust design as well as Business-exclusive features like My Brand Kit and real-time collaboration to make sure your entire team is on board.





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