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21 Best Free Photography Website Builder Services 2021


Building a website is fun and exciting when you gain access to a free photography website builder.

This compiled list of high-end page editors that do not cost a dime is ideal for photographers and beginners. In fact, even if you already did a lot of work in regards to building your brand but only now decided to create a web space, again, you can pick up a free website builder for photography and start moving forward.

While there indeed are particular limitations and restrictions, these free photography website builders will still leave you with a cutting-edge and professional-looking page. Sure, you might have already built quite a following on social media for yourself, but a page is still a must. Have your complete online presence in perfect order and march towards the real success you want to see for yourself.

Make sure the word “free” does not fool you. It does not always mean that a free item means a poor one. No matter which free photography website builder you select, all of a sudden, you become a developer, but the kind that, luckily, does not have to deal with a single line of code.

Yes, no coding for you! It is more or less some dragging and dropping that these site editors require from you. May building a website not affect your busy schedule and instead let you have a solid internet space up and running shortly.

Top Free Photography Website Builders


wix free photography website builder
You are always on the safe side with Wix. No doubt, you can craft and refine the page you want without any hassle. Wix is here to sort the majority of the work for you while you enjoy the ride. Wix is a free photography website builder rich with features and predefined demo layouts. Speaking of which, for photography websites, Wix has loads available. You can even refine your search and choose from events and portraits, commercial and editorial, as well as travel and documentary photography. In short, you will, undoubtedly, find the layout that best fits you.

But it does not end there.

With Wix, you can then easily and quickly customize and improve the desired look. Get creative and enhance your favorite web design, update it with your content and fresh text. Little do you know, in just a few clicks, you can already have something rad to show. You can also check multiple page examples built with Wix, and see what’s possible.

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Weebly - Best Website Builder
Weebly is a sophisticated drag-and-drop page builder for photographers and any other creatives out there. In fact, Weebly is perfect for everyone. Whether you are a serious business owner or you are just starting out with your small online project, let Weebly save you time and energy. You can have a page up sooner rather than later. Since working with Weebly does not call for much of your effort, you will immediately notice how straightforward all is. From start to end, it is a short and exciting process that anyone can complete.

This free photography website builder offers a selection of a bunch of ready-made templates that will speed things up even further. Weebly also gives you an option to add an online shop to your web space and start selling your images. On top of all the amazingness, you can also manage your personal website from your smartphone. Weebly comes as an app, too!

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elementor free photography website builder
WordPress users do not need to rely only on the available themes that the market offers. Instead, you can do your thing, free of charge, by using the advanced drag-and-drop page builder, Elementor. It is a tool that is already in use by millions of page owners, and its community just keeps on growing. One key feature of Elementor is the fact that you can create your own theme from scratch. Yes, you get a blank canvas and you start from there. However, if you are in a hurry, you can always select a predesigned web design. Still, you can freely change the default settings and customize it with your added personal touch. You can pretty much customize everything visually.

After you construct a page with Elementor, your new photo website will showcase your works stunningly everywhere. Meaning, Elementor’s sites are 100% mobile-ready, as well as compatible with Retina screens and web browsers.

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wpbakery free photography website builder
A WordPress page builder alternative is WPBakery. This is an even bigger and larger software that provides everything you need for a swift photo website fix. Sure, the paid option is definitely the one that unlocks a wide horizon of possibilities for you, but you can always test things out with the free plan. Like they say, “See what you are missing.”

WPBakery is compatible with any theme, but you can start with a white skin and craft from the ground up as well. No matter how creative you are and how innovative you would like your page to be, WPBakery is here to sort things out for you.

While you can link it with different themes (it even includes many premium themes for free), WPBakery also has its own template library. You will see me mentioning it again and again that no free photography website builder in this collection asks for you to be a coding expert. You will see no code at all.

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pixelhub free photography website builder
For a page that will stand the test of time, PixelHub is the free photography website builder you should consider. To have a novel, always up-to-date, high performing and next level site, again, PixelHub is here to get things moving. It is a very simple, quick and minimal page editor that welcomes all levels of users. PixelHub is best for those photographers who are looking to build a platform for themselves that will be easy to update and effortless to manage. That is exactly what PixelHub is best at. It keeps things unchallenging even for someone who is in the process of establishing a page for the first time.

With a page building software like PixelHub, you need to invest barely any time and people can already start studying your photo masterpieces. And they can come to your page from smartphones or tablets, it does not matter, PixelHub websites are entirely responsive and flexible.

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weblium free photography website builder
As a photographer just starting out, you might want to pick a free photography website builder first and go from there. We already brought your several alternatives, yet there are still several more to discuss. The next one on the list is Weblium. A spectacular solution that offers you oh so much material for a quick realization of your photo portfolio. Present yourself on the internet with Weblium and start making moves in little to no time.

Of course, the free plan comes with its own limitation, still, it is a great starting point. You can pick between over two hundred templates and benefit from AI design assistance and SSL certificate. Your page will also be 100% mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible, making sure everyone experiences your work in the best possible light.

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simplesite free photography website builder
SimpleSite has a name like that for a reason: it is SIMPLE to use. In just a mere three steps, you can now start with spreading the word for your photography project with the world. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, do yourself a favor and sort out a sophisticated page that will display your works of art. With SimpleSite, you can now make it happen even if you have no experience with writing code. Why? Because there will be no code!

With the quick and effortless process, you can see a nifty website unravel right in front of your eyes. You only really need to perform a few final tweaks and have it all set to go live. What’s also cool about SimpleSite is the convenient mobile editing. Meaning, all you need is a smartphone and you can access the in-browser editor at any time.

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strikingly free photography website builder
The possibilities with Strikingly are pretty much endless. And if you would like to start with your photography project on the internet without spending a dime, you can do that, too. Strikingly comes with a free plan that you can use for as long as you want. It offers you a Strikingly domain name, 5 GB bandwidth, 500 MB total storage and even an option to sell one product. In addition to that, you can also reach out to their support team 24/7.

Moreover, your Strikingly website will beautifully display your photographs on all devices, from handheld and up to desktop. It will also be compatible with modern browsers and retina screens. Even though you might have no skills and experience with site building, Strikingly still makes sure you come out with a top-notch product.

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mobirise free photography website builder
While the majority of free photography website builders are online and in-browser services, Mobirise is different. It is an offline tool for both Windows and Mac users that expects no programming nor design knowledge from you. No matter where you come from and even if you have no prior experience, Mobirise is here to realize your ideas once and for all. Above all, it’s you and nobody else who will create the desired page. Yes, you! What this also means is that you will have your complete web space under total control what comes exceptionally helpful.

How Mobirise functions is really no rocket science. It all comes down to dragging and dropping around blocks, setting parameters and editing texts, colors and other whatnots. And before you release your page to the online world, do preview it first for any last final refinements. Create something out of this world what creates an unforgettable experience.

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ucraft free photography website builder
Start your online journey on the right path with Ucraft, a free photography website builder. To be completely candid with you, Ucraft is a multi-functional page editor with which you can design and make pages of all calibers. You definitely should not let your imagination limit you in any way, shape or form. We are all here to make a change. To do something that has not been done yet. With Ucraft, you can forge one-of-a-kind web space for your photography business and let it help you thrive. Something magical is very likely to happen with the cool and convenient Ucraft.

Like all the rest, Ucraft is also a stylish, contemporary and easy-to-use drag and drop page builder. With zero knowledge, you can come up with a top-notch website that you normally see professionals make. You are the pro! Fill it with your images and create an online portfolio rich with your photography.

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tilda free photography website builder
Go creative, go complex or go minimalistic, it does not matter what your style is, Tilda is here to realize it in the form of a website. This free photography website builder is of the highest degree, ready and set to help you publish the exact page you always wanted to run for your photo project. Make it stand out, go against the norm and push your services above and beyond. With Tilda, a lot is possible. Turn on your creative spirit full tilt and start editing and adjusting what is available to you.

Tilda has over 450 preset blocks and you can easily create your own custom blocks, too. You see, no boundaries! With the intuitive site editor and the option to craft your thing effortlessly, you have all the options and resources you need. Tilda puts 100% of its focus on your content first and foremost. The layout of Tilda’s pages is also mobile-ready to work fluently on all devices, handheld and desktop.

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foliovilla free photography website builder
At this point, you already know how many different solutions you have to create a photography website. Foliovilla is another fantastic tool that you can use to create attention-grabbing portfolios. There is nothing complicated about this website builder for photographers and it is entirely free of charge. All you need is to create an account and you can start immediately. But there is a whole lot more to Foliovilla that then the fact that it costs nothing.

In just mere minutes times, you can now have a fully active online portfolio up an running. To make it happen, you will not need to touch a single string of code as Foliovilla delivers a codeless experience. While the process is straightforward and quick, you still have access to Foliovilla’s support team in case of any extra guidance you might find yourself in need of. The final web design will also smoothly acclimatize to any device and web browsers, as well as retina screens. Make the most out of the web with Foliovilla.

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8b free photography website builder
8b is a free photography website builder that gets things done in a professional and sophisticated manner. You pick the type of a website you would like to build, choose a name and kick off establishing your web space like a champ. 8b truly is one of the simplest and most convenient website builders out there. It was exclusively put together for everyone who has never in his or her life created a website. You can now do it without breaking a single drop of sweat, having complete confidence that the outcome will shine online.

The process continues by choosing the right template that best resonates with you. From then on, all it takes is editing your website according to your taste, adding content and you are ready to go live. 8b also comes with a neat mobile app feature which offers you to make changes to your photography website using nothing but your mobile device. You can build a website on the go if you will with 8b.

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vsble website builder
Vsble is a remarkable and free photography website builder that gets you started online in just a few minutes. This impressive software is exceptionally simple to use, making sure users of all skill levels can greatly benefit from it. Keep in mind, you need to have no coding and no design knowledge to be able to establish a jaw-dropping website for photographers with Vsble.

Whether you are just starting out in the photography world or an established photographer, Vsble is for both without a shadow of a doubt.

Some of the features of the Vsble’s free plan include eighty images, free Vsble.me domain name, drag and drop interface and video embedding, to name a few. Your website also comes with SSL security and GDPR compliance. If this does not convince you, do yourself a favor and check out a few example portfolios built with Vsble. Attention: they will blow you away. Little work for a striking result – that’s what’s up when it comes to Vsble.

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site123 free photography website builder
Easy, quick and efficient, that’s what’s going on when it comes to SITE123. It is a free photography website builder that you, either a hobby or a known photographer, can build a page with. You read that correctly. However intimidating building and developing a site might sound, it is way simpler than you think. In fact, it is so straightforward, your photo page can be live in minutes time. Choose the ready-to-use template, add your images, edit text and that could already mean a finished website. Yes, it is that uncomplicated.

SITE123 does not only offer you the practical page builder, but it also comes with numerous other assets. You can also benefit from free hosting, custom domain names, fantastic SEO tools and the option to sell your photographies online. Of course, your outcome will appear great on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers alike. All the editors you find in this collection give you the freedom you deserve. SITE123 is no different.

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jimdo free photography website builder
If you would like to get started this very moment, head over to Jimdo and you’ve just done more than half of the work. Let Jimdo take over from there and complete the majority of the other half of the work. There is just a small percentage of effort you need to invest to finish creating your seemingly flawless website.

With Jimdo, you get two products within one service. One is Dolphin and the other is Creator. If you truly only have three minutes to spare, you better go with Dolphin right away. It is an artificial intelligence web designer that creates a layout for you. On the other hand, if you feel very creative today, take action with Creator. Either way, Jimdo does not demand any coding or programming knowledge from your end.

You can now formulate a photo page that you want for yourself without any inconvenience. Start small and upgrade accordingly; Jimdo, after all, scales with your project.

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webnode free photography website builder
Get your word out there with Webnode. Create a story and share your images with everyone to browse through. On top of that, you can also sell your photographs and expand your business into new territories. But the real hype starts when you put the amazing and free photography website builder, Webnode, to use. Over 30 million users already set up their pages, and all it takes is a few minutes. Join the community and begin creating yourself, as well. Starting with Webnode is easy as pie. You sign up for the software and you can get busy doing the development and design work immediately. For your information, there will be no real programming involved.

Hosting, templates and content management are all free of charge with Webnode. It is crazy to think that such a solid site editor allows you to bring into being pages at no cost. Use the technology hassle-free as well, and benefit from all the features Webnode brings to the table. Besides, there is also search engine optimization included in the kit for you to market yourself organically.

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bookmark free photography website builder
Your web appearance should be sorted out in full. And that does not mean that you should only have an insane following base on social media platforms. Many forget that a website is still one of the best marketing tools that will help you drive your business forward. While you might be busy dealing with all sorts of different stuff in your day-to-day life, you keep on postponing the creation of your must-have page. Let’s make an end to it today and build a page once and for all.

With the free photography website builder, Bookmark, you can have one up in little to no time. It is the amazing AiDA, short for artificial intelligence design assistant, that will do the work for you. All it asks you are some basic questions about yourself and your business, and it will craft the layout for you. From then on, all you need to do is to perform tweaks and improvements, and your page is launch-ready.

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websitebuilder free photography website builder
WebsiteBuilder goes straight to the point with its name. It is a versatile site builder which different levels of users can use at free will. If you are a photographer, WebsiteBuilder turns into a free photography website builder spontaneously for your convenience. WebsiteBuilder has a cool and simple process of setting up your desired page. By undergoing three simple and manageable steps, you can already have a page live and start sharing your images with the world.

Pick a template form the gallery, edit it according to your requirements, and the third step is already the publishing step. WebsiteBuilder supplies hundreds of templates of different styles, all mobile-ready and optimized for top-class performance.

While there are different pricing plans available, the most basic one is free of charge. It includes free hosting, a drag-and-drop page builder and customizable templates. Unfortunately, the free option includes website ads, but you can remove those with an upgrade.

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crevado free photography website builder
Since photography is our topic, Crevado is a free photography website builder for crafting neat and tidy online portfolios. However, Crevado goes way beyond that. In other words, with the service, you can construct web portfolios rich with videos, audio files, GIFs, you name it. Crevado is an all-around page editor exclusive to photographers, creatives and other art-oriented individuals. Coming up with a beautiful web design that will stand the test of time is something very likely to happen with Crevado. For inspiration, you can also check out many portfolio examples other individuals brought to life with help from Crevado.

With its ridiculously quick setup process, Crevado gives you an opportunity to get out there and share your photography almost instantly. Once you are in, you upload your content, rearrange the positioning by dragging and dropping, and voila, your page is done! In addition, you can also mark particular content as private and hide it from the public, until you are ready for the big reveal.

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IM Creator

im creator free photography website builder
Everyone is a creator. If you think you are not, you just did not look at yourself from a different perspective. As far as website formulation goes, you might be a complete newbie to the entire process. Today, this is going to change for the better. With IM Creator, you will turn yourself into a developer and a designer both at the same time. IM Creator is a free photography website builder with its included eCommerce and blogging features. You can truly stand out from the crowd, go against the grain and skyrocket your photography business with IM Creator.

Free website templates, free website makers, SEO readiness, responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility, you name it, IM Creator is the right tool you need. You can always scale your web presence with new pages and update it by using nothing more than your phone. It is the XPRS mobile app that manages your page from your smartphone on the go.

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