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22 Best Free Portfolio Website Builders 2021


Instead of doing it all from scratch, you should rather consider a free portfolio website builder and start from there.

Not only do these services cost you nothing, but they also have the ability to turn you into a page developer, as well as a designer. With this in mind, regardless of the site editor, you go with, coding skills are not required.

At this point, you already won.

For the most part, all the finest free portfolio website builders below come with a handy and super practical drag-and-drop editor. With a click of a mouse, you can create for yourself an enticing and curiosity-sparking online portfolio. Utilize all the available content such as demo templates, web elements and other features, and implement your creative touch to it. Upload your media and display it for the whole world to see.

Whether you are an artist, a designer, a photographer, an illustrator or any other type of creative individual, it is time to get on the world wide web with your masterpieces. Display your work, stand out a mile and attract new opportunities that the online space will unlock for you.

Save time, effort and energy and have your dream web space ready and set to boost your presence beyond belief. To increase the hype, you can have a website up and live in minutes time with help from your preferred website editor. You read that right — minutes, and not hours!

For everyone who is willing to immediately step up their game, make sure you head over to our best portfolio page builders collection where you will find a lot of premium solutions.

Top Free Portfolio Website Builders


wix free portfolio website builder
While there are numerous portfolio website builders available, Wix still stays as one of the best ones out there. It’s nearly too easy for you to use it and comes available for just about every individual, and even an agency. With Wix, you can craft the exact page you want without facing any challenges and inconveniences.

It is all stripped down to the bare minimum what creates a service that newbies and professionals will find of great use. On the flip side, Wix brings to the table countless features and infinite possibilities to create the best web space for your niche.

There are three main options for developing a page with Wix. ADI, Wix Editor and Wix Code. With Artificial Design Intelligence, you truly need to answer just a few questions and you could be already prepared to go live. With the two other plans, you get the opportunity to go creative and innovative with web design. Pick accordingly and finally build your online portfolio.

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Weebly Website Builder

Weebly - Best Website BuilderNothing gives you more freedom than a free portfolio website builder, if you do not have any prior experience with coding. One tool that does things right is Weebly. It gives you access to all the resources and features you require for a fantastic online portfolio that will showcase your works and increase your potential. With Weebly’s guided set up and drag-and-drop page builder, the finish line is closer than ever. You will unlock the secret programmer within you and go against the grain with what is possible website-wise.

First, you get to select from a bunch of portfolio-exclusive themes. From then on, you can rearrange elements, drag around images, upload your own media and just go as original as you want with it. Weebly also comes with a set of marketing tools that will help you become more visible on the internet. Like that would not be enough, you can also manage your page on the go by accessing it from your mobile device.

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WPBakery Page Builder

wpbakery free portfolio website builder
To offer you another solution for your WordPress sites, meet WPBakery Page Builder. It is a striking free portfolio website builder for any type of pages. Your online portfolio is closer to realization than you think. Whatever is on your mind, you can realize it with the power of WPBakery Page Builder. The tool comes packed with fantastic templates and elements for you to take to your advantage. Go after establishing your ideal online portfolio with confidence, even if it is your first time to build a page. Thanks to such services as WPBakery Page Builder, you can have a website up without the need to touch a single line of code.

WPBakery Page Builder’s simplistic and effortless-to-use drag-and-drop interface offers you to start designing with nothing but your mouse. Moreover, WPBakery Page Builder is compatible with any theme out there and lets you see changes in real-time. The end product will always be responsive and mobile-ready, and in-tune with web browsers, too. Your web portfolio will work on all devices for everyone to experience it in the same fashion.

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pixelhub free portfolio website builder
There is nothing hard about making your own website in the modern era we live in. It all became super simple and uncomplicated. Basically, anyone out there looking to forge an online portfolio can do it now and have it live just a short moment later. Yes, it is that easy! PixelHub is a free portfolio website builder that supplies you with the material that you require for a successful launch of a fresh page.

Know what the best part is? You cannot mess things up at all. Moreover, you can edit it all by yourself and bring your artistic mind to the web design, too. PixelHub is for everyone who do not want to spend hours building a page but still want to create a professional look to attract new visitors and increase visibility. Of course, PixelHub also focuses heavily on mobile users and supports over twenty of the most popular social platforms today. If you are ready, PixelHub is ready, too.

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mobirise free portfolio website builder
It is almost obvious that Mobirise is a free portfolio website builder that creates mobile-ready pages. What is also clear, at least for everyone who came this far, is the fact that this is another drag and drop site editor. Yes, no coding expertise expected. If you are already in the creative field, why wouldn’t you want to expand and craft an online portfolio for your works and services? It is too easy to successfully complete a page with Mobirise. The tool comes in two options, for Windows and for Mac. Download it and use it straight away.

Mobirise is a free offline app which artists and creatives can use to craft their online presences with. Restyle the look, edit texts and content, upload your own media and set block parameters. Moreover, once you feel like ready to go live, review your creation first before you hit the publish button.

Check out our full-length review of Mobirise and learn more about the tool.

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Ucraft Website Builder

ucraft free portfolio website builder
If you like to craft you will surely like Ucraft free portfolio website builder. Instead of wasting your time, figuring out how to go after the development of your webpage, do things with enjoyment and simplicity using Ucraft. Bring your projects to life once and for all and start seeing a change. You can now reach a new audience on a global scale and share your works with everyone to study further. Who knows, this next visitor might be a potential client willing to work with you. What was once only a hobby can turn into a full-time business with a solid website.

Crafting with Ucraft is an entertainment. By utilizing the drag and drop page builder, you can boost your workflow and have things done quickly and efficiently. However, if you are not in a hurry, take the time and edit and adjust the layout of your new page how you fancy. And yes, it is you and no one else who will get things done, starting with one of Ucraft’s first-class pre-made templates.

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tilda free portfolio website builder
Are you willing to grow your little project and have a chance to display your portfolio with a wider crowd? Or you just want to create a location where you will be collecting all your finest pieces of art. Whatever the case may be, Tilda is a free portfolio website template ready to get things moving in the right direction for you. It is a clean, minimal, original and fun to use service for your killer online appearance.

For the most part, Tilda has it all predefined for you, you only need to play with the features and blocks and you are prepared for the launch. Bear in mind, there are over 450 blocks available for your online projects. Still, if you feel like doing your thing is the right thing, you can also create custom blocks with the help from the included Zero Block graphic editor.

Tilda guarantees the creation of a stunning and attractive online portfolio website. All your content will appear on the internet smoothly and visually appealing. Tilda has a set of blocks ready-to-use exclusively for showcasing your visual content in style.

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simplesite free portfolio website builder
You do not always need to pay a fee to build yourself a website. Even when in need of establishing an online portfolio, you can do it with a free website builder easily and quickly. Without any technical knowledge, SimpleSite will get you going right away. It only takes three steps and you can have it all set to shine on the internet. In addition to that, you can always step things up and upgrade to any of the two available plans. While you might be limited with SimpleSite’s free plan, you can still get things moving in the right direction without spending a dime.

The Basic package comes with ads, supports fifteen pages, is limited with design options, yet still offers you to promote five different products online. Moreover, your page will be optimized for mobile users and work flawlessly on modern web browsers.

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Strikingly Website Builder

strikingly free portfolio website builder
Without a shadow of a doubt, you are in good hands when you become a member of Strikingly. And, of course, you can use this software as a free portfolio website builder right from the get-go. Nothing is stopping you from taking Strikingly to your total advantage and shine online with your impressive works of art. It does not matter what craft you specialize in, with Strikingly, you can establish a page that will be to your liking in a matter of minutes. And there is no need to know how to code or do any other advanced tasks and whatnot.

Particularly for the free plan, you get 5 GB monthly bandwidth, 500 MB storage per site, one product store and 24/7 support. You can actually create unlimited free sites, but they will come with Strikingly domain name.

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jimdo free portfolio website builder
If your name is Jim and you like to get things done, then Jimdo is the ideal free portfolio website builder for you. Well, do not take that literally since Jimdo is for everyone out there who is ready to take things to the next level. And one of the best way to achieve great results for yourself is to build a page. Still, to this day, a site is one of the best – if not the best – marketing tools you can use to scale your business above and beyond. Even if you are someone unknown and doing all this creative work as a hobby, a page can unlock a whole new horizon of possibilities for you.

With Jimdo, you can start this exact moment and hammer out the right online portfolio for your works. The process from starting out to realizing your page will take barely any time. Regardless of the plan you go with, it can take you just about three minutes and you are ready to rock the online world with a fresh portfolio. Speaking of plans, Jimdo offers Dolphin and Creator. The former does the majority of work for you while the latter gives your all the rights to go as creative as you would like to be, hence the name.

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Webnode Website Builder

webnode free portfolio website builder
Creating a website for free is very possible in this day and age. In fact, we compiled a whole collection of free portfolio website builders that do just that – build websites for free. Of course, without your presence, nothing will become a reality. Webnode is a site editor that eases the page development process for you with its many ready-to-use templates, components and extensions. By now, over thirty million individuals and small businesses already crafted their web spaces with the amazing and remarkable Webnode.

Do you want to join the immense community?

Webnode lets you set up a personal portfolio site in a mere five minutes. That might sound like impossible but things do get real as you and me with Webnode. Modern graphics, mobile-ready layout, retina screen support and compatibility with browsers, all this and more is what Webnode ensures. It also offers search engine optimization for you to target specific keywords and drive more traffic to your page.

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readymag free portfolio website builder
As the name suggests, Readymag aims more toward online magazines, but you can swiftly create other online publications. Speaking of which, we can safely call Readymag a free portfolio website builder due to its versatility and high capability. On the journey to a victorious launch of your new page, you will not have to work with the code a slight bit. You will not even see it! While this comes convenient for beginners, advanced users might want something more. If that is the case, Readymag has something special for the “geeks,” too.

So, if there is no code, how can I then build a website? Good question. With the manageable and comfortable drag and drop interface, you can do the creative web design work. In brief, it only takes some dragging and dropping to finish the development of your online portfolio. Of course, you can do a lot more than that and style and improve other stuff as well. As an inspiration, you can also take a peek at all bunch of different websites built with Readymag first.

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SITE123 Website Builder

site123 free portfolio website builder
In our case, free does not really mean a tool or a service that lacks features and performance. That’s why we put together the best free portfolio website builders for you to see how much you can do without spending a dime. Yes, you! Fortunately, all these page editors skip coding in its entirety and SITE123 is no different. Correct, instead of doing any changes to the code, you can just drag and drop files, elements and extension and that is pretty much it. However magical that may sound, it is the pure truth that you are about to face within a moment.

SITE123 is a neat and tidy website editor with mobile readiness and cross-browser compatibility in mind. It follows all the latest technology trends and web regulations for your pages to operate smoothly at all times. There are also SEO tools part of the bundle for you to get picked up by search engines quicker and even rank higher. And if you would like to sell your works online, you can do that too with SITE123. Whatever your heart desires, it is SITE123 that will help you bring it to life.

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elementor free portfolio website builder
Elementor is a versatile page editor that comes applicable to all WordPress users. If this is your CMS (content management system) of choice, do unlock even more possibilities for yourself with a powerful and free portfolio website builder. You can adjust and modify existing web design or you can easily come up with custom layouts that best resonates with you. Again, it’s only a matter of dragging and dropping elements and features what makes it mega convenient. Customize sections’ width and height, resize columns, change content positioning and create the desired column gap.

You can choose between many ready-to-use site skins which fit any industry like a dream. Do not feel like you need to stick to the default design. You can go heavy with your modifications and craft an entirely different look out of it. From then on you can easily save it, export it and import it. Even later on, when you feel like you need to freshen up the design, you can do it effortlessly and wow all your online portfolio visitors again and again.

For a full overview, makes sure you read our comprehensive Elementor review.

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webstarts free portfolio website builder
Your page development starts with WebStarts. It is a free portfolio website builder for all creative individuals that are willing to make a change. While you have been refining your skills and services for all this time, bring your expertness to the internet with help from WebStarts. Building, managing and maintaining a site is entirely hassle-free with WebStarts. Not only that, you don’t have to worry about buying a custom domain and hosting for your page. It is WebStarts that takes care of it all for your leisure.

WebStarts keeps you away from the HTML code and doing any advanced editing yourself. It is the simple to use and practical drag and drop editor that turns you into a developer although you never really was one. This only emphasizes the fact how effortless it is working with WebStarts and using all its creative tools and extensions. However, once you feel like upgrading, you can also leave the free plan behind and pick up a premium one.

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Bookmark Website Builder

bookmark free portfolio website builder
You will make people bookmark your page once you build it with the help of Bookmark free portfolio website builder. Establish a solid web presence once and for all, drive traffic to it and grow your brand. By using all that Bookmark brings to the table, you can quickly and effectively construct the ideal online portfolio for your niche. And that could be literally any niche you can think of.

What is truly fascinating about Bookmark is the AiDA feature. It is short for Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant that helps you put a page together in just two minutes. You only need to provide some basic information and AiDA is on its way to providing you with the layout best suited for you.

Some of the other features and assets of Bookmark are mobile-ready layouts, drag and drop editor, video backgrounds and free images. It also comes with Facebook reviews module, support and social media icons. Impressive it is.

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websitebuilder free portfolio website builder
As the name implies, WebsiteBuilder is a service that makes your idea a reality. It is a free portfolio website builder for your works and projects to see the light on the web and shine. WebsiteBuilder is a generic page editor, but it gives you all the rights to create niche websites with it, too. In other words, make sure your imagination does not hold you back. Instead, go as creative and as innovative as you would like with WebsiteBuilder, the tool handles all the challenges.

Get your professional website up and running in little to no time and start drawing in new visitors and potential clients. Push your creations and services with WebsiteBuilder and establish an admirable online space for yourself. Choose between hundreds of ready-made templates, create a blog, introduce a custom domain, and gain access to over 150,000 free images. Do not miss linking your online portfolio with your social media accounts and further promote your name.

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foliovilla free portfolio website builder
Bringing your art and creations to the online world does not need to cost anything. With all the free portfolio website builders you find on this list, you can start right away without spending a dime. Foliovilla is a fantastic and easy-to-use software that gets things going in little to no time. Of course, there is no need for you to have any prior experience to know how to use its powerful features and functions. Anyone can successfully form an online portfolio he or she fancies.

All the ready-made materials that you unlock with a free account creation over at Foliovilla follow the latest trends and regulations. Meaning, the portfolio you will build will inevitably be responsive, mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible. For your information, Foliovilla also has several example portfolios available of real people for you to boost your inspiration. One more cool feature of Foliovilla is its analytics. You can now comfortably track the performance of your web space just like pros do.

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8b free portfolio website builder
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” so they say. One free portfolio website builder that follows this same principle is 8b. While it keeps things as uncomplicated as possible, it still guarantees an outstanding and professional final product. In other words, the online portfolio that you are about to bring to reality with 8b will take everyone’s breaths away. And even if you are new to the whole idea of web development, you can still realize your dream web presence with it. After all, 8b is ideal for someone who does not know how to code.

It truly takes only three steps and you can be online already. With the very many included templates, you can quickly find the right look for your portfolio. The next step would already be improving and modifying the default configurations, as well as attaching your neat content. Once you feel like you are ready to rock and roll, undergo the publishing process and you are live. That is how relaxed working with 8b is.

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Vsble Website Builder

vsble website builder
Nowadays, you can build superb portfolios with no skill and no money. That’s when Vsble comes into play. A powerful and highly practical and adaptive website builder that helps bring into fruition websites that take minutes to create. How cool does that sound? Even as a professional, you might find Vsble of great use when setting up prototypes and whatnot. In short, Vsble is for everyone out there with a need to build a website for a creative.

By the way, if you would like to boost your inspiration, check out a few real websites that use Vsble and go from there. Simplicity in combination with creativity – that’s what you can expect from Vsble.

As for the free plan, that Vsble offers, you can create up to ten pages and upload no more than eighty images. You can also create a free Vsble.me domain, enjoy the convenient drag and drop interface and benefit from SSL security and GDPR compliance. Start on the internet like a champ with Vsble now.

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weblium free portfolio website builder
Weblium is a killer platform that ensures the creation of an online portfolio without messing things up. Regardless of your project, you can hammer out any type of portfolio with Weblium. The tool comfortably acclimatizes to any purpose, making sure you get the most out of it effortlessly. Weblium sorts you out with just about everything, from templates and components to making sure that your portfolio will stand the test of time. It also practices all the latest web regulations, like responsiveness, pixel-perfect design and cross-browser compatibility.

With barely any work and time invested on your end, you can start attracting new visitors and potential clients to your portfolio. Moreover, with a well-thought-out online presence, you can take your project to an entirely new degree. Of course, Weblium comes with a bunch of different plans, but you can already comfortably kick things off with the free one. That’s it, now it is up to you to take action and start making moves on the web.

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crevado free portfolio website builder
Online portfolios, as well as websites in general, are very easy to build, especially with solid builders like Crevado. In this group of the best free portfolio website builders, you will surely find the one that suits your needs best. Crevado is a dedicated page editor for setting up stunning portfolio pages with as little efforts as humanly possible.

Without writing a single string of code, you can now have a website pushing your works up and operating swiftly. Crevado will not as you to perform any advanced moves that experienced coders do. With the free builder and its friendly interface, users of all levels can come up with the design they want to run.

Modify and improve the look to suit your preferences and upload your media content, like videos, images and GIFs. With dragging and dropping, you move elements around and structure the design of your portfolio to your likings. Besides, if you would like to hide particular content from public view, Crevado allows you to do that as well.

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