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26 Best One-Page Website Builders 2021


There are numerous methods as to how you can approach the design and development of a web space, and these best one-page website builders are one of the easiest ways.

Seriously, you do not even need to have any prior knowledge and still be able to come up with a striking page.

You read that correct; without the need of touching a single line of code, you can have your website up and running in little to no time. It is more or less just some dragging and dropping, and you are ready to roll.

What’s more, these amazing, practical and ridiculously simple-to-use page builders even come with predesigned templates that will speed up the process of hammering out the right internet presence for your project.

Like that would not be enough, some even come completely free of charge, while the others offer a free trial. You can always test the waters first before you fully commit; no need to jump in with both feet right off the bat. Do see what is possible with a particular one-page website builder in advance and go from there.

Indeed, you will be amazed and impressed by how much you can do without breaking a single drop of sweat. Without further ado, let’s all become pros at creating websites by checking out the fantastic page building services we hand-collected for you.

Powerful One-Page Website Builders


wix best one page website builder
If you are looking for the best one-page website builder that is simple to use, customize and optimize, Wix is the one you need. No doubt, this is a service that offers you a complete solution for your online presence. Not only that, but you can also go as creative and as innovative as you want with Wix and come up with an original page. Let everyone get hooked by your novel web design and give them a chance to learn more about what you do and have to offer.

Wix is ideal for bloggers, entrepreneurs, serial webmasters and other enthusiasts who are looking to create a website by avoiding the in-depth coding knowledge. With easy-to-maneuver drag-and-drop site building tools, secure hosting and loads of features, almost anyone who wishes to have a page can make one. Stunning galleries, designer-made templates, SEO optimized, 24/7 support, immense image collection and many other essential and extra elements await everyone who starts with Wix.

There are millions of users who chose Wix over other builders, and there is no reason why you should not join the community, too.

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zyro one-page website builder
It does not really matter what your project or business is all about; Zyro is the one-page website builder for you. This neat alternative is full of amazingness that will do you well. From spectacular templates, hosting and domain name to responsiveness, SEO-friendliness and fast loading, Zyro takes care of it all and a lot more. While you can work with your favorite design by default, you can also go the extra mile and customize it accordingly.

Moreover, there are multiple pricing options available, which become even cheaper depending on your select period. And to make it even more exciting, Zyro also offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose yet all to gain. Start with a striking single-page website now and amaze all your visitors and potential clients.

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Weebly Website Builder

Weebly - Best Website BuilderWhat makes Weebly a standout among its competitors is its decade of experience. As one of the best one page website builders, Weebly offers not just its experience, but also its expertise when it comes to site building. You are in the right hands when choosing Weebly as your go-to option to forge the right single-page website for your business or personal project. Best of all, Weebly provides all the necessary assets and traits for you to go as creative as you would like. That said, make sure your imagination does not hold you back and have an open-minded approach.

Many website developers and complete newbies highly favor Weebly for of its countless customizable design styles. It is also complemented by its easy-to-setup blogging system and web store. Regardless of your experience level, Weebly is here to take care of you. And regardless of your industry or niche, Weebly will surely deliver its promise of an excellent website.

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ukit best one page website builder
Regardless of what type of page you would like to create, uKit is one of the best one page website builders out there. Just like all the other services in this collection, uKit is also fully equipped with all the needed content, elements and components to give you the freedom you deserve. On top of that, you do not need to have any prior experience with building websites. It is uKit and its drag-and-drop interface that will help you out. In addition, it also comes with more than 350 designs in 38 categories. You can find the right one straight away and start improving and enhancing it per your project’s request.

Building a single-page website is easier than ever in this day and age. You have all the tools at your disposal, just a click away. uKit makes your outcome mobile- and Retina-ready, cross-browser compatible and optimized for extraordinary performance. Custom fonts and colors, grid-based structure, many promotional tools and other goodies are here for you. With uKit, you can also start selling items online with ease and have complete control over your website. Know what your users are doing, alter your web space accordingly and grow above and beyond.

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IM Creator

im creator free one page website builder
IM Creator is a serious one-page website builder which you can use without spending a dime. However, if you would like to unlock even more options this killer service has to offer, you can always upgrade to the premium plan. But do use it for free first to see how capable IM Creator is and craft your first page in a breeze. You can start immediately, as the products and features are there, within your fingers’ reach. And you do not need to touch a single string of code to bring into being the exact online appearance you want for yourself.

With IM Creator, you can develop a single-page website hassle-free. The end result will be mobile-ready, optimized for search engines and will perform outstandingly. Besides, you can also use IM Creator to implement blogging and eCommerce if there is a need. With the available features, everyone out there can turn his or her idea into reality with IM Creator. You even have a ton of ready-to-use samples which you can utilize and take to your benefit.

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Persona One-Page Website Builder

persona best one page website builder
No doubt, Persona scores a spot in the best one-page website builders collection due to its amazingness and ease of use. The two characteristics apply to pretty much all of the page builders you find on this list. They all guarantee a smooth and fun experience in designing and developing a page for your personal websites and other individual projects.

For inspiration, you can also check out a vast number of different pages that are based on the Persona service. Bear in mind that a ton of individuals already have their pages built with Persona, so there is no reason why you should not become part of the community.

Whether you are interested in building an online portfolio or a resume-like page, Persona is the right option for you. You can choose between many different preset styles and start tweaking it with your signature touch. Before you notice, a page is ready to hit the online world and shine.

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weblium one page website builder
Instead of going through the struggle of creating a multi-page website, build a single-page website instead. This way, you get to demonstrate all that you would like to share with the world in just a few scrolls. With the employment of Weblium, you can now create such a page in a little breeze. Even if you happen to have no experience with coding and design, you will still succeed at it. Yes, it is that simple and newbie-friendly with Weblium.

From a plethora of predefined templates to AI and drag and drop editing, Weblium treats you right regardless of your experience. Even if you are building pages for clients, you can still use Weblium and keep your workflow at an all-time high. No technically advanced tasks with Weblium, only pure fun and excitement that will – unfortunately – last only a few minutes. That’s how quick it is working with Weblium.

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SimpleSite Website Builder

simplesite one page website builder
SimpleSite is a one-page website builder that you can utilize for all sorts of niches and industries. Instead of using all these different tools, you can now make it all happen from within one account. SimpleSite takes care of it all, from hosting and domain name to templates and many more features and functions. Like that would not be enough, you can also work on your website from your smartphone, thanks to the mobile-friendly editing.

Needless to say, your SimpleSite page will operate without a hitch on all modern devices, web browsers and retina screens. You can create a photo gallery, add a video, integrate social media sharing and even push products online with SimpleSite. Avoid the idea of coding a website from scratch when you can benefit from SimpleSite tremendously.

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Unbounce Landing Page Website Builder

unbounce one page website builder
If you need more leads or sales, you need Unbounce. This is a spectacular website builder for landing pages that works for just about any industry. With its convenient builder, you can create any type of page that you want. You can either pick from their predefined templates or start with a blank canvas and go from there. Drag and drop elements, alter and customize the design, and you are ready to rock your next marketing campaign. You can also easily and quickly create various split tests and see what works best for your audience. The options are endless with Unbounce.

What’s more, Unbounce comes with three different plans, but you can enjoy yourself a 14-day free trial first and go from there. If you are a serious marketer, you will absolutely love Unbounce. You can also link your landing pages with 3rd-party platforms and take things to a whole new degree.

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carrd best one page website builder
Make a simple, yet prominent impression on your prospects with the fantastic and remarkable Carrd. As one of the best one-page website builders you can find, Carrd is enhanced with lots of features. There is a lot you can do with this cracking service so you can get your idea out there in little to no time. In brief, you can bring into being single page sites of any caliber. You can also try Carrd out for free and forge up to three websites with just one account.

The best part?

You can be completely new to the process and still come up with a professional and sophisticated page for your personal needs. Availing the pro package will open up more possibilities and unlock a horizon of new peculiarities. You can get the site online to custom domains with an SSL certificate support covered in full. You can also add contact and signup forms, widgets, analytics, embeds and loads more. Finally, with Carrd’s pro plan, you are able to realize various pages and remove the “Made with Carrd” branding entirely. Carrd is guaranteed to be convenient and flexible for any pro and beginner.

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about me best one page website builder
Professional individuals, freelancers and entrepreneurs are all using about.me to expand their reach and grow their brands and businesses. about.me is a one-page website builder that supports you at creating a page for yourself, your services and your talents. Instead of going about writing individual presentations of yourself in each email, you can now send out a link where clients and employers can learn more about you. You will surely stand out from the masses and enhance your potential of scoring that new gig.

about.me makes sure your end web design is professional and expert-looking to wow everyone that visits your page. It gives you complete control of your web presence for you to always have access to and update your page and improve with new looks. There are two plans when it comes to about.me: free and pro. You can always start with the free option and upgrade only when necessary.

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PixelHub Website Builder

pixelhub best one page website builder
Do you want to build an instant website that clicks to social media easily? If that is the case, then try PixelHub and start publishing your content immediately. It is the best one-page website builder for several reasons. As of the moment, PixelHub has successfully created over a million content blocks and more than a hundred thousand sites. The numbers are rapidly growing as more and more users find PixelHub to be an ideal tool for their needs and demands. PixelHub is versatile and ideal for a wide range of different users. From photographers, musicians and designers to videographers, travelers, artists and realtors to name a few.

In addition, PixelHub supports more than 20 social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and many more. PixelHub is fully responsive, minimalist and content-focused builder for your internet needs. You can instantly share your information via email, QR code and SMS and add contacts with one simple click.

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instapage best one page website builder
Awaken the developer inside you by using Instapage. Industries regard Instapage as one of the best one-page website builders due to the relevant and innovate features it provides. And those are very many, for your convenience. Their trademark, Instablocks, enables you to manage landing pages by creating, saving and reusing headers, footers and other blocks. This builder also contains over 20 pre-made templates including event, e-book, lead generation and others. With Instapage, you can come up with your own web designs comfortably and create your thing in a breeze.

Some of the several features of Instapage are Google Fonts, Bigstock image library, keyboard shortcuts and dynamic custom code editing. Moreover, Instapage rocks a pixel-perfect design and gives you all the rights to create AMP landing pages for an even faster performance. Robust includes versatile forms and comes fully compliant with today’s popular platforms, tools and CRMs. Start testing and optimizing and grow your campaigns to new levels.

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Squarespace All-Around Website Builder

squarespace best one page website builder
Once you start examining Squarespace in great detail, you will immediately know that it is the best one-page website builders you have ever seen. With this particular service, you can make any website you would like. And despite your creative and innovative approach, Squarespace can handle it all without a hitch. In fact, it always challenges you to use your imagination and forge the look that you want and need. Whatever you do with Squarespace, it is a promise that the outcome will be a fantastic, smooth, beautiful, top-notch and cutting-edge website. You can also start for free and see how cool the tool is before fully committing to it.

With Squarespace, you will look like a professional even if you are not one yet, and that is something no one needs to know. It is the final product that matters, which is what everyone will enjoy skimming through. Boost your reach, showcase your portfolio, start a blog and even sell online, all these with the help from the powerful and advanced one-page website builder, Squarespace.

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mobirise best one page website builder
The mobile and user-friendly Mobirise is here to aid you in improving your online presence. In fact, you do not need to have one live just yet; you can be building one from complete scratch and here is when Mobirise comes into play. What makes Mobirise the best one page website builder is the fact that it is free and groundbreaking. Whether you are a novice or a pro in web development, you can rely on this builder for its functions and simplicity. Conveniently drag and drop blocks that you prefer for your page to commence the site building process.

Yes, it is that simple.

From there, you can edit content according to your style. Add media elements to your heart’s content and express yourself however you fancy. Set block parameters, tweak it if needed, and you are ready for release. Of course, you can first preview your masterpiece before you hit the publish button. Isn’t that easy? Well, that’s what’s up when it comes to Mobirise. The website builder is available for download on either Windows and Mac so you do not need to adjust with your device.

Do not forget to read our in-depth review of Mobirise.

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ucraft best one page website builder
Simplicity is key when it comes to building a first-class and high-converting page. Whether you are a crafter, a webmaster or a random individual, meet Ucraft. No doubt, this is one of the best one-page website builders that gives you a collection of tools to bring life to your project and scale it to the Moon.

If you are new to all this “madness,” you might think that what I am saying is a bunch of nonsense. Well, truth be told, you will soon realize that designing your much-needed page is much simpler than you think.

You can begin with Ucraft in an instant and even create a simple landing page without spending a dime. For more serious online projects, you can use the 14-day free trial and only then decide if Ucraft is the right solution for you. Chances are, it will be a solid yes due to the endless features and assets Ucraft brings to the table.

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Tilda Website Builder

tilda best one page website builder
Usually, creating a website involves a bunch of coding. Not true! Worry not, as Tilda goes against the gran, ensuring you an easier site building without inputting any code. Are we a bunch of jokes, or is this the modern era we are living in? To your luck, it is the latter that is the correct statement. Intuitiveness and adaptiveness are the main qualities that make Tilda the best one-page website builder you can depend on. Select from a wide variety of predesigned blocks (more than 450), all looking contemporary and sophisticated.

Tilda’s library includes widescreen covers, awesome typography, photo gallery, video forms and a whole bunch more. Naturally responsive, your visitors can access your website across all devices. User experience is assured, as the tool guarantees pristine visual content that anyone can appreciate from handheld gadgets and desktop computers. Why not try Tilda to wow your customers and prospects now and rise to the next level?

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readymag best one page website builder
Hence the name, Readymag is a tool ready for building online magazines and other types of publications. However, you can use this best one-page website builder for so much more due to its versatility and uniqueness. There is no need for you to stick only to what Readymag was created for by default. Go against the norm and craft a striking single-page website with the service like a champ. And a champ you will become, even if you lack design and development skills. Heck, you do not even need any, and can freely forget about the frightening code. But if you are an experienced developer, Readymag has something for you, too.

Readymag places all the attention on your work first and foremost. With the drag-and-drop interface, you can structure your web space exactly how you want it to look. Moreover, when speaking about all the technical stuff, like responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility, Readymag already sorted those things out. Furthermore, you can start the process by building a page from the ground up, or pick from a diverse selection of ready-made templates.

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WPBakery Page Builder (ex. Visual Composer)

wpbakery best one page website builder
If WordPress is your go-to content management system, avoid doing things from square one and utilize WPBakery Page Builder. Needless to say, WPBakery Page Builder is one of the best one-page website builders out there. In fact, with the page editor, you can make any style of site you would like despite your niche or industry. WPBakery Page Builder is here to please all your ideas and help you realize them with zero effort. Create real websites with zero coding involved, giving everyone the freedom they need when putting together their internet presence.

It all comes down to dragging and dropping. With this simple method and a user-friendly interface, all you need to do is to drag and drop components and elements around, avoid some, add the must-haves and get things moving. But you can also benefit from one of its several templates and boost your workflow to the next level. For your information, there is also the extended WPBakery Page Builder option for those developers who want something more.

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strikingly best one page website builder
Though people wish to impress their customers with an impactful website, many may still be questioning themselves how to go against the development of such a page. Luckily, you came to the right place! Here we compiled a collection of the best one-page website builders that will help you on your journey. No need to think about the intimidating coding and designing anymore; with such services like Strikingly, it will be a lot of fun and play, not just in building a website, but in coming up with the ideal design that best resonates with you, as well. Go as creative as you want, it is Strikingly that will take care of all the hard work.

Business people and creative individuals all use Strikingly to forge their websites. This might also be one of the simplest page editors that you will ever come across. In just about 30 minutes (actually, way less), you can have a page ready to hit the online world. Pick a domain, create an online store, start a blog and fabricate a neat portfolio, all these and more with the remarkable Strikingly.

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site123 best one page website builder
SITE123 is a single-page website builder that lets you build a marvelous website in little to no time, with zero design and development background. Not to mention, no coding skills! All it takes are three simple steps to get you up and running for a chance to win in the online game. First, pick the design and edit it with your content and details. Second, simply publish your freshly designed website and get your name out there. Lastly, do market your website, improve your search engine optimization, promote it on social media, and start driving volumes of traffic to your web space.

It does not stop here!

Level up your site with features such as blog posts, analytics and an online shop. There is almost too much to get from this intuitive site editor. SITE123 may seem overwhelming, though, but once you start working with it, you will see how straightforward everything is. Moreover, if you need something, you can always contact SITE123’s 24/7 customer support team and they will assist you accordingly.

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sitebuilder best one page website builder
Publishing a professional website needs not to be too much of a hassle. This is what SiteBuilder, the best one-page website builder, promises. You only need to undergo three simple steps with this editor and you are ready to rock the world wide web. It goes like this, pick a template, choose a domain, and the last step is basically wrapping up your site, ready for publishing. How simple was that? The best part is, within those steps you will get everything you need for a website which you are in desperate need of. SiteBuilder has all and everything neatly packed into one bundle which you can unlock at a very low cost.

One of the great assets of SiteBuilder is the customizable templates. Choose from hundreds of predefined layouts and never run out of options. You can even set up an eCommerce website and start a blog, as well as implement analytics to see how your page performs. Get started now and you can have the first draft ready in minutes time. Employ the comfortable drag and drop builder and execute your page design appropriately.

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One Page Website

one page website builder
You know it will be a breeze setting up a single-page online presence with – hence the name – One Page Website. This cracking one-page website builder has all the necessary material and loads more to get you started in little to no time. And, of course, you don’t really need to be tech-savvy to have a chance to shine online. With One Page Website, anyone can craft the exact page they want, marketing their businesses like professionals from the very launch.

For a tiny investment, you can create, manage and maintain a refreshing page without a sweat. In brief, the process takes just two steps. First, you pick one from many predefined themes. Second, you stuff it with your content. And you are already live on the web. Yes, it truly is a simple as it sounds. On top of that, your creation will also look stunningly on handheld and desktop devices, as well as retina screens and all modern web browsers. Get your name out there with One Page Website today and make a change.

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8b one page website builder
If the name of software is simple, you can almost expect it that using it will be child’s play, too. 8b proves you right. This simple, convenient and highly practical one-page website builder is pretty much for everyone. Whether you have some prior experience or not, you can easily succeed at establishing a nifty website with 8b. Moreover, you could run a small business, you are a freelancer or simply passionate hobbyist, again, 8b works for all and then some.

And the best part?

You do not need to spend a single penny to start using it. How awesome does that sound? You simply create an account over at 8b and you are ready to roll. You can start benefitting from all its features right away and have a fully active website up and running in close to no time. Get your hands on any of the ready-to-use templates, edit it according to your branding regulations and publish it in just a few simple clicks. Even if you are entirely new to building pages, 8b’s user-friendly interface makes the process comfortable for all users.

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Onepager Website Builder

onepager website builder
As the name suggests, Onepager is a one-page website builder that will realize your idea swiftly. All the outcomes, you will put together with Onepager, will assure you that work smoothly on all devices. Also, Onepager’s products are compatible with all modern screens, web browsers and search engines. In short, your small business website will work flawlessly at all times, making sure you get the most out of the online space, promoting your products and services professionally.

Some of the features of Onepager are custom forms, email newsletters, eCommerce compatibility and many neat and modern ready-made themes. You can also bring together your entire team and in cooperation form the precise website that will best present you on the internet. The options are there, take action immediately and you can sort out your web space quickly.

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jimdo best one page website builder
Make things easy for yourself with Jimdo. There is no need to hire someone to do the website for you when Jimdo is here to get things sorted out in a breeze. It all becomes very straightforward and simple when you gain access to Jimdo. While it is a super handy editor, it is also one of the best one-page website builders. Due to its convenience and organization, everyone out there can hammer out the page they want to own. Whether for your personal project or for your digital agency, Jimdo is here to do the work instead of you.

You can start experimenting with Jimdo for free and only upgrade once it becomes a necessity. Starting off, you first decide whether to use the Creator or the Dolphin way and move forward from there. It is the Creator offering that provides the entire solution for your website which you are in full control of. But if you believe you still need some additional assistance, Dolphin is the way to go. Do your thing with Jimdo and bloom.

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