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21 Best Musician Website Builders For Thriving Artists 2021


To get your name known and popularized, musician website builders are here to help get your web presence sorted out.

Whether you are a band, a solo musician, an artist, a DJ, or anything else that has to do with the music industry, these platforms will help you make a website.

Even though you might already have highly successful social media platforms, your own website is still a must. There, you can tell your loyal fan base even more about yourself, feature an entire discography and list down your forthcoming gigs.

Not only that, they can also listen to your tunes with an integrated playlist. Obviously, your page will be mobile-ready, meaning, they can enjoy your songs on the go as well.

With our collection of the best musician website builders, you are in safe hands when establishing your band page. As far as the technical and coding knowledge go, well, you need none of them. You can craft your entire web presence visually, without the need to go to the back-end. All this tells you is that your site will be up and running in close to no time.

Expand your reach, go above and beyond and start spreading your tunes to all corners of the world. Let them experience you even more in a unique and humanly way.

Most Powerful Musician Website Builders


wix musician website builder
Wix is a super powerful platform that requires no programming background for professional results that will impress all and everyone. It is a very versatile and highly adaptive website builder that suits musicians perfectly. It even comes with a cool selection of ready-to-use templates which you can employ however you see them fit your project best. There are such for hip-hop artists, record labels, festivals, singers and songwriters to name a few. But Wix is not only about picking the right template, editing it with your details and getting online.

With Wix, you can precisely stylize your page to your liking. It also offers you three different options when setting up your page. You can do it with ADI (artificial design intelligence), Editor or Code. Since the latter two have it all in the name, let’s chat about ADI. Instead of you doing the work, let ADI pick up the best fitting web design for your music project and save loads of time and effort. Intriguing, right?

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zyro website builder for musicians
Zyro is a dedicated website builder for musicians and bands who would like to bring their musical projects online. Even if you are super busy writing songs and rehearsing new tunes, you still have time to make a page with Zyro. Instead of working from the ground up, you can now benefit from the amazing layouts and features that Zyro brings to the table. With the drag and drop editor, you can quickly make improvements and tailor the ready-made template of choice according to your liking.

Furthermore, Zyro also comes with social media integration, SSL certificate, hosting, domain name, you name it, it’s all at your fingertips. Whether you have experience or not, building a music website will be as easy as pie with Zyro.

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Bandzoogle Musician Website Builder

bandzoogle musician website builder
Apart from its unique name, Bandzoogle also offers various distinct and useful features to upcoming amateur and even professional musicians worldwide. If you plan to create your own music website to showcase your talent or the talent of other people, you can surely benefit from a reliable musician website builder, such as Bandzoogle. In just a few minutes time, you can create your own website and spread the word out. As an artist, you sure would want to have as broad a reach as possible. Moreover, a website is also a fantastic marketing tool that can benefit you tremendously.

Having a website with Bandzoogle as your platform allows you not just to showcase your band or musical projects, but also to sell merch, downloads and even tickets. And you will not be charged any commission on the purchases they make by the platform itself! Get your custom domain name, pick from over a hundred responsive layouts and get things rocking.

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sqaurespace musician website builder
If you are a musician looking for a site building software you can trust, you should head to Squarespace. Apart from its well-known functionalities, Squarespace, as a musician website builder, is also known for its experience and reliability. You can easily create your own page through Squarespace, even without any in-depth coding knowledge. To be frank, you need no prior experience whatsoever! Just jump on board and start making moves, and, sooner rather than later, you will have a music site up and running.

Squarespace is aware that as a musician or artist, you have various things to focus on. Hence, they have made the site creation process a breeze, as well as hassle-free. With various designs and templates available, crafting your own web space has never been this easy. Make sure you use the powerful Squarespace to its full potential and shine online. Besides, you can even check a few Squarespace music website examples first to see what is possible.

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Music Glue Website Builder

music glue musician website builder
Music Glue makes it easy for you or your brand to construct your own striking website. With the stunning and flexible designs readily available for use, you will find it very convenient to create a website that really sticks to your audience. This musician website builder is highly sought for its unique features that are seldom present in other site building platforms. After all, Music Glue is a dedicated service for anyone who is passionate about the music industry and is eager to make moves.

Along with creating your own online store and neat marketing tools, another unique asset of Music Glue is the functionality that concerns selling tickets. Music Glue allows users to buy tickets directly from you or any artist with a website based on the platform. Loads of smaller and bigger bands and artists use Music Glue so there is no reason why you would not want to get on board, too.

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reverbnation musician website builder
From the name itself, you can easily assume that ReverbNation is a unique musician website builder. Creating your own page for your music, band or any group that you handle should never be done alone. Hence, with ReverbNation, you are given an opportunity to craft a website with the backing of an expert.

What makes ReverbNation different from other niche-related page editors is that it offers exclusive opportunities through their established industry relationships. Moreover, ReverbNation has loads of handy services that will help you get your band well-liked and score you more gigs. Last but certainly not least, with the innovative A&R, a team of ReverbNation experts curates thousands of tunes on a daily basis and connects “the right artists with the right opportunities.”

In short, if you want both enhanced technology and loads of new opportunities, you should consider ReverbNation today. The platform creates successful artists and you might just be the next in line.

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Emyspot Musician Website Builder

emyspot musician website builder
Emyspot is a cracking all-in-one musician website builder, as well as a content management system (CMS), designed for seamless and convenient use. It promises users like you that regardless of your web skill, whether design or coding, you can effortlessly create your own page. Once you gain access to the editor and all the other tools Emyspot comes with, you will have a lot of fun crafting an awe-inspiring music page. Besides, you can start with Emyspot for free and only upgrade to a premium plan when needed.

There are many features and components that will make your site establishment process a lot easier. From unlimited page creation and free hosting to search engine optimization, mobile readiness and cross-browser compatibility. Emyspot also includes fantastic support for when you need additional assistance with your music page realization. You will never feel lost on your adventure to hammering out the dream page of your band.

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weblium musician website builder
If you are around looking for the best musician website builder, you should definitely take a peek at Weblium. This spectacular solution is full of goodies that will help you make the desired page. Whether you are a band or a musician, with Weblium, you can spread the word out without breaking a single drop of sweat. Even if you are super busy, working on your next music video or album, you still have the time that is necessary to get online with Weblium. Obviously, the process takes you very little time, yet the outcome will be first-rate.

Start by choosing the ideal sample and you are halfway there. A few last customization tweaks and you can already spread the word out for your music. The features are numerous, including hosting and domain name. Weblium is all you need to run a page for your tunes.

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ukit musician website builder
uKit is your kit of goodies for when it comes to bringing into being your desired websites. If you are looking for a music website builder, you came to the right place. Although uKit is a generic site editor, it is powerful enough to fit any niche and industry seamlessly. It comes with countless ready-to-use web designs that are very appealing to the eye and are also 100% customizable. You can either use the template you prefer out of the box or fully improve and enhance it with your content. Whatever the case is, uKit guarantees spectacular final product.

Some of the features of uKit include mobile-readiness, grid-based structure and no limitations and boundaries. With the effortless drag and drop page builder, you can set up an original and one-of-a-kind page for your musical project without a sweat. uKit also comes with a set of promotional and analytics tools for you to boost your name through the roof.

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Weebly Website Builder

weebly musician website builder
No doubt, you can have a music page live and attract new fans quickly with Weebly. This is yet another super powerful music website builder which allows you to create your own online presence regardless of your genre. A band, a solo artist, a music event, rock, metal, pop, rave, you name it, Weebly suits all the ideas and plans you may have. One thing is crucial — not only for Weebly, but for all other builders as well: the only limitation you have is your imagination. Go past it and think outside the box!

Drag and drop editor, custom fonts and colors, video backgrounds, parallax effects and image editor are a few of the assets of the always impressive Weebly. You can also implement your audios and let them listen to your latest tunes straight from your page. Another cool feature of Weebly is its mobile app extension. It allows you to manage and maintain your site from your handheld device.

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mozello musician website builder
Let’s make one thing clear; whether a niche or a general website builder, in both cases, you are guaranteed a stupendous music page. Nearly any editor can also be a music website builder. Just like with Mozello, you can make stunning, high performing and sophisticated pages for bands and artists without a struggle. There is also no need to be skilled at doing it. By now, you probably already know that prior experiences are irrelevant. All page builders you find in this collection are a breeze to use, turning you into a pro coder and designer in an instant.

Mozello’s websites are compatible with all devices and web browsers for a constantly smooth and stable experience. Moreover, you can also translate and localize your page and track the performance with the integrated analytics. Mozello offers you to start with the free plan that includes a subdomain, 0.5 GB storage and marketing features. You are here to make a change and take your musical project to a new degree.

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8b Musician Website Builder

8b musician website builder
While you might be successfully implementing social media into marketing your musical project, another fantastic way to bring in even more listeners is with a solid web space. 8b is a generic software which you can effortlessly use as a musician website builder. Building band and artist pages becomes a piece of cake with 8b. You just pick the type of website you are interested in crafting, type down your name, and you are ready to rock and roll. From then on, all you need is to adjust and configure the predefined template, upload custom content, and you are ready for publishing.

Since you might be on the road all the time, chances are, you are not around your computer that often. No biggie. With 8b’s mobile website builder, you can easily access your page from your mobile device. Not just access it, you can also build a page and keep it updated regularly using your smartphone or tablet only.

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jimdo musician website builder
Let’s go straight into it with Jimdo. It is a music website builder with two different approaches to establishing a page; Dolphin and Creator. The former is your personal artificial intelligence design assistant, while the latter gives you more freedom to become a creator yourself. In both cases, a successful music page launch is a guarantee, just that Dolphin takes ridiculously little time to complete building your site. Like, three minutes!

For music websites specifically, Jimdo has an entire guide on how to make it happen. Of course, we will not go through it here since it is too straightforward. But it goes something like this: choose the design, pick the domain name, edit and improve the ready-made layout, implement your music via Spotify or SoundCloud, and you are basically done. You can also expand your page with an online store and start selling your merchandise and music. From then on, it is all about promoting yourself the right way and grow your band above and beyond.

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ning musician website builder
If you want a website that rocks, then you should take into account using Ning. As a musician website builder, Ning provides many one-of-a-kind features and assets to help you thrive. You can create your own social network, which is very important if you are planning to promote, sell or increase awareness of your music. With a quick- and straightforward-to-use site editor and unrivaled customer support, you can create your website with less hassle.

Using some of the traits of Ning will also speed up the creation process of your website, especially when you use its advanced content management, business and social networking tools. Just like with all the rest, Ning gives users of all levels a chance to make a page to their likings. With the convenient drag and drop site builder, you can come up with the ideal web design in close to no time. Start your musical thing with Ning today and go against the norm.

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BandVista Musician Website Builder

bandvista musician website builder
Some of the most common comments coming from artists who are using BandVista are that this musician website builder is great, easy to use, and has loads of powerful features. It is considered as one of the best artist marketing platforms today. If you want a slick, powerful and easy to create website, you should take into consideration BandVista. Some of the features of this software include mobile-friendly web designs, merch and music selling, custom domain and newsletter.

With the comfortable drag and drop technology, you can come up with the dream layout easily and effortlessly. BandVista also comes with a music player, photo gallery and blog to offer you a complete solution for all the ideas regarding your website you may have. With three different plans, each coming with a 30-day free trial, you get all the options to start a banging music website. You are just short moments away from elevating your project and scaling it through the roof.

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tilda musician website builder
You should approach web design with no boundaries and no holding back. Even if you are a newbie, nothing should intimidate you when you pick one from our list of top-notch musician website builders. Just like Tilda, all are ridiculously simple to use for a quick solution to all the goals and plans you have. Tilda comes with a large collection of over 450 ready-to-use blocks for any type of music project you would like to start. Of course, it also comes with the Zero Block function, which allows you to build custom blocks at free will.

Kick things off with a pre-made template and start tailoring it to your wants and needs. Tilda puts strong emphasis on your content and makes it viewable from any device, handheld or desktop. The outcome you are yet to realize with Tilda will also be optimized for search engines and compatible with Google Analytics. What’s more to say? Tilda is a killer tool that serves as your web design companion.

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webnode musician website builder
Webnode is a multi-functional website builder which instantaneously adapts to any purpose. For music pages exclusively, Webnode comes with seven beautiful, modern and 100% modifiable templates which you can use however you see them fit your band or artist page best. While you can stick to the default features for the fastest completion of your page, you can also go against the grain. That means you can implement your individual touch to the web design you fancy and adjust it further. Webnode sure does not shy away from any customization tweaks you would like to perform.

With Webnode, you get a chance to sort out your web presence for free. Sure, you can go directly to a premium plan, but there is no need for that. After all, Webnode grows with you and makes sure your website runs smoothly at all times. What’s more, it pretty much takes you only five minutes to set up an active music page with Webnode. What are you waiting for? Get your page live today.

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Site123 Website Builder

site123 musician website builder
If you are an amateur artist or a professional musician looking to have a comfortable-to-use musician website builder, then you should check Site123. Apart from being known as a go-to service for entrepreneurs and marketers, Site123 is also an ideal tool for creative people. What might already convince you to use this site editor is the fact that Site123 offers you to use its material free of charge. There is no need to think twice; go ahead, jump on board and see what is possible with Site123.

Site123 comes with stunning website templates that you can alter according to your music or genre smoothly. Some of the other fantastic Site123 features include free hosting, mobile friendliness, SEO tools, custom domains and even an online store. Of course, the free plan comes quite limited, but it’s still powerful enough to create a page quickly. All it takes are three steps and you are ready to start making progress.

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webstarts musician website builder
Webstarts is more than just a site builder for blogs and online stores. Thanks to its flexibility and highly customizable features, Webstarts can easily become a musician website builder. Creating a website is kid’s stuff with Webstarts, that is for sure. All it takes are three simple steps and you are done. Just select a design, choose a domain name and customize it for aesthetic and traffic-driving purposes. Regardless of your background and prior coding knowledge, you can make use of Webstarts without any programming or design skills.

In the bundle of great traits, Webstarts comes equipped with live chat, mobile-ready layout, cross-browser compatibility and image editing. You can even disable right click on your website if that is something you are interested in. Still, the one thing that will definitely spark your interest is the fact that Webstarts comes free of charge and only takes thirty seconds to setup.

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pagecloud musician website builder
If you want to save your precious time creating a website, then you should try Pagecloud today. It is a versatile site building service that can conveniently transform into your own musician website builder. With Pagecloud, musicians, artists, bands and even promoters get an opportunity to express themselves through the do-it-yourself site creation process. However, there is no need for in-depth coding and web design skills. Pagecloud is one of the best drag and drop site editors applicable to both newbies and pros.

When crafting the desired page, you do it all visually; thus, you to see the changes you make instantly. This method alone saves you a lot of time and effort for the swiftest website establishment. With Pagecloud, you also get reliable hosting and security, loads of apps, SEO tools and fantastic site settings. Managing your music page with Pagecloud will feel very natural, even though it might be the very first page you are building.

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IM Creator

im creator musician website builder
IM Creator is a modern looking and sophisticated site building software used by entrepreneurs, musician and artists alike. People who are into music, whether creating or selling, use IM Creator as their reliable musician website builder. With over 17 million websites and counting under their belt, IM Creator continues to better itself, especially in serving the music industry.

If you are not tech-savvy, you will still find the site creation process fun and undemanding with IM Creator. Due to the number of assets, like free hosting, effects, animations, slideshows and pre-designed themes, you will have the outcome up at warp speed. Bear in mind, although IM Creator free website maker is extremely unchallenging to use, their support team is still available to you for any questions you may have. One more goodie of IM Creator that needs extra shine is the XPRS mobile app for you to update your page from your smartphone or tablet.

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