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27 Top-Notch Website Builders for Blogs 2021


If you are an avid writer, a blogger or even an author, you better check out these website builders for blogs.

After all, why wouldn’t you want to run your own page where you could share all the amazing stories and adventures you have to tell? I know, right? That shouldn’t even be a question.

“But I have no coding nor design skills or experience.”

If that is the first thing that popped into your mind, forget all about it this instant. When you choose any of the page editors we have in store for you, you do not need to be tech-savvy at all!

That means there is no need for any technical background nor do you need to be a designer. In fact, it is the website builder of your pick that will turn you into a web developer, even though you might not be one just yet.

In this day and age, you can become a blogger faster and easier than ever. If you have a sense of writing, you travel a lot, are passionate about fashion, enjoy cooking, or do other fun things, you can turn your experiences into compelling stories. All you need is a website builder for blogs and you are already on the right track. Jump in with both feet and start the journey now for a chance to discover a whole new world of opportunities.

Best Website Builders for Blogs


wix website builder for blogs
With today’s diverse online platforms and activities, blogging is one of the most common avenues for self-expression. Whether you are a beginner online or are a professional blogger, you definitely need website builders for blogs. And one of the highly recommended software in the market today is Wix. This type of online platform offers you freedom to create anything your heart desires, for anything is possible with this site builder.

When creating your own blogging page, you may choose to start from scratch or simply enjoy the benefit of over 500 designer-made templates. You can also give life to your blog with a video background, animations and loads of other effects. Nothing should be stopping you when you gain access to the amazing and highly adaptable Wix. The tool is packed with goodies and is ridiculously simple to use. It even includes artificial design intelligence for your convenience. How intriguing does that sound? Get on board and start the blog of your dreams today.

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squarespace website builder for blogs
Creating a blog, whether a personal or corporate, has never been easier. Gone were the days where you had to have decent coding knowledge and web designing skills in order to create your own blog or website. With the help of Squarespace, as one of the best and most experienced website builders for blogs, anyone who has no prior background in coding and design can effortlessly craft their own web space. Right from the very start, the result will be very stunning, thanks to the numerous layouts that are customizable according to your preference.

To increase the hype, many celebrities and other superstars use Squarespace as their go-to tool. Join the community and hammer out a neat, clean and advanced blog that will spark everyone’s interest. Connect your page with social media platforms and show the world how sociable you are. Squarespace is a platform that helps you build and host the page for a continuous and smooth operation.

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zyro website builder
When it comes to building a blog, you can make it happen easily with Zyro. You start pretty much the same as you would create any other website with Zyro. Select from very many outstanding and ready-to-use templates, which will save you a ton of time and energy. Once you have the look set, locate the toolbar’s blog symbol, and that’s it. How simple was that?

You can use Zyro for any type of blog, as it is no problem going very niche or even more general with Zyro. This resourceful website builder is for everyone. Moreover, it is SEO-friendly, fast loading and optimized for all modern devices, mobile and desktop. Keep in mind; if you are unsure about your blog’s name, you can also use Zyro’s business name generator.

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site123 website builder for blogs
Since blogging is so popular even to this day, every site building platform will offer a way for you to create a blog for yourself. And it does not really matter what type of blog you would like to construct; niche or generic, it is all possible with Site123 website builder for bloggers. Take it to your full advantage and have the outcome up and ready to go live in close to no time. As you know by now, even Site123 does not require any prior programming knowledge, just like all the rest you find in this list. You will never need to touch a single line of code!

First, Site123 offers you to choose from its many ready-to-use templates and start from there. With the best fitting layout, there is a great chance that you will need to perform very little work afterward. Edit it with your signature style and start releasing and managing your enticing posts. Site123 also comes with its own commenting system, an option to schedule posts and even to share them on social media.

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weblium website builder for blogs
Building a blog is pretty much as easy as pie once you gain access to the right tools. After all, why would you even want to create it from the ground up if you do not have to, right? You can speed the process up with Weblium and all the very many features and functions that it has available for you. From ready-to-use theme designs to drag and drop builder and AI (artificial intelligence), Weblium makes it feel like you are a pro even when building your first page.

With Weblium, you also do not need to worry about the technical aspects of your blog. It takes care of responsiveness, hosting, domain name, SEO-friendliness, you name it! Like that would not be enough already, you can also start for free.

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medium website builder for blogs
I am pretty sure you were not expecting to see Medium on this list of website builders for blogs. Well, it is free, simple to use and gets you going immediately – seems like a perfect fit. While you can use Medium to browse thousands upon thousands of articles on any topic you can think of, you can also use Medium as your creative hub of sharing anything and everything that is on your mind. Whether you would like to use Medium for your personal life experiences or primarily for business, whatever the case, you can make it happen with Medium.

With Medium, you do not really need anything else than your email or Facebook account, and you are ready to rock and roll. You can start building your portfolio of articles right away and begin attracting hungry readers from all over the globe.

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ghost website builder for blogs
Ghost is a remarkable alternative that you can use for publishing articles and create a blog that fits your style ideally. Whether you would like to forge a personal blog or such for growing your business, with Ghost, you can do both and then some. If you are looking for something else, let Ghost be the one and experience a quick start right now. With the free 14 day trial, you can earn yourself enough time to see how much is possible with Ghost. Not just that, but how easy and effortless it is using this amazing platform.

Beginner and user-friendly intuitive editor, mobile-friendliness, desktop and mobile apps, SEO features, memberships and compatibility with countless tools, Ghost is a blog builder that goes over and beyond. After the free test, you can pick any of the three plans and enjoy scaling your traffic to new heights.

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tilda website builder for blogs
Tilda is one of the fastest growing site-building platforms out there, with over 450 ready-made blocks you can use for your projects, which includes blogging, eCommerce, and other marketing activities. It has the capacity to cater to your niche and realize all the ideas you may have to build your online presence. With its intuitive website editor, you are able to create your own blog site without the need for in-depth coding and design skills. Coding is not a necessity when you use Tilda to create your blog page.

It all happens to be pretty straightforward, for every newbie to get things done the professional way. With this in mind, look no further and start utilizing the amazing power of the incredible Tilda and shine. Moreover, when you face some concerns, Tilda’s reliable customer support is always available to assist you.

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zoho website builder for blogs
If you are passionate about expressing your online skills, talent and inner self, you should check Zoho as soon as possible. Better said, right now. This page builder promises the best help in blogging and other related online practices. With Zoho, you get to enjoy new and unique features that are ready to boost your online presence or brand. It comes with loads of responsive and mobile-ready templates through which you may unleash your creativity and communicate your creative imagination.

Aside from the ready-to-use web designs, Zoho is also equipped with security features, search engine optimization tools and traffic statistics. You can also add colleagues and even users to have access to particular pages and to contribute. In addition, you can protect certain sections of your page and make it private. By utilizing Zoho, you have all these fantastic features which you can employ and use however you see them fit best.

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IM Creator Builder For Blogs

im creator website builder for blogs
Blogging doesn’t need to be difficult and confusing, which is why using one of the best website builders for blogs is a must. In order to get proper guidance with what is new and what is in, you should check the most recent site building services like IM Creator. It is your free blog builder that is, indeed, intended for a broad specter of purposes. You will find it a breeze coming up with your ideal web design and begin getting your word out there. One thing is for sure: it will include a lot of joy and fun.

With over 17 million users and counting, you are definitely assured that IM Creator indicates to stay around for a very long time. The software is packed with various features that will do you well, from scalability and first-class SEO technologies to hosting and full-blown support. You can also update your website on the go with IM Creator’s XPRS mobile app.

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weebly website builder for blogs
If you choose to create your own blog rather than hire a professional web developer, you should be prepared for it, knowledge- and skill-wise. However, with the arrival of Weebly, in-depth coding and designing skills have become a thing of the past. For everyone out there who is planning to make a blog, you can now do it quickly and efficiently without a single drop of sweat. With Weebly as your website builder for blogs, you are guaranteed an easy and navigable process. It all becomes a breeze!

Not only will creating a blog become simple, but with Weebly, managing and maintaining it successfully with also be effortless. In a bundle of valuable features, some of the main ones include pre-designed templates, mobile-readiness, cutting-edge apps and blog statistics. Another neat asset of Weebly is the mobile application version of it, meaning you can update your page from your handheld device.

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pagecloud website builder for blogs
In the new age we live in, bringing into being a blog is as convenient and fast as possible. With the various site building software that you get access to, starting a new chapter in your life is a breeze. Thanks to products like Pagecloud, you can do it all on your own, without the need to ask anyone to help you out. Heck, you do not even need to hire a coder or a designer to do it for you; thus, you save not only time, but money as well!

If you are looking for a website builder for blogs known for its excellent drag-and-drop functionalities, you should try Pagecloud immediately. Whether you are a journalist, a fashion enthusiast, a traveler, you name it, Pagecloud has you covered if you wish to share your thoughts online via a blog page.

Apart from the highly customizable website templates, you can also enjoy other useful qualities, like apps, SEO tools, image editing and web hosting.

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ucraft website builder for blogs
Making an active, intriguing and professional blog is too simple to be true when it comes to one fine website builder for blogs, uCraft. In just a few simple steps, you can have your own page all set up and ready for your enthralling articles. No hard work included. There are loads of features and assets that come included with the software for you to shine on the world wide web with a unique design.

Whether you’re creating your very first blog post or 100th, uCraft provides a fantastic Articles App function that makes post creation child’s play. Along with the basics, you can also get creative with typography and add a distinct feel to it. Incorporate other visual content and make it even more eye-friendly.

With uCraft, you will also have an opportunity to optimize all your articles for search engines and get ranked better for the desired keywords. Furthermore, social sharing, commenting system and outstanding designs are other goodies that hit you for a blog that will move mountains.

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webstarts website builder for blogs
To get started on the web like a professional and expand your reach, you should put effort into creating a blog for your brand or niche. Perhaps, one of your concerns is the task involved in blog creation. There is no need for you to doubt or even be scared in creating your web space. With the advantage of a website builder for blogs, you can now easily and effortlessly create your own one quickly.

One of the highly recommended platforms for building a blog is Webstarts. Hence the name, it helps you kickstart your blogging career with a banging page that will turn heads. And the best part? You can start for free and only later scale things up to a premium plan when you grow to a larger volume of consistent traffic.

The complete procedure of realizing your blog only takes three steps, and you can already go live. No need to use a 3rd party domain registrar and web hosting service; it is all bundled in Webstarts.

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voog website builder for blogs
Blogging can be a ton of fun (and you can even make a full-time living out of it). However, when starting out, well, many do not even know where to start. If you already have a brilliant idea for your blog, grab a website builder for blogs and realize it in no time. One of the tools that will get you going like a champ is Voog. It comes with a broad selection of layouts and features which you can take to your full advantage out of the box.

If you truly are creating your very first blog, make sure you first watch all the video material that Voog has in store for you. You will soon find out how simple the process is. Once you get the gist of it, you can start with Voog free of charge and make a difference. In barely any time, you will have a blog active and live, ready for your compelling content.

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GoDaddy Builder For Blogs

godaddy website builder for blogs
Whether you would like to create a personal, a lifestyle, a fashion, a sports or a food blog, GoDaddy has you fully sorted out. With its convenient website builder, you can now establish your dream blog without a single drop of sweat. Of course, GoDaddy also has you covered with a domain name and web hosting, keeping your blog live at all times, running smoothly as butter. You do not need to have any coding knowledge for the chance to succeed with GoDaddy. Anyone can use it, from beginners to professionals.

The blog you are about to set up with GoDaddy website builder will be responsive, mobile-ready, SEO-friendly and optimized for impressive performance. You can kick off your blogging adventure now and start growing your loyal following as of today. Share your story with the world and keep everyone engaged and hungry for more.

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one website builder for blogs
Web hosting, domain names and website builder for blogs packed into one software that goes by the name One. That is all you will ever really need when it comes to going on the web and starting your thing. One accounts from where you handle it all with ease. It is One that brings it to the table and it is you who will put it to play and see instant results. Results being you owning a modern, mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible blog of any niche. However active the blog will be is entirely up to you.

One hooks you up with many spectacular ready-to-use templates which you can employ out of the box. Of course, making them follow your purpose would be highly advisable, but not really necessary. You can fine-tune it later if you wish to. Anyhow, other features of One are SSL certificate, user-friendly drag and drop interface, unlimited bandwidth and social sharing. Without a doubt, you can now comfortably enter the online streets with a banging blog and kick off your career.

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elementor website builder for blogs
If you are using WordPress as your go-to content management system (CMS), you definitely need to check out Elementor. While a super versatile and multi-purpose drag and drop page editor, Elementor is also a fantastic website builder for blogs. No need to feel limited in any way with Elementor, for it instantly adjusts and adapts to your needs and intentions. In addition, even if you are already using a theme that you are satisfied with, get help from Elementor and bring your web design to an entirely new degree.

Elementor works with any WordPress theme and does not require any prior coding knowledge. Even if it is your first time, it is a guarantee that your end product will be a smooth, mobile-ready, sophisticated and first-rate blog which folks will love to return for fresh articles. You can start from scratch or you can pick up a template and numerous preset web elements. Whatever the case, you will definitely shine online.

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ukit website builder for blogs
When employing uKit, you have your entire blogging kit, ready and set to realize your goals and get your blogging career a proper start. With a page that you will bring to reality, you unlock a new horizon of possibilities that will take you to new heights. uKit, as your website builder for blogs, you can go about designing and establishing a professional web space with your own distinguishing style. With over 350 designs in 38 categories, you have a ton of options out of the box. Of course, you can step things up by improving the layout you dig the most and make it your own.

With the swift dragging and dropping technique, you can tailor the web design to your demands and see the difference in an instant. Custom color schemes and fonts, grid-based layout, unlimited possibilities and the list of characteristics uKit comes with goes on and on. Even when it gets to marketing and analyzing your blog, uKit has all the features and tools part of the deal.

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jimdo best website builder for blogs
Creating a personal or business blog has been easier with the use of a convenient online platform. If you came all the way this far, you already know what’s the case. One cracking website builder for blogs is Jimdo. With it, you can start your own online project in the shortest amount of time possible. Blog creation, according to Jimdo, will likely take you only three minutes, thanks to Dolphin. First, it was Jimdo and now it is Dolphin, what is going on? No need to be confused. Dolphin is a special artificial intelligence design feature that Jimdo offers to anyone who is in a hurry. In brief, Dolphin picks up the right web design for you and saves you a ton of time.

However, if you are into a more complex blog creation with more design freedom, you may enjoy using Jimdo Creator. In other words, if you want to dive into the creative process yourself, this is the tool you need. Still, coding knowledge is not mandatory.

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readymag website builder for blogs
When kicking things off on the web, even if it’s something as simple as a blog, you should check Readymag. You can trust Readymag as your website builder for blogs, as well as magazines, portfolios and other types of web presentations. It sure is a versatile software that is meant for all sorts of online publications and advertisement of different contents. Forget about the coding and the necessity of web design skills; Readymag offers a brisk and straightforward method of creating your own blog.

Whether you want a personal blog or a niche-related blog, you can always turn to Readymag and its simple drag and drop interface. The tool focuses on your works, your articles, outstanding performance and top-notch user experience that will take you to a new level. Start with a blank canvas or utilize any of the ready-to-use layouts and skyrocket the establishment of your blog. All Readymag blogs are mobile- and retina-ready, cross-browser compatible, SEO-friendly and very enjoyable to read.

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Strikingly Website Builder For Blogs

strikingly website builder for blogs
Are you looking to create an impactful blog for yourself or your brand? Then you should not leave out Strikingly as your website builder for blogs. Strikingly gives everyone a chance to create a blog, devoid of the complex coding and design tasks. There is no requirement for any technical knowledge whatsoever when you get things moving forward with Strikingly. All the hard work has already been done for you so you can enjoy a smooth experience regardless of the level of talent or skill you may have.

When you craft your blog with Strikingly, you can enjoy various functionalities, including, but not limited to, a custom domain name, analytics, social media feeds and sign up and contact forms. Besides, you can also password protect your content, form a media slider and benefit from enhanced security. Any time you find yourself in need of additional guidance, you can always reach out to Strikingly’s loyal customer support team and never feel lonely.

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webflow website builder for blogs
Building stuff visually enables you to be as creative as you would like with immediate and real-time results. With Webflow, you code without the code. How is this possible? As mentioned earlier, all happens visually while in the back-end, Webflow automatically creates a semantic code. Of course, you never need to touch a single line of it. Moreover, if you would like to use your creation with other projects, you can easily export the HTML code and utilize it however you fancy. Webflow awakens your inner coder and designer that you yourself did not even know of up until now.

You do not need predesigned layouts and you do not need any other web elements; you can create it all from the ground up. When you become a Webflow member, you also get access to practical video courses that will help you complete building your blog quickly and efficiently. If you need a different website builder for blogs, Webflow is a software that does it the unique way.

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bookmark website builder for blogs
Bookmark is among the best website builders for blogs that you can get your hands on today. That is all you will ever need to know about it. Of course, we will go more in-depth with it before we let you go use it and take it to your advantage. What makes Bookmark stand out is its artificial intelligence design assistant, or in short, AiDA. This will allow users like you and those who have no prior experience in site creation to forge their own page without hassle. It is AiDA that does the majority of work for you when all you need to do is to refine the web design and you are done. Simple but super effective!

Some of the features of Bookmark are SEO tools for higher rankings and expanded audience reach, mobile-ready layouts, drag and drop technology, custom domain and analytics. As a first timer, you will also find the e-learning courses on how to be successful on the web that Bookmark includes highly beneficial.

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Mozello Blog Builder

mozello website builder for blogs
Mozello is not simply reserved for online stores and other eCommerce-type businesses. You can also use it as a platform to establish and run a blog. Indeed, it does not matter how niche or how generic you would like the blog to be, Mozello will be ready for all of them. As a website builder for blogs, Mozello provides a great number of useful assets for both new and established bloggers. Whether you plan to create a personal blog for self-expression or you want to improve your brand through a business or niche-related blog, you can easily do them with Mozello.

The modern Mozello comes with a broad selection of mobile- and cross-browser-compatible layouts. Pick accordingly and start the process with most of the work done for you. Other traits of Mozello are search engine optimization features, multiple-language support, Google Analytics integration and web hosting. With Mozello, you can also start for free and only scale to a greater plan when the need arises.

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WP Bakery

wpbakery website builder for blogs
As the name suggests, with WP Bakery, you will be able to bake the neatest and tidiest WordPress blogs you can think of. It is a powerful and one of the best website builders for blogs, which you can use with any WordPress theme you currently own. On the other hand, if you are new to WP Bakery, you can employ its many pre-designed templates and kick it off straight away. WP Bakery is both a back- and a front-end page editor with an “award-winning” drag and drop technology. Just like you are used to it already, no programming talent is or will it ever be required.

With loads of content elements, add-ons, skin builder, and a killer grid creator, WP Bakery is one to think about. Before you fully commit, you can take WP Bakery on a test drive and see how much you can do with it. You will soon understand why WP Bakery is one of the top builders on the market. Sooner rather than later, you will have an impactful online journal full of captivating posts of all styles.

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Mobirise Blog Builder

mobirise website builder for blogs
While each website builder for blogs is unique in its own way, Mobirise stands out even further. For the most part, site builders are online, in-browser services but Mobirise is different. It is an offline editor for both Windows and Mac users that is both free of charge and does not call for programming knowledge. Mobirise is for everyone who is not technically skilled but still want to have their entire web presence under total control. That is all very achievable with the easy to use and convenient Mobirise.

With thousands of predesigned blocks and templates, you can tailor the web design to your needs precisely. Make it follow your personal brand to a T and go against the norm. Set custom block parameters, add your unique touch to it, preview and publish. Of course, your page will be mobile-ready, in tune with all modern browsers, SEO-friendly and performing at the highest degree.

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webnode website builder for blogs
Having a blog seems to be the trend today. After all, it is so easy and so quick to create one, it is almost a crime if you do not own it. Whether you are simply an enthusiast or a person engaged in business, blogging is a powerful method to get your word out there. Content is king. For those who would like to craft your own blog AND avoid the complexity, you should check Webnode out. It is an amazing and out-of-this-world website builder for blogs which you can employ free of charge. Working with Webnode is comfortable and feels very natural, even if you might be dealing with web development for the very first time.

Webnode comes with many stunning and ready-made layouts, effortless content management, much-needed search engine optimization and quick execution. To hype you up even more, it really only takes five minutes and you can already be attracting new readers to your blog.

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