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22 Most Jaw-Dropping Freelancer Website Templates 2020


Independent creatives who are ready to bring their online appearance to new levels, we prepared a compilation of the best freelancer website templates for you.

Even if you have barely any experience with website development, that should not be a barrier to achieve a top-notch web presence. Little do you know, you are setting the bar high and boosting your freelancing business way above the industry average. Sounds like a solid plan, don’t you think?

By choosing the freelancer website templates route, your workflow stays intact but you are still able to craft the necessary portfolio page to display your work.

While busy working on projects, on the side, you can secretly bring into being a personal website for your freelancing business.

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Along with showcasing your work, past and present projects, tell your story, share your experience and start a blog. Let those interested in working with you get familiar with what you do and what you are all about. Besides, website templates for freelancers are powerful enough to be an excellent fit for agencies and small businesses, too.

Avoid the tedious process of constantly searching for new clients. It can be a challenge that can cause a ton of stress and strain. That’s why more and more freelancers are building portfolio-rich websites with services they offer, testimonials, pricing lists and begin writing a blog for content marketing.

Follow the modern freelance worker and create your own page with help from freelancer website templates.

Best freelancer WordPress themes


divi freelancer website template
Freelancers and other creative individuals, you are in luck. Instead of pushing your portfolios on 3rd-party platforms, the time has come to take things seriously. Let’s face it, with a website, you will appear a lot more professional to the potential client. On top of that, having a page means total control of your online presence.

To cut a long story short, here is Divi, versatile and multi-concept web design for all and every freelancer out there. You do not need to build your online portfolio page from the ground up anymore, rather let Divi do the hard work for you. This nifty website skin has all the must-have available and predefined for you to utilize out of the box.

Also, with the use of Divi builder, you can enrich the layouts with your creative touch and make a custom-made variation. Let Divi present your business on the web in the best possible light and help you scale it to new heights.

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jevelin freelancer website template
The versatility of Jevelin has no limits. For as long as you approach developing a freelancer website with an open mind, Jevelin offers you to create the exact page you fancy. In short, your imagination is the only limitation you have when sorting out a nifty, impressive and contemporary web presence with the power of Jevelin. Kick it off by selecting the appropriate demo and start the journey to success like a champ. Have in mind, if you dig the look of the layout, by all means, use it exactly as is. On the other hand, step things up with the employment of WPBakery page builder and personalize Jevelin accordingly.

Jevelin is full of handy features and functions for your convenience. From Revolution Slider and Contact Form 7 to forty shortcodes, RTL optimization and fast loading speed, Jevelin sports it all and tons more. But first, do yourself a favor and watch video tutorials to get the gist of it.

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bryson freelancer website template
For the daring ones, here is Bryson. In fact, Bryson is for everyone out there who is looking for something different. As soon as you see Bryson’s live preview page, you will immediately understand what I am talking about. Bryson comes with several creative, original, out of this world and contemporary demos, perfect for freelancers. One thing is for sure, if you would like to create a strong first impression, with Bryson, you will surely make it happen without a hassle. And if the sample does not meet your expectations precisely, you can always edit it with the drag and drop page builder, WPBakery.

Bryson comes with a horde of features, like predefined shortcodes and widgets, social media integration, smooth scrolling, sticky header, dark and light modes, video background and WooCommerce compatibility. Of course, you can also sell your creations online with Bryson. On top of that, start a blog, too, share your story and go on a more personal level with all your visitors and potential clients.

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cvio freelancer website template
As a freelancer looking for ways to showcase your talent and promote your work, an online CV or resume page will do the trick. You should build an attractive and responsive portfolio so anyone can access it easily and quickly. Cvio is a freelancer website template that offers you a rich and attractive resource of content for fast execution. If you are looking to distinguish yourself from the masses, Cvio is an ideal solution to make it happen.

Build an online resume with Cvio using its unique, attractive and ready to use layouts to market and promote your services in the best possible light. It has a clean surface, and recruiters can view all the required information on a single page. Get Cvio today to boost your chances and promote yourself like a pro. With its rich dark background, it gives viewers a clear and clean view of your portfolio.

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prorez freelancer website template
Build a professional online resume with Prorez with all your works, services and skills on display. You can create a professional-looking resume site using Prorez freelance website template and take things to an entirely new degree. The template allows you to display your works such as photography, designs, video and other creative stuff to your potential clients to examine in great detail.

With a one page template that can contain your entire portfolio, everyone can learn all about your business in a matter of a few scrolls. It is easy to set up using the ready-to-use page layouts that you can alter and adjust further with the method of dragging and dropping. Prorez is engaging and properly displays the right background and theme color for appropriate viewing of your resume. In short, everyone will enjoy skimming through your online presence, learning all the amazingness about you and the stuff that you do.

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ohio creative theme
When you operate a freelancing business, create a website for it with Ohio. This allows you to represent yourself to clients professionally. With the amazing page layouts, front and internal, Ohio makes sure that all the content comes into view stunningly. Ohio also has a neat and creative touch to it so that the experience will be top-notch.

What’s more, Ohio is perfectly in tune with Elementor and WPBakery page builders. You have the right to choose to work with the one that suits you best. The layout of Ohio is also speed and SEO optimized, as well a 100% mobile and browser compatible.

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arlo creative theme
Arlo is another superb web design that any freelancer and creative individual can take to their total advantage. Today, you only need one tool to sort out a sophisticated website. In this case, it’s Arlo that takes care of everything. Page layouts, elements and components, you just mix and match and have it all set in a breeze. Of course, it’s also possible to introduce your creative touch to it and personalize Arlo accordingly.

There’s more. Arlo has different navigations, portfolio layouts, Google Fonts and a contact form. The code is also well-organized, but doing the coding work is not necessary in the first place.

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rouben freelancer wordpress theme
Freelancers in the creative space are welcome to utilize the powerful Rouben. You can choose between dark and light demos, both exceptional and appealing to the eye. Minimalism with a touch of creativity is the core characteristic of Rouben. Everyone will enjoy browsing through your content and services. Also, Rouben is in harmony with mobile and desktop devices just like any other tool on this list.

Different header styles, pop-up menu, Elementor, blog module and five exclusive intro layouts are all the goodies that Rouben has. For your information, if you would like to sell your masterpieces online, you can do that, too.

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amike freelancer website template
If you want to create a personal portfolio for your freelancing business, Amike offers the best material to get you started right away. Easy to use template with its drag and drop features, you will get your online resume running in minutes. This freelancer website template is straightforward to use, offering a fully responsive and cross-browser compatible structure. Everyone can enjoy viewing your resume on any device.

Amike provides photographers, designers, marketers, writers and other freelancers an avenue to get their portfolio online and seek potential clients. In a world where everyone has gone digital, you cannot afford to be left out with an opportunity provided by Amike. That said, take the tool to your total advantage and start making noise online sooner than later. Amike gives you an edge to land that gig you have been seeking with all the very many features and functions that it comes with.

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Best freelancer website templates


elvish freelancer website template
No matter if you are starting out or you are an established freelancer, in both cases, a sophisticated and professional page is needed. Do it in style with Elvish freelancer website template and get the traction going like experts do. Elvish might sound mystical but it its as real as you and me. It is a large tool with seventeen and counting home designs so you can easily find what would work best for you.

Elvish is build using new-age technologies, like Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3. Meaning, your page will not only be stable but it will also work seamlessly on all devices and platforms. The experience your visitors will have surfing your magnificent content will always be the same, be it using a mobile device or a desktop. When it comes to modifying the looks of Elvish, all files are organized and commented to make it a breeze.

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imozar freelancer website template
Do you have to make an expert looking portfolio website that will impress potential clients and visitors? If your answer is yes, then you should consider using Imozar, one of the top freelance website templates out there. The site canvas is best for designers, photographers, artists, or any kind of creative individual who would like to push his or her talent and work.

When you unbox Imozar, you will find all codes and files neatly organized for your convenience. It is all easy to identify so you will have a simple time when customizing and improving Imozar. You can actually configure this template to match your needs within minutes. However, chances are, you would not want to change much since predefined layouts are already so polished. And you do not even need to craft a contact form because a working AJAX one is included in the bundle.

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brabus freelancer website template
Display your inventive genius excellently and tell the whole world why your portfolio is the best. Give Brabus, a freelancer website template, a try and see for yourself what it can do. Whatever your creative spirit is all about, Brabus has numerous ready-made layouts and components that will do you well. Add flavor to the mix by customizing menus or adding scroll animations. You have full creative control, as you can pick colors, fonts and layout styles that are exclusive to your style. Of course, you can adjust and update the default look of Brabus however you fancy, too.

After the finishing touches, you can instantly go ahead and complete the process by putting your online portfolio live and be the next online sensation. Try Brabus now, see its live preview page and you will be hooked immediately.

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verno freelancer website template
A true artist will always put his or her creations on top. To help you further with monetizing them effectively, the Verno freelancer website template offers its services for every creative individual out there. Indeed, Verno works both for freelancers and agencies alike like a dream. Creating the most ideal web design is effortless with Verno. It already comes with striking demo material out of the box, but you can always take the extra step and personalize the experience. Meaning, you can modify Verno to your likings at free will.

Manage and promote your brand on any device and browser. Thanks to the Bootstrap Framework, Verno works on all platforms smoothly, adapting to every screen in a snap. With a page skin that knows how web design works, you will never get lost in walking the path to success.

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daxon freelancer website template
A relevant visual content would definitely leave a permanent positive impression on your vistiors and potential clients. This is what Daxon is all about. Your cool ideas, combined with this freelancer website template, can make your marketing dreams a reality. You can now promote yourself professionally from the start. With Daxon’s remarkable style, you will have no issue capturing their attention and scoring new project deals on a regular.

This template’s functions will totally highlight your products and services seamlessly. The demos themselves look both elegant and functional, and there are three available just for the front page. Customization will always be a breeze when working with Daxon, too. Some of the amenities are Revolution Slider, light and dark layouts, shop pages, working contact form and testimonials slider. You can also start a blog and expand your reach above and beyond.

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kotlis freelancer website template
Kotlis opens its doors to web designers, photographers, artists and other creative individuals who wish to launch a game-changing website. This freelancer website template defines user experience as it lets creatives express themselves through imagery. How come? Well, Kotlis is specialized for photographers, so expect this template to represent photos the way you want it to. This allows viewers to understand the message you are trying to get across without reading mountains of paragraphs.

Kotlis comes with seven home layouts that are exceptionally glamorous. It also includes dark and light versions, six portfolio pages, full-screen backgrounds, animations, as well as Instagram and Twitter feeds. In short, you can never go wrong with the always outstanding Kotlis. Action cures fears, so they say, so download Kotlis now and go all in with creating a strong online presence for your freelancing business.

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insee freelancer website template
If minimal and simple web design is what you strive toward, then Insee is an excellent freelancer website template for you. Whatever there is you offer your clients, you can now display it live on your site and increase your potential. All this calls is for more project deals and a thriving freelancing business. Do things like the big guys do it with Insee and see the success you always wanted to attain.

Insee is a responsive and retina ready template powered on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap. It comes with over sixty page layouts of which six are enticing home designs. With Insee, you can also start writing a blog and let potential clients get in touch with you straight away using the included contact form. With future updates, you can expect even more sample data to drop for you to refresh your website and make it even more captivating.

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jonny freelancer website template
To craft a one-page personal website that shows your freelancing business and make it flourish, Jonny is the template to look into. With the full-screen banner and text support, you can grab their attention and make them keep getting to know you better. It is the freshly designed and established page that will do the marketing for you and get them familiar with what you do. Tell more about your skills and experience and go on a more personal level with all your site guests.

Jonny is powered by Bootstrap what gives it the pliability and fluidity, so your final outcome works always and everywhere. That said, it will appear just as great on mobile devices as it will on desktops. Not to mention, Jonny does not shy away from any of the modern browser. If you need a personal page to boost your freelancing project, then you need Jonny.

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showkase freelancer website template
To showcase your work in the best possible light, Showkase is the freelancer website template that does it properly. Minimalism, creativity and professionalism are three top qualities of this fine web design. Several stylish and original home designs, loads of inner pages, blog section and killer portfolios, Showkase is packed and stacked with valuable assets.

A ton of advanced features, excellent UI/UX elements, social sharing, optimized for fast performance and loads more quality traits take your freelance project to the next level. For making something out of this world, Showkase is a great tool to do it. Every template user is also treated to free updates and a team of friendly experts. There are no boundaries that can stop you now, go all in and have a page live shortly after.

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pofo freelancer website template
Pofo is a highly creative freelancer website template with a bunch of terrific predefined demos. You will find demos for portfolios, creative sites, blogs and even a coming soon version. There are over 20 available home pages and a total of 210 pages and tons of outstanding ready-to-use elements. Building a website with Pofo will not only be fun but the end product will be following the highest standards. It is optimised for speed and search engines, coded with user-friendliness in mind and well documented.

From spine-tingling portfolio layouts to various header options with a vertical or horizontal menu, Pofo is packed with great features. It supports self-hosted videos along with YouTube and Vimeo flicks and comes with stunning interactive animations. Pofo is the ultimate template for forging the most advanced freelancer websites. You surely will not miss any features at all.

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juno freelancer website template
If you are a freelance photographer who occasionally likes to blog about the industry or your own work, we have a special photography website template for you. Juno is an HTML template with twelve available demos and eleven color schemes. You can create a marvelous photography website using Juno in the shortest space of time. With the diversity of pre-made demos, you surely will find the preferred one which will not even require much editing. Of course, you can customize Juno and that will not even be much of a big deal since its well-written code.

Juno is responsive and retina ready freelancer website template with unlimited possibilities. It even comes with three premium plugins and a solid combination of one- and multi-page options. Your portfolios will shine in the online world and all your blogs attract many readers. Hint: combine blogging with your freelancing business for more success.

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unique freelancer website template
When building a tool for constructing websites which outcome will be unique and creative, there is no better way than naming it Unique. For as long as the features and characteristics are distinctive, the name and the product are a perfect match. One thing you will notice immediately when examining live preview is that you can change navigation position from top to bottom or leave it default, on the left. You can also choose between dark and light layouts and twelve color presets.

Unique is a Bootstrap Framework website template what calls for flexibility and extensibility. Video, image and audio portfolio support, uncomplicated customization and an included RTL version, Unique has you always prepared. That said, if you are a freelance developer, with Unique, you will not have a problem fulfilling client’s requirements.

Unique is an online resume website template which freelancers will absolutely adore.

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creatink freelancer website template
Just as unique as its name is, so is the actual product. Let’s together investigate Crea;tink, a multi-concept HTML template with one of the largest amount of demos available to every user. Sit tight because the number is immense. Crea;tink has a banging 40+ demos that range from creative, photography, personal and portfolio amongst many more in between. With numerous features and an endless amount of features, you can go as artistic or as basic as you want with Crea;tink template.

Every freelancer on this planet can design a website to advertise his or her talent. Like the amount of predefined demos would not be enough, Crea;tink also delivers four premium goodies free of charge. These are Slider Revolution, Vanilla Contact Form, Slim Icon Set and flat concept graphics. I could go and on and on with how amazing Crea;tink is but I do not want to ruin all the fun for you. I will only add one last thing: Crea;tink is for everyone.

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