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32 Best Free Travel Website Templates 2020


If the tourism industry appeals to you, these best free travel website templates are a great starting point. They work for anything, from travel agencies and travel bloggers to hotels and other accommodation businesses

Even though you can use 3rd-party platforms to market your business, do not forget about the power of a website. Hint: offer online booking on your website and you avoid fees.

You can go very in detail with the presentation of your location, rooms, restaurant and services. On the other hand, get everyone familiar with your must-see travel destination. Then again, if you are an avid blogger, create comprehensive online journals that will document your adventures.

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The options are endless.

To help you start online as quickly as possible, we also added several WordPress themes to accompany all the amazing free website templates.

All these web designs are full of practical features and stunning designs. Ideally, you can just mix and match the available and start pushing the boundaries already. But if you would like to brand the default appearance and introduce your creative touch, that’s an option, too.

Let’s move forward now and enjoy many masterpieces that will save you a ton of time and energy. Enter the travel industry with a bang.

Best WordPress travel themes


divi travel website template
Any business in the travel and tourism industry can successfully create a page with Divi. It is a multi-functional product with a horde of options for you to take to your advantage. You will barely need to do any work, especially if you like the predefined demo material out of the box. Of course, with the Divi builder, you can modify and fine-tune the look according to the taste. In fact, you can even edit smartphone, tablet and desktop version of your website separately. In short, Divi is no joke.

Start spreading the word out with a nifty travel website that will take your business to new heights. To your luck, you need to be no expert to hammer out the page of your dream. With Divi’s user-friendliness, absolutely anyone can make the site that will take care of their travel project’s online presence entirely.

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Jevelin is a multi-purpose web design that starts you on the web in little to no time. After all, the majority of work is already done for you, all set up and prepared for the launch. You can push your travel agency or even start a travel blog, the extendability and flexibility of Jevelin go through the roof. To top it all up, Jevelin comes with WPBakery drag and drop page builder which keeps you away from performing any coding. In short, you do the programming work visually with Jevelin. This calls for a fun experience, which gives instant results.

Other amenities of Jevelin are Slider Revolution, over forty shortcodes, mega menu, parallax effect, smooth scrolling, Contact Form 7 and testimonials. The layout instantly reshapes to all devices, too, and operates butter smoothly on web browsers and retina screens.

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vasco travel website template
If you are particularly interested in starting a travel blog, you came to the right place. Vasco is a fantastic page canvas that will get you going right away. With its modern, creative and original look, you will create a fantastic atmosphere and an experience like none out there. While you can employ Vasco exactly as is, you can also step things up and enrich it with your creative touches. You can indeed incorporate drag and drop page builder, too, and take customization to an entirely new level – without the need to code.

Start sharing your adventurous life with the globe and begin building a loyal community of travelers. No need to worry about responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility, as Vasco follows all the modern trends and regulations for your convenience.

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Free HTML Travel Website Templates

The HTML travel website templates help you to create a simple travel website in no time. Most of the modern HTML5 templates and CSS3 website templates are mobile responsive by default. The free hotel website templates help you save some money and you can use it for other important expenses. Following are the best free travel website templates in HTML.


Travelo Free Template
Travelo, as the name suggests, is a free travel website template for agencies, tours and other tourist-related objectives. If you are looking to establish a clean, modern and impactful website, you better consider Travelo. The tool comes very organized and easy to use, making sure everyone gets the most out of it right from the get-go. Of course, Travelo is an HTML template, requiring coding knowledge to turn it into a functional website.

Moreover, Travelo comes with an array of features that will help you stand out from the masses. From slider and call-to-actions to sticky navigation, drop-down menu, video support and testimonials, it is all part of the Travelo kit. Everyone will absolutely enjoy browsing your content from whichever device they prefer, too, as Travelo is a Bootstrap Framework template.

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Trips Free Template
Trips is an up-to-the-minute free template for anything travel and tourism-related. It is a flexible and extendable solution that works for all sorts of intention, even if using it out of the box. The clean and minimal design makes sure it caters to different tastes without a hitch. And it will! Of course, you can also style and fine-tune Trips to your liking, making it follow your branding directions.

Massive banner, video support, on scroll content loading, home and internal page layouts, testimonials, you name it, Trips sports tons of predefined materials for your convenience. A blog section and a contact page with a functional form are also included in the kit for you to profit from. Instead of doing the job from zero, use Trips as a solid starting point to realizing a dope travel website.

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Pacific Free Template
Pacific is an interesting web design that creates a neat online presence for a travel agency. It is a Bootstrap Framework template that adapts to all modern screen sizes seamlessly. With the full-screen background image, you welcome every visitor to your world of amazing destinations. But it does not end here.

Pacific loads content on scroll, features a sticky menu, supports video content and does not miss customer feedback carousels. You can even start a blog where you share tips and tricks on how to travel on a budget, safely, feature best destinations and other goodies.

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Travel2 Free Template
To start online like a champ with your travel agency, use Travel2. This is a free HTML tool, but it is more premium-like than free. Travel2 includes a lot of amenities that you can put into play for an exceptional outcome. Full-screen slider and typewriter effect are two unique features that create an attention-grabbing effect.

Travel2 also includes CTAs, a multi-level drop-down menu, carousels, animated stats and a services section. A working contact form and Google Maps integration are also included in the bundle. Expand your reach and grow your tourism business to new heights with Travel2. All the necessary equipment is at your fingertips.

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Hepta Free Template
Hepta is a trendy and minimal template for tours and travels. If this is what you specialize in, creating a travel website will be quick with Hepta. Even though coding knowledge is necessary to work with this HTML template, the structure is well-organized for your convenience. But there is a very good chance that you will want to use Hepta as is.

Some of the highlights of Hepta are scroll down button, slider, customer testimonials, full-screen menu overlay and compatibility with devices. Also, do not miss creating a beautiful gallery to showcase top destinations and interesting places.

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Tourbi Free Template
If you are bringing to the masses a new travel agency or you would like to freshen up your existing one’s online presence, enjoy using Tourbi. This free travel website template is a pack of goodies that will do the trick out of the box. After all, the appearance of Tourbi is very neat and sophisticated, working fantastically well as is. Not just that, but Tourbi also comes with many goodies and exclusive amenities for you to take into account.

Of course, the design is entirely flexible and mobile-ready, working on all devices flawlessly. Other treats of Tourbi include a sticky menu, call-to-action buttons, hover effects, blog, social media icons, Google Maps and contact form. With its vibrant color schemes, Tourbi makes sure to establish a pleasant first impression on all your potential customers. Make the most out of the web and scale your travel business with the use of Tourbi.

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travelers free template
Travelers is as the name suggests a free travel website template with a killer design that will start your website development in a small breeze. As far as the look goes, that is not something you have to worry about any longer. Put it to use and turn Travelers into an active website that will give your travel agency an edge. There is no need to, but you can effortlessly fine-tune the layout and make it meet your expectations to a T. On the other hand, utilize it as is and have a page up and running swiftly while still achieving the same professional levels.

Like a proper modern template, Travelers rocks all the recent trends and practices all the latest web regulations. It is responsive and retina-ready, as well as compatible with all modern web browsers.

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taxa free template
Taxa is a clean, engaging, vivid and contemporary free travel website template. As a travel agency or a tours organizer, Taxa is here to take care of your web space with a great collection of handy features. You will have a lot of fun using it since Taxa is user-friendly and structured smartly and conveniently. Sure, the basic knowledge is necessary but other than that that’s all you need to work with Taxa.

Taxa comes with a striking full-screen banner that will wow and impress all your guests. From then on, they will immediately turn into potential customers. It is Taxa and your outstanding offerings that will take them through an unforgettable journey that will make them book a trip without giving it a second thought. Put yourself in front of the right audience with Taxa and thrive.

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beyond free template
If minimalism and cleanness are the two characteristics you always look in a website, you will fall in love with Beyond right off the bat. This free travel website template has a magnificent web design that will intrigue everyone and encourage them to take action on the first visit. Push your latest destinations, special deals and other popular locations that you offer your customers to travel to. Help them out pick the right destination with compelling imagery, comprehensive description and even a video presentation. Beyond supports all types of custom content you would like to bring to the table so use it to its full potential.

No doubt, with Beyond, you can go beyond belief and attain the type of results they were once hard to comprehend. You have the solution right in front of you, download it now and start making big moves.

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ruft free template
Chances are, if you came all the way this far, you are passionate about traveling and everything else related to travels, adventures and odysseys. Moreover, if you are an avid writer and a passionate blogger, combine it into a successful travel blog with Ruft. Bloggers and journalist, you can now start your very own project and share your story with the entire world. Regardless of you current location, with a laptop and Wi-Fi connection, you can regularly release fresh content that others crave.

Ruft is also in tune with all devices, mobile and desktops, so that they can access it anytime and anywhere. It is also optimized for search engines and speed to ensure excellent performance. The features and the simplistic and creative layout are there, just a click on the download button away. Do not miss the opportunity and shine online.

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fantasy free template
If blogging and visiting places around the world is what you live for, start your own online project with Fantasy. With this free travel website template, you can kick off your online presence and tell your story. No matter what you plan to write about, Fantasy is easy to accommodate. Even if you would like to alter the default setting of Fantasy slightly, you can do that, too! However, Fantasy is neat and tidy out of the box, catering to a lot of different tastes. On top of that, Fantasy also has a distinctive touch that will help you go against the norm and stand out from the masses.

Fantasy is at your complete disposal, excited to realize your ideas and plans once and for all. If traditional blog look does not feel right for you, do yourself a favor and make a difference with Fantasy.

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major free template
In this bundle of the best free travel website templates, you will find such for agencies, hotels, blogs and other tourism-related businesses. Major is an ideal tool for hotels and resorts but also adjusts to other accommodation businesses without trouble. Use it however you see it match your regulations best and go from there. Once you are done doing editing and adjusting the web design, you are ready to impress your existing and new customers with a fine refreshment.

Some of the features of Major are parallax effect, date picker, advanced search function, sticky navbar, contact form and Google Maps. If you have a lot going on over at your hotel on a regular basis, Major’s blog section will suit you best. Announce upcoming events, share special deals and other useful information that will benefit the end user.

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Adventure 2

adventure2 free template
Offer people to discover new remarkable places without breaking a single drop of sweat. Let them enjoy what you offer by heading over to your page where you have all the fantastic pictures and outstanding stories that will take their breath away. Adventure 2 is a free travel website template for agencies. It creates a magnificent atmosphere that makes everyone want to go on a trip they were dying to go on for a long time. Thanks to your new website and the services you provide, the action is inevitable.

As far as the technical aspect of Adventure 2 goes, the tool ensures mobile-readiness, cross-browser compatibility, retina-friendliness and an enviable performance. Other goodies are animated statistics, parallax effect, testimonials and newsletter subscription form. You should not be wasting any more time and start crafting your travel agency website for good.

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direngine free template
Travel agencies and other tourism businesses, Direngine is the free website template that takes away all the hassle in web development. At least when it comes to web design, Direngine is a full-blown tool that takes care of the look to the very last detail. You will find Direngine very appealing to the eye, barely wanting to make any changes to the out of the box version. See the live preview and let it knock your socks off. Yes, that powerful and stunning Direngine is!

Aside from the visual aspect, Direngine also ensures responsiveness, compatibility with modern devices and browsers, as well as search engine optimization. Have your web space in full control and manage and maintain it with ease. Gain access to the amazingness now and have a functional travel website live in little to no time.

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voyage free template
There are many free travel website templates we have in store for you and Voyage is one fine tool you will enjoy greatly. First and foremost, Voyage is fully responsive and mobile and retina-ready. Meaning, your website will adapt to any type of device in an instant for all your users to get the most out of your page. Whether it is a smartphone or a laptop, not to mention, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer, Voyage is flexible enough to work with all gadgets and web browsers.

Some of the features of this killer tool are massive, full-width slider, advanced search feature, on scroll content load and newsletter subscription form. You can also add a promotional video and start writing a travel blog and use it as a content marketing. In fact, you can use the blog section as a standalone page easily.

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travello free template
Travello is a Bootstrap-based free travel website template which provides all the necessary for crafting a fully functional page. From a splendid home page to several internal sections with amazing features and assets, Travello makes sure you are equipped with all the material you require to complete your travel agency’s website in style. For the most part, you will only want to edit layouts with your content and enrich them with your imagery. But you can go beyond that, too.

If you would like to make improvements and customize Travello, you can do that at free will. Alter it in a way it follows your branding to the T and emphasizes your amazing destinations and other fantastic services you provide. Travello has a sticky and transparent navigation, parallax effect and a unique and attention-grabbing footer section with newsletter subscription. You can clearly stand out from the crowd with a website that is founded on the remarkable Travello.

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Travel Free Template
For travel agencies, you could not get yourself a better free travel website template than Travelista is. However, you know already that we always prepare a collection of the most exceptional tools for the greatest projects of yours, helping you to craft the desired page as fast as possible. What’s more, all these free tools have loads of goodies available and do not really give a feeling that they actually cost you nothing. And Travelista is no different when it comes to professional web design and excellent features.

Travelista welcomes every visitor with a full-screen banner, text, call-to-action button and a search form which you can use for flight, hotels, holidays and more. Of course, all these elements are fully editable for you to use them however you see them fit your brand best. Travelista sports a clean and stylish design which adjusts to all modern devices and browsers and is optimized for fast speed to make sure your page runs butter smoothly at all times.

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Travelix free template
If you help people discover the world and unlock them the chance to realize their dream trip, you better have an online presence sorted out. Whether you are starting an agency or feel like your website is in need of a redesign, Travelix free travel website template is what you need. It is equipped with great features and assets for you to deliver marvelous experiences in a persuasive way.

From the full-screen slider and advanced search option to sticky and transparent navigation and a broad range of other goodies, Travelix is ready for you. With the travel-first focus, Travelix covers all sorts of stuff, like car rental, flights, cruises, trips and activities. Modern and bright web design with an awesome and functional contact form takes each user on an adventure through your offerings. For your information, Travelix also comes with a news section which you can use for a travel blog even as a separate page.

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Destino free template
All travel destinations become a reality with Destino free travel website template. The contemporary, bold and clean web design of Destino sparks interest in everyone that visits your page. It will not be a problem convincing guests to book a trip through your travel agency due to the great deals you have. On top of that, the experience finding their desired trip will be a flawless one no matter the device they use. Meaning, Destino is entirely mobile and retina screen ready, as well as compatible with modern web browsers.

Great search option, awesome site navigation and mesmerizing parallax effect enhance user experience. Destino also supports promotional videos and allows you to capture users’ emails with the handy newsletter subscription. Besides, Destino also sports a working contact form and comes with integrated Google Maps. You only need to turn it into a functional website and let Destino do magic with its fabulous look.

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Luxehotel free template
For luxury hotels and resorts exclusively, here is Luxehotel. It has an opulent and minimal layout which takes every visitor on an exploit of magnificence. Surprisingly, Luxehotel keeps things fairly simple with a great attention to detail and your offerings. Even for your must-visit hotel restaurant, Luxehotel has a special section to push your food and drinks menus.

Check-in and check-out date pickers, full-width slider, compelling about section with on-scroll content load and fully functional contact page, Luxehotel is here to take care of your needs. It is a convenient concept for hotel owners who are in need of an enticing website to keep things professional across all sectors of their business. That is exactly what you can accomplish with Luxehotel without the need to create a page from scratch.

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Tour is a mobile responsive travel website template. It is a colorful website template with modern web elements. This template is designed for the travel agencies and guide services. But the layout design of the template fits for any type of tourism and travel business.

Each segment is differentiated elegantly with neat bright colors. This template also provides price index section. In the price section, you can show the location photo, a short description of your service and call to action button.

In the price insdex section for easy navigation, tabbed interface is provided. The user can switch between different tabs to find the appropriate tourist package for them.

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With free travel website template, Villa, it is a guarantee that all your site visitors will quickly turn into loyal clients. Luxuriating them with a sophisticated page is something you can achieve effortlessly. After all, it is Villa who we speak about. A template full of great characteristics, great optimization features and, most importantly, simple to use. Beginners and pros, you can all attain the same level of professionalism with Villa. Visit its live preview page and be astounded.

Villa creates a strong first impression with the integrated full-screen banner which you can use for all sort of intentions. To inspire or to push special deals, it is all possible. Moreover, a combination of white background with pattern, appealing gallery slider and blog make Villa a template to reach the levels of extraordinary. Market your hotel and restaurant resort on the internet and expand your accommodations business.

More info / Download


Dorne is a perfectly designed travel website templates for travel agencies. This template follows modern design layout with trendy fonts and cool colors. It is a one-page website template, helps you to portray your services elegantly in a single page.

At the header section itself, you get the call to action button. As soon as the users land on your page, they can see an advanced search option. It helps to retain the visitors in your site for some time.

The content blocks are designed smartly so that it can handle both images and text efficiently. The gallery section in this template follows masonry style. The hover effects on the gallery images are also done neatly. At the bottom, you get an interactive map along with a contact form.

More info / Download


Adventure free travel website template

Adventure is a well-thought design template for any type of travel business. With the bright white background and solid colors, this template easily gets people’s attention.

In the header section, you get a big image slider, where you can show your tourism and travel business services. The transition effects of the image slider look simple and professional. Below the header section, you get a booking form, this saves the visitors time for searching the booking options.

It is a one-page website template, which helps to showcase your services neatly. You also get a gallery section and portfolio section to show beautiful pictures of the places. The hover effects on the gallery images are neatly designed so that the user can know the name of the place.

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Philosophy is something that every travel blogger will enjoy through the roof. It is a, needless to say, free blog template with great capabilities to adapt to your project needs quickly. While you can use Philosophy for almost any niche blog, it is also a superb solution for your travels and adventures. Tell your story and let Philosophy make it shine on the web.

Some of the essential features of Philosophy are responsiveness, compatibility with all devices and browsers, as well as simplicity. As far as the latter goes, it applies both to the web design of Philosophy and the fact how straightforward it is to use it. Everyone can do it! Make something special out of it and start a blogging project that you always wanted to launch. Take action this very moment and eliminate postponing yourself over and over again. Today could not be a better day to start a travel blog. Good luck!

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Travelasia is a full-width modern travel website template. It is a colorful and neat looking website template. Travelasia best suits as a travel agency and hotel website template. It has all the web elements and segments you need to create a professional travel website.

With the big image slider, you can display beautiful pictures of the places. The texts with a call to action button in the header section help you to get a better conversion rate. The image slider in the header section has a neat transition effect.

Below the header image you get advanced search option to book hotels, cars and flights. The template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download


Platina creates a solid connection between your hotel and clients and provides them the most affordable solutions for their stays. It is a free travel website template with a beautiful and modern design to wow everyone who pays it a visit. Not only does it call for a great wow factor, Platina also increases the chance of turning visitors into potential and, possibly, returning clients.

The preview of Platina shows you what is possible with the tool. There is a lot you can do with it and bring into being a page you always wanted. Full-screen banner with text slider, nifty hover effects, newsletter and Instagram feed, Platina delivers. What’s more, you will also find a booking form with date picker integrated into the design of Platina. Creativity knows no limits so make sure you turn Platina into something notable.

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Inmotion is a blog style website template. It is a trendy looking solid color based website template. It has all the necessary web elements and features you need to make a professional looking travel website.

This template best suits for travel agencies, especially the agencies focusing on nature rich tourism. The fresh green color of the template helps you to elegantly display nature rich photos. In this template, you get clean icons, easy to read fonts, and carousels. The hover effects are neat and light in the template.

Inmotion also allows you to embed video to the template. It is an one page website template which uses latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

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Photography free photography website template

Photography is a bootstrap travel photography website template. This template follows modern design layout with trendy web elements. It has colorful web elements with bold texts to get people’s attention.

The service section of this template is done neatly with bright yellow solid color as the background. Each service is depicted neatly with icons. The hover effects and other visual effects are done with care so that it matches the overall look of the template.

You get image slider, smooth scrolling, and carousels with this template. The gallery section of this template is designed in a grid layout, helps you to elegantly display your best shots.

More info / Download

Free Travel Website Templates for WordPress

WordPress travel website templates provide gives you may option and helps you manage your site easily. The booking forms in the HTML templates help you to collect the user detail, but you have manually manage to organize the data. In WordPress, the plugins help you to manage the data effectively. Following are the best free travel website templates for WordPress.


Shapely is a complete travel website solution if you already decided that WordPress is the CMS of choice. It sports a responsive and flat design, is ready for retina displays and comes with an amazing support. Shapely has a ton of options when it comes to modifying its look what unlocks a whole new horizon of possibilities for you. Bear in mind, performing adjustments is a noncomplex task. Everyone can alter Shapely to their needs even if a complete beginner.

But there is more.

The fantastic free travel website template is search engine optimized, supports parallax sections and comes with hero image. It is translatable for you to localize or globalize your website and reach even more potential clients. Implement different plugins like WooCommerce, spice things up with Font Awesome icons and choose the colors to follow your branding. For an additional support, Shapely includes thorough documentation and video tutorials.

More info / Download


Illdy is a free multi-purpose template for WordPress which you can use for travel websites easily. Improve your web presence with an advanced tool that offers you to shine online. Make your accommodation business or whatever else you do in the travel industry to thrive with Illdy. That’s quite likely to happen since you do not have to focus on the development of your page anymore, Illdy covers everything. Instead, you can comfortably invest even more time into marketing your project while Illdy speeds up the process of crafting the needed website.

With a one-page layout that Illdy rocks, you can feature it all on one page, just a matter of a few scrolls away. The popularity of one-page sites is growing so there is no reason why you would not want to build one for your project. Distinguish yourself from the masses and construct a remarkable travel site quickly.

More info / Download


travelify website template

Travelify is a blog style WordPress travel website template. This template best suits for travel bloggers and adventure seekers, who love to share their experience. Travelify is a box-width layout style website template.

With simple color patterns and neat layout, the template enhances the richness of your travel pictures. In the header section, you get a big image slider with content boxes to display an excerpt of the post.

Since Travelify template is a best fit for bloggers, you get all the necessary blog web elements in the sidebar. This template supports WooCommerce to help you integrate online store and it is also translation ready.

More info / Download


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