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27 Best Free Church Website Templates 2020


Is it that you are looking for free church website templates? Finding the ideal one all on your own might be a daunting task. Luckily, we did the major part of the work for you.

We roamed across the internet taking notes and picking the most promising templates for churches and religious organizations. Here we are now, with a collection of the best free templates to help you spread the Word of God.

Whether you are a local church or a creative professional who is building a website for one, these tools will help you tremendously. With all the quintessential elements a page of such kind needs, set up will be flawless.

A stunning page helps you stay in touch with your community of loyal members at all times. Share your calendar, different events and even start a blog. Those who cannot connect with you in person might also be interested in listening to different audios while browsing the website.

Along with the music, audios can also be used to share preachings with a wider audience. Moreover, if you accept donations, you can collect them online easily.

Create a memorable experience for each and every guest who comes to your page.

Send your message out to the online space with the use of any of the free church website templates we listed below.

Note: Skip straight to HTML templates.

Divi (WordPress)

Are you willing to expand your reach across the country, heck, across the globe? With Divi, you can now make a church website and spread God’s Word over and above. In this day and age, it is advisable to create a page no matter what your objective is. Even as a church or ministry, sporting a solid online presence can do oh so much for your community. Along with sharing sermons, you can also announce special events, Sunday school happenings and other whatnots. You can even entice everyone with a beautiful gallery and start a blog.

Divi is an all-in-one web design solution for your needs and requirements. Starting on the web, even if you are creating your very first website, should not be a hassle. In fact, with Divi and the codeless process of editing will keep you entertained across the entire time of setting up the church website you are after.

More info / Download

Jevelin (WordPress)

Jevelin is one more all-around tool for building all sorts of different pages, including one for churches. If that is what you need, and you would like to avoid hiring a coder and a designer, Jevelin is the right solution for you. After all, in this day and age, there is no need to build a page from scratch anymore. With a simple to use website template, you can get things going on the web sooner rather than later. Jevelin will not even ask you for any experience, as you will immediately feel comfortable doing the work. Speaking of work, there will be very little of it.

Jevelin offers you to enjoy the method of dragging and dropping, thanks to the WPBakery page builder. With this tool alone, you can modify the look of Jevelin to your wants precisely. One thing is for sure, the final product will be a design masterpiece which will impress a much wider audience.

More info / Download

Vatican (WordPress)

vatican church website template
Vatican is a dedicated church website template with a beautiful, clean and modern appearance. There are actually multiple samples available for you to pick the one that fits your wants precisely. From then on, using Vatican out of the box is the quickest solution to create a nifty website. You might just want to add your custom content and other useful information and you are ready to roll. On the other hand, feel free to employ the user-friendly WPBakery drag and drop page builder and modify the layout accordingly.

Other specialties of Vatican are events, donations, sermons, various header styles, speed optimization and slider. If you would like to create a strong first impression, Vatican is a fine, ready-made solution that will do you exceptionally well. Make it yours and take your church to new heights.

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Best free church website templates


Christian Free Template
Christian is a fine free church website template that will get the ball rolling immediately. The tool is just a click away, readily available to put it into practice and turn it into a functional online presence. If you would like to spread God’s word digitally, now you can with the use of Christian. It is a beautiful, positively impactful and very eye-catchy solution that will do you well. Due to the amazingness that Christian brings to the table out of the box, feel free to employ it as is.

In the bundle, you get a full-screen slider with call-to-actions, sticky menu, animated statistics, on scroll content loading and a working contact form. Additionally, Christian treats you to Google Maps, sermons, events, blog and pastors, to name a few. Last but not least, Christian is the ideal template for building a one-page website.

More info / Download


Salvation Free Template
There is no need to do all bunch of stuff from the ground up for building a church website. Instead, pick Salvation and you save time and money. It is a free website template with a good deal of features and functions to put into play. For instance, Salvation comes with a full-screen slider above the fold, which will easily grab everyone’s attention.

What’s more, Salvation includes animated statistics, sermons section, testimonials, carousels and events. You can also use the integrated gallery and share pictures for everyone to enjoy. In short, there is a lot of stuff in the bundle for you to benefit from.

More info / Download


Vineyard Free Template
Instead of brainstorming the design part of a church website, use Vineyard and make an immediate difference. It brings a very appealing web design that everyone will have no trouble using. Although an HTML tool, Vineyard comes very organized and simple to use, so that everyone gets the most out of it. On top of that, it is a striking alternative that you will want to use as is. The default appearance is already out of this world sophisticated, pretty and engaging.

And now, you can make it yours!

Vineyard’s layout is also in tune with all modern devices, web browsers and retina screens. It sports features, like sticky menu, full-screen banner above the fold, testimonials slider, video support and inner layouts for sermons and events. The contact page consists of a form and Google Maps, too.

More info / Download


spring free template
Sharing God’s Word goes beyond sharing it with everyone during the Sunday mass. Do it the intelligent way and create an outstanding website with a free church website template. We bring you a bunch of different solutions that will help you kick-start your process of establishing the must-have page. Spring is a divine layout with a modern and sophisticated look. With the tool, you can do oh so much more for your church or ministry.

Spring features a full-screen banner with parallax effect, countdown timer, a special section for all your church services and a newsletter subscription form. Of course, Spring also has a special place for all your sermons so they can listen to them on a regular basis. Yes, even a church should not miss a mobile-ready website in the modern era we live in.

More info / Download


faithful free template
Churches, ministries and other religious places deserve a modern, creative and flexible website. Achieve fantastic results with Faithful. This free church website template is a bundle full of goodies and outstanding features, as well as a beautiful web design. Those that come to your website will enjoy browsing all your content, from the news, event announcements and sermons. It even comes with a countdown timer to make sure they do not miss the upcoming meeting.

Faithful rocks a full-screen slideshow that will create a strong first impression. Capture their attention with intriguing images and invite them to join your next event. Faithful also includes an exclusive internal section for sermons only. All in all, utilize Faithful wisely and come out with a cracking website that will boost your reach even amongst those who are not able to come and meet you in person.

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reborn free template
Modernistic approach, minimalistic look, elegance, professionalism and outstanding performance, yes, that’s all you get with Reborn. It is a free church website template that provides the necessary web design that will spark curiosity in everyone who visits your page. With a website, you can introduce your church, tell more about what your aim is, speak about your events and share your sermons online. Whoever missed it, he or she can now listen to the message on their smartphones or desktop computers.

Reborn is a responsive and mobile-ready template that works with crystal clarity on retina screens. It is also cross-browser compatible, in tune with search engines and easy to use. You are closer than ever to finally get your church to experience the benefits of the online world. Start on the right path and help those in need.

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charity free non profit church website template
Charity is a stunning and eye-catching free website template for non-profits and donation based pages. However, do to its versatility, you can quickly adapt the web design and use it with a church website. From a full-screen slider and strategically placed call-to-action button to an array of other nifty elements, Charity is the one template you should go with. It is fully responsive, compatible with modern web browsers and simple to navigate. Charity also has a functional donate form so you do not have to build one yourself. Start a campaign as soon as your website goes live and collect funds for a good cause.

Go with the exact layout that Charity sports or do some improvements and edit it to your needs. Either way, the outcome will always be an expert and cutting-edge one.

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welfare free template
Welfare is a beautiful, modern and contemporary free church website template which you can use for all sorts of different intentions. The tool fits well with charities, non-profits and NGOs as well. Welfare is a Bootstrap based template what gives it the much needed flexibility to appear stunningly on all devices. Your new church page will work just as smooth on a smartphone as it will on a desktop computer. Not to mention, retina screens will make it shine bright like a diamond.

A huge banner with parallax effect awaits all your followers and intrigues them to watch the video. Indeed, Welfare supports all sorts of different contents to spice up your page and create an enticing experience. Animated statistics, on scroll content load, gorgeous pop-up gallery and a functional contact page are all part of Welfare bundle.

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crose free template
If you are looking for a way to create a church website, now you have many options to make it happen. Here you will find a lot of free church website templates that will cater to your needs and regulations. Crose is a minimal looking and clean site skin with all the necessary and then some. You can push your events, your sermons, your news and all the rest that comes along in an original and attention-grabbing way. Make sure you do not miss on all the goodies Crose brings to the table.

As far as the features go, Crose comes with very many. From full-width slider and mega menu to photo gallery, hover effects and newsletter subscription form. You have the material here, at the tip of your fingers. Download it and start putting Crose to use and expand your reach.

More info / Download


wisdom free template
In this collection of high-end and free church website templates, all are 100% responsive and mobile-ready. They are based on all the latest technologies to deliver an easy to follow process of establishing your best web presence. Wisdom is an ideal example of an advanced and premium-like template with loads of features and great characteristics. You will find it very quick and straightforward to use, what makes it suit various levels of users. Even if you are a beginner, you will still find Wisdom a breeze to utilize.

What is special about Wisdom are the video background and the countdown timer that load first thing. With these alone, you will have your visitors hooked and intrigued to see more and learn all about your church. Wisdom has a simplistic and neat web design that does not cause distractions. Your content is put right in front of them, whether that is a blog post or a sermon.

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giving free template
Charity and church website templates go hand in hand very well. You can mix and match them and create a platform where everyone will enjoy studying all and everything that you do. One of such amazing templates that can mix the two together is Giving. It is absolutely beautiful on the eye, making sure everyone gets the most out of it. Moreover, Giving is a Bootstrap Framework template what ensures mobile-readiness and pliability. Regardless of the device they use, it is a guarantee that all the content featured on Giving will appear stunningly.

Upon your site load, a full-screen banner with parallax effect pops up and wows your users each and every single time. Start a fundraiser, create an impressive gallery and even kick off a blog. Yes, for a cost of free, you get all the mentioned and more. How awesome is that?

More info / Download


brotherlylove free template
Brotherlylove is a beautiful free church website template that will help you stand out from the masses. While many web designs sport a full-width layout, Brotherlylove’s is boxed. If this is the style you like more, by all means, download Brotherlylove now and get things moving forward. It will take you very little time before you can already start attracting new audiences. Give them an option to always stay in touch and even re-listen sermons. With a regularly updated website, they will always know what is going on on your end even if they missed the last Sunday mass.

Introduce your church and ministries in an interest-sparking way and give even more back to the community. You can now spread God’s Word further than you did so far. With a website and being actively present online, you can do so much more than you used to.

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The Charity

thecharity free template
Hence its name, The Charity is a charity first website template which you can use for church presence as well. In fact, you can mix and match the two and create a striking web appearance that will amaze and impress everyone. With The Charity, it is a guarantee that the outcome will be of the highest degree, bringing your church in front of a much wider audience. Instead of doing it from scratch, pick up the layout of choice and have your page sorted out quickly.

The Charity practices all the latest technologies, like Bootstrap and mobile-responsiveness to make sure your website works fluently at all times. You will also notice the beautiful web design of The Charity that will elevate your page above and beyond. Make it special with The Charity and spread the word out.

More info / Download

Faith 2

faith2 free template
To create a church site or to get an inspiration, Faith 2 is a free website template with beauty and amazingness written all across its design. Moreover, the actual process of establishing a page is way easier than you may think. In fact, you have the majority of work already done for you. All you need to do is to download Faith 2 now, add your content, adjust it if needed and you are ready. Of course, you can customize the tool to your likings, without the need to feel limited in any way, shape or form.

Faith 2 is a delightful product with all the right components you require to refine your web space to the fullest. You can push upcoming events, introduce ministries and share sermons, too. They can now listen to the latest sermons whenever and wherever they want.

More info / Download


faith free template
Faith is one of the best free church website templates you can currently get your hands on. It is a mobile-ready and flexible site skin with a mind-blowing design that will increase your potential and expand your reach. Faith is a very shearable style that your visitors will love to spread amongst their families and friends. It is all in the name of spreading faith, God’s Word and making this world a better place. With Faith, you can achieve all that by creating a top-notch website.

Some of the goodies of Faith are countdown timer, donation form, newsletter subscription widget and social media buttons. Show the world how sociable you are and link your church website with your social media accounts. Faith also comes with a blog section where you can write about happenings, events and share all kinds of different stories.

More info / Download


Mimosan Free Template
Even a church needs to be online and follow modern web trends. After all, if you truly want to expand your reach and share with the world what good you bring to the community, do it with a heavenly page. Mimosan is the free church website template you should not miss checking out. In fact, you should first check all tools on this list before you decide which to go with. How can you know that the one you are currently examining is the right one if there are still seven more to check? On the flip side, whichever template you pick from this collection, you are promised great results.

Mimosan has a full-width layout with a clean and minimal look. There is just the right amount of action going on so it does not distract the visitors rather keeps him intrigued for as long as he or she is studying your website. They will surely adore the parallax effect feature that Mimosan rocks.

More info / Download


Libchurch Free Template
Amazing, beautiful and inspiring are the three main characteristics of LibChurch. This free church website template is all you need to quickly sort out the web presence and get more people on board. After all, you are here to create the largest community of like-minded people and LibChurch is here to help you out. You will definitely have a chance to influence a horde of new folks and start taking things to an entirely new degree. Get your sermons to reach the ears of a global audience and let them never miss your next big event, you host.

There are numerous features, like countdown timer, donation, Google Maps, functional contact form and newsletter subscriptions, available for you to employ. Special section for sermons lets visitors quickly find what they haven’t heard yet or would want to listen to again. Share the Word of God in style.

More info / Download


Church Free Template
You cannot go more to the point with the name of a product than this next free church website template goes. Church is, as the name suggests, perfect for your church website. Not just perfect, ideal! It is a terrific template with a vast selection of features and assets that will speed up the creation of your page for a swift launch. No need to spend countless hours on the design and development part anymore, Church takes care of all the hard work for you.

With an up-to-the-minute look and appearance, Church makes sure that all you bring into presence is of the highest quality. Church’s top bar consists of a countdown timer until your next big event and a call-to-action button for donations. Further down is a basic navbar followed by a large slideshow. Other treats of Church are parallax effect, quote section, sermons and blog. For no cost, that is a lot you are getting with Church.

More info / Download


Advent Free Template
Give people a chance to explore your church online with Advent. This free church website template is here to sort you out with a nifty page everyone will enjoy skimming through. And if you would like to share sermons and push your forthcoming events, you can do that, too. There is also a timetable which you can use to tell everyone when they should visit your church for the worship. With a complete and exhaustive website, they will have all and everything they need. And, most importantly, never miss a chance to join the community and spread the Word of God and increase the peace.

Predominantly, church templates are of light layouts and this is where Advent stands out. That said, Advent comes with an appealing and attractive dark style that will help you go against the norm and stand out a mile.

More info / Download


Inward Free Template
You can utilize Inward for all sorts of intentions, like charities, non-profit organizations and churches. It is an adaptive and versatile solution to your web design answers. Since we are after building a remarkable church website, create a strong first impression with Inward. It gives you all the rights to take things into your hands and bring into being a page that will take things to an entirely new degree.

Inward is an HTML template powered by Bootstrap Framework for the flexibility and extendability you are after. It is also a tool compatible with retina screens and modern web browsers. In short, your final creation will work smoothly on all devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktops. Get your word out there, start a loyal community and see things scale above and beyond.

More info / Download


kare free template
Kare is a super clean and minimal website template best for charities or even churches. It is an easy to use web design that will quickly acclimatize to your demands and take care of the majority of hard work. After all, the design is already there, waiting for you to employ it. Once you download the template, you can start enriching it with your content and information and have a fully active page ready sooner rather than later. When you see how simple it is, you will be thankful that you came here, to this collection of the best free church website templates.

Of course, Kare is also a page skin that practices all the latest trends and regulations. It is responsive and cross-browser compatible, as well as optimized for fast loading and outstanding performance.

More info / Download


kindity free template
Charity templates go very well together with church templates, that is a fact. With one free church website template, you can both create a web presence for a church and start a fundraiser simultaneously. But you can also create separate pages for each – yes, that versatile these templates are. Kindity is a beautiful web design that will meet the needs of your project without hassle. With its simplicity, Kindity has no problem piquing their curiosity and make your appearance become of their interest.

Other assets of Kindity are events slider, testimonials, widget-rich footer and a fully functional contact page with form and Google Maps. Included in the package is also a blog section which you can use for content marketing or purely to give back to your community. When you finally release your page to the online space, expect magic to happen.

More info / Download

Charity 2

Charity 2 Free Template
No need to question, Charity 2 is a free website template for charities, non-profits and churches alike. You can enjoy this all-around tool and use it precisely how you fancy. Of course, you can employ it as is, but you can also customize Charity 2 web design and enhance it with your creative touches. No need to stick to the default layout when you have the freedom to establish the website that you want. Make it your own and see the strong first impression elevate your project.

Charity 2 will entertain and fascinate everyone with its full-screen slideshow. It places your most recent or most important content right in front of their eyes. Moreover, with the call-to-action buttons, you can encourage them to participate in an instant. You have your online presence under control, able to run it with stability at all times.

More info / Download


Adopted free template
While it goes slightly against the grain compared to the free church website templates we are chatting about, Adopted is still one cracking tool that you can use for an attractive page. At the end of the day, it is a template that costs you nothing, but the outcome you can come up with can be a real breath taker. With your freshly crafted site that Adopted will help you realize, you can be on top of your game. You can attract new folks and serve your current followers with something novel and ten times more exciting.

Adopted misses nothing. It covers all the latest trends and practices to make sure your page operates all the time fluently. Whether they come from an iOS device, a tablet, Google, Bing, you name it, your Adopted based page will run smoothly no matter what. Adopted runs on Bootstrap Framework what gives it the necessary flexibility.

More info / Download

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