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23 Amazing & Responsive PrestaShop Themes 2020


Getting your first online store up and running with PrestaShop themes is almost too easy to be true. This open-source software allows you to create your very own eCommerce website and manage it with ease.

No need to hire someone to build you the website, you can do it all by yourself from the comfort of your chair. Be in complete control of your online business and avoid all the unnecessary clutter.

If you are just starting out and you are browsing the web to find the best solution for your online shop biz, you just came to the right place. Very user and novice-friendly, PrestaShop is a highly functional eCommerce software for launching successful webshops. Already powering more than 250,000 websites, this eCommerce app is highly popular amongst small and medium-sized businesses.

With a multi-functional software for e-stores and a highly optimizable theme, you can create an astonishing online store quickly. To get the most out of both parties, here are some of the best PrestaShop themes which come with all the features a store owner needs and then some.

Unquestionably, your eCommerce site will look phenomenal and work flawlessly on all devices (responsive and mobile-friendly). Plus, it will have a positive effect on search engine rankings and potential organic traffic. A perfect blend of goodies and benefits to set you up for success.

Best PrestaShop themes for your online business


PrestaShop Themes
Interested in creating a mega stylish fashion and accessories eCommerce page? If so, Alysum Prestashop theme is the solution that will serve all of your needs and requirements. The modification options of this theme go above and beyond especially when lacing it with all the goodies and included premium extras. There are many of the latter so you truly get the most of this premium Prestashop theme. And that is exactly what you are after, aren’ you?

Optimized for speed and search engines, as well as ready for the screens of all sizes, Alysum ensures a pleasant shopping experience to each and every site visitor. Speaking of search engines, embedded blog gives you the chance to improve your SEO with compelling articles.

Style your online store with one of 7 front page designs and use theme customizer to make adjustments with just a few clicks effectively. It might sound very easy. To be frank, it is.

Product comparison is a great feature to check different items side by side. Let buyers compare them with one another and pick what they prefer best. Moreover, increase sales with a useful daily deal module and promote the hottest products and brands in your store.

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fashion prestashop theme
Fashion is a Prestashop theme for, well, fashion and everything related to it. Selling clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, suits, you name it, you can do it all with Fashion. The theme is neat, clean and shipshape, delivering an outstanding experience to all your visitors and potential buyers. And this goes to mobile and desktop users, after all, Fashion is fully responsive and retina ready.

There are countless amazing features that you get once you download Fashion. From product quick view and Instagram modules to mega menu, parallax scrolling and unlimited banners, Fashion has it all. But this is just a handful of traits the bundle comes with. On top of that, Fashion is also search engine optimized for your online shop to get picked up by search engines quicker, as well as ranked higher.

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nuranium multi-purpose prestashop theme
Creating a marketplace with Nuranium is pretty much a piece of cake. This multi-purpose Prestashop theme has everything one needs when starting pushing multiple products online. While you can focus your eCommerce website on a particular industry, with Nuranium, you can cover just about anything and everything as well. It is versatile, powerful and easily adjustable, making sure you get the most out of it with ease.

In the kit, you get a whopping collection of over sixty demos, which is more than enough to find the one that resonates with your idea best. Still, you can also go one step further and customize the default look of Nuranium, tailor it to your liking precisely. Whatever you need, you will find in Nuranium’s massive package of goodies.

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ecolife orgnic prestashop theme
While some of the Prestashop themes on this collection are general, Ecolife is more niche-oriented. Hence the name, it works best for anything organic-related. However, no one holds you back from going entirely against the grain, too. Let’s face it, you do not need to do much configuring to use Ecolife for something else. The design is clean, modern and appealing to the eye, beautifully displaying your products and placing them right in front of your customers.

Tons of predefined layouts await you to mix and match and create an outcome that you are after. The layout of Ecolife is also 100% responsive and cross-browser compatible, so shopping is possible from any device. Mega menu, different headers, products slider, testimonials/reviews, multi-currency support and quick view are just some of the highlights of Ecolife. Skip hiring a developer and a coder; pick Ecolife instead and make it yourself.

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yanka fashion prestashop theme
Yanka brings unlimited options and possibilities when it comes to establishing an online fashion store. With seventeen absolutely gorgeous home demos, you will quickly find the one that will help your build your dream eCommerce website. The only problem that may occur is which to pick – yes, every design is very stunning and striking. On the other hand, it does not matter which you choose, the outcome will always be spectacular.

Along with home pages, Yanka also comes with every necessary inner layout, so you do not have to build anything from the ground up. Some other peculiarities include top bar, swatches, product filters, order notifications, RTL support, one click install and sticky menu, to name a few. If you are ready for a change, get your hands on Yanka and enter the fashion industry with a bang.

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Online Shop

online shop prestashop theme
Online Shop is one of the best Prestashop themes out there. The name of the tool could not be more straightforward. Why would you even want to complicate things when keeping it simple wins all the time? That is exactly what this theme is all about and you have the privilege to use it for your own online project. Make sure you use it to its full potential and hammer out the exact e-store you always wanted to run.

With Online Shop, you get four different homes and other needed inner pages and web elements. Online Shop is responsive, retina ready and has a user-friendly theme customizer. Awesome slideshow, newsletter pop-up, blog module, quick view and one page checkout, Online Shop provides all the vital features and plenty more. It is a convenient tool which will realize your idea fast and get the orders coming in shortly after.

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nova prestashop theme
Uplift your website as easy as pie by designing, customizing and publishing your fresh eCommerce platform with Nova. It is a Prestashop theme that will impress your customers vastly, and it just happens to be super simple to use. This template’s goal has always been to level up your online store and offer servicing details that are truthful. In addition, it is appropriate for clothing or fashion stores, but any niche is possible. You can go entirely against the norm and utilize Nova for something out of the box. Yes, it is that powerful.

Exercise freedom freely with eight stunning home designs and other ready-made elements. Say goodbye to coding and hello to convenience. Nova also includes blog pages for you to announce product drops and start practicing content marketing. Such a complete package isn’t it? With affordable, lightweight and generous features, Nova lets you create your website like an expert.

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organick prestashop theme
The best multi-purpose design for organic stores comes to you in form of Organick Prestashop theme. It is stacked with everything you need to get your site up and running as quickly as possible. Organick comes with four different home variations and multiple header styles. The appearance is nifty and modern and will always look great no matter how far in the future you plan to use it. The experience, regardless of the devices, will be a refreshing one at all times.

The one step checkout is more than perfect for customers to get the things they need with barely any clicks. Organick is flexible, user friendly and offers you to add custom fonts. For everyone who would like additional help, exhaustive documentation is included in the package so you never run into an issue. Start selling everything organic with Organick without the need to touch a single line of code.

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unique prestashop theme
For the very best in web design when it comes to Prestashop themes, you should consider Unique. The tool is named like that, you guessed it, for a reason. It is an original, elegant and stylish item that will help you complete building an eCommerce website fast. Unique comes with eight pre-made layouts to choose from and all the assets you need.

Nothing is missing.

With Unique, you will be in charge of how your web space looks and feels. One click is all it takes to install the theme and start moving your business forward. Unique is most suitable for an online fashion store, but you can do other stuff with it, too. Use your imagination, go against the grain and let Unique be the base of your selling machine. It will guide you through the design process and leave you with the site of your dreams. Go ahead, see how easy it is.

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bionic prestashop theme
Bionic sounds very futuristic, that’s why they used this name for a Prestashop theme that is best for selling all types of digital products. Selling watches, computers, phones and any other gadget has never been simpler. You can set yourself up with a fresh, neat and attention grabbing eCommerce page in little to no time. Thanks to Bionic and all it has to offer you, you can safely and comfortably craft the web space and start an online business.

Since we are speaking about the tech stuff, we need to provide some tech info about Bionic, too. That said, you get eight homes, a mobile optimized layout and a whole bunch of first-class extensions. Store locator, one step checkout, testimonials, mega menu and daily deals are just some of the many add-ons you are treated to. There is no need to wait anymore, Bionic has it all at your disposal.

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kinle sport store prestashop theme
Starting a sports store will not take you long after you gain full access to Kinle. This PrestaShop theme is a pack full of goodies that take care of all the necessary and then some. Right away, it treats you to several different samples, which you can employ as they are or fine-tune them further. In short, you need to be no tech-savvy to be able to start an eCommerce business with Kinle. After all, you have it all at the tip of your fingers, readily available to put it into practice.

Moreover, Kinle is 100% optimized for mobile and operates flawlessly on all modern web browsers. It rocks multiple header styles, mega menu, product slider, testimonials, blog and Ajax search and add to cart. You can also translate the theme to any language you want.

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lansca sport store prestashop theme
Lansca is a sport store PrestaShop theme that works with anything niche and general. Whether you would like to focus on a particular product, like sneakers, or you would like to create a general online sports store, with Lansca, you can make it both without a sweat. At the time of writing this, you have access to three samples, but you can expect even more to drop with upcoming updates. There is always something fresh coming your way when working with Lansca.

What’s more, Lansca is fully compatible with RTL languages, comes with a horizontal mega menu, hover effects and product quick views. Other treats include newsletter subscription, sticky header, Instagram, product wishlist and PSD files. Last but not least, the tool is optimized for SEO, fast loading, mobile devices and web browsers, too.

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groom sport store prestashop theme
With a collection of twenty and counting demos, Groom is a serious competitor when it comes to PrestaShop themes. You can employ this tool for all sorts of different aims and intentions. Not just that, but if you do not find the demo working exactly as you want, you can also tweak the appearance and tailor it to your requirements. With Groom, you can make it happen in a little breeze, as you have more than one hundred possibilities.

Core features of Groom contain browser and device compatibility, search engine optimization, multilingual and blog. Of course, Groom takes care of all the sections of a successfully operating online sports store for your convenience. Instead of kicking a new project off from square one, you can now get on board immediately with the use of Groom.

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bestshop prestashop theme
You almost need no introduction when it comes to BestShop. It’s the best. Three special front pages and a responsive, mobile-friendly design are what await you. Let your project drive itself while your customers access your site no matter where they are. Not only that but using any device and any browser they want. Choose your own color scheme and typography and individualize BestShop to your likings.

You can adjust your background to give it any look that you desire for your web space. The product quick view will help your visitors to choose exactly what they want without the need of leaving the current page and add it directly to their carts. BestShop will get your eCommerce site up and running briskly no matter what you plan on selling.

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fashop prestashop theme
The people behind FAshop played around with words “fashion” and “shop” to give it a clever name and applied the same strategy to the web design. The outcome is a professional Prestashop theme that feeds you amazing features and performance. It is a guarantee that your final online store design will work smoothly and fluently, instantly reshaping to screens of all sizes including retina ones.

There are quite a few essential features that FAshop comes with. To name a few, you get featured products slider, quick install, second image on hover and a smart blog module. The theme customizer is also very handy and newbie friendly. Furthermore, grab their emails with the included newsletter pop-up and introduce other currencies and languages. For your convenience, PSD files are part of the gem, too!

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fluent prestashop theme
If you need an easy to use site with simple Facebook logins and a stylish look, pick Fluent and call it a day. Well, not just yet, there is still a little work that needs to be done before you are ready to go live with your desired online shop. With nine home designs, a practical page builder and over forty elements, you can build anything that you want. That said, your site can be as unique as you want it to be.

There are unlimited options for customization that you can execute and the only limit is your imagination. Besides, you do not need to know any coding and designing tricks to make things happen. It is all super simple and straightforward with Fluent. All the stuff you would want your eCommerce website to rock, Fluent has at your service. Indeed, you also get full documentation and have the right to contact support for any help you may need.

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optimize prestashop theme
It does not matter what your online business idea is, the best way to get things going is with Optimize Prestashop theme. At least when it comes to selling items. Optimize has a neat and clutter-free scheme that is fully adjustable and easy to use. The fantastic AJAX filter home page allows your customers to filter only the things that they want to buy. Create a laser focused, smooth and enjoyable experience for all your shoppers.

That’s far from all.

With the available twelve index pages, you have a chance to create the exact page you want and need swiftly. Each demo, you can also improve and modify, so it follows your branding. With Optimize, you can create a highly optimized web space that will serve you for years to come.

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digimart prestashop theme
When you have multiple vendors with business to conduct, you need Digimart Prestashop theme for all your web design needs. It is a wholly customizable powerful site canvas. Digimart is here to help you make a trendy and enticing online marketplace that your customers will want to visit.

You can choose from ten different home pages and give your vendors a page of their own to use. No questions asked, Digimart is responsive and mobile-ready, instantly readjusting to all devices, from mobile phones and tablets to desktops.

The practical page manager eases managing and maintaining you growing marketplace with Digimart. What’s best, you can create this enthralling online platform with zero coding and design knowledge. There should be no excuses since all and everyone can forge the precise page that they want for themselves.

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emarket prestashop theme
What once seemed almost impossible without any skills is now very possible even if you have zero prior experience. And that is designing and developing an eCommerce website. You barely need to invest much time and effort to have the outcome all set up with eMarket Prestashop theme. This theme has a magnificent selection of elements and layouts ready out of the box. That’s correct, all you need to do is to fill it with your details and that’s basically it. But tweaking it slightly could be highly rewarding.

A ton of sample data, responsiveness, comfortable navigation, quick view, color swatches and AJAX cart, get your hands on eMarket and win the game. Other cool features of the theme are image zoom, countdown timer, Instagram gallery and complete integration with social networks. Start selling today with eMarket.

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complex prestashop theme
Different homes and multiple headers are what you can use straight away to design an online shop with Complex Prestashop theme. But to be frank, this is just a small slice of the entire cake of goodies that Complex comes with. It is a breeze using this offering which is stacked with the traits that you require to grow your web marketplace. And that could be selling fashion, gadgets, sports, home appliance, furniture, you name it, with Complex, you can push everything.

Complex rocks a vertical menu to give your shoppers quick access to where they want to go. Fewer clicks mean a higher chance for them to complete the order. The included blog is perfect to announce new drops, as well as for content marketing. One look at Complex and you will never go back to the complicated web design anymore.

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danio prestashop theme
When fashion and minimalism collide, you get Danio. It is a Prestashop theme that dedicated its heart and soul to selling apparel and everything that comes along online. You get to choose between four absolutely phenomenal home pages and go with one of four header styles. Bear in mind, you can also create your own looks if that is something you would like to do. By nature, Danio is a highly modifiable utensil for bringing eCommerce pages to fruition.

Unlimited colors, functional home page editor, PSD files, big slider and newsletter subscription pop-up, there is nothing you will find missing with Danio. The theme takes your idea, refines it and brings it online first and to the entirely new level second. You need to trust your gut, decide on Danio and start something extraordinary today. Selling stuff on the web is fun and can be a very lucrative business.

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warehouse responsive prestashop theme
Having it all organized is easily achievable with Warehouse theme. Your store will look beautiful and modern with all the necessities you need to go as minimal or as complex as you would like. Furthermore, Warehouse is very searching engine friendly and cross browser compatible. This makes your web store best friend with all the major search engines. Get ranked and drive in a ton of organic traffic.

The theme comes with a nice collection of 17 pre-built skins. Either use them for your own website or have them as a guide to see what is possible with Warehouse. Needless to say, a lot. But you can always start from the bottom and slowly and gradually construct a custom and expert-looking web store. With things like drag and drop page builder along with the advanced theme editor, you can create an endless amount of layouts, perfected for your needs and niche.

With Warehouse PrestaShop theme you also get premium extensions, like Revolution Slider, PH Simple Blog and a beautiful popup with newsletter subscription form.

If you need any help with theme adjustments, handy support is always ready to take care of your needs. No excuses when you face a barrier you do not know how to jump over.

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megashop mobile-ready prestashop theme

A product name that has “mega” in its name is probably one which can do many things for you. When it comes to MegaShop PrestaShop theme, you get a powerful tool for building all types of online stores. It is a versatile template which you can use for nearly any niche, selling products of all kinds. From physical all the way to downloads, e-books and the like.

MegaShop is a neat modern theme built on the Bootstrap framework. Setting everything up for your web store is simple and as far as colors go, you have endless possibilities. This is one of those themes that under promise and over deliver. You might not find that much info written about it from the developers themselves. However, once you install the theme and start wandering around the admin panel, you will realize how much you can do with MegaShop.

Header and footer, home page along with category and product page all have its own specialties. Use custom texts, animated sliders, related product carousel and a ton of stuff you can play with. Modify different parts of the theme as you like and offer something different to the browsers and shoppers.

More info / Download


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