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26 Creative Adobe Muse Templates For Stunning Websites 2020


Here is a list of the best Adobe Muse templates that are available today! Modern, responsive, beautiful and ready to take your project to the next level.

If you already have an established business or you are just thinking of running an online store – then our collection creative Adobe Muse template choices might be helpful. Maybe you are only a lonely app developer, or you work for a creative agency. Either way, you need help with starting an online presence, and you need it fast.

If that is who you are, or perhaps someone who simply needs a good online solution for your business in general, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find the best selection of Adobe Muse templates for your creative and design needs. Now, what makes Adobe Muse so good and afterward these templates? I will attempt to answer both of those questions right now.

Get to know Adobe Muse

So what is Adobe Muse? In layman’s terms, it is an attempt on a program in which you can utilize its various tools to create and publish professional looking websites. Using a free-form canvas and layout tools. You can build a website from scratch, and it can be as unique and as creative as you could imagine it. All that’s left is to use it. Adobe Muse is ahead of the competition when it comes to Typekit fonts as it features thousands of them which you can use instantly and without any fault. You can also find millions of images + videos from their Adobe Stock feature.

Afterward, you can customize your website with thousands of user-made widgets which completely integrates with Muse. Add scroll effects for an even more engaging experience. Make images appear gradually or use parallax scrolling effects to make your website look very modern and fluid.

After doing all that jazz, you can publish your site online, and you can let authorized users edit them easily with good built-in privacy options. Without having to write code, this is for anyone who wants to make responsive free form websites which are also SEO optimized every step of the way. I encourage you to download the free trial today and try yourself.

As for the templates we have provided and named here, they will offer you all that stuff I talked about right out of the box without you having to do anything. As you export the template you want to on Muse, you will find that editing the templates is pretty much straightforward and you can very easily build a website that caters to your own needs and your customers. No matter your niche, no matter what kind of business you are trying to run, you will find something for yourself in here. Enjoy!

Best and most beautiful Adobe Muse templates


ritla adobe muse template
RITLA is one fine, creative Adobe Muse template specifically designed for creative agencies. Besides, RITLA is fully adjustable and will work with freelancers, IT companies and other businesses easily. With the amazing and tempting web design, RITLA delivers remarkable performance and an unforgettable experience. It provides all the necessary for you to push yourself, your services and your talents to attract new clients and grow your project.

With RITLA, loads is possible.

The tool sports CSS animations, Font Awesome icons, a working contact form and smooth scrolling. Along with the main Adobe Muse template, the package also includes an HTML file and a simple to follow documentation. You are short moments away from realizing your website and start something refreshing that will help you win over even more business deals.

More info / Download


tor adobe muse template
TOR is an elegant, modern and eye-friendly Adobe Muse template for architects and architecture agencies. This tool comes as a one-page design, which offers you to display all your content in just a few scrolls away. This increases user experience and saves potential clients time when learning all and everything about your business and services. Of course, TOR is perfectly in tune with all modern devices and web browsers for steady performance.

Other specialties of TOR incorporate animations, smooth scrolling, counter and scale effect, to name a few. Also, when it comes to tweaking it, you can do it without writing code – this makes TOR very user-friendly indeed. In case you need additional information on how to set things up, you can always flip through the documentation and go from there.

More info / Download


eva adobe muse template
EVA is a more niche Adobe Muse template as it caters to the beauty industry first and foremost. Still, if you feel like using it for something else because you dig the design oh so much, by all means, go against the norm. With EVA, you can enjoy yourself a fast and straightforward realization process of a remarkable website. Avoid the idea of doing everything from the ground up when you can enjoy a smooth sail with EVA instead.

Moreover, EVA treats you to many great features and functions, too. From three different homes and well over ten internal page layouts to slider, CTAs, parallax effect and more, it’s all at your fingertips. You can even create a beautiful gallery that will present your salon and services in the best possible light.

More info / Download


Even though you can utilize Staf for many different eCommerce websites, it still fits the medial industry best. With the very many great options and solutions you can start working on your website with the click on the button. For your information, it does not matter if you are still a complete beginner and do not have experience with Adobe Muse templates, with Staf, it is a guarantee that you will succeed. You can always learn from the included documentation, as well as get in touch with the friendly support team.

In total, you get eight modern and attention-grabbing page layouts to mix and match according to your needs. You can use them out of the box or customize them further, the choice is yours. The layout is entirely responsive and ensures great navigability and loading speed. Finally, Staf also comes with Gumroad integration.

More info / Download


berlin adobe muse template
Are you looking for a crystal clear and crisp Adobe Muse template? If you are building a website that needs to look professional and contemporary, then Berlin is going to be perfect for you. It is a portfolio template that is best suitable for artist, music, illustrator, trainer and freelance designer websites. In short, anyone who needs to craft an online portfolio, Berlin is the tool that will help you do it.

Berlin’s neat design highlights the projects and images which you want to put the extra shine on. After all, the website should be about you and your skills and not about the design itself. The amazing web design is only icing on the cake. Berlin is mobile and retina ready, includes some really cool CSS3 effects and allows you to change it to suit the needs of your page with ease.

More info / Download


tron adobe muse template
Architecture agencies, construction companies and interior designers, Tron is an ideal Adobe Muse template for you. The layout is modern, flat and very appealing to the eye. While it keeps things relatively simple, Tron still has some awesome special effects that spice up the overall site browsing experience. However, it does not over clutter it rather delivers a distraction-free surfing.

Tron has a full-width slider which grabs their attention in an instant. Not only that but it also intrigues them and makes them want to investigate your website further and learn more about what you do. It is a single-page website layout, meaning, all your content, details and information is presented on one page. All it takes is scrolling up and down to find the needed before using the functional contact form to get in touch with you for a quote. And that they can do on smartphones, tablets and desktops since Tron has a fluid layout.

More info / Download


sage adobe muse template
Are you a creative professional or are you running a creative business? In both cases, you need a visually interesting website. But visually interesting does not mean that it should look chaotic and complicated. Make your page push your artistic mind and not distance itself from it.

SAGE is a responsive Adobe Muse template with a sophisticated, simple and neat template that does not cause any distractions. On top of that, the tool is also super modifiable and very open to change it based on the needs of your project.

You could be a web designer, a photographer, an architect, you name it, SAGE is going to benefit you greatly. The site skin highlights your work in the right way and gets it in front of the right people. Due to the flexible layout, SAGE makes sure that your final product adjusts to any device or browser instantly.

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alex adobe muse template
Do you hate the idea of spending time designing websites instead of focusing on attracting clients? Then worry not, as Alex is here to save the day. Effortlessness and versatility are vital qualities that this Adobe Muse template possesses. There is a vast collection of features available, all of which are created resourcefully. Whether you are an expert or not at coding, Alex provides you with the option to make a site with or without these elements. Correct, you do not need to play around with code to edit Alex and match it to your branding.

With built-in mobile styling and fully responsive design, your site will look great on any device. Moreover, Alex sports a functional contact form, smooth page scrolling and animated statistics. Overall, Alex is a winner builder for all of you who are looking for a way to create a stunning online portfolio with as little effort and as quickly as possible.

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render adobe muse template
Lead your customers into your world by showing them a breathtaking website powered by Render. It is an Adobe Muse template which you can use for multiple purposes. Render rocks a minimal, stylish and flat design that will impress all your visitors and increase your potential to win them over. Moreover, Render provides a one-page layout which is fully responsive, cross-browser compatible and retina screen friendly. It is also optimized for great experience and remarkable performance.

In short, you will surely love trying and working with Render as it is very exciting to explore and play around with. Render has an on scroll content load, sticky navigation, counters, hover effect and pricing plans to name a few. Whether an agency or a freelancer you can both benefit from Render and make it your own.

More info / Download


smash adobe muse template
Destroy the web with Smash and make your product, service and overall business shine online. If you would like to craft something out of this world, then this is the ideal Adobe Muse template for you. Almost immediately, you can create a personal, agency or an app landing page. These are the three predefined demos that you get and many more are to drop with future updates. In other words, all it takes you are a few minutes and you can have a personified page prepared for the launch.

100% responsive and cross-browser compatible Smash gets your page to acclimatize to any device and browser in a snap. Moreover, you do not need any coding skill to work with Smash and make something remarkable out of it. The intuitive drag and drop interface is of tremendous help especially if you are a beginner. Besides, benefit from the cool animations, change the color and link your page to your social media account using the integrated icons.

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cons adobe muse template
Cons is an aptly named construction and architecture Adobe Muse template. It has a modern and flat look that can highlight your remarkable designs and photographies of buildings and other construction. Cons does not offer fancy colors and texts, which can only serve to the attention away from the supposed centerpiece of a construction page. It places all your works in front of people in an elegant way so they can enjoy them in great detail.

The tool is super simple to use and even simpler to customize, helping you make a page in minutes time. Nope, there is no need to spend hours upon hours to modify the template in order to make it follow your company’s vision. You can change all the elements of the tool with just a few clicks of your muse (or even trackpad!).

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kiwi adobe muse template
KIWI has a very interesting name and has nothing truly to do with foods. In fact, KIWI is part of our best Adobe Muse templates collection due to its amazing looks and even better performance. It is a top-notch device that takes your idea, reshapes it and brings it to the online space. No matter how complicated this may sound, it is actually a lot easier than you think. Plus, it is you who is going to be the one to make things a reality.

For a startup, KIWI is the ideal template for a website. It rocks a one-page responsive and retina ready layout, loads of amazing and enticing effects and a functional contact form. You are also treated to a filterable portfolio, testimonials and Google Maps. But first, check out video tutorials and get introduced to the world of KIWI. Just do not bite too hard.

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titli adobe muse template
There are so many Adobe Muse templates to choose from that it is not easy to pick which one to use. However, we put the work in to bring you only the best of the best. That said, whichever you go with, you are guaranteed fantastic results to come your way.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose template that you can use to craft almost any kind of professional website, Titli is a fantastic option for you. Titli works with financial, portfolio, consulting or any other corporate page naturally.

One of many advantages you get with Titli is the fact how effortless it is to work with it. You can change its multiple pages to complement the needs of your business or personal site. If you would like to save time and money while creating your web space, you should use Titli.

More info / Download


siven creative adobe muse template
Siven is a striking and creative Adobe Muse template with a whopping collection of 27 ready-to-use layouts. You can utilize Siven for anything freelance, agency and other creative business-related. The options are very many due to all the spectacular front and inner pages that Siven treats you to. Moreover, you also do not need to be a coder nor a designer to start on the internet with Siven. Anyone can make it happen, thanks to its codeless process. Indeed, you can freely modify and adjust Siven to your liking, customizing and personalizing it accordingly.

You will also find extensive documentation that will be of tremendous help along the way. Moreover, the layout of Siven is compatible with all modern devices, web browsers, as well as retina screens. If you are ready to impress a new clientele, you better get the job done with Siven now.

More info / Download


arrigo creative adobe muse template
When building an online portfolio for your creative venture, all you need is Arrigo, a creative Adobe Muse template. With its outstanding design, you will have no trouble triggering everyone’s curiosity especially once you couple it with your outstanding works and services. In the kit, you will find elevent predefined pages that you can put into practice out of the box. Of course, if you would like to tailor them to your branding directions, by all means, make it happen right from the get-go.

Other treats of Arrigo include light and dark modes, full-screen menu overlay, SVG icons, social media integration and a functional contact form, to name a few. There is no need for you to know how to program when getting online with Arrigo. Create a top-notch online presence and boost your potential through the roof.

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wind creative adobe muse template
If you are particularly looking for a creative Adobe Muse template that suits the photography space, WIND is the one. This superb design will get things moving forward immediately, as it has it all predefined and ready to go. Needless to say, when establishing a website with WIND, it will never ask you for coding knowledge. Thus, anyone can get creative and make things happen – without exceptions! The look of WIND is also very minimal and modern, easily fitting numerous different tastes. But if you would like to modify it, by all means, make it happen.

Other treats of WIND come in the form of a one-page structure, smooth scrolling, counter effect, pricing, gallery, working contact form and social media icons. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, focus on wedding or food photography, with WIND, you have all the very many options to display your masterpieces on the web uniquely.

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rogue adobe muse template
Creativity has no limits and nor does ROGUE Adobe Muse template. This tool is truly impressive, highly customizable, super responsive and requires you to touch no line of code to work with it. The hype is real. Do more of what you are best at and let ROGUE present it for you to the online audience. Whether you are a professional individual or a creative agency, ROGUE has all the stuff that you need for a solid page.

It all starts with nine exceptional home designs. They are all ready to be put to use right away, as well as fully set to get hit with your customization tweaks. ROGUE handles it all and overcomes any challenge with no trouble. Other cracking inner pages ROGUE delivers are about us, clients, services, pricing tables and career. There are also four portfolio single page layouts included for your convenience.

More info / Download


bioka adobe muse template
Quickly and effectively start a fresh project with one of the leading Adobe Muse templates, Bioka. By default, Bioka is a corporate multi-purpose site canvas which you can apply to loads of different businesses. It is super flexible and even comes with its own library which allows you to come up with your page swiftly.

All Muse files are layered and organized and all you have to do is to drag and drop the elements you want to appear on your page. It is all super easy to manage and maintain with Bioka and there is none who would get lost while using it.

Bioka has a multi-page layout which is clean and to the point, for you to advertise yourself and your firm with elegance. If the page is the only thing that you lack at, get it sorted out as fast as possible with Bioka.

More info / Download


iceberg adobe muse template
You are here to meet Iceberg. It is an Adobe Muse template for digital agencies but freelancers and other creative individuals will benefit from it, too. Before you dig any deeper, you can first watch video tutorials and get familiar with the process of using and customizing Iceberg. One thing to mention before you leave watching videos is that Iceberg is effortless to use.

To chat more about the features, Iceberg has three main demos and a nice collection of inner sections. Two portfolios and two contact pages with Google Maps and a working form are, of course, also part of the bundle. Stunning hover and parallax effects, animations, counter and smooth page scrolling are other neat traits of Iceberg.

What you see on the screen above is only the tip of the iceberg. You better go and further examine the beautiful template to see how ridiculously amazing it is.

More info / Download


solid adobe muse template
You can hammer out your own page now quickly and easily with the help of SOLID. One of the top Adobe Muse templates for startups and businesses, SOLID, is well-designed and very simplistic regarding using and improving it. If you are launching your project, needless to say, you need a website for it. However, you do not want to spend too much time in building the site. Save your time where you can and invest more of it on marketing and growing your business.

Take a shortcut at establishing a page.

That is where SOLID can help you. It comes with all the assets and great components that you need for your page. On top of that, it is designed to be altered to your requirements without any complexity. No doubt, SOLID’s layout is fluid to work with all devices, desktops and down to smartphones.

More info / Download


buildm adobe muse template
It’s construction and building companies what BUILDM Adobe Muse template focuses on. You can also use it for engineering, architecture, cleaning services and just about any other construction based projects. BUILDM is flexible and extendable to give you enough freedom to deploy the website that you desire. You will need to invest very little work to complete the project on time and bring something novel to the market.

BUILDM has a multi-page layout with a very pleasing and elegant look that does not distract browsing your page at all. From a tempting index page to about, projects, services, blog and contact sections, these are all there, at your disposal. You might only need to tweak the web design slightly and already be prepared for the big launch. However you want to approach site establishment, let BUILDM help you out completing it like a champ.

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four adobe muse template
While Four has four different demos at your service, it is not limited to only four types of website. It is a versatile Adobe Muse template for building restaurant, product promotion, architecture and agency websites. These are the basics but Four can go way beyond that. No matter what kind of business you have or service that you provide, even a product, you can construct a page using Four. A simple name for a powerful multi-purpose template that is ready to bring your idea to reality.

Four comes with a modern design that is very minimal in the looks in order to place emphasis on different elements of your site. This comes helpful to push your services, your products, your works or anything else you would like to advertise on the internet. If you are in a rush but you still want to get a good and professional website, then Four is a really sensible option.

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upper adobe muse template
Upper is a mega creative, fun and exciting Adobe Muse template for everyone that is in need to build an online portfolio site. Now you can do it at a rapid pace, quick and efficiently with Upper and all that it has to offer you. Utilize the template and create a fully functional website with it that will take your freelancing business or digital agency to the next level. Do not be surprised if something magical happens once you go live.

With Upper, you give your project a place to shine online and get things going. It comes with two types of portfolios, is fully responsive and compatible with all modern web browsers. The wide slider is there for you to fill it with your most recent work or the one that you are most proud of. Everything Upper does, it does it with taste and stylishness.

More info / Download


startup adobe muse template
STARTUP is a fresh business owner’s dream template. This Muse template is specifically designed for creating websites for companies and businesses that are about to be launched. It is ideal for agencies, SEO companies, web service providers and graphic design firms but, to be frank, any kind of startup can use it. That is because all the elements of the tool are completely editable. It barely takes any time and effort to change images, texts and colors of STARTUP.

What’s best, working with STARTUP does not involve any programming what makes it very beginner-friendly. The features and assets that you can utilize are many. From parallax background and animations to one click images refill, counter and contact form, these and loads more you get with STARTUP. Documentation and video tutorials are also part of the gem so you never run into any trouble.

More info / Download


optimax adobe muse template
You should not even be wondering whether or not to build a page for your business. The answer is: you absolutely must! Just imagine how much it can do for you regarding marketing your services and offerings. Not only that, people will find you a whole bunch more professional and get to learn more about you without giving you a call. Heck, you two might get the project going without ever getting in touch through phone or even a live meeting. That’s the beauty of the interweb.

Anyhow, if a marketing agency is what you plan to expand to, OPTIMAX is the Adobe Muse template you will admire. It is a very energetic and vibrant web design, optimized for speed and reliable performance. No matter what device they use to surf the web, OPTIMAX always readjusts to the screen of their choice.

The technical part is definitely something you do not have to worry about, OPTIMAX already took care of it. Restyle OPTIMAX or use it as is, either way, the outcome will always be an inviting one.

More info / Download


ocean villa adobe muse template
Are you looking for an Adobe Muse template that you can use to create a website for a hotel, resort or similar establishments? If that is the case, then OCEAN VILLA is the website canvas that you are looking for. There is no need for you to search elsewhere, this is the one and only template that you need. What’s cool about OCEAN VILLA is that even those who have zero site building skills can use it. That’s right, even if you have never build a website before in your life, with the help of OCEAN VILLA, you can create one with ease.

OCEAN VILLA has a multi-page layout with a stunning home and interest sparking inner pages. Wide slider welcomes all your guests to the world of awesomeness. Intrigue them with gorgeous images and get them familiar with your offering. They can browser your page using smartphones, tablets or desktops, it will always work the same. Every OCEAN VILLA user gets free updates and documentation that they can follow for a swift hotel and resort page realization.

More info / Download

What’s your favorite creative Adobe Muse Template?

That brings us to the end of our collection of artistic Adobe Muse template choices. In conclusion, we have gone through some excellent Adobe Muse template choices that are extremely beautiful and versatile in their design. Be sure to let us know in the comments what’s your favorite and don’t forget to check out the other Adobe Muse roundups on our site.


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