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24 Best Free Fitness Website Templates 2020


Our list of the best free fitness website templates helps you enjoy a quick-start online. With the design and numerous features predefined, you save plenty of time and energy.

Fitness websites help you reach a bigger audience, maintain a portfolio, and help the user join your classes easily. Yes, they can do it directly on your website through a form.

The versatility of the web designs you find below fits numerous other intentions besides the fitness industry, too. Gyms and different health-conscious businesses, even personal trainers, can successfully utilize the template that best resonates with them.

To make this best-of list even more exciting, we added a few WordPress themes, so you have more options to choose from.

Note: Avoid everything and skip straight to free HTML templates.

Not everyone is a coder or a designer, and that’s when a WordPress theme comes into play. It unlocks total creative freedom to everyone, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Avoid the idea of building a fitness website from the ground up because you do not have to. With a ready-to-use template or theme, you can attain an extraordinary result that will help boost your business to new heights.

If you are ready to proceed, here are the best website templates and WordPress themes for the fitness industry.

Divi (WordPress)

Divi - yoga and fitness website design for WordPress
Fitness centers, gyms, personal trainers and all the rest in between, expand your reach and grow your business over and beyond. With a tool like Divi, you can now establish a killer online presence which will share more about your place and what you have to offer. It is an adaptive web design that works with a broad assortment of intentions for your convenience. And you sure do not need to be an expert at building pages to be able to use Divi to its full potential. Anyone will succeed at building a modern site with Divi.

Divi is 100% responsive, cross-browser compatible and fast loading. It rocks tons of elements and extensions for quick integration. While the out of the box samples already work as is, you can completely modify the appearance if you want. Social sharing, pricing tables, email opt-ins, animations, effects, you name it, Divi misses nothing.

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Jevelin (WordPress)

Jevelin is a multi-concept web design with loads of options and possibilities for you to take to your full advantage. And if you are in need to create a modern, responsive and appealing to the eye fitness website, you can do that, too, with Jevelin. In fact, it even has a fully functional demo ready-made for you to put into play out of the box. It is a tool perfect for personal trainers, but others in the fitness and gym space will find Jevelin highly beneficial, too.

With the full-screen slider, you will effortlessly capture everyone’s attention and make them hungry to learn more about your offerings. Call-to-action buttons, animated statistics, testimonials, Google Maps, parallax effect, footer reveal and back to top button are just some of the features of the fantastic and inspiring Jevelin. Begin building a fitness page with confidence, as it will feel very natural doing the job with Jevelin.

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MMAsport (WordPress)

mmasport fitness website template
MMAsport is an exclusive online fitness store website template. As soon as you gain access to MMAsport, you get to pick between seven different home pages. There are also multiple internal page layouts predefined for you to mix and match. Sometimes, you just want to keep things simple and quick and go with the default version. After all, MMAsport is beautiful, modern and sophisticated already – no need to tweak it. However, with the use of WPBakery drag and drop page builder, you can fine-tune the look, brand it and personalize it accordingly.

Different header and footer styles, awesome product pages, unlimited colors, mega menu, social sharing and nifty animations are a few of the goodies that you get with MMAsport. The entire layout is also optimized for speed and SEO, mobile-ready and browser compatible.

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Best Free Fitness Website Templates


Gutim Free Template
Gutim is an all-around, flexible and customizable free fitness website template for starting online like a pro. With this remarkable page skin, you can secure yourself a prominent spot on the internet for everyone to enjoy. Whether you operate a fitness facility, a gym center, heck, you are a personal trainer, with Gutim, you can establish a website that will do the trick. Promote your services, your classes and other whatnot in the best possible light. And that is easily achievable with Gutim.

Massive banner, call-to-action buttons, testimonials slider and pricing tables are a few of the features that Gutim rocks. There is also a registration form, blog section, social media icons and Google Maps for your pure benefit. Now is always the right time to start something new, and with Gutim, you can expect excellent results.

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Ponigym Free Template
For everyone who is looking for even more free fitness website tmeplate alternatives, you are in luck. We have tons of different web design fully available and ready for you to put them into play. And Ponigym is another excellent solution that will spark your interest right from the get-go. First and foremost, the professional and creative appearance of Ponigym make sure that you can employ this site skin regardless of your fitness/gym intentions. Ponigym quickly caters to your needs without spending too much time on the design.

To spice things up, Ponigym comes with a slider, weekly classes schedule, Google Maps and a functional contact form. In the package, Ponigym also offers blogging pages for you to take your business to new heights via content marketing. Scale accordingly with Ponigym and the fabulous web presence that you will create.

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Zacson Free Template
Zacson is an all-around website template for fitnesses and gyms. In addition to that, you will find great use of it even as a personal trainer. No need to limit yourself. Zacson rocks many great page layouts and features that you can mix and match for a stunning build. It also has a dark touch to it, which makes everything appear even better. If you would like to make a difference, do it with Zacson.

Some of the amenities of Zacson are a sticky menu, back to top button, pricing plans and blog section. Create a gallery and go into detail with the course presentations, all this and more with Zacson.

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fitnessclub free template
As the name suggests, FitnessClub is a first-rate solution that helps create a professional website for the sports industry. If you are operating a fitness facility, do not miss building a website for it. This way, you can promote your classes, share a schedule, introduce trainers, whatever. Of course, everyone can get familiar with the pricing, too.

FitnessClub has a text slider, call-to-action buttons, testimonials, filterable schedule and more. On the predefined contact page, you will also find Google Maps and a functional form. Grow your business and reach more sports enthusiasts with a website.

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Gymlife Free Template
In these days, every business needs a website. Even when it comes to fitnesses and gyms, a solid online presence is a must. This way, you can showcase all and everything that you do over at your location. Of course, promote the classes that you host and even share pricing. What’s more, you can also create online bookings/reservations and take things to the extremes.

That’s when GymLife comes into play. A remarkable alternative with the design fully sorted out. There is a lot of material to put into play for an impactful outcome. Let everyone get hyped for working out at your fitness, starting with a website.

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Activitar Free Template
Activitar hits you like a ton of bricks with its bold and dark design that establish a strong and memorable first impression. If you are ready for something a tad different, you better get your hands on Activitar. This free fitness website template calls for a stupendous outcome that will help promote your services and sports facility over and beyond. Keep in mind, you can use Activitar exactly as it comes out of the box, stuff it with your custom details and content and be ready to go live.

Like any other template on this list, Activitar also operates smoothly on all modern handheld and desktop devices. It is also entirely compatible with popular web browsers and showcases details stunningly on retina screens. You get a filterable gallery, slider, classes table, blog and a contact section, readily available to employ them.

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fitzone free template
When building a fitness website, you do not really need to start from scratch anymore. On top of that, you do not need to hire someone to do it for you nor spend big bucks to make it happen. In fact, you need to pay nothing and you need to invest a small amount of time and energy to realize the desired web space.

With Fitzone, your free fitness website template, you can kick things off like a professional from the start. It has the web design ready and set for you to employ it and make it follow your needs and regulations. Of course, you can use it exactly as is but you can also improve and enhance the layout and make it your own. Succeed online with a cracking fitness page that Fitzone will help you realize.

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crossbody free template
As the name suggests, Crossbody is a free website template for CrossFit facilities. On the other hand, the tool is versatile and adaptive enough to work with fitnesses and gyms just as well. No need to play by the rules when it comes to the default settings. If you fancy a modern, dark, elegant and professional look, no doubt, Crossbody is the one skin you need.

Crossbody follows all the latest trends and regulations that will get you going strong. Couple the available with your outstanding services and other custom content and you already have a winning combination. Crossbody is ready to work seamlessly on both mobile and desktop devices, as well as all popular web browsers. With Crossbody, the experience will always be a striking one regardless of the device and platform they use to browse the internet.

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muscle free template
If you help others build muscle indeed Muscle is the free fitness website template that you should consider. Still, even if you offer other services and activities, with Muscle, you can feature them as well. Approach building a website with an open mind and let the idea of adjusting the default settings not intimidate you. Muscle is organized and easy to use, perfect for beginners and professionals at web design and development.

Muscle comes with a full-screen slider, sticky navigation, on scroll content load, animated statistics and parallax effect. There are other goodies that Muscle’s live preview page will reveal for you. Look no further and start making moves in the online space with your fitness once and for all.

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crossfits free template
With the popularity of CrossFit, chances are, your idea is to start your own thing as well. Regardless of what your plans are, running a website should be on your repertoire. Not only that, but make sure it is professional, modern and mobile-ready. With Crossfits, as your free fitness website template, you can achieve such results without breaking a single drop of sweat.

Crossfits sports a boxed layout, slider, multi-level drop-down menu, testimonials, news and about page. You can introduce your entire team of coaches and present your program in-depth. With Crossfits, you can now create an online marketing medium that is at the same time your brand ambassador. With a website, you unlock yourself a broad specter of new possibilities that will grow your business to new heights.

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You are building people with solid and iron bodies, now the time has come to get things to a whole new degree. To achieve even more success with your business, pick up a free fitness website template and create an online presence that will knock everyone’s socks off. Get things going with Ironmuscle and make a big difference. It is a contemporary, sophisticated and appealing to the eye web design that offers you an extensive collection of features and layouts.

Ironmuscle is a Bootstrap Framework template that follows all the latest online trends and tech regulations. In other words, Ironmuscle is mobile-ready, retina-friendly, cross-browser compatible, as well as optimized for performance and search engines. You are here to take action, download the free tool and put it to use. Employ Ironmuscle to its full potential and amaze and impress all your current customers and a horde of potential new users.

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bodyfit free template
Bodyfit is a free fitness website template with a responsive, flexible and extendable web design. It is a multi-functional page canvas that caters to a number of different sports activities. It comes ideal for fitness centers and gyms but you can also utilize Bodyfit for something entirely different. Your imagination is the only limitation you have. Once you approach web design with an open mind, the options you have with a powerful tool are close to endless.

With Bodyfit’s dark layout, you will easily grab their attention and make them start getting familiar with your services. Introduce your personal trainers and coaches, showcase schedule and write a compelling about us page. Bodyfit also includes a blog and a fully functional contact section for your convenience. There is a ton you can attain with Bodyfit so waste no more time and take action immediately.

More info / Download


Avoid building your website from the ground up and go with a free fitness website template. This allows you to find the exact design that best resonates with you quickly or even use the ready-made tools for inspiration. Sportsfit is a cracking scheme that will present your fitness services online uniquely and originally. And when you couple it with a touch of your signature style, you can form a custom experience that everyone will enjoy.

From top to bottom and all the way to the very last detail, Sportsfit has you sorted out with a skin that will benefit you greatly. Along with the index page, Sportsfit also includes other internal sections, like about us, classes, blog and contact. The latter contains a working contact form and Google Maps.

More info / Download


fitnessgym free template
FitnessGym is pretty self-explanatory. It is a free fitness website template with the right set of layouts and components that will quick-start your online project. With a page that describes your services in-depth, everyone can instantly be familiar with what they can expect. Even when it comes to pricing, FitnessGym has pricing plans available and integrated into the web design.

Other than that, FitnessGym is flexible, mobile-friendly, compatible with retina screens and web browsers, too. It has different animations, working hours table, newsletter subscription form, slider and other whatnots. If you would like to go on a more personal level with your clientele, you can also start writing fitness and health-related blog. Last but not least, FitnessGym’s contact page is stuffed with a working contact form and Google Maps to share your exact location.

More info / Download


yogalife free template
For some, yoga is fitness. Obviously, there are all sorts of different types of yoga; those that are more mentally oriented and the ones the turn out to be one hell of a workout. If you are starting your own yoga studio, you can get your online space sorted out with Yogalife. It is a magnificent tool that contains many features and ready-to-use layouts. There are features such as full-screen parallax slider, pricing tables, hover effects and full-width gallery to name a few.

Yogalife also comes with additional sliders for upcoming events and testimonials, a working contact form and cool yoga classes page. Yogalife’s design is clean and creative, responsive and mobile-ready, as well as search and performance optimized. The final product will be appealing to the eye, interest-sparking and ready to kick off your yoga project with style and fashion.

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yogalax free template
At one point, you might find yourself so deeply involved in yoga, thought of starting your own thing arrises. If that is the case for you, get your online presence with Yogalax. It is a beautiful free website template with a one-of-a-kind web design that will create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Introduce your custom content, details and classes and start playing around with different options. With Yogalax, you will surely come up with the right look that best resonates with your idea.

Yogalax has a very feminine look, typewriter effect, loads content on scroll and showcases your customers’ testimonials. You can also start a blog where you share tips and tricks on how to do yoga better, as well as other health and fitness related articles. Make the first move, download Yogalax and see the magic happen.

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Robust Free Template
As a free fitness website template, Robust provides you with all the necessary material for quick page creation. What’s more, the features and assets it delivers are vast and premium-like. That said, make sure the word “free” does not fool you. All the tools you will find in this collection are of the highest standard, following all the latest tech trends and web regulations. Indeed, Robust is responsive, retina-ready and in tune with all modern web browsers.

Robust comes with a full-width slider, drop-down menu, parallax effect, on scroll content load and handy weekly class schedule. Introduce your personal trainers, offer more information about your fantastic classes and push your forthcoming events. By using Robust, you can also start a blog and capture their emails with the integrated newsletter subscription form. It should not pass much time from the moment you download Robust to the moment you release it to the online world.

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Fitnezz Free Template
If you run a fitness, a gym or pretty much anything else working out and health-related, Fitnezz is the tool you should consider. It is a free fitness website template with killer features and spectacular characteristics. With little time and effort invested on your end, you can have a fully active page up and ready to go live quickly. But first, make sure you check out the live preview page of Fitnezz and be amazed by the level of professionalism it delivers.

The website skin is flexible and mobile-ready, fluently adapting to all devices even those with retina screens. All this calls for a smooth experience examining all your classes, services and other offerings regardless of the device they use. Full-screen slider, hover effects, unique schedule section and testimonials are some of the assets you get with Fitnezz.

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Fitness Free Template
Hence the name, Fitness is an ideal website template for you to use with fitness and gym centers. It is fully ready to push your place and advertise it online for a chance of reaching even more potential sports enthusiasts. Moreover, Fitness is loaded with greatness in form of numerous features that help you realize your ideal web space with zero hassle. After all, if you use Fitness exactly as it comes out of the box, you truly need to do very little work to turn it into an active page.

However, whenever you feel like there is a need, make sure you customize Fitness however you fancy and let it follow your branding to the T. It is all possible and also very easy and beginner-friendly. Although some skills will be helpful, you do not have to be a pro at it to be able to put together a website that will drive your business.

More info / Download


Gym free template
You can do spectacular things for your business once you refine your web space and expand your reach. To do so, avoid building a page from scratch and utilize Gym free fitness website template. It has the content and features ready and set for you to take to your benefit and start crafting your most suitable website. Besides, you do not even need to do much tweaking if the look is exactly what you are after. Indeed, Gym is a clean, minimal and advanced tool with countless possibilities.

Some of the features of Gym are a massive banner with text, sticky header, body mass index calculator, open courses and weekly schedule. As far as the technical part goes, Gym follows all the latest trends to make sure your final web creation stands the test of time.

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Whether you are a personal trainer or a gym owner, whatever the case, this free fitness website template is one to study further. It is simply named, Trainer. It is a very uncomplicated tool that you can turn into a selling/advertising machine in a breeze. If your page happens to be outdated or you are fresh in the space, build one as soon as possible with Trainer template. Surprisingly, it is going to be much more comfortable than you may think so play fast.

Trainer is a Bootstrap-based website template that will help you push your training services with the entire world which comes crucial if you are selling online courses. Other than that, Trainer has a minimal and tidy web design with a full-screen banner, parallax effect, back to top button and features-packed footer section. If you would like to grow, now you know what actions you need to take to get things moving.

More info / Download

Which design fits your fitness business best?

These are some of the best free fitness website templates you can use for your gym, sports club, fitness center and health clubs. Most of the templates in this list follow flexible design, so using it for multipurpose website needs is not a problem.

If you are intended to use your site as a community then it is better to use fitness WordPress themes because you get plenty of options and user management is also made easy with the WordPress plugins.


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