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31 Free Photography Website Templates for Photographers 2020


Get ready to explore some of the best and most beautiful free photography website templates. These will help you build a portfolio website in a snap.

While you already spend a ton of time taking pictures and editing them, the last thing you need is to spend additional who-knows-how-many hours on putting together the ideal site. To have a photography website ready and live as quickly as possible, pick a template. Edit and modify it per your requests and likings and you are short moments away from the launch.

If you would like to expand your clientele and promote your photo work, take to your advantage free photography website templates. It does not matter if you are a lifestyle, landscape, wedding, fashion or food photographer, these templates are versatile enough to adapt to any niche.

If you are in a hurry, skip straight to free HTML templates.

They are all responsive to make your images fluently and beautifully appear on any device. From portfolios and blogs, even online resumes, you can craft whatever type of page with these templates for photography websites.

Now is the right time to start constructing a page for all your photo masterpieces. Look no further, choose the product you dig the most and push your work. Others will notice your creativity and the rest is history. If that was something on your to-do list up until this point, make it happen once and for all.

Whenever you feel it is necessary, step up your portfolio website with premium photography website templates. There are no limitations other than your imagination when it comes to pro site-building tools. But the free versions you find here might be enough to last you forever.

Divi (WordPress)

divi photo gallery website template
As a photographer, one of the ways to share your works with the world is by using social media. However, as soon as you get more serious about your project, you better create an official website. This way, you can go beyond sharing your imagery only, pushing your services, personal story and other exciting information, too.

One of the solutions for killer online spaces is Divi. With the countless collection of predefined elements, templates and designs, you can start on the web instantaneously. Have in mind, you can also test the waters on the live preview page and see the amazingness of Divi real-time. Once satisfied with the tool, dive all in and make a difference.

Create an outstanding portfolio, start a blog and even sell your works online with the use of WooCommerce plugin. There are no limits and no boundaries when it comes to Divi, you can make things moving forward with an open mind, going as creative as you want. The customization features are first-class.

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Jevelin (WordPress)

jevelin photo gallery website template
If you are ready to start making moves online like a real champ, get your hands on Jevelin. With this powerful and versatile web design, you can now hammer out a photography website in a snap of a finger. There are all the goodies neatly packed into Jevelin kit for a speedy launch of a striking and interest sparking page. And if you discover a predefined demo which you find the ideal out of the box, have a page live in just a few minutes. That is how quick a page can be set up with Jevelin.

Extra specialties of Jevelin contain WPBakery page builder, Slider Revolution, portfolio layouts, contact page, sticky header, mega menu, blog section, you name it, the list of features is vast. Lastly, the layout is mobile-ready, in tune with web browsers, optimized for search engines, as well as fast loading.

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Tracem (WordPress)

tracem photography website template
Tracem is a versatile portfolio and photography website template with a modern and professional look. You get to select from several ready-made layouts out of the box. These, you can use as is or you can customize them further. Tracem comes with Elementor drag and drop site editor which unlocks a new horizon of possibilities for everyone. Tracem is especially useful for someone who is not familiar with web development, heck, he or she does not even know how to code. That’s when the codeless process comes into play.

The layout is responsive, making sure your stunning and jaw-dropping photography work appears flawlessly on all devices and platforms. Tracem is also powered by Bootstrap Framework and compatible with all modern plugins and web browsers. Fast loading, parallax effect, Contact Form 7, unlimited colors and CSS3 animations are just a few more treats of the already outstanding Tracem.

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Best free photography website templates


cassi free template
Cassi is a top-notch free photography website template that you can use for your professional or hobby project. With the stunning dark look, Cassi offers you to get things moving online in a little breeze. For your information, this is an HTML template which does require coding knowledge to turn it into a functional online presence.

If you are looking to expand your reach while at the same time distinguish from the masses, let Cassi do the magic. It rocks an impactful full-screen split-screen slideshow that triggers everyone’s interest right away. From then on, they can take action and learn all the information about you and your works, thanks to the different layouts that Cassi has available.

What’s more, with Cassi, you do not have to worry about responsive and fluid layout, as the tool follows all the modern trends out of the box.

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Halen Free Template
Creating a photography portfolio happens quicker than you think once you gain total access to Halen. Since the template is entirely free of charge, you can start making moves immediately, it is just a click away anyway. The appearance of Halen is very appealing to the eye, making sure it caters to very many different tastes and intentions as is. Still, if you would like to brand and personalize the design of Halen, you can do that, too.

Some of the features that Halen treats you to are sticky navigation, drop-down menu, full-width slider, call-to-actions, hover effects, testimonials and more. You can also start a blog and share more about yourself and your work via compelling articles. There is also a working contact form and Google Maps neatly integrated into the layout.

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Photosen Free Template
Kick-off your photography project with a killer website, thanks to Photosen. This free solution screams, “check me out!” due to its amazing design. It is relatively simple, but that’s what makes it stand out. Of course, Photosen also has a dark mode to it, which makes it ten times better. But that’s a personal preference. If you dig it, you will enjoy using Photosen to the fullest.

You will find a grid on the front page that can present either your latest works or even use it for different categories. A lot is possible with the flexible Photosen, so do not let your imagination limit you in any way. Even edits and configurations are welcome.

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Mostudio Free Template
Since many of the free photography website templates are light, here is another dark alternative. Mostudio is absolutely stunning and very appealing to the eye. It will take things to the next level, especially once you introduce your custom content and details. Hey, Mostudio is free, so you have nothing to lose yet all to gain. Take action and download it now.

A few of the peculiarities of Mostudio are sticky sidebar navigation, on scroll content loading and interchangeable split-screen content presentation. See the magic happen with the dope Mostudio now.

More info / Download


Rettro Free Template
If the ones above were too much for you, I bet you will find Rettro just ideal. With the flexible and extensible design, Rettro makes sure that you get a chance to scale your photography business to new successes. It has everything for you to make a website that will create a pleasant atmosphere.

Showcase your photography works, promote your services, share pricing, even start a blog; it’s all possible with Rettro. There is also a neat, full-width slider with thumbnail previews. Finally, Rettro ensures great performance on mobile and desktop devices. It’s time to make a difference – with Rettro.

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nissa free template
If you would like to create a website that does not follow the traditonal look, you better consider using Nissa. This free photography website template has a creative, modern and very sophisticated look that anyone can take to their total advantage. Skip the idea of building a page from the ground up when you can profit from Nissa tremendously. And it does not cost a dime! Yet the outcome will be very premium-like if you will.

Nissa includes an array of goodies that will level up your online presence. Push your portfolio and services to new heights with the extraordinary website that Nissa will help you establish. Along with the home design, Nissa also offers off-canvas menu, social media icons, plenty of ready-to-use elements, functional contact form and Google Maps. Nissa reshapes to all devices, too, and operates on every popular web browser butter smoothly.

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photogallery free template
PhotoGallery is a creative, original and out of this world free photography website template that serves both amateurs and pros like a dream. If you are looking to expand your reach and bring your photo project to another level, do yourself a favor and download PhotoGallery now. First and foremost, this premium-like template is free of charge. The features are there, ready for you to employ them to your heart’s content.

What’s more, you can always improve and adjust PhotoGallery to your likings and make it match your branding precisely. However, for many of us, the web design is so impressive, we just want to use it as is, change the details and attach custom content and we are ready to rock and roll. Do know that the outcome will always be spectacular, that’s what PhotoGallery guarantees.

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capture free template
If capturing images is what you are passionate about, bring your work to the online world and shine with Capture. This is one of the best free photography website templates you can get your hands on today. It is just a matter of taking action, putting Capture to work and you can already see fantastic results coming your way shortly after. During the process of establishing your dream website, you can enrich it with your creative touches or simply change the color only and hit the launch button.

Capture has a stunning grid layout gallery on the home page that offers you to push your best work and welcome everyone into your world of amazingness right off the bat. There is also an additional gallery page where you can showcase all the rest of your creations and boost your potential to the extreme.

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fotograp free template
No doubt, Fotograp is a free photography website template for photographers of all levels and all niches. No matter if you are an established photographer, a newbie, you enjoy landscape photography or fashion, Fotograp is here to get you online sooner than later. If you decide to stick with the out of the box version, you can truly have a functional website up and running in little to no time. Of course, you can adjust and enhance the Fotograp’s web design further and make it your own.

Some of the numerous features of Fotograp are parallax effect, testimonials, on scroll content load, social media icons and multi-level drop-down menu. In the kit, you will also discover about and contact pages that require little work to make them work. Start today and attain the fantastic goals you want to reach with your photo career.

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louie free template
If you are looking to create an online portfolio, Louie is the tool that gets you moving in the right direction. For photographers, Louie is a fine, clean and modern free photography website template that will help you get known. It is a Bootstrap Framework layout that perfectly adapts to all devices, smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. It also acclimatizes to all modern web browsers, retina screens and ensures remarkable performance.

Other traits of Louie are sticky sidebar, split-screen slider, neat photo gallery page, newsletter subscription form and blog. They can also get in touch with you via the included and functional contact form that Louie sports. It is a design that will unlock a broad horizon of new possibilities for you so make sure you utilize it to its full potential.

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photon free template
For everyone who wishes to take a slightly different approach to web design, Photon is the free photography website template you should take into consideration. It has a carousel home page that sparks everyone’s interest, as well as creates a strong first impression. This gives you an edge over the competition and helps you stand out from the masses. Of course, all the other internal sections of Photon are just as jaw-dropping what creates an unforgettable experience.

By following all the latest web practices, Photon’s layout comes 100% mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible, as well as offering a striking performance. At this stage, nothing should be stopping you so take action and start making big moves. Even if you are taking shots just for fun, get the word out and attract a new audience with Photon.

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flash free template
With Flash, you can create a fantastic, minimalistic and contemporary photography website. This free website template offers you to benefit from its splendid web design that will push your works even further. Not only that, but you will appear even more professional than you already are with Flash’s layout. By heading over to the live preview page, you can already picture how the outcome would appear, stuffed with your imagery and other details.

Just like any other modern web template, Flash is also responsive, flexible and in tune with web browsers. Your creations will appear with crystal clarity on retina screens and the overall performance will be of the highest degree on all devices. It should not be long before you start seeing positive feedback from your website visitors and even potential clients.

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Bato Free Template
It is not really the free part of all these templates what’s the main reason for downloading them and using them for your websites. In fact, it is the amazing web design, the top-notch performance and premium-like features they come with why they should hook you. And if it just happens that they do not cost a dime, well, that’s even better. Bato is one of the best free photography website templates which highlights all the mentioned and then some.

You will love it!

Bato is a responsive, flexible and adaptable tool for crafting your much-needed page for your attention-grabbing photo project. Make it stand out a mile with Bato’s super clean and minimal look and let it emphasize your fantastic works and remarkable talent. Before you know it, you might start receiving new business proposal and gig offers that will help you take your little project to the next level.

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Imahe Free Template
If you are starting a new chapter in your life or you are a photographer for a long time, owning a website is almost a must. Even if you are just a hobby photographer, create an online portfolio which you can use to showcase all your best works and increase your potential. To do things the right way, here with have Imahe. This best free photography website template is loaded with the right equipment for you to have your web space ready for the launch in a breeze.

No need to be establishing your desired page from scratch if you have all the material at your fingertips. That said, Imahe offers you a complete site solution with its incredible home page design, as well as all other necessary inner sections. The tool supports video background, loads content on scroll, comes with a full-width Instagram feed and attractive hover effects.

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bitmap free template
In this collection, you will find only the best free photography website templates that are currently available on the market. Needless to say, whichever you decide to go with, it is a guarantee that your outcome will be a novel page, stuffed with your phenomenal works.

Bitmap is another such site canvas which is fully optimized, great in performance and spectacular in web design. It rocks a combination of fine technical features with awe-inspiring web trends that spark everyone’s curiosity.

Some of the features of Bitmap are transparent navigation, parallax effect, categorized portfolio, Instagram feed, newsletter subscription, Google Maps and working contact form. Integrated into the web design, you will also find a full blog section and a bunch of practical web elements. Nowadays, creating photography websites is not a challenge anymore, especially after you download Bitmap template.

More info / Download


Sonar is a marvelous and unique free photography website template with great features and outstanding performance. What you will dig the most about the site canvas is the original look it has. From the large and mesmerizing carousel slider to exceptional elements that appear on scroll, with Sonar, it is easy to stand out. Whether you are a professional or a beginner photographer, having a solid web presence is always advisable. You can go complex, you can go minimal or you can go Sonar.

The menu becomes a sticky one once you start scrolling and the back to top button appears soon after. Sonar also has a remarkable portfolio page, blog section and a functional contact page. With Sonar, you can quickly achieve that “something more” you strive toward.

More info / Download


More uniqueness is coming towards you in the form of Studio free and professional website template for photographers. The first thing that hits you once you check the live preview of Studio is the one-of-a-kind approach to full-screen slider it has. It, indeed, calls for a strong and memorable first impression. Studio glues you to the screen and has you stuck browsing through the imagery for moments to come. But there are other amazing features and goodies this free photography template has in store for you.

From pop-up contact form and left social media sidebar to masonry portfolio page, blog, animated loaders and milestones. Start blogging about photography, tell your story and provide secret tips and tricks. Studio has all the needed for the success you plan on achieving for your photo project.

More info / Download

Photography 2

Photography-2 free template
Photography 2 is the second generation of the free photography website template. It is a site building skin with an original approach that will ease the process of differentiating yourself from others. Super clean and to the point home page welcomes everyone with a full-screen but framed slideshow. Other than that, you will find social media icons at the bottom and a basic menu at the top. Indeed, that is primarily it. What else do you need, when your amazing photographies already do most of the work for you anyway? I know, right?

Just blend your masterpieces with Photography 2’s contemporary web design and your online presence goes through the roof. Although Photography 2 keeps things simple and straightforward, there is still quite some stuff going on. Along with the home page, Photography 2 has a pleasant portfolio and attractive blog section in the kit.

More info / Download


Foto free photography template
We could say that Foto is an enhanced version of Photography 2. If you need that something more you are looking for in a free photography website template, Foto might be the best option for you. To some extent, it is still fairly simple with an addition of more effects and a drop-down menu.

The massive and framed slider amazes your visitors with incredible pictures, titles and links to projects. Moreover, Foto has two portfolio pages to showcase your works in an attention grabbing way. Also, use the integrated blog and start writing about your passion and give back to your fans. One template which allows you to scale your project and reach new photo craving individuals.

More info / Download


Photography free photography website template
When you decide to bring your photo project online, you might kick things off with a free template. With our best collection of free photography website templates, you actually will not feel the free part at all. In reality, all these site skins are more on the premium side than free. And Photography is no different.

Photography template has a full-screen slideshow, sticky menu, portfolio and a contact form. All this Photography treats you to is with its one-page website layout. But there is more than enough space to introduce yourself, feature a Donate Now button and display latest blog posts. Give everyone a chance to get to know you and your work by a matter of a few scrolls.

More info / Download


Cocoon free template
Every creative mind who is searching for a way to display their work online, do it effortlessly with Cocoon. Both agencies and individuals, you will all enjoy the template from the moment you start using it. Heck, from the moment the live preview loads for you and you begin further investigating its ace features.

While Cocoon can be for all sorts of artistic and design works, it is also a perfect tool for photographers. The way how the template is structured blows away not only you but everyone who ever comes across your photo website. They sure will be impressed and thrilled by your expertness across all chapters of your project. Awe-inspiring portfolio, phenomenal services page and a compelling blog section, have a strong start with Cocoon template.

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If you are looking for a refined free landing page style photography website template, you might just found the one. Here is Yaseen, a website creating tool for photo enthusiasts of all levels. You might be an amateur or you might be a professional, either way, craft a page with Yaseen. It is neat, clean and friendly to the eye. Push your services, advertise your photo shoots and tell the world who truly are you.

Great selection of colors, distraction free web design and solid attention to detail, Yaseen covers it all. In the Yaseen package, you will also uncover newsletter subscription box, social media icons, a generic page and all sorts of different elements. Of course, Yaseen is also responsive and retina ready, cross-browser compatible and entirely customizable.

More info / Download


Creative Agency Free Website Template
Photographers of any niche, do you already run a website but a design refresh is something you are after? Or you might be making your first page but do not know where to start. Let’s make an end to all your concerns with these best free photography website templates. Pick above, pick below or pick in the middle, in this case, Droppler. It is a superb canvas with an original look that others will quickly set apart.

When you would like to combine your photography project with blogging, there is no need to look elsewhere. Free website template, Droppler, does just that for you. You read that correct, there is no need for you to make things yourself anymore. There is a tool that helps you out and it just happens that it is also free. What else do you need?

More info / Download


With photographers in mind and so many in need to sort out their web presence, a demand for photo website templates is on the rise. That’s why we decided to put together the best collection of high quality and free photography website template. Here we are now, several tools deep already, investigating Pemodule.

Make your pictures shine online, push your services and grow your project. Who knows, maybe you are just a hobby photographer but it is the enticing website you are about to develop that takes you to the next level. It is definitely worth a shot since Pemodule is easy to use and does not cost you a dime.

More info / Download


Po-Portfolio free template
Minimalists and everyone else who is ready for the switch, Po-Portfolio free photography website template is ideal for you. It is a template which puts all its focus on your extraordinary creations and makes them stand out. Essentially, that is precisely what you want for your content. Create a portfolio that makes everyone’s spine tingle once they see it. Achieving goals like that is not that hard anymore. With a convenient template which is professional and easy to manage and maintain all is possible. Oh wait, you are just looking at the exact tool you need, Po-Portfolio.

Realize your idea as fast as you can and turn Po-Portfolio template into a functional website. Sooner rather than later, you can enjoy the outcome and see your little project flourish. No need to postpone rather start now.

More info / Download


glint free photography website template
Glint is a beautiful, modern and sophisticated free website template which will give your photographies a whole new meaning. It is ideal for agencies, photographers and other creative individuals who would like to share their amazing work with the online world. It is responsive and retina ready tool which turns you into a professional site builder even if you are not one. With great animations, functional contact form and an elegant portfolio section, Glint does not give a feeling that it is actually a free template.

While many will use it out of the box, you should still be aware of the clean and organized code Glint is built on. Meaning, customizing and adding personal touches to it will be easy as pie. It also means that you should not feel in any way restricted and this applies to all other free photography website templates, too.

More info / Download


yummy free photography website template
Yummy is a delicious website template for food bloggers but with a tweak here and a tweak there, it can be suitable for any other niche as well. However, for whatever industry and business you use it, Yummy can act as a lovely free photography website template. With a full-width slider and main focus on your content, your pictures will stand out and grab the attention of hungry eyes.

Yummy also comes with a full-width Instagram feed to add more photo material to your website. In addition, you will also find social icons, newsletter widget, hover effects and a contact page with integrated Google Maps and working contact-me form. Your beautiful creations will appear even more eye catching on a website that uses Yummy template.

More info / Download

Go Crepe

go crepe free photography website template
Go Crepe is a vibrant free photography website template with a tasty name. I could stop here and leave you with the live preview to further examine it on your own because we all know how much fun it is. However, I will continue at the same pace as usual. For photographers and photography agencies, Go Crepe is a fantastic template to build a website with. While it keeps things simple, at the same time, Go Crepe provides enough features to highlight your work and projects in an expert way. A bit of simplicity mixed with complexity is all you need sometimes.

Tell your story, share your skills and experience, display your work with a slider and catch everyone’s emails with a cool newsletter subscription box. Moreover, showcase your past and present clients’ logos, add your contact details and link your website to your social accounts.

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