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24 Best Free Hand Holding iPhone Mockups 2021


If you would like to present your mobile-friendly apps, these best hand holding iPhone mockups will do the trick. As a matter of fact, even if you would like to showcase the responsiveness of a website, a theme, or a plugin, pick any of these templates and stand out from the crowd. They allow for quick editing, making sure you realize a solid presentation in a snap of a finger.

After all, if you would like to keep things seamless, professional and sophisticated, an iPhone is always a good decision. This time, you do not need actually to buy the iPhone and you do not even need to pay for a mockup. All these templates are entirely free of charge, readily available for you to put into play. Although they do not cost a dime, the end product will still be outstanding, showcasing your works beautifully.

Moreover, all the hand holding iPhone mockups come as PSDs with a layered structure. In short, all you need to do is to find the smart object layer which you use to drag and drop your designs. I know, it almost sounds too good to be true but let’s face it, that is the reality when working with modern mockup templates.

Mockup of a Young Man Holding an iPhone 11 Pro

mockup of a young man holding an iphone 11 pro

There is always an option to take the presentation of your mobile design to another degree. How? With a hand holding an iPhone, of course! And we have plenty here for you to take to your total advantage. This one features a man, enjoying the content on his iPhone, which, of course, could be your website, your online store, well, just about anything that you would like to add to the screen of an iPhone. As for inserting your screenshot, you can either upload it from your computer or even use a direct image URL. Simple and quick!

Mockup Featuring a Woman’s Hand Holding an iPhone 11 Pro over a Neat Desk

mockup featuring a woman's hand holding an iphone 11 pro over a neat desk

For a more professional hand holding an iPhone mockup, here is one with a bright and minimalistic setting. Along with the iPhone, the mockup also features Apple’s keyboard and mouse, as well as a lovely decoration. You can now slide in any design that you want and see it appear on the screen immediately. If you would like to test a different one, or ten more, feel free to upload as many as you want until you find the best fitting one. Additionally, you can also append a text overlay and graphics to spice things up even further. You will surely have a lot of fun coming up with the ideal demonstration – that is a guarantee.

Mockup of a Man Holding an iPhone 11 Pro with Both Hands

mockup of a man holding an iphone 11 pro with both hands

Some are confident enough to hold their iPhones with one hand and the others rather keep it secured and hold it with both. If the latter suits your style more, here we have a mockup that demonstrates just that. And now, you can enrich it with your beautiful design, a screenshot of a website, an app, you name it. You can add any image that you fancy, play around with different combinations and come up with the right end product quickly. The working area of the iPhone screen is 1125 x 2436 px.

Young Man Holding iPhone Mockup

young man holding iphone mockup

Needless to say, if you would like to display the mobile version of your application or website, use any of the hand holding iPhone mockups that we have in store for you. By heading over to the Placeit platform, you can craft a presentation in close to no time. After all, all you need to do is to upload the screenshot you would like to use and that’s it. Additionally, you can also use a direct image URL, copy and paste it and you are ready to impress. Another feature of the mockup is the option to add a text overlay.

iPhone XS Max Mockup of an Amazed Woman

iphone xs max mockup of an amazed girl

Awesome and lively hand holding iPhone mockup featuring a young and excited woman. If you are raising hype and awareness for a new clothing brand or a fresh social media platform, let this lady present it in a photo-realistic way. As simple as that. Instead of actually getting a photo shooting done, use a life-like mockup template and save yourself tons of time and budget. The working area of the iPhone XS Max screen is 1242 x 2688 px, offering you enough space to present your work in the best possible way. Attach your work by uploading it or from a URL and see it in action instantaneously.

Mockup of a Man Watching His iPhone XS Max While Playing Guitar

mockup of a man watching his iphone xs max while playing guitar

If you are releasing a music app or anything else related to music, this hand holding iPhone mockup template is ideal for you. Moreover, even if you are a clothing brand that focuses primarily on the music fans and whatnot, or a band pushing an updated mobile version of their official website, with a mockup, you can show your professionalism and niftiness. Not only that, as a web designer, you can also see whether or not it matches the screen flawlessly. With the screenshot ready, just slide it into the mockup (in-browser) and see the possible outcome. Once finished, download your fresh creation and you are done doing the work.

Student Holding an iPhone XS Max

student holding an iphone xs max

With the versatility of iPhone mockups that we bring to the table, you will have a small breeze finding the one that matches your needs and requirements. Instead of scouring the web, we did all the hard work for you, choosing some of the best templates currently available on the market. Here is a layout of a glasses-wearing Asian student, holding an iPhone XS Max. This is a great opportunity to showcase your application, your website or even an iPhone wallpaper. One thing is for sure, the final product will create a realistic atmosphere, showing your creation in action.

iPhone XS Max Mockup Featuring an Edgy Woman

iphone xs max mockup featuring an edgy girl

Beautiful hand holding iPhone mockup template featuring a tattooed brunette woman with pierced nose in a dress. The options with this layout are endless, as you can use it for nearly any objective you want. With a mobile device presenting your project, you show responsiveness and flexibility, letting everyone know about the pleasant experience they will have. Whether an application, software, website or an eCommerce page, this iPhone mockup is ready for all and then some. Upload an image or a screenshot, crop and reposition it, and your job is done. Nope, you will not need to use Adobe Photoshop or any other software, thanks to Placeit’s convenient platform.

Photorealistic iPhone XR PSD Mockup

photorealistic iphone xr psd mockup free download

In this collection of iPhone mockups, you will find all the X models that someone is holding in their hands. Regardless of which you are interested in using, just pick the right one, download it and you can already start using it. Due to their amazingness, all are the right ones.

No need to overcomplicate things when you can simply go with a free mockup template and see great results in an instant. This beautiful dark iPhone XR template will present your designs, mobile applications or anything else you would like to showcase fantastically. The process of editing is effortless via the smart object layer. Create a realistic presentation without a sweat.

Awesome iPhone XS Max PSD Mockup

iphone xs max psd mockup

With a mockup of a female hand holding an iPhone XS Max, you can create a fabulous masterpiece that will take everyone’s breath away. It comes in ultra-high quality with a fully editable background. You can use a solid background or implement any professional imagery you wish; it is all possible. For instance, set a city background or in a cafe and create a super photo-realistic outcome. Thanks to the layered file, you can quickly test out multiple variables until you find the one that fits your needs and wants best. All that is necessary is the pure basic understanding of how to use Photoshop and that is pretty much it.

Hand Holding iPhone X Mockup

hand holding iphone x mockup

Before you fully realize your useful app, first test it out with a mockup. Not just that, but you can even start the hype early by creating a dope presentation and let your potential user decide whether or not it needs some more editing. This is a gorgeous hand holding iPhone mockup featuring a woman in a yellow top. Pretty simple and basic, yet the final product will be outstanding, impressing everyone who sees it. With such a showcase, you can also guarantee everyone that your app is entirely mobile compatible. Spread the word out in style and give everyone a chance to see your creation in great detail.

iPhone X Mockup Free PSD

iphone x mockup free psd

It is very likely that you check your phone while behind the desk quite frequently. Especially if you have all the notifications turned on! That said, if you would like to establish a life-like experience, do it with this hand holding iPhone mockup. It is a useful solution to see how your mobile application actually does on an iPhone X. Heck, you can also see your website or any other web platform’s mobile version. It is a great way to market your product professionally or to display the design to your client for better and easier visualization.

iPhone X Mockup In Male Hand

iphone x mockup in male hand

Although there are many amazing smartphones out there, the iPhone still remains crème de la crème. When creating a mobile app for iOS, display its compatibility with this free male hand holding iPhone mockup. The end product would truly appear like it was taken on actual photo shooting. To achieve such results, you can avoid all the hard work effortlessly by simply downloading this template and take it to your full advantage. The result will be as realistic as it can possibly get. Download the mockup, import it into Adobe Photoshop and edit it via the smart object layer. You would not need to do anything more than some dragging and dropping.

Photorealistic iPhone XS Mockup

photorealistic free iphone xs psd mockup download

Modern and elegant hand holding iPhone mockup for striking presentation of an application that you have been busy working on over the past months. On the other hand, this template also works with showcasing any other mobile-ready layout that you would like to push and put some extra shine on. Simplicity with a touch of creativity is key to success. This free mockup comes in 2730 × 2176 resolution and features smart object layers. In quick few clicks, you can have a professional outcome ready for the end user. Last but not least, you can utilize the mockup for both personal and commercial projects.

Line Draw iPhone X Plus Hands Mockup

free line draw iphone x plus hands mockup

If you need something different, something that will easily differentiate you from the rest, you better get your hands on this free line drawn iPhone mockup. Simplify things while keeping them sophisticated and original, that’s what’s up when it comes to this nifty template. With a few details as possible, the final product will emphasize your design first and foremost, and that is what matters the most. Brand and personalize it quickly without the need to start from scratch and doing any of the advanced design tasks. That’s right, get things moving forward in a snap after hitting that download button.

High-Quality iPhone X PSD Mockup

customizable iphone x psd mockup download

Super high-quality hand holding iPhone mockup, which will do you exceptionally well. Make the appearance seem to be like the person is actively using your app, website or anything else that you would like to fit on an iPhone. While you can do all the work yourself, a free mockup template is a much wiser decision to make. After all, you can have a finishing product ready to go in just a few clicks. How cool does that sound?

Moreover, the outcome will be very realistic as well. Use a mockup that will stunningly present your works either for personal or commercial use. And this template gives you all the rights to do it exactly how you fancy it.

Photo-realistic & Free iPhone X PSD Mockup

download free iphone x psd mockup

More fantastic free hand holding iPhone mockups coming your way, available to present anything and all you have been up to. With this attractive and life-like atmosphere, your mobile application will appear beautifully. Show the world how well it operates on a smartphone, particularly iPhone X, and capture their attention in an instant. By utilizing the power of Photoshop and the layered file, you can swiftly introduce your creation to the screen of the iPhone and make a difference. All you need is just a click on the download button away. Indeed, just like all the rest in this collection, this template is free, too.

Male Hand Holding iPhone X Mockup

male hand holding iphone x psd mockup

During a break, while wolfing down on a delicious cake, many pull out their iPhones and check what’s hot at the moment. If that is something you are interested in when planning to push your app or simply to check how it fits the screen, this mockup is your best option. It is the photo-realistic hand holding an iPhone X mockup, which screen is entirely editable. A great alternative for showcasing your apps, games and mobile websites. Excellent for testing things out and even sharing the design with all the others interested in seeing it. Later, you can brainstorm the design and improve it if necessary.

Men’s Hand Holding iPhone X Free Mockup

male hand holding iphone x free mockup

Super straightforward hand holding iPhone mockup template which costs you nothing. Without really spending much time on the presentation, let this mockup do all the hard work for you. All you need to perform is a simple process of dragging and dropping and you are done. With this method, you attach your design via the smart object layer in Photoshop; no advance moves. Software, app, template, plugin, website, whatever you would like to show on an iPhone X, you can do it this very moment. That said, get things going forward and start making moves with your product like a professional.

Hand holding iPhone X indoors Mockup

hand holding iphone xs mockup

A terrific hand holding iPhone mockup template with iMac setup and an iPad. For an all Apple experience, this is definitely a fantastic solution that will present your creation professionally. Of course, the end product will be highly realistic, which enhances the overall performance of your presentation. It is a PSD file, dimensions of 2000 x 2000 px, which you can adjust via smart object layer. As effortless as it sounds. Instead of showcasing a flat design only, spice things up with a free mockup template which you can get your hands on this very moment.

Male Hand holding iPhone XS Mockup

free hand holding iphone xs mockup

An iPhone XS is always a smart decision to make when you would like to push the presentation of your mobile app, game or any other responsive layout. This nifty and sophisticated hand holding iPhone mockup template will get things going strong quickly. It is free of charge, only a click on the button away. From then on, import it to Adobe Photoshop, look for a smart object layer and you are ready to rock and roll. The dimensions of the mockup are 4000 x 2500 px, which makes it ideal for close-ups, too. That’s that, present your graphics to your potential users or clients with a mockup that emphasizes creativity and life-like experience.

Woman Hand holding iPhone XS Mockup

woman free hand holding iphone mockup

Simple and modern free iPhone mockup template featuring a female hand holding the device. All you need to do is to attach your design with the drag and drop method and you can see it appear on the screen of the iPhone in an instant. That is all the work this and any other mockup requires. No need to do any of the advanced work which might be too much for a beginner. With this in mind, and having only the fundamental knowledge, you can put any template to use and benefit from the outcome as quickly as possible. Let everyone see how your mobile application will look in real-time.

Hand Holding iPhone X Mockup

hand holding iphone x psd mockup

We bring you loads of alternatives that will help you establish a presentation that will knock everyone’s socks off. With an easy-to-use hand holding iPhone mockup template, you can do oh so much for your app, game, template, plugin or any other design you would like to showcase on a smartphone. To top it all up, it will be a small breeze using it, too. For as long as you know the essentials of Photoshop, you will see fantastic results with this mockup. The PSD file comes with a smart object layer, which allows you to add your work by a simple technique of dragging and dropping.

iPhone X in Female Hand Mockups

free iphone x in female hand mockup

A set of two fantastic hand holding iPhone mockups for you to put into play, presenting your apps professionally. You do not need to pay a single penny to get your hands on these two as they are completely free of charge. Moreover, the usage is very effortless and user-friendly. Again, with the convenient smart object layer, you can start playing around with attaching different designs like a champ. You will quickly come up with the right look, which you can then share with all and everyone. The template is also very clean and minimal, meaning, it will cater to your project or business without a hitch.


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