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25+ Awesome WordPress Education Themes For Your Website


If you would like to build a school, university, training organization or online courses website, make it happen with these impressive free WordPress education themes.

The best part about WordPress is that you can use it to create almost any type of website. If you are running an educational website, WordPress can be of great use for you. This is also true because there is no shortage of good quality WP themes, so you will not have a hard time finding the perfect free WordPress education theme.

However, the question arises, why should you use a special WP theme for your website? Well, such WP themes come with dedicated features that you may have to spend a lot of time implementing manually. You can highlight your courses, faculty members, special events of your college, testimonials, and a lot more. You can create the latest events, post updates related to stuff such as examinations and admissions, etc.

All in all, using a specialized WordPress education theme is a great idea. No matter what type of educational institute you are running — be it something as big as a university or college, or something as small as a tutorial center or kindergarten group, WordPress is backed by a good theme for you!

So, where can you find an awesome and totally free WP theme for your educational website? Look no further! In this post, we have put together more than 20 superb and absolutely free WordPress themes meant exclusively for educational and academic websites.

The ultimate free WordPress education theme roundup


Are you in need of a free WordPress education theme that you can fully rely on? You came to the right place. Meet Shapely. This powerful and practical web design might cost you nothing, but it is a guarantee that the outcome will help you attract a horde of new students. If you are building a website for your school or individual educational project, Shapely is ready and set to realize it for you.

Bear in mind, Shapely rocks a single-page layout that performs fantastically well on all devices and platforms. It is also compatible with all plugins, as well as optimized for search engines and speed. For any additional help, you can always get in touch with the free support team. In brief, little work for splendid results, that’s what’s up when it comes to Shapely.

More info / Download


Antreas is a sleek and flexible free WordPress business website theme. It exists to provide business users with the tools to take their business online. Whether you have a digital presence or are venturing for the first time, Antreas is your man. Intuitive and coding-free, Antreas uses the WP Customizer to put you in charge. Fiddle with every section, layout, animation and style within your website with ease. Never be at a loss for words with eloquent blog post styles. Let customers know who you are with engaging staff introductions. Present your products and services in any number of styles and make an impression. Create complex and flexible pricing schemes to match the nature of your business. Every industry is right at home within Antreas, owing to its pliable nature. Take your business to the digital age and never look back, with Antreas!

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Illdy is a Bootstrap Framework free WordPress education theme with a great selection of features. Out of the box, Illdy functions smoothly on smartphones, tablets and desktops, as well as all popular web browsers. Not to mention, the default look is versatile enough to adapt to all sorts of different projects and purposes. Of course, you can effortlessly edit and adjust the web design and make it follow your regulations precisely.

Illdy rocks all the current web and tech practices so you do not need to worry about any of the technical stuff. Documentation and support are also part of this free bundle of greatness. Make it yours by implementing your signature style and kick off an educational page with confidence. You are in charge of your web space even as a one-man army and someone without web development experience; Illdy is perfect for a beginner.

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Ascendant is a multi-functional free WordPress theme that works with all sorts of projects, including education-related ones. With the magnificent collection of functional features, it is a guarantee that you will enter the online world with a solid page. Needless to say, your Ascendant-based website will look modern, appealing to the eye, as well as following all the latest trends in web development. No need to worry about responsiveness, search engine optimization, fast loading speed, and cross-browser compatibility either; Ascendant has it all under total control.

Like that would not be enough already, you can also modify Ascendant to your heart’s content. But if you are in a hurry, use it as is, change core content and a new page is about to be born. That’s how things work out once you have Ascendant in full possession.

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Portum Material

With any of the free WordPress education themes you find on this list, you can rapidly increase the speed of establishing your page. Also, whether you have any skills or not, that does not really matter. All themes, including Portum Material, are beginner-friendly. Building a website will feel very natural, as you will never need to touch a single line of code. With Portum Material, and all the rest, you code visually only.

Portum Material is also optimized for search engines and compatible with mobile devices, web browsers and retina screens. You have dominance over the theme, meaning, you can alter and improve Portum Material so it matches your needs and wants. You will also find features, like animated statistics, video support, back-to-top button, contact form, and subscription box.

More info / Download

Portum Clean

Portum Clean is a simple, minimal, yet professional-looking, free WordPress educational theme. It is an all-around solution for hammering out different single-page websites without hiring a coder. That’s because there is no programming necessary when working with Portum Clean.

There is also a bunch of fantastic features available for your convenience. But first, just like any other web design we ever released, Portum Clean is flexible and compatible with all platforms, search engines and screens. You just download and import the theme and, shortly after, have an active page live, inspiring new students.

Portum Clean wins the games with its cleanness and accessibility, giving you the chance to start making moves on the internet. Look no further, download the theme now and turn it into an active educational page.

More info / Download

Rara Academic

Rara Academic WordPress Education Theme

Rara Academic is a clean and professional WordPress theme ideally meant for educational institutions. However, it can also be used for various other website genres, such as business and corporate websites.

Rara Academic is highly customizable. Some of its major features include custom menus, call-to-action buttons, a full-width banner, and a testimonial section. This theme comes with four footer widget areas and a sidebar. You will also get some custom widgets for showcasing your recent posts, popular posts as well as social media links.

This WordPress education theme has been optimized for search engines. It is translation-ready and fully responsive. As such, Rara Academic will look great on all devices irrespective of the screen size. It also supports post formats and eCommerce integration.

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Surplus Education

surplus education free wordpress theme
Surplus Education is a robust free WordPress theme that any educational institution can put into play. Heck, it will even work for some business and corporate intentions. Keep in mind, you can make modifications and adjustments to Surplus Education at free will. With this, you can style and customize it, so it fits your project directions precisely. But using it out of the box will work for some, too. For your information, you will never need to touch a single string of code.

Surplus Education follows all the trends and regulations of the modern web to ensure excellent performance. What’s more? You can also translate the theme to any language you want, and it even comes compatible with the powerful WooCommerce plugin. Kick things off on the right track with Surplus Education and enjoy the outcome.

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Education Xpert

education xpert free wordpress theme
When building a website for a school, university or any other training-related organization, get the ball rolling with Education Xpert. This free education theme is full of great traits that will do you well. Even if you have no experience with web design and development, Education Xpert is still a perfect alternative for you. During the process of establishing your website, you will never need to touch a single string of code. Even if you plan to fine-tune the default appearance – no coding necessary.

Education Xpert is optimized for mobile devices, web browsers, retina screens, fast loading, and SEO. It features all and then some which you would typically expect from a professional and sophisticated theme. But you can also view and investigate the live preview first before you fully commit. Take things to a different level with Education Xpert.

More info / Download

Education X

education x free wordpress theme
It will take you a few minutes to have it all set and go live with a fresh education website when working with Education X. Hurray for a one-click demo data installation method. But this only applies to using it out of the box. Still, even if you plan to alter Education X, it will not take you much longer to start promoting your school in the best possible light online. You guessed it, no programming will ever be necessary to create a page with Education X. Promote your teachers, courses and events and trigger students’ attention with a modern and engaging website.

Some of the features of Education X include a massive slider, CTAs, sticky navigation, multi-level drop-down menu, and back-to-top button. You will also find testimonials and the parallax effect, which will only spice things up.

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pragyan free wordpress education theme
Pragyan is a fully adaptive free education WordPress theme for establishing a website for a school or online courses. As for the latter, you will need to work with a dedicated 3rd-party plugin, which Pragyan comes fully compatible with. This just shows that Pragyan is very flexible and extensible, working flawlessly for an array of different intentions. Even though the design is pretty simple, offering a distraction-free experience, you can always take things into your hands and customize it to your heart’s content.

The key features of Pragyan are responsive and cross-browser compatible layout, one-click installation, slideshow, search engine optimization, and translation-readiness. Just like with any other tool on this list, you can start right away with Pragyan. This allows you to enter the world wide web in little to no time, which is what everyone is after.

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Education Ready

education ready free wordpress theme
Education Ready is a free WordPress theme that is easy on the eye, making sure your content gets delivered to all screens flawlessly. That said, Education Ready is responsive and perfectly in tune with all platforms. Whether you need a page for school or online course program, let Education Ready take care of it and beautifully display your content on the web. Grab the attention of even more students and popularize your educational institution thanks to a cracking online presence.

Education Ready works great as a single-page website where they can learn all about you and your intention without jumping from page to page. The theme has a sticky navbar, back to top button, loads content on scroll, includes hover effects and a slider. You can also customize Education Ready so it works in perfect harmony with your branding requirements.

More info / Download

VW Education Academy

vw education academy free wordpress theme
Although we bring your only free WordPress education themes, you can be sure that the outcome will be a masterpiece. VW Education Academy is, of course, a pack full of excellent features that will take your idea and realize it with a cracking page swiftly. In many situations, you will want to use VW Education Academy out of the box, but customization is possible, too. Whatever path you take, you will always experience a successful page launch.

VW Education Academy comes with a slider, course search function, registration form, testimonials, and subscription. It also includes full documentation so you will never feel lost on your journey. Implement your signature touch, tweak the style of the starting layout (only if necessary) and start your project with the right foot forward.

More info / Download

Study Circle

Study Circle WordPress Education Theme

Study Circle is a free WordPress education theme meant for websites related to colleges, schools, coaching classes, and other academic institutes. It is fully compatible with several popular WordPress plugins including WooCommerce, NextGEN Gallery, and Contact Form 7.

Study Circle supports custom headers and menus. It offers widget areas in the footer as well as the sidebar. This theme is translation-ready and fully responsive. It also offers custom page templates for full-width pages. Study Circle will be a good pick if you are looking for a simple and clean WordPress education theme that works out of the box.

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Enlighten WordPress Education Theme

Enlighten is a responsive WordPress education theme. It relies entirely on the Live Customizer for all edits and tweaks. This means you can preview each change live before activating the theme.

Enlighten offers a wide array of features. It comes with a homepage slider to help you showcase your content in the best manner possible. Plus, it also offers custom sections for adding your portfolio, videos and details of clients. This is very useful if you are trying to create an education hub.

This WordPress education theme features various animations and carousels. It offers multiple widget areas including a footer and two sidebars, one each on the left and right. Enlighten is translation-ready.

More info / Download


Literacy WordPress Education Theme

Literacy is a responsive WordPress education theme. It can be used for websites of colleges, schools, tutorial centers, universities, and other educational entities.

Literacy is translation-ready and supports custom headers with multiple layouts. It comes with a full-width page template. Also, you can make use of the grid layout for your blog page. Literacy is a clean and simple WP theme that is compatible with popular WP plugins such as Contact Form 7, Jetpack, and WooCommerce.

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Education Hub

Education Hub WordPress Education Theme

Education Hub is a simple and elegant WordPress theme for education and academic websites. It is a multipurpose theme that offers a lot of flexibility. You can customize it using the Live Customizer and add custom menus, custom logos, widgets, etc.

Education Hub offers sidebar layouts on both right and left sides of the page. It also offers a full-width page template accompanied by a widgetized footer. Education Hub is both responsive as well as translation-ready.

More info / Download


EduPress WordPress Education Theme

EduPress is a sophisticated responsive WP theme. It has a two-column layout. The front page has a tabbed slider that does not need custom settings. You can use it to feature your content easily.

EduPress is translation-ready and supports custom menus. It offers both left and right sidebars as well as widget areas in the footer. This theme also has a full-width page template. EduPress is a useful WordPress theme if you are looking for a professional and somber appearance for your website.

More info / Download

Preschool and Kindergarten

Preschool and Kindergarten WordPress Education Theme

As the name suggests, Preschool and Kindergarten is a theme meant for preschools, kindergarten level schools, elementary and Montessori schools, etc. It is a rather colorful WordPress education theme.

Preschool and Kindergarten is responsive and mobile-optimized. It is translation-ready and can be customized in a variety of ways. You can add custom menus, homepage sliders, separate about, testimonials and courses sections, and a lot more to your website. Furthermore, if you are running multiple programs, you can feature some of the major ones using Preschool and Kindergarten.

This WP theme comes with social media integration. You also get call-to-action (CTA) buttons to help you drive your user’s attention to content that matters. As a result, Preschool and Kindergarten seems perfect for user engagement. It also supports post formats and comes with full-width page templates and widget areas in the footer.

All in all, Preschool and Kindergarten is a user-friendly WordPress theme. It has an intuitive design and a vast set of features and customization options.

More info / Download

Education Base

Education Base WordPress Education Theme

Education Base is a free WordPress education theme that is both attractive and easy to use. It is a responsive WP theme. It offers multiple sidebars and footer widget areas.

Education Base is translation-ready and has a multiple-column layout. It comes with a full-width page template. Education Base is a flexible WP theme that can be customized easily. It has a homepage slider and various custom widgets of its own. Plus, this theme also comes integrated with social media buttons and a notification bar. Thus, Education Base is a complete package that you can use to build the perfect education website. Using its various customization options and layout changes, you can create a truly unique website in no time.

More info / Download


Academic WordPress Education Theme

Academic is a clean and simple WordPress education theme. It comes with both boxed and full-width layouts. Academic also has a homepage slider as well as featured content areas. You can use its slider and featured boxes to showcase your content to your audience.

Academic implements all the latest coding practices to give you a stunning website. It makes use of aspects such as partial refresh and validation to ensure your website is coding compliant and loads super fast. Plus, Academic is compatible with all the popular WP plugins such as Jetpack and Contact Form 7.

This WP theme is fully responsive and translation-ready. It offers both left and right sidebar layouts. Also, Academic comes with footer widget areas and a flexible header.

More info / Download

Education One

Education One WordPress Education Theme

Education One comes with a full-page home slider. This makes it ideal for websites that have a lot of image-based content. You can place call-to-action buttons on your slider itself. It has a full-width layout with custom sections for showcasing your services and other features.

Education One is a responsive WordPress theme that is SEO friendly. It comes loaded with social media integration. This theme is also compatible with WooCommerce and various other popular WP plugins.

More info / Download

University Hub

University Hub WordPress Education Theme

University Hub is a fully responsive and translation-ready WordPress education theme. It has quite a large number of special features for educational websites. You can add highlighted news, latest updates, and various other featured elements.

University Hub is flexible enough as it gives you both a multiple-column layout or a full-width page template. You can choose between left and right sidebars. The footer also has widget areas. University Hub is a worthy WP theme for anyone wanting to create a professional educational website.

More info / Download

Education Zone

Education Zone WordPress Education Theme

Education Zone is a clean and versatile WordPress education theme. It supports custom menus and custom banners. Furthermore, this theme offers features such as addition of courses, testimonials and other custom content. You can also make use of the call to action (CTA) button to draw the user’s attention to key areas of your website.

Education Zone integrates well with social media and offers social media buttons of its own. It is responsive and translation-ready. It has widget areas in the footer as well as different sidebar layouts. Education Zone also offers custom page templates and supports post formats. It has been tested for page speed and can deliver fast page load times and performance.

More info / Download

Clean Education

Clean Education WordPress Education Theme

Clean Education is a free WP theme meant for education websites and blogs. It is responsive and optimized for mobile devices and smartphones. Clean Education comes with lots of customization options and settings to help you get the most out of it. You can create separate sections for courses, faculty, college events, and testimonials. You can also highlight the latest buzz around the campus using the news feature.

Clean Education supports a flexible header layout. It offers widget areas in the footer and multiple sidebar layouts. You can also make use of the grid layout on your blog. This WP theme is translation-ready and also supports post formats.

More info / Download

VW Education Lite

VW Education Lite WordPress Education Theme

VW Education Lite is a responsive WordPress education theme. It is meant for a wide variety of websites but mostly suited for educational and academic ones. It comes with custom courses and testimonials sections.

Among other things, VW Education Lite offers integration with social networks. It also has a call to action (CTA) section for better user engagement. You can tweak and configure various aspects of this theme including colors and typography.

VW Education Lite is translation-ready and also has a full-width page template. You can choose from its multiple layout options to give your website a completely unique look. VW Education Lite also has a pro version that comes with enhanced features and better quality support.

More info / Download

Education Care

Education Care WordPress Education Theme

Education Care is a responsive, clean and minimal WordPress theme. It can be used for various education-based websites, such as those of schools, colleges, universities, etc.

Education Care can be totally tweaked from the Customizer itself. It supports custom gallery layouts, highlighted sections, featured courses, and a lot more. Moreover, Education Care has a call to action section and a stats counter.

This theme has widget areas in the footer. It also offers a featured header layout and full-width page template. Education Care is translation-ready and supports multiple columns in terms of layouts.

More info / Download

Which is your favorite free WordPress education theme?

That brings us to the end of this article. We have seen some amazing and totally free WordPress education themes listed above. Which one is your favorite? Are you running an educational website? Which theme do you use? Share your views in the comments below! And if you need more such awesome themes, check out the other free WordPress themes roundups on our website.


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