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Top Free CSS3 & HTML5 Search Form Examples 2021


The most complete collection of the best and highly versatile free CSS3 and HTML5 search form examples.

A search box is one of the prime components of a website that define and enhance the User Interface of a website. Undoubtedly, a search form is a much-needed component of a well-structured website to enhance its usability among the users. This basic user-interface element serves various purposes by helping the visitors to navigate through the website easily to exactly find what they are looking for.

Firstly, this one line search component is usually placed visibly on the navigation bar or sometimes hidden under a regular icon that serves lots of advantages; also, it saves a lot of time, makes the website user-friendly, improves navigation and user-experience. Finally, the icing on the cake is that it is very easy to create a search box.

If you are among the website owners who don’t have a search box on their website yet or are looking for some better search forms to replace your original ones, then this listed tutorial of best search form scripts of CSS3, HTML, and jQuery might help in serving your purpose.

Before heading on to the list of the best tutorials/scripts of Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery search forms, lets’ know why is search form so important in a website.

Glimpses to The Benefits of Search Form in a Website:

  1. The website becomes more interactive and user-friendly
  1. Enhances the user-experience
  1. Allows site-wide navigation
  1. Simplifies the search process by easily directing the user to the desired section
  1. Saves time and money

I have compiled a list of the best non-paid CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery search forms available online which can be used to easily create a search box from scratch.

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Best Free CSS3 & HTML5 Search Forms

Colorlib Search Form v1

We bring you a whopping collection of outstanding free search form examples which you can utilize for an assortment of different purposes. This particular one is ideal for travel-related websites as well as directories. With a full-screen image background, you can create an awesome atmosphere that translates into a pleasant searching experience. You can also fine-tune the form and make it follow your branding regulations without a sweat. Instead of creating one from scratch, you can now speed up the process and add this nifty city-first form to your webspace. Head over to the live preview page and hit the download button afterward.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v2

As a travel platform, you sure do want to offer your users solid search functions. If you focus primarily on hotels, this killer free search form will do you well. It has a fully flexible and responsive web design which instantly reshapes its structure to any device. Indeed, Colorlib Search Form v2 works on smartphones, tablets and desktops like a dream.

Moreover, the template also has date pickers, as well as an option to choose how many persons will be traveling. Implement it into your existing website and offer your visitors and potential customers something more. With appropriate search results, they can quickly book their trip and get the excitement going strong.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v3

Colorlib Search Form v3 is a free search form example for someone who is running an online store. And if you utilize the default settings, Colorlib Search Form v3 is best for fashion and apparel eCommerce websites. Of course, you will have a breeze correcting the settings and making the template follow your rules and regulations precisely. It is a simple to use form which you can put into play without running into any issue at all. After all, Colorlib Search Form v3 is completely free of charge, ready and set for you to benefit you greatly. Get involved now and enjoy the results.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v4

Are you in the process of bringing into being a banging online apparel shop? If that is the case and you are just adding the last finishing touches, spice things up with this free HTML5 search form example. Not only spice up, but speed up, too. After all, you now do not have to create a search form from scratch anymore. You have it all set up and ready to go, just a quick click away. You can even create a separate page which will be all about the search form with a full-screen image background. Right below the form, you can also list most searched keywords or link it to other sections and categories of your eCommerce website.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v5

Beautiful and practical, those are the two main characteristics of Colorlib Search Form v5. This free search form template is stunningly flexible, perfect for someone who is on their mobile device, as well as for desktop users. Colorlib Search Form v5 has a bold search bar with an image background that elevates the experience. You can get things moving forward right away, just hit the download button now and start introducing this awe-inspiring search template to your already jaw-dropping webshop. Bear in mind, although Colorlib Search Form v5 is simple to use, basic coding knowledge is necessary to be able to work with it successfully.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v6

Colorlib Search Form v6 is another modern and sophisticated free search form template ideal for stores pushing fashion goods and accessories. Indeed, if you dig the layout but you would like to use it for something else, feel free to go entirely against the norm with it. Colorlib Search Form v6 features a rounded search bar with an option to add text above and below. The background image gives it an edge, making the search feature on your page more appealing to the eye. Of course, Colorlib Search Form v6 is also fully responsive and mobile-ready as you can see on the live preview page of the template.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v7

If you are interested in adding a more advanced search form to your web platform, you better not miss checking out Colorlib Search Form v7. Along with the basic search function, there is also an advanced option that covers six different fields. Another cool feature of this free search form example is the delete button. It sets all the fields back to default so you do not have to clear them all manually. Very convenient indeed. There is also a results counter which shows how many items there are available for the particular keyword you are interested in.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v8

Are you in need of even more free search form examples based on CSS3 and HTML5? If that is the case, well, keep on scrolling and enjoying all the amazing content that we bring to the table. Here is another fantastic solution for fashion stores with an advanced search function and image background. Similar to the previous template, this one also has a button which resets your search parameters back to default. Along with the main search bar, there are six additional fields to fill out and get the most accurate results possible. Also, the form has a nice dark finish to it which makes it more elegant.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v9

Colorlib Search Form v9 is a multi-purpose free search form layout that you can utilize for an assortment of different aims. If you are running a webspace with a ton of content and items going on, an advanced search function would come in handy. And that is something Colorlib Search Form v9 delivers. It has a professional and sophisticated look to it which you can effortlessly alter, making it follow your branding regulations precisely. But if you fancy it out of the box, by all means, use it as is and finish implementing it into your page in a snap of a finger.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v10

A neat, contemporary and fully flexible free search form template with a gradient effect to spice things up a little bit. Not only will this tool easily set you apart from the competition and create a delightful experience, but it also comes with an additional advanced search section. Along with the main search bar (with rounded edges), there are six extra fields with a drop-down option which you can modify according to your business preference. And to make repeating searches more comfortable, there is a reset button included in the layout, too. Do not forget to check Colorlib Search Form v10 out on mobile and see how well it reshapes its structure.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v11

Hotels and other accommodation businesses, Colorlib Search Form v11 is a nifty and easy to use tool which will do you exceptionally well. Bear in mind, the design also works for flights, car rental and more. If you are building a page, layout by layout, block by block, you better save yourself time with predefined designs. This particular free search form template is packed with goodies that will get you going in little to no time. First thing’s first, it rocks an image background. Use it strategically and you will capture their attention in an instant. Moreover, Colorlib Search Form v11 also rocks all the necessary sections for a quick and comfortable search.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v12

Another remarkable free search form template for hotels, flights and car rentals with a responsive and fully mobile-friendly layout. It comes with different options for quick searches, as well as date pickers for check-ins and check-outs. The form is equipped with a transparent gradient frame with an image background. If you would like to skip the basics and create a more modernistic look, you have the right solution right in front of your eyes. Just download it, after all, the template is entirely free of charge, ready and set for you to take it to your full advantage.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v13

As a directory owner, you better have a neat, comfortable to use and resourceful search function available on your page for all your visitors. This way, they can quickly discover what they are interested in, completing the search, which is normally long and tedious, in a small breeze. For cities, bars, hotels, restaurants and other whatnots specifically, Colorlib Search Form v13 is the right option for you. It is entirely free of charge so you can easily download it and test it out and only later decide if it is a fit for your needs. Oh boy, will it be a perfect match with your banging online platform?

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v14

Keep things simple and to the point with Colorlib Search Form v14. If you are about to launch a fresh tourism website, you better make sure your search option is fully sorted out. This way, everyone can quickly find and book the right adventure for their upcoming vacation. With Colorlib Search Form v14, you can easily introduce a convenient search bar that will smoothly immerse itself into your existing webspace. Round edges and shade effects make it appear very modern and trendy. Check-in and check-out date pickers, as well as the number of guests field, are integrated out of the box.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v15

Beach vibes are going strong with this free search form template. With that in mind, you guessed it, Colorlib Search Form v15 is the best fit for everything travel and tourism-related. Searching for hotels, cars and flights has never been easier thanks to the easiness and sophistication this layout brings to the table. Enjoy leaving the layout exactly as is and attach it to your website for a super swift solution. But performing additional tweaks and improvements is possible, too. Along with the mandatory, Colorlib Search Form v15 also includes two checkboxes to offer a customer even more options.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v16

An awesome free search form example template for making browsing hotels, cars and flights a breeze. Needless to say, it is a tool best for making online bookings with two fields to state the destination, as well as departing and returning dates. Additionally, Colorlib Search Form v16 has three boxes to tick and image background. Of course, you can alter each section according to the main objective. Colorlib Search Form v16 also fluently adapts to different devices and appears stunningly on retina screens. Basic at first glance, but powerful and practical enough to get the job done in little to no time.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v17

This particular template offers a three-in-one type of form where the user can choose between booking a hotel, a car or a flight. The filtering is done flawlessly for quick execution. Also, each section comes with a different set of fields, appropriate for the subject. All three include date pickers while only car section sports a time picker as well. Not to mention, you can customize Colorlib Search Form v17 to your likings, correct fields to your needs and offer all your visitors a convenient way of finding the best booking options for their needs and preferences. Either you implement this free search form layout to your page or use it as an individual page, both options work without a hitch.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v18

Absolutely phenomenal free HTML5 search form template aka a form wizard which you will have a lot of fun implement into your web design. Colorlib Search Form v18 smoothly alters to all sorts of different website styles, for as long as they relate to travel and tourism. With the image background, you can strategically create a strong first impression, getting everyone intrigued in filling out the form as quickly as possible. Of course, you can introduce the form to one of your predefined layouts or use it exactly as is. Save time and effort and approach search forms for hotels, renting cars and flights cleverly.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v19

Colorlib Search Form v19 is another free search form alternative perfect for flights and airlines. The form rocks a modern box with rounded edges and a transparent, gradient effect. The background consists of an eye-catchy image which only lifts up the overall experience. As for the form, it rocks five different fields and a search button; from and to, passengers, depart and return. The latter two come with date pickers as well. If a decent search form is all your page is missing, you now know where to get one ready-made and entirely free of charge. Hit the download button and you are good to go.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v20

Are you setting up an online hub where folks from all over the globe could quickly find their best flight deal? If that is the case, well, a solid search form is one of the mandatory functions that you need to rock on your website. Colorlib Search Form v20 is a banging free search form example which you can utilize exactly as is or use as an inspiration. It has nice attention to detail with rounded edges and gradient and transparent effects. The background is also an image that establishes a wonderful atmosphere. Last but not least, the layout is 100% mobile-friendly, which you can also A-test by heading over to the live preview page.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v21

If you would like to keep your online presence as simple and as minimal looking as possible, then you definitely need Colorlib Search Form v21. It comes as a button with a search icon which, when you click on it, opens an entire search bar. Furthermore, Colorlib Search Form v21 also comes in two different styles, round and square. Of course, this free search form works on mobile and desktop devices flawlessly, so responsiveness is something not to worry about. Simply download the tool now and get it to shine on your website sooner rather than later, offering a cool search option.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v22

A modern, simple and sophisticated free search form layout which you can use for all and every website. From businesses and blogs to portfolios and online stores, Colorlib Search Form v22 adapts to all concepts out of the box. Also, this tool works great as an overlay search function, which keeps typing in characters completely distraction-free. No need to overcomplicate things when you have tons of predefined layouts and components always at your disposal. Not only that, but many premium-like items also do not cost you a dime. Well then, what are you waiting for, download the form now and get it to decorate your page. When function meets style – that’s what’s up when it comes to Colorlib Search Form v22.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v23

Cleanness with a touch of creativity, that is what you get with Colorlib Search Form v23. It is a free search form template based on HTML5, fluently reshaping to smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Along with the search bar and call-to-action button, you can also add different texts inside the search field itself, as well as right below it. You can also use an image background or keep things blank, whatever suits your needs best, Colorlib Search Form v23 handles a lot for a free tool. Now you know you do not need to start from the ground up anymore.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v24

While some websites offer just to search by keyword, you can do more than that with Colorlib Search Form v24. It is a free search form template, which goes beyond the basic search function. As you can see, you can offer all your users to refine their search by choosing the right category from the drop-down field. They will find the exact item they are looking for even quicker now. A comfortable and quick search function and site navigability are great additions to a superb experience. Make sure a visitor leaves your online space satisfied and you with a new conversion.

Download Preview

Colorlib Search Form v25

While Colorlib Search Form v25 suits online apparel and accessory stores best, you can also go entirely against the norm and utilize it for something completely different. The options are very many once you have access to a versatile and flexible tool that happens to be super simple to use. Image background with shading, category drop-down field, search bar and a button with a gradient effect, that is basically it when it comes to Colorlib Search Form v25. Feel free to connect it to your page out of the box or fine-tune it further; regardless of your meticulous taste, this tool matches it undoubtedly.

Download Preview


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