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25 Best Travel Agency Website Builders 2021


With travel agency website builders, you can start your own business or bring your existing one online quickly.

Of course, these services cover a broad range of travel and tourism-inspired websites for your convenience. In many cases, your imagination is the only limitation you have. Meaning, you can build and create any site type you would like and shine online. Speaking of which, you can start, as the name suggests, your own travel agency page, build a website for your hotel, flight company, car rentals and the list goes on and on.

The most significant advantage of these travel agency website builders is their ease of use. You do not need to be a programmer to make things happen. You will never even need to touch a single string of code to move forward. The major part of the work is done for you already, for every user to get the most out of the site editor they dig.

Even if the entire idea of making your own travel agency website is very foreign to you, worry not. No matter which tool you choose, you are in good hands from the get-go.

To start something fresh and novel on the web and in the travel and tourism industry, you came to the right place. You can realize your dream website today and start gaining some traction ASAP.

Top Travel Agency Website Builders


wix travel agency website builder
Making moves on the web with Wix is highly advisable. It is a very adaptable, simple-to-use and extremely flexible service which you can use for all sorts of intentions. In today’s case, we will call Wix a travel agency website builder since it can instantly turn into one. With all the components and elements it comes with, you are guaranteed a quick and reliable website to kick off your business in style. From the numerous available templates, you can find the right look for your needs fast and easy. From then on, you can use it as is or you can effortlessly improve it accordingly.

Wix also provides three different options when it comes to forging the wanted page. ADI, Editor and Code are the tools you can choose from. While the latter two almost do not need additional explanation, ADI is artificial design intelligence that will build a page for you in an instant.

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zyro website builder
If you would like your travel agency to shine online, you better not miss Zyro. This remarkably powerful and simple-to-use website builder is capable of pretty much any website your heart desires.

As for building a travel agency website, start by creating a Zyro account. From there, you can pick from numerous impressive templates that will save a tremendous portion of the time. You can also customize the default settings, enriching the look with your branding regulations and other specialties. As part of your travel website, you can also launch a blog section, which can be very advantageous for your business.

Note: if you navigate to their blog, they even have an extensive guide written on successfully starting a travel agency. That will help a lot if you are starting from scratch.

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weebly travel agency website builder
You can swiftly make your own business site with Weebly and use it as a travel agency website builder. What you will notice is that many of these general site makers are powerful enough to adapt to any niche without hassle. Weebly is here to treat you right with a broad specter of different templates and a fun-to-use drag and drop builder. That said, without the need to code and do any advanced design tricks, you can have a stunning and attention-grabbing page up sooner rather than later.

Along with the website building tools, Weebly also offers you domain registration, web hosting and practical search engine optimization to bring your page to the top. Like that would not be enough, Weebly takes it to an entirely new degree with a mobile app that allows you to manage your travel agency website from a handheld device. You will always be there for your potential new customers.

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VacationLabs Website Builder

vacationlabs travel agency website builder
VacationLabs is an ideal travel agency website builder for tours and other similar activities. This is a site building platform designed by experts for both amateurs and professionals alike. If you desire to make your business a standout online, you should trust the features and functionalities of VacationLabs. Speaking of which, some of them are professional templates, bookings, payments, agents and distribution. With VacationLabs, you can also create hotel, accommodation and other rental pages in a breeze.

Whether your customers will use a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop, they can easily access and navigate through your site. Aside from that, you may also increase your reach online by optimizing your page entirely for search engines. You can also use your custom domain and host your website creation with VacationLabs. For a more niche-specific website builder, you should most definitely take a peek at VacationLabs.

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weblium travel agency website builder
If you would like to market your travel agency on the web, a well-thought-out website is a must. With Weblium, you can now make it happen sooner rather than later. In fact, with the available features and effortless building process, you will be online swiftly. And if you would like to start for free, you can do that, too. Still, at any time you would like to upgrade, you can make it happen, thanks to two additional options.

To enjoy yourself an almost immediate start, pick from an enormous collection of ready-made templates and start from there. You can then customize the appearance, introduce your own content and see things come together beautifully. Weblium’s artificial intelligence does the heavy lifting for you while you focus on the refining part. Profit from heaps of treats that Weblium offers and have it all set in a snap.

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voog travel agency website builder
If you are looking for a simpler presentation of your travel agency business, let Voog take care of your website. Take any of the ready-to-use samples to your total advantage and make it follow your branding directions precisely. There is even a predefined canvas for developers, which offers you even more creative freedom. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, with Voog everyone wins the game of establishing a website.

Needless to say, your Voog website will follow all the current trends of the modern web. It will be 100% responsive and fluid, cross-browser compatible and in tune with retina screens. You can now manage and maintain a full-blown online presence of your travel agency from one location, which is definitely a big plus. Feel free to start with the Standard plan and only upgrade to a higher package when necessary.

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ionos travel agency website builder
Out with the old and in with the new. Since trends and preferences of people are fluctuating, your website should likewise complement the trend. When it comes to a modern and sophisticated travel agency website builder, nothing beats the functionality and features of Ionos. This is the site building service that is tailored for travel and tours related businesses. If you decide to utilize Ionos, you get your hands on intuitive design interface, thousands of phenomenal layouts and all the other elements for making the neatest travel agency website.

No need to be looking elsewhere when you can have it all under command from one location. Ionos offers you to run your own agency page stress-free even if you lack code and design skills. You do not really need any to start engineering your web space. But, coming all the way this far, you are already aware of that. No need to start from scratch, take a clever shortcut and succeed.

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Tilda Website Builder

tilda travel agency website builder
Apart from having a full website, Tilda also has the capacity to provide with stunning online shops and promotional landing pages. If you are a company looking for a travel agency website builder that can fully accommodate your needs and preferences, you should check Tilda. This type of site building platform is search-engine-friendly and very easy to use. If you have no prior knowledge about coding or web designing, there is no need to freak out. Tilda has you covered with all and everything, making sure you experience a successful page launch.

All the settings and controls you need to create a website are at your fingertips. Tilda already has over 450 blocks created for your killer online project. Of course, you can create new ones with Zero Block and enjoy a horde of other features and assets Tilda has in store. It also comes with multiple app integrations that will help you automate some segments of your business.

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webflow travel agency website builder
Webflow is one of the super modern and highly versatile travel agency website builders today. It is considered by many as an all-around editor that can provide you with all the right assets and tools to bring your dream page into reality. And such requires no coding! Are you excited about all the software we have here for you from the beginning, knowing that you will not need to code? Beginners become pros without a single drop of sweat!

Even without any first-hand knowledge or prior website development experience, you can be confident that your website will be more than presentable. Some of Webflow’s helpful functionalities include CSS grid powered layouts, over a hundred website templates, numerous styling properties and a ton more. However, for the daring ones, you should start the journey with a blank canvas and create a custom travel website that suits your likings to a T. You are in total control of your online presence and will be ready and set to boost your firm to new heights.

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uCraft Travel Website Builder

ucraft travel agency website builder
uCraft is so flexible that it is able to cater to the needs of nearly any niche, including the tourism and travel industry, hence, making it an ideal travel agency website builder. One thing is for sure, uCraft is ready for challenges so make sure you do not limit yourself in any way, shape or form with your site creation. You can do your thing comfortably. uCraft is an ideal use for both starters and professionals, for it can easily sort things out according to your goal.

Whether you need a landing page, eCommerce for your travel-and-tours-related products or simply wanting to have a blog page for your travel agency company, uCraft is highly capable. Thanks to uCraft’s drag and drop feature, you can modify your page like a champ even if you are just starting out. uCraft also comes with a logo maker and some genuinely inspiring designer tools.

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squarespace travel agency website builder
If you wish to bring your creative sense to a higher level in relation to your business website creation process, you can trust Squarespace to deliver. Squarespace is a tested and proven platform for entrepreneurs, business persons or simply any enthusiast. If you are one of those individuals looking to have a magnificent travel site, you should waste no more time and choose Squarespace. It easily becomes your travel agency website builder and benefit you tremendously.

With its years of experience in the industry, Squarespace managed to develop various tools and assets to make the site building process easier, affordable, and newbie-friendly. Some of the features Squarespace prides itself on are beautiful templates, domains, mobile optimization and handy marketing tools. Indeed, there is a ton more to it for you to get to your advantage and see bright future ahead of you. Get your word out there and march toward success.

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vevs travel agency website builder
Display your elegance and competence as a company or an individual with Vevs. Having Vevs as your travel agency website builder will surely make things easier for you. Apart from addressing the aesthetic needs of your website, Vevs also takes good care of the business solution aspect of your website.

If you are looking for a way to boost your sales and manage bookings efficiently and effectively, Vevs has the right things for you. Some of the awesome goodies you may take advantage of include vacation rental software, property management, payment flexibility and loads of designs to choose from. With Vevs, you can easily manage multiple rentals, globalize and localize the experience and perform customization tweaks. For a fast realization of your business plan, get your travel agency website up and running with Vevs. It is as a complete solution for your business so make sure you do not miss it.

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webstarts travel agency website builder
Treat yourself to a solid start on the web with the amazing and adaptable Webstarts. If you are looking for a travel agency website builder, Webstarts becomes one of those, too. It gives you the opportunity to craft your own web space with all the vital tools it has at hand. From the full website designs to other practical components, Webstarts has all the needed and then some. And the best part? It takes very little time and just a few steps to get things done online with Webstarts.

When working with Webstarts, you do not need to worry about mobile-readiness and search engine optimization of your page. Webstarts follows all the modern tech trends and web regulations to make sure they always get the most out of your page. Moreover, while you can create a page codeless, you can also access HTML and tweak the code to precision. You are here to make a change in your industry, do it with Webstarts.

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site123 travel agency website builder
Site123 is another general website builder with the capacity of altering to travel agency businesses effortlessly. Hence the name, you can execute making online creations with Site123 in three steps. First, Site123 lets you select the type of page you would like to forge and offers you the best fitting web design. Second, upload your content and edit the style of the layout to your needs. And third, publish your page and start attracting new potential clients.

How simple was that?

As far as the features go, Site123’s intuitive page builder is here to make a big difference for you. You need no experience in web development and still bring into being a professional and envious website. Moreover, your page will also automatically be mobile ready for everyone to benefit from your responsive design. Besides, Site123 comes with free hosting, SEO tools and custom domains for the most unique experience.

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jimdo travel agency website builder
To everyone’s surprise, creating a website with Jimdo takes just three minutes. And that is not thirty minutes, not even three hours! Can you even imagine?

But there is a catch.

Jimdo provides two main methods you can choose from when starting out. One is Dolphin and the other is Creator. Dolphin is nothing else than your personal artificial intelligence design assistant that does the work for you. After Dolphin gets to know you better, it almost instantly picks up the right design for you and your business. From then on, you can fine-tune it however you fancy.

Meanwhile, with Creator, you do the work, customizing and adjusting the look of the ready-to-use travel template. In both cases, the end result will surely be a banging travel agency website. You don’t need to do any of the technical stuff yourself, it’s all on the front-end, without any coding whatsoever.

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Webnode Website Builder

webnode travel agency website builder
With the latest advancements in the website building industry, you are now able to have easy access on various ready-to-use page layouts and all sorts of predesigned web elements. However, despite such advancement, not all site-building software are equal. There are some that are more efficient and effective as compared to the others, and this includes Webnode. As a travel agency website builder, whether you are a business manager or owner, making your page is much easier with Webnode. Your website will be mobile-ready, flexible, and multi-platform compatible. The best part about Webnode is the fact that you can start using it for free.

As for the features, Webnode promises website establishment in just five minutes. You can use your own domain name, enjoy multiple contemporary web layouts and make your page follow all the latest search engine optimization practices. By utilizing Webnode, the entire process becomes child’s play. Besides, if the service is already powering more than thirty million websites, you know they must be doing something right.

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ukit travel agency website builder
When looking for a travel agency website builder, you should not forget to check uKit. This site making software is one of the most advanced, sophisticated and modern platforms you can use for your business. It is a generic tool with a whopping 350 designs that are broken down in 38 different categories. That’s a lot! Despite its great features and high-level of appraisal, uKit is very easy to use and is considered by many as one of the most user-friendly site builders online. Take it to your advantage!

uKit is best used for business sites, but freelancers and individual professionals are also in for a treat. However, since we are speaking about the travel and tourism industry, do employ uKit for your wants. With uKit, the technical and visual part are both under complete control. And there is no requirement to have any prior experience and background in website development to achieve success with uKit.

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ning travel agency website builder
All you need is a travel agency website builder, and you can kick off your business right away. With Ning, you can have your page up and running quickly, pushing your exceptional services and inviting travel destinations like a pro from the get-go. You can also start a travel blog and an array of different travel-related projects. It’s your imagination that is the only limitation you have.

From ready-made templates to countless elements and components, Ning makes sure you have it all at the tip of your fingers. Also, Ning guarantees that the final travel agency page will work flawlessly on mobile and desktop devices, as well as all modern web browsers. Last but not least, Ning also equips you with a domain name a web hosting so you will never need to worry about your page not performing at the highest degree.

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Atlas Republic

atlas republic travel agency website builder
Atlas Republic is an all-in-one web platform for travel websites. From page builder to the marketing system, you get them both and then some. If you would like to push different tours and adventures, as well as your travel agency, to new heights, get your hands on Atlas Republic and make a difference.

First and foremost, as far as establishing a travel page goes, you need to have zero prior experience. Without any knowledge about coding, you can have a fully functional and active page up and running sooner rather than later. Second, Atlas Republic offers every site a drag and drop itinerary builder which provides you the freedom you deserve. And third, you get all bunch of different marketing and tracking tools for your convenience. It will be a small breeze managing, maintaining and growing your travel agency website with Atlas Republic.

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Agent Studio Website Builder

agent studio travel agency website builder
Here comes Agent Studio, a travel agency website builder that hooks you up with all the necessary to get your business on track. From building a page and giving you all the rights to customize it however you fancy to social media integration, email marketing and a whole lot more, Agent Studio is no joke. Couple the impressive features with your creativity and you can go above and beyond.

With Agent Studio, it only takes a few minutes to build a responsive and flexible website. However, if you are too busy to make it happen, you can let the friendly team at Agent Studio do it for you. Bear in mind, if you would like to have some fun along the way, I would highly suggest you to do it yourself. No need to be a coding wizard to have a chance at succeeding with the launch of your travel agency page. With Agent Studio, anyone can join the trend and see fantastic results for themselves.

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strikingly travel agency website builder
Strikingly is among the highest rated and most sought free to use page builders you will stumble across. If you want an extraordinary and astonishing website for your travel related business or niche, you should choose Strikingly as your travel agency website builder. Using Strikingly will not require you to know web design or coding, for, with its tools and features, you can reach the same level of expertise as most advanced users do. You might not believe it just yet but as soon as you start using Strikingly, you will see the magic happen.

Some of the features you will likely love are powerful analytics tools, enhanced security, SEO boost, social media feeds and domain registration. On top of that, Strikingly’s 24/7 customer support team is always at your disposal to answer all the concerns and any question you may have. In other words, you will never feel lost on your little adventure to realizing your travel page.

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pagecloud travel agency website builder
Do you wish to experience a hassle-free and simplistic website creation process? I bet you do! Well, if you are planning to construct a travel and business related website and want to have a convenient experience, Pagecloud is the travel agency website builder you should consider. Enjoy complete page design for your business enterprise that you can do from the comfort of your laptop. You will never need to seek any help or assistance from a programmer nor a designer. Pagecloud is very straightforward for every level user to enjoy using it.

Pagecloud offers you creative freedom when it comes to the customization of your site, whether it concerns adding videos, images and graphics. Or even reshaping the entire web design whatsoever! Besides, with Pagecloud, there is no need to worry about the quality and performance of your site. The tool ensures a fully optimized, responsive and mobile-ready web masterpiece that will wow all your users and help you turn them into customers.

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bookmark travel agency website builder
If you were on the hunt for the best site building software for your travel or accommodation business, you should check Bookmark. Bookmark can be considered many things, and a travel agency website builder is one of them. With Bookmark, you are guaranteed an improvement of your online presence and an increase of your visitors, if not customers already. And with Bookmark’s AiDA or artificial intelligence design assistant, you can easily forge your website in less than two minutes. That’s ridiculous, you may think to yourself. Well, when the power and experience are in line, insane things may happen. Hence, making the impossible a possibility with Bookmark becomes a reality.

Bookmark’s other features also include but are not limited to SSL security, search engine optimization, mobile-readiness and cross-browser compatibility. Every Bookmark user is also treated to excellent customer support and multiple ready-to-use templates. What differentiates Bookmark from the rest website builders is its very own online training you get access to as well.

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websitebuilder travel agency website builder
No need to stress yourself when on the search for a reliable travel agency website builder. Here we have a hand-collected list of superb services that will do you and your business well. Websitebuilder is another terrific software which you can employ, starting free of charge. When you choose to partner with Websitebuilder, you will gain access to its numerous modifiable templates, a custom domain name, free hosting, support and the ever convenient drag and drop editor. Of course, some of the plans, Websitebuilder has available, are more limited than the others. Choose the one that feels right or, like said earlier, test the waters with the free solution.

Apart from all the amazingness already, for increased reach and online presence, Websitebuilder offers you analytics tool and SEO optimization. Have your online space under total control and never stop tweaking it for utmost performance. Hammering out your website with Websitebuilder includes 3 main steps; choosing the template, editing it with powerful tools and publishing it.

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Mobirise Website Builder

mobirise travel agency website builder
Mobirise is featured on this list simply because it is just different compared to all the other website builders in the collection. While the major part of site makers are online and in-browser based, Mobirise is an offline service. Not only that, it is a travel agency website builder that does not cost a single penny. You download the Mac or the Windows version to your computer and start using it right off the bat. It is an application that is suited best for complete beginners in this field. Meaning, prior experience is not required since Mobirise is very straightforward and easy to understand.

There are templates to choose from, you are allowed to set up custom block parameters and adjust the web design to your likings. When you are done refining your website, you can preview it first and then publish it straight away. Hence the name, all Mobirise’s pages are also mobile compatible from the very beginning, no need to set anything separately.

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