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25 Top-Notch Hotel Website Builders For 2021


In this day and age, thanks to hotel website builders, you can create a page for your accommodation business effortlessly.

Even if you operate a motel, a hostel a bed & breakfast, a luxury resort, it does not matter, get online and increase your potential through the roof.

It is not only about showcasing your amazing place and eye-bulging rooms, it is also why a website is a must-have. With a professional, advanced and sophisticated platform, you can also have your complete business under total control. Even when it comes to booking, you will have it all organized and tidy.

Not long ago, you still needed to pay a hefty price tag to hire a coder and a designer to get your website done. Even for managing and maintaining it, they charged a certain fee.

Nowadays, it is not quite like so anymore. By using a simple and comfortable hotel website builder, anyone can make the needed website quickly and efficiently.

All it truly requires is dragging and dropping elements, changing colors, editing texts and uploading your content. You will have fun, that’s for sure. Increase your visibility today and expand your reach, keeping your rooms occupied throughout the entire year.

Best Hotel Website Builders


wix hotel website builder
Simple, fast and reliable, these three words define Wix the most. As a hotel website builder, Wix fundamentally imparts a welcoming vibe to your guests through calming, yet striking templates. Whether you are starting up a small hotel chain or you wish to go big, Wix’s web designs and features can help you find the most appropriate for your site. Share more details about your hotel, add stunning images and have everyone hooked in an instant. You will see how easy and straightforward setting up a hotel page is with Wix. Almost too simple to believe!

With Wix’s analytics, you can have a better understanding of how your site performs and reach even more prospects with social media tools. Made for mobile devices, you can seamlessly view and edit your site without problems. Accept payments, manage reservations, create custom pricing options and send out instant confirmation emails, all this and tons more with the power of Wix.

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weebly hotel website builder
The hospitality industry is very competitive, so it is only ideal to be unique with your ideas to gain an edge. With Weebly, you can achieve this goal without a hitch. This hotel website builder is the newest trendy, all-in-one portfolio platform for temporary settlements including guesthouses, inns, hostels and similar. You can create a quick and easy website to showcase your promos and services with an exceptional and professional touch. And you definitely do not need to be a professional programmer to get things moving online.

Weebly also boasts eCommerce features such as inventory management and payment collection. Looking fantastic on retina devices and mobile compatible, you are assured that your page will always perform at the highest degree. With Weebly, you can really stand out from the online world and make a difference, not only for yourself but for the entire industry. Start building your business website and get your word out today.

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zyro website builder
Zyro is a great website builder that you can use for hotels, bed and breakfast and other accommodation businesses. Don’t rely exclusively on 3rd-party platforms if you can now take things to the next level with a website. However, instead of developing your hotel page from the ground up, you can sort it out quickly with Zyro.

This versatile website building software comes with many practical features and functions to ensure that everyone gets the most out of it. Along with the ready-to-use templates, Zyro also takes care of all the technicalities for your convenience. Additionally, your website will also have great social sharing capabilities and you can even start a blog. The domain name and hosting, that’s what Zyro sorts you out with, too. Grow your hotel business to new heights with Zyro (it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee).

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hotelrunner hotel website builder
HotelRunner is a hotel website builder that equips you with all and everything that you need to start pushing your company to the extreme. Even if you already run a website but somewhat feels complicated, simplify it with HotelRunner. On the other hand, if you lack web presence, you better go in motion right now. HotelRunner is an easy-to-use software that powers tens of thousands of hotels all around the globe, and it can power yours, too.

No need to waste any more time, hammer out your own hotel website now and launch a platform that will hoist your potential. Some of the features of HotelRunner are online payments, bookings, promotion engine, channel manager, domain registration and web hosting. With little work on your end, you can enjoy a professional outcome that you can call your hotel website. Without further ado, jump in with both feet and get your accommodation business on an entirely new level.

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tilda hotel website builder
With the number of predefined blocks and layouts, Tilda easily becomes your go-to hotel website builder. It has the capacity to easily adapt to many different niches and help you craft your desired website. You can start by selecting one of the many ready-to-use templates and edit it according to your needs. Bear in mind that even if you’re using it as is, you will appear online with a distinct touch. Though, do take the extra step and customize and enhance the web design; it is swift and simple, after all.

By utilizing Tilda’s intuitive builder, you can get the work done at a rapid speed. Make it appealing to the eye and have it smoothly adapt to any device and web browser. After all, Tilda follows all the latest trends to make sure your hotel page operates according to plan 24/7. The tool also comes with a custom form builder, Google Analytics integration, and is optimized for search engines.

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webflow hotel website builder
When epic creativity meets sophistication, that’s when Webflow is born. The software is somehow different compared to all the rest you find on this list. Still, let this not frighten you. Webflow is just as easy to use as any other. It is just the approach to website development it takes that is slightly different. You can start coding visually with a blank canvas, but you can also pick from ready-made web designs and go from there. Whatever the case is, you clearly cannot make a mess with Webflow. Do things your way and stand out a mile for everyone to notice you.

Due to its high adaptability, Webflow is a hotel website builder, too. It provides everything you will need to see amazing results without touching a single string of code. Even when it comes to web hosting, Webflow covers you with that as well. It is a complete platform for operating your accommodation business website smoothly, just like pros do.

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ucraft hotel website builder
A friendly atmosphere on your website will surely attract your customers and encourage them to invite more folks. uCraft, your versatile companion, can also function as a hotel website builder. Customers using any device can enjoy your fresh page’s seamless, pixel-perfect graphics and overall layout. With plenty of customization options to choose from, you could definitely uphold that creativity has no constraints upon using this builder. uCraft’s core features revolve around simplicity and comfort. In short, your potential clients will enjoy using your page whether on a smartphone or a desktop.

Make simplified emails to get your message across by email marketing, or boost your online ranking with search engine optimization tools. uCraft is truly a slick tool for all hoteliers out there. Start expanding your business with a simple thing as a website. You can now have more people to check you out and get familiar with your place. Intrigue them and win them over with ease.

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squarespace hotel website builder
In brief, Squarespace is for everyone. It truly is! Once you experience its versatility and high adaptability, you will know that Squarespace is no joke. The software delivers an effortless experience which anyone can take to their advantage. Meaning, even if you are not full of skills and experience in building websites, you can still make things happen with Squarespace. In fact, prior talent is not even required. Anyone can create a page for themselves or their business quickly and efficiently. And, of course, you can use Squarespace as a hotel website builder, too.

Once you become a Squarespace member, you get access to multiple stunning templates and a ton of features and assets. Moreover, adjusting and modifying the web design to fit your needs will feel comfortable and as easy as pie. You can also pick your custom domain name and host your hotel page with Squarespace for an even more fluid experience. Squarespace missed nothing.

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weblium hotel website builder
If you would like to push the boundaries online with your hotel business, create a website that will help you on your journey. Weblium is a superb website builder that will help you establish a dope online presence for your accommodation business. With the very many predefined templates and tons more features and amenities, you can start the process in little to no time. What’s best, you need to have no experience with site building to make moves with Weblium.

Along with the ready-made sample material, Weblium also offers a drag and drop page building technique, as well as artificial intelligence. Also, there is no need to worry about hosting, domain name and other tech whatnot, Weblium takes care of it all out of the box. Get more people to book a room, promote your restaurant and spread the word out for upcoming events.

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siteminder hotel website builder
Although the majority of bookings go through 3rd-party platforms, it is still wise to have an official website of your hotel and save the fee. With SiteMinder, a hotel website builder, you can bring into being a modern, impactful and business-driven page that will help you market your place on the internet. With SiteMinder, you have your website under total command, easily managing and maintaining it from a single account. Moreover, you can also start free of charge and see how well SiteMinder performs.

With SiteMinder, you offer a complete booking experience straight from your website. You do not have to redirect your potential customers to a different platform; they can do it all from the comfort of your page. Also, SiteMinder ensures that your site operates on all devices smoothly for a seamless experience.

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vevs hotel website builder
Flexibility and functionality are two factors that businesses are looking for in a builder, and Vevs happens to have both. However, this hotel website builder is designed to provide more than that and exceed your expectations. Bring you reception desk online by adding various room types, setting promos and discounts. You can also manage bookings and payments from the comfort of one dashboard. Since Vevs aims to enrich hotel businesses with high-quality web designs, expect top-notch features that will streamline your site.

Vevs is also built around improving your online presence, using different optimization tools. Choose from various well-designed templates that will suit your concepts best. This builder supports unlimited color styles, Google Maps, invoicing module and no booking fees. In addition, if you would like to make any custom modifications, the team behind Vevs will always be there to help you sort things out. Meaning, you can make your website look exactly how you fancy.

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webstarts hotel website builder
Approachable and consistent content will definitely leave strong and lasting impressions on your customers. This is what Webstarts is all about. Your empowered ideas combined with the features of this hotel website builder can make your marketing dreams a reality. Webstarts is a generic page editor that caters to nearly any niche and industry you can think of. And you can always modify and enhance it to your likings for improved visual aspect. Customization is a breeze. You get over 700 fonts, automatic domain setup, media integration, image editing and a whole bunch more.

Webstarts comes with slick layouts that are uniquely prominent and eye-catchy. It follows a responsive design so your page is guaranteed to be elegant and functional on both handheld and desktop devices. While Webstarts is coding-free website builder, it still allows advanced users to enter the back-end and edit the HTML code for an even more detailed look.

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site123 hotel website builder
Do you want a website that helps you express practicality? Look no further, Site123 is just the right choice for you. With countless happy customers worldwide, this hotel website builder is undeniably one of the best out there. But Site123 is not just for hotels, motels and resorts. You can use it for nearly any page you would like to establish. Yes, that’s how all-purposeful Site123 is! Site123 is a highly recommended tool if you are looking for a mobile-friendly and professional design for your online presence.

Get full domain support with SSL certificates, a domain name, search engine optimization tools, free hosting and access to 24/7 support. Any concern you may have will be addressed in no time for an always smooth and reliable website creation. With Site123, it will take you little time and effort to complete and refine your web design and rock the online world with a new hotel website.

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jimdo hotel website builder
If you fancy a clean yet artistry look for your website, then Jimdo is the clear solution for you. Being able to tailor a sophisticated site puts this hotel website builder on top of its competition. Do not get me wrong, Jimdo is for pretty much anyone out there who wants to craft a page by himself. That said, it does not need to be accommodation or other tourism-related projects. Jimdo welcomes everyone to get after website development like a pro regardless of the experience you have (even if none at all).

Jimdo is jam-packed with features that merge into an all-in-one service, putting your hotel site on top. It works best for any hospitality establishment, so there is no need to worry about you being out of place. Personalize your site with either Jimdo Dolphin or Jimdo Creator, both offering convenience and ease. The sky is the limit with Jimdo. This builder also comes with free hosting and domain to market your website immediately.

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webnode hotel website builder
Is it possible to stand out from the boisterous online crowd? Of course! With top design variations and features, the hotel website builder, Webnode, just lives up to its name. All the tools this builder utilizes create a perfect harmony that elevates your business. Modify your page with a plethora of color schemes and layouts and add your signature touch to it. Whether you are a first timer or a pro, Webnode caters to your needs and skills instantly. No need to feel like you are left behind if you do not know how to code and do not really have the sense to design stuff. With Webnode, you will awaken your inner coder and designer and create the coolest hotel page.

Using Webnode, you can also get ahead of the competition by optimizing your website in Google search engines and boost that targeted organic traffic. Join over 30 million users who favor Webnode above others and set yourself apart.

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ukit hotel website builder
uKit is an all-around website builder that gives your business a competitive edge. First things first, it does not really matter what business you are running; the platform is available to bring into reality all types of websites. That said, use it as a hotel website builder and start your own project ASAP. For your information, uKit brings to the table over 350 ready-made designs, though finding your ideal one will be a breeze. It is also good to know that uKit covers 38 different categories, so there is surely something for everyone.

With the drag and drop method, you can move around different web elements and fine-tune your website swiftly. In addition to the page building section, uKit also offers practical marketing tools to get your word out and build your business. Optimize it for search engines, know your audience with Google Analytics and send out newsletters. uKit is here to help you differentiate yourself from the masses.

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strikingly hotel website builder
In minutes time, you can have your own online presence live and attract new visitors and potential customers with Strikingly. Employing the powerful and customizable Strikingly is child’s play, even if that means building a functional hotel website. You will enter the industry with a bang when utilizing Strikingly and benefit from all its amazing features and assets. Nowadays, you do not have to make websites from scratch anymore. Besides, you do not even need to know how to code to make it a realization. All you need is a hotel website builder and you are ready to roll.

Strikingly provides all the necessities, like templates, social feeds, blog, contact forms and countless UI elements. If you are building your first page, you can also register a domain name and host your bed and breakfast hotel website with Strikingly, too. No need to use any 3rd party services to get your idea online and start seeing the success you aim for!

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pagecloud hotel website builder
No doubt, the technology we can use today to make epic moves online is extraordinary. If you are not taking it to your advantage, you are doing something wrong. Even as a designer or a developer, save yourself time and enhance your workflow with practical tools that will put you on top. When building a hotel website, you should pick up a beginner-friendly builder and do it yourself, regrdless of your HTML knowledge. With the advanced drag and drop technology the software provides, you can do amazing things quickly.

Pagecloud has plenty of modifiable, mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible templates you can use out of the box. Feel free to edit them however you fancy and make it your own. Pagecloud also works with hundreds of apps and extensions to truly make a spectacular hotel website and get your web space sorted out in full. Other traits of Pagecloud include spell checker, image editing, custom domains, hosting and security to name a few.

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tashi hotel online booking software
Tashi is a hotel website builder that will help you at winning over new guests and get your business to bloom. Of course, Tashi also has you hooked with a booking system which will keep your accommodation business organized at all times. When you sign up to Tashi, you will quite quickly realize how simple the website building process actually is. No need to hire a coder or a designer to get your page up and running. With Tashi, you will do it all and everything by yourself.

In the bundle, you will discover several modern, responsive and mobile-ready templates which you can use as is or edit it to your heart’s content. By investing barely any time and effort on your end, you will swiftly have your hotel page ready for the launch. And it will be stuffed with amazing and practical features that ensure flawless bookings.

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bookmark hotel website builder
You might consider two minutes a bit of a stretch when building a website, but it is possible with Bookmark. With numerous users giving this remarkable website builder a thumbs up, there is no question why it is the ultimate tool you can rely on. Even if you are in search of a hotel website builder, Bookmark can alter to the industry without effort. Pick a captivating design from their amazing collection, then customize the content, and you are basically done. It only gets simpler.

When you get familiar with Bookmark’s AiDA, that’s when the real magic happens. It is an artificial intelligence design assistant that does the work for you. However futuristic this might sound, you will love the feature as soon as you use it. Moreover, with Bookmark’s user-friendly platform, you will never need a developer to set up your hotel web page! Track your metrics with analytics supported by Google and get familiar with your audience. You can even get basic tools for free, so check Bookmark out!

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Little Hotelier

little hotelier hotel website builder
Satisfied customers will always come back for more. Gain a head start by impressing them with your website first and foremost. Presenting Little Hotelier, a hotel website builder which provides a direct booking technology for efficient room accommodation with your visitors. Build a gorgeous hotel, guesthouse or bed and breakfast websites effortlessly to turn browsers into guests. Each template is optimized for search engines to increase your potential in organic traffic. But there are many other advantages Little Hotelier has in store for you that will boost your web presence to new heights.

With Little Hotelier, it will only take a few minutes to create a website, as the entire process is very intuitive. Moreover, you can adapt to international travelers from around the world with 80 different currencies and languages. When you finish establishing your hotel website, you will see how simple managing and maintaining your business will be. Still, try it out first for free for 30 days and get the gist of it.

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The Booking Factory

the booking factory hotel website builder
With The Booking Factory, you will never run out of options as the design opportunities are endless. Pretty much, whatever your heart desires, you can make it a reality with The Booking Factory. This hotel website builder has a starter selection of eight outstanding templates. That may seem underwhelming, but with 1,500 color schemes, mixing and matching will never be boring. This builder also offers an array of features which users can play around with. Save your quality time by automating emails and adding payment options to avoid inconvenience.

Build a database for your guests to track which ones are most loyal to you. Manage booking events with an easy-to-use, built-in calendar and have it all 100% organized. Create enticing room pages, optimize your hotel website for search engines and execute special offers quickly and professionally. The Booking Factory has loads more features for the most complete hotel website ever. Give it a go!

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Vacation Labs

vacationlabs hotel website builder
Let your guests savor the best experiences out of vacations and trips. With Vacation Labs, satisfying customers is no rocket science. Drop everything and showcase the best you can offer your customers with this excellent hotel website builder. Every design is breathtaking and alluring for tempting your customers into checking in immediately. They will not need to give it a second thought, but would rather book a room straight away. With the room selection interface, you can allow prospects to view the availability of your rooms. Of course, with a Vacation Labs-powered website, you can offer them to make instant bookings aka one-click checkout.

Lay down all your details in a single page for more convenient browsing. Incorporate key information like prices, reviews, photos and accreditation to potentially draft a pitch. Vacation Labs follows the best search engine optimization practices to skyrocket your internet presence. Also, you can have a general and an in-depth view of your site traffic for further optimization.

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1&1 Ionos

ionos hotel website builder
The hotel industry seems to offer unlimited options, services and promos for luring guests. Worry no more, as 1&1 Ionos will definitely showcase your unique platform, covering all your needs. This hotel website builder has multiple competitive web layouts to pick from. Smoothly and comfortably drag and drop components and sections, edit color skins and integrate content using 3rd party platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Sales are almost guaranteed when you use this builder. 1&1 Ionos is incorporated with SEO and analytics tools to monitor and improve your progress.

With 1&1 Ionos, you can also post your own blog articles to potentially market your flair and hook even more customers. This site editor is truly user-friendly, which is why it has gathered positive reviews from most web creators. Give it a go and see for yourself — the options you have with 1&1 Ionos are advantageous. Put your creative thinking on full-whack and do the impossible with the flexible and handy drag-and-drop site editor.

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mobirise hotel website builder
Mobirise is for everyone who is starting out online. If you are building a hotel or other accommodation-based website, you came to the right place. With the hotel website builders we have here for you, you will have no problem doing the work yourself. Yes, both coding and designing are something you will do, even if you haven’t any talent for them. However, there is nothing hard about it since Mobirise is tailored to beginners and those who are far from being tech-savvy.

What’s more, Mobirise is a rare find, meaning it distances itself from the masses by being an offline website builder. Yes, you download it, put it to use and upload your creation to your server or other platforms. You know what else? Mobirise is free of charge!

Can this get even better?

Mobirise provides mobile-readiness and cross-browser compatibility to make your hotel website instantly flexible. Get things moving your way and unlock a whole new horizon of opportunities.

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