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30 Most Popular WordPress Blog Themes 2020


Looking for the most popular WordPress blog themes? We have got you covered! Here you will find blog themes for any category such as food, fashion, lifestyle, personal and business. 

In an age when blogs are very prolific, it is hard to find a unique style that stands out. Internet readers are very quick to punish mediocrity, and you must find a way to deliver a top-quality product. For the uninitiated, that might seem like a very daunting task. If you are a talented writer that simply lacks programming knowledge or web expertise, you might want to consider purchasing a premium WordPress theme. These are more than simple skins, and the benefits that they bring are more than cosmetic.

With many popular WordPress blog themes, you will benefit from a complete overhaul of your web page. But how can a new user select a theme that can maximize his website’s potential? Well, the WordPress community has solved that problem, by implementing a fair and leveled the playing field. The most popular themes are usually the best, as thousands of users have chosen to buy them. Versatility, quality, and consistency are all criteria upon which the products will be judged. Given that there are so many themes available, there is a massive amount of competition. This breeds innovation and encourages theme developers to not rest on their laurels.

Here are the most popular WordPress blog themes in 2020.


The free market is a democracy because users tend to vote with their wallets. Nobody likes to waste money on mediocre products. Soledad is the most popular WordPress blog theme, as it has managed to become the #1 Best Selling Blog and Magazine Theme of the Year. This popularity is justified by Soledad’s incredible features and captivating design. It is basically a blank canvas, accompanied by a vast selection of useful tools. The customization possibilities are endless. If you want to see examples of Soledad’s versatility, be sure to access the theme’s website. The customer’s responses have been overwhelmingly positive, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

This product aims to be as user-friendly as possible. Soledad can be used by experts and novices alike. For those who are experiencing trouble during the installation process, a useful tutorial video was made available. Variation is key, as you will gain access to more than 250 homepage demos. You can use them as inspiration for your own design, or implement them as they are. It is possible to commercialize your items and services, thanks to the WooCommerce feature. As popular as Soledad itself, the plugin enables owners to construct online shops.

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Jevelin is a fast-loading and responsive WordPress premium multi-purpose website theme. It is the easiest path to a professional quality website. You don’t need to write a line of code with Jevelin. A streamlined visual framework gives you all the tools you need to get sharp results. Awesome demos and templates can service a range of applications and industries. Businesses, corporations, freelancers and creatives find a sound partner in Jevelin. Adapting your template to suit your needs is as easy as deploying widgets and elements. More than 40 custom elements expand the possibilities of your Jevelin website. Social sharing, galleries, portfolios, online stores and more.

Everything you want to do, Jevelin has a feature for. With plenty of widget areas, building your website is simple. Awesome section backgrounds are a couple of clicks away. Seamless video and Parallax background sections keep your pages interesting and engaging. Awesome slideshows showcase your finest content or products. Convenient geolocation capabilities let users find your physical venues or events with ease. Google Maps integration keeps things light and fast. The awesome Bootstrap framework lets you reach users across browsers and devices. Gorgeous testimonial carousels drive up your traffic and revenue. Give Jevelin a go today!

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Gillion (Top New)

Gillion is a WordPress theme dedicated to blogging. It is categorized as a premium quality theme. Gillion allows you to build homepages with full flexibility. It requires no coding whatsoever. Additionally, this theme has over several pre-built homepages to choose from and many customizable layout settings.

Gillion uses Visual Customizer and even has a basic Child Theme included. It is widget ready and of high-resolution tech. Gillion is as versatile as it can get: you can make a blog of whatever you want and still feel it like home. It also uses Custom Lightbox plugin to pop out and get your readers to your most important posts. Moreover, Gillion’s posts formats include direct to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. And, it has an amazing and tech support ready to help with anything. Express yourself to the fullest with Gillion!

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webify wordpress blog theme
Whoever out there is ready to start a blog, avoid all the hassle and just pick Webify. This is one of the most popular WordPress blog themes which you can get your hands on for a small investment. You cannot even compare the cost you would need to pay if hiring a coder to build a blog for you — it would go through the roof. Along with the low investment, Webify also ensures tons of other goodness that will easily differentiate you from the masses. Without the need to be an expert or have any experience at all, you can now dive into the blogging space with Webify.

Webify comes with pre-defined demo content that you can put into play with a single click. On top of that, the editing process happens with the easy-to-use Elementor drag and drop website builder. The latter unlocks codeless coding, which offers everyone to go creative with the web design of the blog.

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Only the eyes of the uninitiated can be tricked by flashy, unnecessary features. Rosemary is a theme for those who appreciate elegance and simplicity. Uncluttered by useless user interface elements, page visitors are free to enjoy your well-written content. Indeed, Rosemary will make your blog stand out, and attract plenty of attention.

The sheer volume of content that your website will host, can affect the quality of the reader’s browsing experience. Specific articles can be hard to find, buried underneath piles of regular content. Thankfully, Rosemary has included a gorgeous Featured Slider that can highlight your preferred posts, making sure that your visitors can see your best work. A distinct look is vital for brand recognition. The website’s color palette can be easily altered, leading to more aesthetic customization. With this theme, you are only limited by what you can imagine. For a more hands-on experience, be sure to check out the live theme demo.

As your blog becomes increasingly popular, you will need to cater to users from all across the globe. Rosemary is completely translation-ready, able to display your page in any language. This allows you to target a broader demographic, increasing your view count. In addition, this theme has incorporated social media widgets and a sticky navigation feature.

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Gridlove is a modern and effective, technologically competent and responsive WordPress creative news and magazine website theme. It has been created to provide webmasters from all backgrounds and experience levels to articulate sophisticated, modern websites for themselves in a matter of minutes, without having to write any code and with pixel perfect results every single time.

Gridlove is a fantastic framework for crafting all sorts of imaginative websites with incredibly detailed customization possibilities at your fingertips, just a couple of clicks away. Featuring hundreds of unique custom layouts and template pages for a variety of purposes and applications, Gridlove allows you to tell stories in your own style to great effect. Creative webmasters, such as graphic design agencies and digital design studios love Gridlove’s flexible handling of grid and masonry layouts, among the most cutting edge and option-filled on the market today, with its multitude of unique and engaging highlight effects, transitions and animations that power an enthralling and memorable end-user experience. Easily monetized and compatible with all major ad revenue networks, Gridlove is perfectly practical for you to convert your traffic and views into cold hard cash, and extensively SEO enhanced to boot. Try Gridlove today!

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The Voux


The Voux is an astoundingly technologically advanced, fast loading, attractive, mobile-friendly and highly responsive WordPress magazine and blog website theme. It is an extraordinarily powerful WordPress theme aimed specifically at webmasters, with or without any previous coding experience, that need an all-encompassing toolkit capable of seamlessly constructing websites that effectively disseminate vast amounts of diverse, categorized, social media-ready and dynamic content to a massive, undifferentiated online audience.

The Voux specializes in impressive rendering of visual and textual content across a host of versatile layouts and schemes, with engaging, immersive and lightning fast AJAX infinite smooth loading on post detail options, among dozens of other highly advanced features specifically designed for optimizing the end user experience, readability and legibility of content distributors, aggregators or creators of all kinds. That makes The Voux a natural pick for a blog website theme. Premium plugins like the Visual Composer page builder put all the power of hundreds of customizable graphical and functional elements in your hands, while The Voux’s unfalteringly stylish presentation ensures every iteration of The Voux is just as elegant. Get the voice out, with The Voux!

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Jannah is a WordPress theme suited for blogs sites. Even if you have a personal or professional blog, Jannah easily alters to your needs. It is a complete one-click website demo with lifetime free updates. Jannah delivers to you a fresh look at desktop publishing content marketing world. For your blog, it has amazing series of ready-to-go custom widgets. All styled to create that irresistible homepage design you have been dreaming of.

Jannah has unlimited footer-header layout, more than 800 Google fonts and many skins. All of these can make it possible to create an attractive blog, where you show your productions. RTL and translation plugins expand your influence around the world. Share your videos with your audience through building video playlists. And use Web Push notifications to allow your users to opt-in to timely updates from your website. If you want to monetize, WooCommerce is your ally. And for social media community integration, BuddyPress helps you to keep users coming back for more. Amazing? Yes! Get Jannah!

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anemos-creative-wordpress-blog-templateAnemos is a powerful, flexible, entirely intuitive, user-friendly, and readily responsive WordPress multi-use blogging website theme. It is the result of a creative design process geared towards the necessities of modern bloggers in the multimedia rich environment of the current internet markets and trends. Anemos is readily equipped to take your blog into the next era, with powerful HTML5 features underpinning a modular design that renders Anemos natively responsive across the board and compatible with platforms and devices the world over.

Powerful plugins like the Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder, beautiful custom sliders, impressive, jaw-dropping smooth hardware-powered Parallax visual effects, customizable grids and hand-crafted dynamic masonry layouts are all readily available within the pages, templates, demos and options of this incredibly resourceful theme. The Redux Framework offers a deep sense of configuration to every element within Anemos and all through an extremely simplified, streamlined interface requiring no previous development experience in order to yield professional quality customization results. From limitless color palettes to sensible fonts optimized for legibility, every inch of Anemos has been thought out to ease your blogging experience and attract a wider audience. Say it right, with Anemos!

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Brixton is a stylish, dynamic, flexible, mobile-friendly and inherently responsive WordPress news, magazine and blog website theme. It is an integral solution for the development and maintenance of all sorts of websites. With an outstanding set of widgets, shortcodes, and elements that streamline and simplify the blog creation experience, webmasters can craft their own websites, without having to code a single line themselves.

Brixton has been optimized for readability as well as utter easy of customization. With endless color palette options, incredible social media integration including Instagram feeds, a unique, custom free logo exclusive to Brixton for your use on any projects, and smooth, creative deployment of advanced CSS3 technologies on a Bootstrap framework powered by HTML5 W3C valid code as well as top notch hardware Parallax visual effects make Brixton a theme to remember, for the bloggers that really need to stand out, without making a scene.

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makenzie popular wordpress blog theme
For a fast and reliable launch of a refreshing and interest sparking blog, look no further than Makenzie. This is one fine and popular WordPress blog theme with all the necessary and then some. In other words, Makenzie brings to the table a ton of features that you can take to your advantage to successfully start your blogging project. Not only does it have the entire web design ready to use, but you can also modify and alter it, as well as enrich with your personal touch.

Makenzie is responsive and retina ready, offers quick and easy installation process and allows you to upload a custom SVG logo. Moreover, it is GDPR compliant, gives you a chance to expand your blog with an online shop using WooCommerce and does not shy away from translating and localizing it. Widget-rich sidebar and footer, clean and comfortable navbar, carousels and Instagram feed are all the specialties of Makenzie.

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Blog Way Plus

Blog Way Plus is a minimalistic WordPress theme dedicated to blogs. It comes with 3 pre-built layouts and 2 columns to arrange posts. You will find lots of documentation and a completely socially linked theme. It also has an Instagram news feed button. Additionally, Blog Way Plus provides lots of widgets and a flexible layout with unlimited colors. It uses an amazing WordPress Customizer and the powerful Underscores framework. Get many advanced themes options and a widgetized layout to play with your display. Blog Way Plus is simple, and goes to the core of its purpose.

Furthermore, this theme allows you to change the way you introduce posts for pictures and texts for an appealing look. It is modern, clean, colorful and responsive. Blog Way Plus uses customizable headers and footers to play with typography. It uses more than 100 lovely Google Fonts just for you! You will also find a sidebar that you can move with ease from side to side. Blog Way Plus adapts to all screens and devices easily! It has a personalized orientation, for individuals to set up their personal blogs. Talk about food, travel, life and more! Use this awesome tool with a quick set up and enjoy! Go for Blog Way Plus!

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Due to its uniqueness and amazingness, Alia is surely one of the most popular WordPress blog themes available on the market. And if you have no idea what I am talking about – you are new to the tool – you better enjoy yourself in Alia’s live preview. After all, you do need to see yourself what great things you can accomplish with it, so do investigate it further before you fully commit.

One thing is for sure, if the minimalist lifestyle is your thing and you want to implement it in your online project, Alia is the best option for you. And there is nearly no work necessary to start blogging almost instantly. It is all there, at your fingertips, ready and set for you to put it to use even if you are a complete stranger to programming.

Get your hands on Alia now, download the page canvas and see remarkable results coming your way shortly after. Everyone will be at a loss for words once they land on your fresh and novel blog based on the out of the ordinary Alia.

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June is a responsive WordPress multi-purpose website theme. A supercharged theme, ready to deliver quality websites at the drop of a hat. A natural jack-of-all-trades, June’s flexibility makes it an asset for every project. Whether you are a freelancer, a digital marketer, a design studio or anything else, June lets you make the perfect first impression on your audience. Smooth sliders and visual effects keep your visitors engaged. Gorgeous portfolios allow you to showcase what you’re all about, in splendid style.

Awesome media capabilities let June handle the range of the modern web. Embed social network multimedia, streaming media and cloud-based media without skipping a beat. Responsive to the core, June looks fantastic on desktop and mobile devices. Marketing your services and wares is simple, thanks to extensive WooCommerce integration. Let June open new horizons for your projects!

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Lets Blog


Lets Blog is an immersive, dynamic, and responsive WordPress blog website theme. It is devoted to fulfilling every need that webmasters can encounter when developing their own functional blog websites.

Lets Blog has been equipped with a set of incredibly powerful tools, plugins, widgets and shortcodes. These are deployed across a broad collection of well-structured and navigable layouts and template pages with inner content pages ready for you to import, customize vía the potent Live Customizer, and then just add your own content and go live with your own unique website! Also, more than 20 completely different and deeply creative blog and slider layout combinations are included for your convenience, with widgetized áreas that readily receive Lets Blog’s powerful shortcodes in a handful of customizable arrangements. In addition, custom sidebars can be added anywhere and include any element available in Lets Blog in infinite different ways. Try Lets Blog today, and get to it!

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Heap is a wonderful WordPress blogging theme that can accommodate the needs of publishers. It is extremely flexible, fast and it boasts an impressive number of well-designed layouts. Heap’s versatility allows it to fit in any role. You may use it for scrapbooking, professional and personal blogs, or as a quote and video archive. There is also no limit to this theme’s capabilities.

Heap’s primary purpose is to support your ambitions, and assure that your success will not be hindered by a sub-standard website. You may rest easy knowing that all page elements will be fully functional, regardless of the platform that is being used. Indeed, Heap has eliminated compatibility issues, and it is entirely responsive. Also, the product incorporates an impressive off-canvas menu that facilitates mobile navigation and enhances your blog’s readability.

Moreover, the personalization experienced is vastly improved by the addition of the Live Customizer. As you tinker with your blog’s features and settings, you may instantly preview the potential changes. This allows for instant feedback regarding colors, fonts, and the size of your layout. Additionally, in terms of social integration, Heap has you covered. You will be able to seamlessly share your content across 300 social networks, due to the implementation of AddThis.

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nimbo popular wordpress blog theme
An organized website makes guests think that you are taking your business extremely serious as a blogger or freelancer. And that’s exactly how you should approach web design. Accomplish the dream plan with Nimbo, the most popular WordPress blog theme. This theme allows you to piece every section together like a puzzle. And there is no need for you to have any technical background to use Nimbo to its full potential.

While its design features are spotless already, Nimbo is well-renowned in terms of navigation and usability. It even has a live switching of styles between light and dark depending on your mood.

There is more to it.

Nimbo also comes with the ability to configure translation and customization features, ideal for any online blogger. The best thing is you can add images, media players and galleries as well without a hitch and create an unforgettable experience for all your readers.

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malina popular wordpress blog theme
Malina is a popular WordPress blog theme with thousands of users already taking it to their total advantage. Will you be the one who will profit from Malina, too? It is a resourceful solution that offers you to start just about any blog you can think of. Whether you would like to build a personal blog, go super niche or a general one, with Malina, you can do them all and then some. The minimal and unique look of Malina also makes sure that your online project stands out a mile.

Furthermore, Malina comes with five headers, two footers, two hero sections, Instagram feed, custom-made widgets and Slider Revolution. You truly have all you need and an array more to start on the internet strong, with an impactful blog. And if you would like to make adjustments to the default look, activate the WPBakery drag and drop page builder and make it your way entirely.

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The Issue

the issue popular wordpress blog theme
If you would like to go with a promising solution for your new blogging project, let The Issue do the magic. Instead of scouring the web for the most popular WordPress blog themes, we did all the hard work for you. The Issue is a striking solution with a collection of seventeen powerful demos. With all the samples, you will quickly find the one that suits your style best. In addition to that, you can also customize the look of The Issue with the use of the drag and drop page builder.

The Issue treats you to PSD files, nine stunning article details, over fifty post layout elements, social integration, ten headers and lightbox galleries. You have complete creative control over the tool, making sure you bring into being the exact style of a blog that you fancy.

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vinkmag popular wordpress blog theme
Vinkmag is another well-liked WordPress blog theme that anyone can put into practice. First and foremost, even if you have zero experience with building websites, you can still greatly profit from Vinkmag. It is a multi-concept theme that never asks you for coding knowledge. That said, Vinkmag comes coupled with the Elementor page builder, which unlocks the drag and drop page building technique. However, you also need to know that Vinkmag has in store a horde of demos both dark and light.

Other specialties of Vinkmag are reading progress bar, customizable website width, header and footer builder, post slider and RTL support. Moreover, Vinkmag is fully monetizable for you to turn your blog into a money machine. The design is 100% mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and in tune with retina screens. It is also fast loading and SEO-friendly.

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saxon popular wordpress blog theme
Why choose something common if you can find other themes that specialize in blogging? Saxon is truly the most popular WordPress blog theme you will ever need, so look no more for generic alternatives. Since its development, Saxon has pretty much mastered the art and science of blogging. It is natural that the developers know already what to offer you to succeed online as a blogger or journalist of any niche.

Avail Saxon’s limited-edition deal and you will see how its features speak for themselves. Impress your visitors with the most outstanding and personalized blogging platform that will hook them in an instant. Write your own content and easily incorporate it for the results you want to see for yourself. With mobile-readiness, SEO and speed optimization and web browser compatibility, your new website will be on top.

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akea popular wordpress blog theme
Do you need a minimalistic theme for your website? Then gear up for the hottest site canvas in town. Presenting Akea, the most popular WordPress blog theme that fits any niche like a dream. You can utilize Akea for nearly any generic or niche blog you want. You are guaranteed a fantastic experience setting up your dream page, thanks to Akea’s well-organized structure and simple customization and updating.

Moreover, Akea offers features such as Revolution Slider, three pre-made homes, one-click demo data import, nineteen headers and powerful admin panel to name a few. Also, this theme is ready for SEO, supports floating navigation and comes fully compatible with WPML and WooCommerce plugins. Safeguard your online presence and do things your way without a single drop of sweat.

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If you are an ambitious blogger that wants to design an impressive website, be sure to check out Redwood. This is an excellent WordPress theme that offers a streamlined, classic, and simplistic design. A massive amount of color personalization options are also available, allowing the user to craft something that matches his vision.

Redwood seamlessly blends visual and functional customization, resulting in a product that refuses to compromise between its looks, and its capabilities. Additionally, the layout is beautiful, flexible, and highly responsive. Gone are the days of bothersome compatibility issues, as this theme can accommodate those who prefer to use tablets and smartphones. In addition to its vast roster of practical features, Redwood uses the excellent Solo Pine customer support system. Regardless of the nature of your problem, the friendly customer support representatives have pledged to fix it.

There are several distinct blog layouts, in addition to a full-width version for each of them: Grid layout, Classic Blog layout, and a List layout. There are also 4 post type variations: Video Posts, Music Posts, Standard Posts, and Gallery Posts. Furthermore, the MailChimp newsletter widget makes sure that you keep your followers up to date. Redwood is also translation-ready.

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cool modern WordPress theme

Cool is an excellent and eye-catching WordPress theme for websites. The developers packed it with many useful features designed to maximize your website’s chances of success. You can alter or personalize every single option and offer the user an unparalleled range of choice. It is without a doubt, that your well-written posts will manage to attract plenty of curious readers.

Traditionally, mobile users have experienced a lot of strife, due to the unresponsive nature of most websites. As content must adapt to an ever-expanding roster of different screens, compatibility issues will be quite common. However, any website that uses Cool will be spared, given that this amazing page theme is completely responsive. Mobile phone, tablet and desktop PC users will benefit from the same quality experience. Search engine optimization is a very important feature. Without it, even the best pages will remain unread and anonymous. Thankfully, Cool is SEO-ready, assuring that your blog will get a good spot on Search Engine Rankings.

The inclusion of online advertising is a balancing act. Overly-intrusive advertisement can annoy page visitors, causing them to move on to other websites. Cool’s AdSense integration guarantees maximum exposure for ads, while maintaining a smooth, streamlined interface. The aesthetic value of the blog will not be compromised.

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HowTo is one of the best website themes in the world. Its massive roster of features allows for unprecedented customization. Customers are able to craft eye-catching and distinct layouts without having to modify the theme’s code. The creation of a popular, massive blog has never been easier. The layout is also aesthetically pleasing and intuitive, as each user can navigate your website’s posts with ease. If you wish to experience HowTo’s main features, be sure to check out the live theme demo.

Although personal taste plays a large role in website selections, most avid internet readers can agree on one thing: slow websites are not worth their time. With HowTo, your blog will lightning-fast, assuring that your user retention rates will stay at an all-time high. If you encounter any issue while installing or customizing your website, be sure to contact customer support. Their well-trained representatives are eager to help you with any problem. There are also video tutorials for those who are just starting out.

Upon purchase, the client will benefit from a series of free updates, in addition to the standard theme. There are also 2 distinct layouts for home pages, and 2 very interesting slider variations. Furthermore, your readers will not have to browse through endless pages of content, given that your sliders can showcase your best work.

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Paperio is a creative and responsive WordPress multi-purpose blog website theme. It is a potent platform for bloggers who are looking to spread their message across the world. Basically, it is a theme that lets you put together quality blogs for your content to shine through. Paperio is packed with powerful demo websites and easy customization tools. Deploy grids, masonry layouts or column-based lists for your content. Let your users peruse your words in your favorite presentation. Fine-tune your fonts and colors, animations and transitions without any coding.

Awesome featured content sliders also give your finest pieces the exposition they deserve. Increase your re-circulation and get your content out there. Furthermore, built-in social media widgets let you viralize your content without breaking a sweat. Paperio is smart and tech-savvy, with extensive SEO enhancements. They let you increase your traffic and search engine rankings overnight. Establish a solid online presence and create an effective virtual soapbox. Paperio is easy to monetize, too, with handy ad elements ready to go. Integrate it with your preferred ad revenue service and see the profits. Lightweight and fast-loading, Paperio is easy on your servers. Take your blog to the next level, with Paperio!

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This theme’s name mirrors its purpose. The creators designed Blogging to accommodate sites with a massive amount of content and lots of regular visitors. Website construction is now very easy, thanks to the implementation of HTML 5 and CSS3 markups. This product is also optimized for search engines. Of course, the increase in web traffic will also improve your bottom line. For a more hands-on experience, be sure to check out the live theme demo.

In today’s competitive environment, having the best content is not enough. Presentation is vital for the success of any product. Blogging also aims to maximize website readability through its intuitive layout, creating an addictive experience that will leave your users wanting more. Upon purchase, all customers will gain a year of free updates and complementary customer support. Additionally, if you want more information regarding the product’s main features, they added a detailed documentation source along with some narrated video tutorials. Moreover, tablet and mobile phone users can rejoice, due to Blogging’s 100% responsive layout. Furthermore, the layout is flexible and fluid, able to adapt to the size of any screen. Both website viewers and administrators can benefit from the extra mobility.

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Hemlock is an innovative, streamlined and simplistic WordPress theme. Its charming design allows your blog to attract many potential readers. This theme understands that needless complexity does not equal quality, and that the best designs are often the simplest. Thus, its goal is to eliminate unnecessary website elements that simply clutter the interface, and downgrade the reader’s browsing experience. The developers also downsized peripheral elements, resulting in an innovative one-column theme.

The design is not only beautiful; it is also entirely responsive. As a site administrator, being tied to an office chair can severely limit your schedule. Thankfully, Hemlock goes great with mobile devices, allowing you to access your content from any location.

A lot of content can build up over the years. Hemlock has solved that problem by implementing a Full Width Featured Slider that is able to showcase your website’s highlights in the best way possible. With your best work on display, your page is sure to attract more viewers. Moreover, there are several post formats available, including Standard Posts, Music Posts, Video Posts and Gallery Posts. Lastly, if you want to share your experience, you can use the Instagram plugin widget included in the theme.

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buzzblog - classic blog theme

BuzzBlog is a streamlined, and modern WordPress theme for blogs. The developers designed this product for those who appreciate quality and attention to detail. BuzzBlog is entirely responsive, able to accommodate your online needs. In addition, it works great with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This theme has many innovative features, including 11 pre-defined CSS styles, a widget manager tool, a header styler, and 15 personalized templates for pages, so your BuzzBlog website will surely attract plenty of viewers.

The Administration Panel is also well-designed, intuitive and clean. It features a nice tabs layout, guaranteeing easy navigation for clients. Moreover, you can alter the color scheme with the limitless variety of color customization options. Thanks to the versatility of the Admin Panel, customers may also change the layout variations, fonts, gallery configuration, and can even import Theme Options. Furthermore, you can use many header style variations and change each header element via the Theme Options Panel. Additionally, you can pick between the normal and sticky header styles, and you can even use a picture as a header background. Lastly, BuzzBlog has some layout variations for your blog, including Blog with slideshow, Full Width, Sidebar Left, Masonry with multiple columns (2, 3, 4), and Sidebar Right.

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If you are searching for a high-quality blogging WordPress theme, look no further than Florence. Its design is elegant and refined, proving to your customers that your website is worthy of their attention. Florence’s layout is available in both full-width and sidebar variations. It also includes many layout options for posts, and various footer and sidebar widgets. Moreover, Florence can tie your work together, creating a cohesive thread with every presentation. It is based on a solid foundation, considering that its code is well-written, streamlined and intuitive.

In terms of aesthetic customization, there are a limitless number of color options, allowing you to alter your website’s appearance. You may also modify the general theme options, in addition to the website background. Furthermore, the design is completely responsive, able to accommodate mobile devices. Customers who are experiencing problems can rest easy, as the excellent support team is by their side all the time. Regardless of your issue, they can eliminate it! In our interconnected society, a responsible business person must harness the massive potential of social media. Thankfully, Florence has a series of social media widgets, allowing you to share your well-written posts. Lastly, if you wish to see this theme in action, be sure to check out the live preview.

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If you couldn’t find the right theme on this list you might want to continue your research on this blog theme collection.

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