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30 Best Free Bootstrap Wizards & Forms 2020


Wizards help you to make a sequel of interaction more user-friendly and also visually appealing for the users. You might have experienced lots of wizards when you sign up for a mobile application or during the welcome tour of an application. Another predominant place where you will see the wizards is in the forms. To encourage the user to give more information on the form, various techniques are used in the wizards. Here in this list, we have shared some of the best free Bootstrap wizards templates to give you more inspiration.

Oh! before getting into the list, all these bootstrap wizards are raw templates, which means you can’t simply download and use it on your site. You have to make your hands dirty if you wish to integrate one of these templates into your site. For developers, this list of Bootstrap Wizards will come in handy in many of your projects and you also can gather more inspirations from this list. Saying that, let us get into the list of best free Bootstrap wizards collection.

Colorlib Wizard 1

A stunning and clean free Bootstrap wizard which you can use for all sorts of intentions. Out of the box, it might come ideal for an online shoe store, but you can quickly alter it and utilize it for something entirely different. A fantastic registration form that takes the user through a three-step process to complete the registration. The transitions are executed smoothly, almost gently. It also comes with a country picker, as well as an additional checkbox which you can use to encourage them to sign up, let’s say, for your newsletter. Add a tempting picture on the left side and make the process even more pleasant.

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Colorlib Wizard 2

If you are building a hotel website for a client, you better include a booking/reservation form which will help them keep things organized. On the other hand, with a reservation form, a potential client can quickly an straightforward book a room for their next vacation or business trip. Instead of building your own one, this free Bootstrap wizard will do the trick for you. There are four steps to complete the reservation; first, they choose the date, second, then select the room, make a reservation is third and last comes confirmation. The form is also accompanied by an image section above with text overlay.

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Colorlib Wizard 3

Sometimes, a registration form comes as a pop-up, sometimes it is a small section on a website, while all the other times, it appears as a full-screen page. This one is definitely very enticing and interest sparking. More than half of the space is dedicated to a picture which you can use for all sorts of aims. You can even create a banner where you deliver more information about the special event, show or gig your host. However, as far as the form itself goes, it already provides the main data about the event, plus all the required sections for you to register. It also comes with social media links for an increased potential for them to connect with you.

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Colorlib Wizard 4

Our next free Bootstrap wizard is ideal for schools, universities and colleges. Moreover, you can also use it with your online course programs. Indeed, it is a course registration form with a modern, sophisticated and mobile-inspired look. To make it appear even cooler, you can add an image of a student always excited about learning new things. The form itself includes all the must-have field, like instructor’s username, college/department, term and student’s other personal information. To know where you are at exactly with filling out the form, the progress bar at the bottom will always keep you informed. And the gradient color links it all together beautifully.

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Colorlib Wizard 5

As a furniture store or even if you offer particular services to the industry, this billing form free Bootstrap wizard is definitely the one you should consider. No need to be building one yourself, when you have it here, ready and set for you to utilize it. And it costs you nothing so there is no reason to wait and pick another one! Lovely scenery is accompanied by the minimalistic form that comes in four steps. They will have a smooth experience providing the details that you require are necessary to complete the order. Moreover, if the client is purchasing the first time, there is also a checkbox which animates them to create an account and not order as a guest.

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Colorlib Wizard 6

Contemporary looking, mobile-friendly and optimized for great performance, get your registration form sorted out with this neat free Bootstrap wizard. Avoid building once from scratch and have the design ready right off the bat. Edit it according to your needs and branding regulations and have an active version ready sooner rather than later. Colorlib Wizard 6 is packed with goodies that will surely impress you and make you download it immediately. The tool even comes with a picture upload feature which a user can use to upload their avatar straight from their computer.

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Colorlib Wizard 7

Restaurant owners and other folks in the food business, get a booking form wizard that is very appealing to the eye. It includes both an image and a three-step form. The image, you can use to water their mouth, while the latter eases the process of making a reservation and be safe than sorry later on. Choose the number of people you are bringing and benefit from form’s integrated date and time pickers. Provide basic contact information on the second step and the third step is confirmation. On each step, you can use a different image of your dishes to make them want to visit you ASAP. With a table ready and set, the unforgettable experience begins.

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Colorlib Wizard 8

As a food store owner, make sure your registration, checkout and pretty much every section of your page is in tune with your branding and theme. As for the registration form and new account creation, here is a fine, elegant and stylish free Bootstrap wizard that has it covered all and then some. From the necessary details and password creation/change to cart and cart totals part, you will benefit from the template greatly. Of course, you can alter it further and make adjustments if needed. No need to stick to the default settings if they do not follow your regulations precisely.

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Colorlib Wizard 9

If you are building a community of loyal members and followers, get them to join your platform in style. To create a beautiful user profile creation process, here we have a free Bootstrap wizard that you should surely not miss. After all, it does not cost you a dime, so there is no real reason why you would not want to download it. If not with the current project, you might want to use it with your next one. Always have a collection of tools on hand, so you keep your workflow of the highest degree at all times. This particular wizard comes with a full-screen image background and a clean and minimalist form.

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Colorlib Wizard 10

Offer your users and customers to create a profile on your website where they could track and manage all their orders and other whatnots. To get them through the process of providing their personal and payment information, this form will do the trick. Get it now by downloading it free of charge and put it to use straight away. See the difference immediately after you fill it with your signature style and company branding and make it stand out from a mile. If you are serious about your business, you will definitely want to have all segments of it acclimatized to your style and tone.

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Colorlib Wizard 11

When creating a portal for job seekers, freelancers and others willing to get an employment online, here is a form that helps create user accounts. It literally has all that is mandatory for a complete employee account. From personal information and contacts to official details and payment, it is all there, ready for you to add to your website and have your registration procedure sorted out in full. In addition to that, the form is 100% responsive and compatible with all the modern web browsers for a continuous smooth operation.

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Colorlib Wizard 12

To simplify registration as much as possible while keeping it modern and innovative – fun, too! – this is the free Bootstrap wizard that you should look into. There is very little going on and that is what it differentiates it from the collection of other tools you find on this list. Even if on a desktop, it almost feels like you would be using your mobile device when filling out the information. Each section consists of just one field even when it comes to repeating the password what ends up being super convenient. But do experience it yourself first and see how cool it is.

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Colorlib Wizard 13

As a growing company, you might start seeking new people to welcome to your team and expand even further. If that is the situation for you, get people to enter a particular position with this nifty form and keep things organized. As a busy businessman or businesswoman, organization and focus are key to running your firm seamlessly and not constantly feel overwhelmed with tasks and information. Thanks to free Bootstrap wizards, you can automate one part of your business and receive applications in an orderly fashion. However, if you really dig this particular wizard, but your intentions with it are different, feel free to modify it to suit your requirements.

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Colorlib Wizard 14

These free Bootstrap wizards could suit pretty much any website you already run or are passionately working on. Even if you work with a client, these will come very helpful. A vivid and up-to-the-minute form for profile building is here, ready and set for you to employ. Out of the box, this wizard would be a perfect fit for a freelancing platform, where designers, developers, coders, graphic artists and other professionals can sign up to offer their services. It even allows the user to select a profile picture straight from their computer. It is simple to use but the effect it can have on your web platform can be highly rewarding.

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Colorlib Wizard 15

For bankings and other financial projects you are bringing into being to get people to join and benefit from, here is a dedicated free Bootstrap wizard to use. No need to look elsewhere, this one has it all executed in a modern, sophisticated and cutting-edge way. Benefit from it greatly and save yourself time and effort. No need to build a registration form from the ground up anymore when you have all these free templates ready and set for you to download and get things moving forward swiftly. Do it your style and even enhance it with your branding touches.

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Colorlib Wizard 16

Whether you run an online store, a members area website or any other portal where users can create an account and take to their advantage all these perks you have for them, obviously, a contact form is a necessity. No biggie, we have all the right tools for you to execute the registration process effortlessly. If picking the one you see above, you get a tool where you can add a background image, offer them to select their avatar and fill out account, personal and payment details in three simple steps. It is comfortable and safe to use this free Bootstrap wizard, be it a handheld or a desktop device.

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Colorlib Wizard 17

If running a service-based business and you offer your new users a free trial upon signing up, this is the form that fits perfectly. It has a simple four-step process with a “submitted” pop-up at the end for proof. It has a split screen look, where one-third is for an image/banner and two-thirds for filling out personal information. All a user needs to do is to enter his or her personal details, name, email and password (plus confirm password), and they are done and ready to start benefitting from your offering. Keeping things simple and straightforward helps you generate more leads and enhances your potential to enjoy a steady growth.

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Colorlib Wizard 18

We offer a number of different free Bootstrap wizards for all sorts of intentions. Predominantly, these are for all sorts of forms, but you can use them for reviews as well. If the latter is what you are searching for, here is a spectacular template to add to your site when you would like to know more about your customers’ satisfaction. It would be best for customers to review your services, but you can also modify it for other objectives. The layout comes with a star rating system, a review section and a form to fill out personal information.

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Colorlib Wizard 19

No matter what accommodation business you run, first thing’s first, have a website. If you do not have one, go ahead and build it right now. You do not know yet how much money you are leaving on the table. Second, make sure you add a booking system to your visually appealing page. This way, you can get rid of the sticky notes and have all your customers fully organized. With this gradient color style form with a simplistic design, they will quickly complete the booking process and even provide any additional details and requirements for you as the owner to take into consideration.

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Colorlib Wizard 20

Sometimes, creating accounts happens to be a daunting task. If that’s the case, the potential user might reconsider it and leave your page early. With that in mind, make sure registration is quick and effortless. You can achieve that with any of the free Bootstrap wizards you find in this collection, so make sure you take full advantage of them. Needless to say, get folks to join your new application with a cracking and simple to process form. Doesn’t it give a very mobile-inspired vibe? Of course, it does, and for that reason, it also beautifully displays on mobile devices.

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Colorlib Wizard 21

When selling services, you need to have an active form sorted out for your clients to fill out their account and payment information. That’s easy when you have the right components that just happen to be free of charge. We offer only free Bootstrap wizards for you to employ and use with your applications. Along with the account and payment information sections, this one also provides an additional step for the client to check and confirm their details. A vibrant form awaits all those who download it for a chance to save themselves time and energy.

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Colorlib Wizard 22

Get a simple and free form wizard with gradient color skin that also happens to be mobile-friendly. The form section is divided into two sections; one is for an image and the other is for client information. However, when on mobile, only the form section appears and the image part disappears. Moreover, the form includes location, date and time pickers, meaning, you can use it for events, meetups, even restaurants and other purposes. Use your imagination and approach it with an open mind. Do not hold back at all and a whole new specter of possibilities will unlock right in front of you.

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Colorlib Wizard 23

Offering customers to create their personal accounts on your website is rewarding for both parties. They can always check their purchases and be up to date with the process while the owner has their information that he or she can use for marketing purposes. If they purchased once, chances are, they will buy again (and again). To create such form, all you need is to download this free Bootstrap wizard and you have a lot done already. It is a simple form with gradient colors that connects your customers with your platform smoothly and securely. There is also a date of birth picker that quickens things up.

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Colorlib Wizard 24

If there are finances you are dealing with and your business resolves financial problems, here is a form perfect for your business websites. Add it to your page and get them on board without hassle. You will instantly know more about them after they provide all the required information and further sort out their financing. One of your advisers can then get back to them and individually create a plan that will fit your client perfectly. You see, with a simple form, you can craft a personalized experience for your users and make them a priority.

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Colorlib Wizard 25

Although changing colors is possible, if you run a page with a dark layout, this free Bootstrap wizard might fit perfectly out of the box. Of course, there is no need to use it as is instead, feel free to alter it to suit your branding needs to a T. It is a modern and personal with bank/payment information type of form rocking an appealing design and elegant transition between sections. There are only two parts that a client needs to fill out. Confirm the details on step three and that is it. You can now feature this same impressive form wizard on your page and shine.

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Colorlib Wizard 26

Similar to the previous form wizard is this next one just that it focuses on hotels, resorts and other accommodation businesses. In short, it is a form booking wizard with the whole personal information and booking thing that gets them secure their desired room effortlessly. On top of that, it’s dark layout expresses elegance and sophistication, as well as the professionalism of your business and services. You can now have all your bookings in perfect order, never run into any inconvenience thanks to the software you are using. With modern technology, you can automate quite a few sections of your business and truly focus on the stuff that matters.

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Colorlib Wizard 27

Setting up an account and filling out billing information can be done in a clear and simplified way. Just use the right free Bootstrap wizard we provide and all the rest becomes history. This way, you do not have to start from scratch while still keeping your pro-level performance intact. Download the tool now and append it to your website to get users to complete their purchases in the snap of a finger. What’s cool, this particular form spices up the experience with its lively gradient color palette. Besides, it is mobile-ready, too!

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Colorlib Wizard 28

Regardless of the type of website, you plan to build, or you are already pushing one successfully, adding a form wizard and get users to sign up might be a wise decision to make. Even if you are just a blogger but decided to offer premium content only to registered users, you can do it and take your page to new heights. Moreover, if selling goods and services, again, keep their information by encouraging them to create an account. Get your hands on an energetic free Bootstrap wizard with a percentage progress bar so they know how close they are to completion.

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Colorlib Wizard 29

Get yourself a registration wizard for free and save yourself not just money, but time and energy as well. How cool is that? You can now finish building your page at a fast pace and have it ready for the launch sooner rather than later. Who knows, maybe this was the last missing piece of the puzzle. Stick it to your page, alter it if needed and start seeing new registrations happen on a regular basis. Make them join your free platform and start a community of loyal followers and users like a champ. This way, you also collect their emails which you can use for upcoming marketing campaigns.

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Colorlib Wizard 30

Simplicity is the winning element you should always have in consideration to succeed online. Even when it comes to forms, keep them minimal and to the point and you can expect a boost in leads almost 100%. Of course, you need to make sure that all flows smoothly regardless of what device and web browser they use. However, as far as the technical part goes, all these free Bootstrap wizards follow the latest trends and regulations for your convenience. Pick the one you dig, make it your own and see the magic happen

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What’s Your Favorite?

These are some of the best free bootstrap wizards templates, you can use for your development projects. We have managed to collect the wizards with good code quality so you won’t be having any trouble on developing or integrating it with your existing projects. You can also take inspiration from this bootstrap wizards list and can create your own wizards.

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