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7 Best Node.js Templates [Free + Premium] 2020


Start the development process with any of these powerful Node.js templates and boost your productivity through the roof.

While you can build web apps from scratch entirely, you can also save time and energy by going with predefined web design and make an immediate difference. This increases your workflow and helps you build the outcome sooner rather than later.

Every template for Node.js framework from the collection below comes with an array of practical elements and components. You can use and reuse all the available and even introduce your creative touch.

After all, if you are building something exclusive, you might need to tweak the default settings according to the regulations it needs to follow. But that is something you will have a little breeze doing, as the code is organized and commented so that everyone can get the most out of it.

Instead of going straight with the premium alternative, you can also test the waters first with a free Node.js template and go from there. It also depends on what the goals are that you would like to attain.

Moreover, every dashboard is also perfectly in harmony with modern devices, popular web browsers, retina screens and fast loading. Get the ball rolling with any of the tools that we hand-collected and enjoy a speedy and spectacular end product.

Best Node.js templates for your projects


veltrix admin dashboard template
Building an admin panel with a Node.js template happens much quicker compared to doing it all from the ground up, which is obvious. Save yourself time and energy with the utilization of Veltrix, a resourceful solution that will get you going immediately. It is a template and a starter kit, all neatly packed into one bundle for your convenience. Veltrix is also fully optimized for all popular devices and in harmony with well-liked web browsers. In other words, the performance will be high-end all the time.

Veltrix works with all sorts of projects and web applications due to its multi-purposefulness. Some of the goodies that you find in the package contain form validation, horizontal and vertical layouts, calendar view, practical pages and data tables. The entire formation and code of Veltrix are also well-structured, making sure the process of realizing an admin is easy both for beginners and professionals.

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metorik nodejs template
Metorik is a versatile and highly flexible Node.js template for building admins that cater to different intentions flawlessly. The design of the tool is very appealing to the eye – creative and modern, if you will. In addition to that, Metorik also comes with great customization features and functions, so you get to tailor it to your liking precisely. Or just use it out of the box and call it a day. The options and possibilities are very many when it comes to the neat Metorik for you to make the most out of it.

Different dashboard styles, user profile, calendar, chat app, pricing page, booking and user CURD are just a small segment of all the specialties that you get with Metorik. You also get documentation and access to free support for any additional assistance. With Metorik, you will never feel lonely on your journey to a successful admin dashboard creation.

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easydev nodejs template
Due to the flexibility of EasyDev, you can employ this NodeJS template for heaps of different intentions. It works for anything from eCommerce and analytics to sports, booking and other mobile and web apps. With a collection of over two hundred UI elements, EasyDev promises a smooth sail when developing your perfect admin dashboard.

You will discover multiple ready-to-use sample pages in the bundle, which will speed up the process even further. Some additional highlights are a chat app, three chart styles and form wizards. You are all set to start with the creation of your project right away.

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skote node js templates
Skote is an all-around admin and dashboard Node.js template that comes in heaps of different versions, including Node.js. If you are ready to jump-start your project, you better not miss taking a peek at this resourceful alternative. With four different layout styles and three modes, you have more than enough combinations to get the ball rolling right from the get-go. Of course, you can see all possible variations first and go from there. Keep in mind, Skote is fully compatible with RTL languages. Dark and light versions are at your disposal, too.

Skote contains an array of materials and components that you can mix and match and use and reuse. You have the freedom to make it happen your way to the very last detail. The entire development process will now be much quicker and way more straightforward. Let Skote do the trick with all the goodness that it has available and have and outcome ready to roll shortly.

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admiria admin dashboard template
Everyone will admire your admin if you set it up with Admiria. This top-notch solution covers all and everything for you to enjoy a pleasant and seamless quick-start. For your information, Admiria even comes in a bunch of different framework variations, of which Node.js is included, too. You do not need to purchase several different tools even if working on several projects, as Admiria will cover them all with ease. Also, Admiria is coupled with Bootstrap 4 and guarantees 100% flexibility.

What’s included in the kit? Vertical and horizontal layouts, eCommerce pages, calendar view, email templates, directory list, drop zone file upload and invoices with the ready-to-print button, to name a few. All the components and elements that come with Admiria are also editable and modifiable to meet your meticulous taste and web app’s regulations.

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argon nodejs template
Argon is a Node.js template of many great features and functions. You only really need one web design that will help you execute the admin dashboard of your dream. After all, with a collection of two hundred elements, sixteen plugins and 25 sample pages, you know immediately that Argon delivers tons of stuff for you to put into practice. But it does not end here. You can use and reuse each element and even style it accordingly, as Argon offers you complete creative freedom.

What’s more, there are also SASS, Sketch and Photoshop files, fully coded front- and back-ends, comprehensive documentation and friendly support. You can enjoy yourself an outcome that will appear in front of your eyes sooner rather than later. Of course, with your creative twist to it, following all the rules and requirements of the project you are building. Get your hands on Argon now for an immediate difference that you deserve.

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Argon (Free)

argon free dashboard nodejs
Would you look at that, Argon also comes as a free Node.js template for you to take to your total advantage. How cool is that? You can now fully test the waters and even use Argon’s free version for as long as you want. On the other hand, once you feel comfortable enough to upgrade, you can go with the pro version at any given time. Sure, the free option comes with limitations, still, you will find loads of handy stuff that will get you moving in the right direction.

For instance, Argon comes with one hundred individual components, which you can use to your heart’s content. You can also play around with the different plugins and example pages that you will find in the bundle. But first, feel free to take a peek at the live preview and see Argon in full effect. The end product you are about to bring to fruition will indeed be spectacular.

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