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31 Best Easy To Use Free 404 Error Page Templates 2020


When searching for creative, impactful and modern free 404 error page templates, that’s when our collection comes into play.

Many of the premium website templates provide a separate 404 error page template along with their package. If this is not the case for you, you can make great use of these free alternatives.

Before getting into the error page templates list, let us see what makes a perfect professional 404 page.

It is up to you to decide what the user has to do after landing on an error page. Also, you can directly show them suggestions that are closely related to their search term.

You might have seen this approach in many news websites and even some of the news and magazine website templates give you this option by default. Or else you can directly provide a search box or a button to take the user back to their previous page or your homepage.

These and many other features are great ways to retain your visitors. If a user lands on an error page, you definitely do not want them to leave your site entirely.

You can also stay creative with your 404 pages. Some use interactive animations, the other interesting text messages, videos and more.

Waste no time and spice your 404 error page with any of the web designs below.

Best Free 404 Error Page Templates

Colorlib 404 Customizer (WordPress plugin)

This is the only WordPress plugin that made the list. It is very easy to use, has a really great design, templates and customization options.

More info / Download

Colorlib 404 v1

When a user types a false URL or tries to search for something that your website does not feature, a solid 404 page is necessary. Also, you might have some content that is no more live on your page, again, sort things out with a 404 page. To save you from all the hassle of creating one yourself, we bring you a massive collection of free 404 error page templates for you to start ASAP. Whether you are still in the process of establishing your page or already have it live but missing an error page, you can now add it sooner rather than later. Download this clean looking layout with text and call-to-action button that leads the user back to the home page.

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Colorlib 404 v2

An error page could be some text or you can keep them engaged with an additional feature. One of such things could be a search function that helps them find the exact page they are looking for. After all, if they ended on an error page, the page is missing, and that could simply be because they entered the wrong keyword to your search bar. They can now try again with this cool free 404 error page template without the need to go back. This will help you with the bounce rate, too! Try it out, it is free of charge.

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Colorlib 404 v3

Simple and bold error page is ready and set for you to use it right away. It is a cool design that will tell your users they landed on the wrong page. If your main website rocks a minimalistic look, this free 404 error page template might fit your branding needs ideally. On the other hand, we are still at the beginning of this magnificent collection of layouts for error pages. With versatility and adaptability, you will surely find the one that resonates with your project best. Besides, they are all free, mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible.

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Colorlib 404 v4

Error pages could be boring or they could be cool and attention-grabbing. Hey, you should keep your site visitors impressed and fascinated at all times. Even when it comes to a 404 error page, you can have it in tune with your page style and keep the branding intact. On top of that, us a call-to-action button that is linking back to your index page and, chances are, they will take action. Regardless of what part or segment of your website it is, make sure you have it enhanced and customized to the very last detail. They will notice your seriousness and not be distracted at all even if an OOPS! page appears in front of them.

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Colorlib 404 v5

If you would like to offer your users something more other than just a notice that they landed on an error page, this free 404 error page template is for you. Not only does it have a search function integrated into the web design, but it also features a back button. Either they fill the search bar or simply press the back button and they are back on track. You can now add this exact layout to your site and even alter it slightly if necessary. After all, you do want it to follow your regulations so it does not feel like they are on an entirely different platform.

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Colorlib 404 v6

If your main web desing sports a dark layout, you can implement this free 404 error page template almost directly. Enhanced with a creative touch, you can now redirect all your users who landed on an error page with a call-t-o-action button. By default, it is set to link them to the home page but you can also do your thing and customize the experience. Moreover, the layout is also 100% mobile ready, cross browser comaptible and in tune with retina-screens. Although it is just an error page, it is still worth sports a cool one and keep the theme of your page intact.

More info / Download

Colorlib 404 v7

When they search for a topic that you do not have on your website or the original page is no more, do not just let them land on a blank page. If this happens, they will probably run away from your page as quickly as possible. To solve the issue, simply add a cool looking error page to your web space and keep them around for longer. For instance, not only does this free 404 error page rock a search function, but they can also go back to your home in just a click. Have your entire online presence sorted out in full.

More info / Download

Colorlib 404 v8

For the most part, websites rock a light web design but there are occasions when the owner prefers a dark look. If the latter is you, we bring you another stunning, elegant and professional free 404 error page template. It is simple, yet at the same time sophisticated, what will match to your branding requirements effortlessly. Customize the text if needed and make the call-to-action button active by linking it to your first page. After you are fully satisfied with your brand new 404 page, introduce it to your page and the rest is history. No matter what part of your website they visit, it should be first-class.

More info / Download

Colorlib 404 v9

If you feel like stepping things up and not just having some text on your error page, you came to the right place. Not only is this one cool and engaging, but we also have a set of different free 404 error page templates that will do the trick for you. Without hassle, you will find the one that meets your needs precisely and before you know it, it will already be live on your page. Sometimes, it is wise to have a link or even a search bar on your error page so you do not lose too many users. Whether they typed the wrong search query or your page is actually not live anymore, when they end up on a 404 page keep their attention intact.

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Colorlib 404 v10

It could be OOPS!, Error or a simple 404 sign, whatever the case, you can play around with different options when picking up the ideal free 404 error page template for your site. Keeping things simple and clean with a touch of creativity is a somewhat winning combination every time. Of course, you might look at “simple” and “creative” differently than I am. That said, we have an array of contrasting web designs ready and set for you to use and find out what works best almost instantly. Pick accordingly and expand your online space with a neat and mobile-ready error page.

More info / Download

Colorlib 404 v11

Let’s say you are a photographer. You want to have your outstanding images featured all over your website, right? And this goes for the error page, too! If you are rocking a boring old 404 page, make a difference today with this free 404 error page template. It features an image background, a search bar and social media icons. Besides, there is also a back to home button just in case. With this type of layout, you will definitely decrease the number of users that leave your site after accidentally landing on the error page. Keep the flow going strong all the time.

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Colorlib 404 v12

There is no reason why you would not want to have some fun when they happen to land on an error page. With this smart free 404 error page template, you can bring joyful experience that will take them back to your home page. This way, they won’t just leave your website, but keep on browsing your remarkable content, products or services. Help them find exactly what they are looking for and they will be happy to return. This particular layout features a crying emoji with some text and a call-to-action button. It will be a small breeze implementing it into your current web space that is for sure.

More info / Download

Colorlib 404 v13

Cool icons can create a positive impact on your users especially when it comes to error pages. Do not make them dull and unattractive instead make them fun and exciting. Not only that, but engaging enough so they will stay around for several additional minutes. With a simple call-to-action, they can return to your first page and find the exact content they are in search of. Sometimes, it is the wrong search query that takes them to the 404 page. However, it is also possible that not all of your sites are still live. But you can now solve the little inconvenience with a free error page template.

More info / Download

Colorlib 404 v14

To keep the cool vibes consistent across all parts of your site, you want to pick one of our free 404 error page templates. These come in all shapes and sizes, making sure your users, readers and random site visitors keep their presence by going back to your home page or even visit your social media accounts. With a responsive, mobile-ready and easy to use tool, like Colorlib 404 v15 page template, you can achieve fantastic results. Say “OOPS!” in a funky way and they will continue their browsing experience by heading over to the right section of your page.

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Colorlib 404 v15

We always make sure to bring you all sorts of different free templates for your websites. Some folks like to keep things at a bare minimum while all the others enjoy some additional animations and special effects. If you fall in the latter bucket, we have an impressive and attention-grabbing free 404 error page template here for you. It sports vibrant colors and a call-to-action (CTA) button to guide your users back to your home page. What’s more, you will also notice that there are social media buttons included in the web design for your convenience. Also, do state (customize) what’s the reason they are seeing an error page as well.

More info / Download

Colorlib 404 v16

If you would like to hit your users heavy (in a positive way) with your error page, we have a special treat here for you. Meet a smooth, responsive, mobile-ready, with a cool effect free 404 error page template with a striking red design. You might have some red going on in your branding what might make this site skin more than ideal. Moreover, you might even want to use it exactly as is, making the social icons and call-to-action active and you are ready to roll. Of course, you can alter the message if you want, too, and write down something even more catchy.

More info / Download

Colorlib 404 v17

While you can take the time and build your own custom error page, we have many stylish, modern, clean and professional free templates that will get you going in a snap. Simply download the tool and put it to use right away. Of course, you can also perform different customization tweaks and make the one layout you fancy follow your needs and regulations exactly. But do feel free to use it exactly as is if you are in a hurry. Instead of featuring just an icon and some text, introduce a button and lead them to your home page or other section of your page.

More info / Download

Colorlib 404 v18

Whoever is missing an error page or is using the default one, spice things up with any of our free 404 error page templates. You can now set it up quickly and efficiently without breaking a single drop of sweat. A sad emoji, 404 sign and additional text explaining the situation with a back to homepage button is all you need. Even if you like to keep things super simple and basic, you can still create a cool environment that will keep them engaged. And this goes for error pages as well, occupying their presence at all times.

More info / Download

Colorlib 404 v19

Since you all run different websites, we made sure that the free 404 error page templates we bring to the table are of as different styles as possible. No doubt, you will find one that meets your expectation without hassle. Even if you are a choosy user, there is something for every taste. On top of that, the web designs are customizable to fine-tune them further. In addition to that, all are responsive, seamlessly readjusting to mobile, tablet and desktop devices. They work fantastically on retina screens and an assortment of different web browsers, too! Keep every section of your website at a professional level.

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Colorlib 404 v20

404 sign, text and additional information about why your users see an error page is what this page template treats you to. You will also notice a call-to-action button that you can make functional and take your site guests back to the home page. Or if you would like to push your compelling blog section, you can link the CTA button there, too. As a result, you have a quick fix that will sort out your error page once and for all. Instead of keeping your website’s default one, elevate your online presence with a modern 404 section and keep your expertness intact.

More info / Download

Simple Pure Error Page

simple pure free 404 error page template

Simple Pure Error Page is an animated template by Enrico Chiaromonte. If you like to be creative even with your error page then this template can be helpful for you. In this template blue color is used as the color scheme of the page, if you have a brand color for your site then you can customize it to the color you want.

Since the code used to create this beautiful page is present to you directly you can change the color you want and can preview it. In order to change the color, you have to tweak the CSS file. If you are a developer you will be knowing how to customize this. But if you are a normal user you can use the following tip.

Mostly the color code used in the CSS file will be in the hex color code values. Here, in the template the default color is blue, whose code is #48A9E6. This code will be mentioned in the code as background:#48A9E6; change this value to your brand colors hex color code.

More info / Download

Not Found

not found free 404 error page template

The Gradient is one of the most predominant design trends you have been seeing in the past few years. Since most of the top brands are shifting to the gradient colors, the design experts had predicted that gradient is going to be the trend for the following year also.

With this 404 error page template, you get a simple and clean looking message. The error code and its meaning. This template uses HTML, CSS and Javascript framework. All the classes used in this template are interlinked. So if you have an intention of modifying the content please make sure you go through the entire code snippet.

Again if you have a brand identity as a gradient color you can easily modify it in the CSS. Here in this code it is mentioned as background: -webkit-repeating-linear-gradient(-45deg, #FFEB3B, #FF6F00, #00B0FF, #76FF03, #b98acc, #69a6ce, #9b59b6). All the hashtags are hex color code value. As I shared with you in the previous template, just change the color code to the one you want. Thanks to John Fink for sharing this well coded error page template with us.

More info / Download

Chrome’s Internet Connection Error

chrome internet connection error
Everyone is familiar with the dinosaur error page that appears if the internet connection breaks. Well, you can now sport this same style of an error page on your website. Sure, you can use this template exclusively for inspiration, but hey, why not actually use it on your site? You can still fine-tune it further if necessary, the process is quick and straightforward anyway. Hey, it’s free, too, so enjoy taking it to your total advantage and add some fun to your online presence.

More info / Download

Cool 404 Error Page

cool 404 error page
In many cases, an error page is plain text, nothing special. Sure, some add a search function to it in hopes to not lose the visitor. But if you would truly like to take things to the next level, here is a very cool error/404 template that will help bring smiles to your site visitors. It has a neat animation to it, so you know it will not be boring and may keep the user around for longer. After all, who does not like to stare at eyes, right?

More info / Download

Bootstrap 404

bootstrap free 404 error page template

This type of error page is best for the lifestyle related website templates and modern software company website template. The animated countdown style with an interjection gives a human touch. To make the template get along with your existing website template you may need to change the fonts and the color scheme of this template. The developer of this template, Ahmed have used the HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The code is well written so that you can easily correlate these codes with your existing website template coding. If you wish only to change the look of the template, then you can tweak the CSS section alone.

More info / Download

Pure CSS

pure css free 404 error page template

Pure CSS template is really a well executed template. As the name implies this template is purely based on the CSS, the JS files kept untouched in this template. The most user friendly touch you get with this template that you don’t have with the other templates is the option of providing the back to the home button. Rather than making the visitor hit the back button in the browser it will be more user friendly to providing the home button option on the error page itself. By doing like this you can make the visitors site within your site itself.

More info / Download

Page Not Found

page not found error page template
Instead of rocking the default 404 error page, you can always spice things up with a cool and fun design. Why keeping it dull and boring if you do not have to, right? With any of our free page templates, you can create an error page that will bring smiles to everyone. This lamp shows “page not found” one time and “404” the other. Feel free to tailor it to your needs and introduce it to your website smoothly. The lamp even has an option to turn it on or off. How cool is that? Your visitors might just want to stay on an error page for a little longer, playing with the lamp.

More info / Download

404 Crying Baby

404 crying baby error page template
Whether they type in the wrong search query or one of yur pages is no longer available, if it is not an instant redirect, they will land on an error page. To customize the page and have some fun with it, here is a cool 404 error page template of a crying baby. You would want to use this one exactly as it comes out of the box, because it is too good to be true. Even if your visitor lands on an error page, with a design like this one, it is a guarantee that they will not leave immediately, which is always a plus for you.

More info / Download

404 error page, Caveman mode

404 error page caveman mode error page template
Can this free 404 error page template be any more fun? Two cavemans hitting each other on the head with clubs on repeat – it almost feels like a cartoon. I’ve been starring at this one for a good little while, only realazing that nothing else really happens. But the details and the fun of it deserve extra time. It does not matter the website you run, this template will fit any with ease. And if you would like to customize the appearance, you can actually do that, too. Enjoy branding it or using it as is, either way, the outcome will be phenomenal.

More info / Download

404 Vampire

vampire free 404 error page template

The 404 page can also be used to reflect the festive mood and the seasons to stay creative and to be on trend. This Vampire style 404 pages can be used during the Halloween seasons. With the templates like this, now you can give costumes for your websites also. With this template, you have enough space to say your message and also have the option to add a call to action button to take the user to the previous page. Again if you wish to use this template for your site, then you must spare some time to fit this template code into your existing website template.

More info / Download

Build Your 404 Error Page

These are some of the best free 404 error page template you can make use of for your HTML website templates. All the templates uses latest CSS framework, so you get modern design elements and trendy colors with these templates. Again, you can’t simply unzip the file and use it directly into your site, you have to spent some time to get these template into your site.


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