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5 Infographics to Inspire Mailchimp Newsletter Ideas


Infographics to inspire Mailchimp Newsletter Ideas Blog Header

Mailchimp is a great platform for email marketing, but maybe you’re running out of Mailchimp newsletter ideas.

Don’t risk losing your audience’s interest when you’ve worked so hard to win it over. Consider using infographic newsletters to make your emails more visual, enticing and informative. You can use infographic newsletters designed in Venngage for your Mailchimp newsletters.

Infographics are still one of the most engaged with pieces of content online today.

Infographic newsletters let you deliver relevant information to your subscribers, in ways that are actually engaging. It’s a great tactic to draw in your subscribers.

Infographic newsletters are easy to view on desktop or mobile, and they share an abundance of information in one place, without requiring your readers to take more steps.

I’m going to show you five impressive Mailchimp newsletter ideas that you can use for inspiration today. These are all infographic newsletter templates that you can quickly customize in Venngage’s Email Maker to create your own infographics, and upload into Mailchimp.

Not a designer? Not a problem. Our professional newsletter infographic templates are perfect for non-designers to create impressive visual content.


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1. Health and wellness infographic newsletter template

Mailchimp Newsletter Ideas


Health and wellness infographic newsletters are an excellent Mailchimp newsletter idea. Sharing health hacks, wellness insights, and self-care are valuable to your readers. It shows that you’re thinking about people on your email list as individual human beings and it demonstrates your own brand’s values.

This health and wellness infographic newsletter template is easy to customize and brand:

  • The abundance of white space in the template design lets you organize your points.
  • The design encourages our eyes to move down the infographic.
  • Venngage’s diverse icon library has a number of detailed illustrations that can be used to visualize each section.
  • Finally, using My Brand Kit, you can apply your own branding to the design with a click.

A number of health and wellness trends are taking off in recent years. With the growth in the tech sector, the spike in remote work, and a shift towards work-life balance in the workforce means that more people are thinking of ways to take better care of themselves.

Every now and then, you can show them how.


2. Data infographic newsletter template

Mailchimp Newsletter Ideas


Data infographic newsletters are one of my favorite Mailchimp newsletter ideas. The possibilities here are endless.

People love data and statistics when they’re presented well. Data helps us to develop our own ideas, expand our base knowledge in an area, have as a reference for future content, debunk assumptions and more.

When you can provide a large volume of data in a way that’s simple to scan and engaging, you’ve got some winning content.

This data infographic newsletter template highlights financial trends data in a way that’s very easy to read. Bold headings, large numbers that pop, and relevant icons all help to hit home key data points.

A lengthy, text-based email, or similarly structured blog post would not be as effective. Your data would get lost in a sea of words. But in a data infographic newsletter design, the data is front and center for your audience.


3. Industry trends infographic newsletter template

Mailchimp Newsletter Ideas


Similar to a data infographic newsletter, industry trends infographic newsletters also allow you to share valuable insights. With its vibrant color palette, engaging icons, and ample space for text, you can use this infographic newsletter template to share a lot of info.

Focusing on thought leadership content can also help you come up with your Mailchimp newsletter ideas. Whatever space you’re in, you want to position yourself as the leader in that space. When you can provide insights on your industry to your subscribers, you connect them to information relevant to their roles, their performance, and their interests—without them having to do the work.

You don’t need original content, either. You can distill a benchmark report or study that’s super dense into something bite-sized and manageable. All you’re doing is making existing information in the world that much more accessible to a very specific audience. Just remember to cite your sources!


4. Leadership infographic newsletter template

Mailchimp Newsletter Ideas


Leadership infographic newsletters are meant to provide helpful tips to your subscribers. This type of infographic newsletter directly supports your audience’s main jobs-to-be-done with actionable advice.

In the case of this leadership infographic newsletter template, it focuses on better management practices. As a visual, the infographic effectively delivers information in three ways—visually with icons and textually through a small paragraph and a key takeaway.

Chunking complex information the way this infographic newsletter has, helps you get points across to your readers. It allows them to make sense of your content much faster, and recall it for longer.


5. Core values infographic newsletters template

Mailchimp Newsletter Ideas


Creating infographic newsletters around core values and ideas of how teams should function requires a strong understanding of your audience. That is, if you don’t want to miss the mark.

However, when you do tailor a piece of content to your audience’s own needs, challenges, or interests to better support their work, it stands out. Your value becomes clear to them.

This core values infographic newsletter template can be great for an audience of customers, subscribers, or even internal staff. After all, even emails that are shared within the company should be engaging and fun to read.

A clear and illustrated title and clear headings draw our attention. The breakdown of different actions provides clear and valuable takeaways. This infographic newsletter is easy to read and visually engaging. The formatting for each section allows the content to stand out, rather than appear repetitive, as well.


Using Venngage infographic newsletters with Mailchimp

You can use any Venngage newsletter with Mailchimp. You can even use our infographic templates as neat newsletter designs. It’s simple. Sign up for Venngagevisit our newsletter templates page, choose a template design that you like, and click create.

Mailchimp Newsletter Ideas

In the editor, customize the content and design by changing font styles, icons, and color palettes.

Learn more on how you can customize your newsletter this blogHow to Send an Infographic Newsletter with Mailchimp

Once you’ve upgraded to a Business account, you can enjoy features like real-time collaboration with your team members, or My Brand Kit which keeps all your email newsletter design consistent with your brand guidelines.

As a Business user, you have two download options:

  • If you want to keep your links clickable, you can export your design as an HTML file. Import the HTML file as an email newsletter template in your Mailchimp account, and you’re all set.

Mailchimp Newsletter Ideas

  • If you don’t have links in your email, you can download the design as a PNG or High-Quality PNG. Then, in your Mailchimp account, upload the image and set up your email newsletter.

Mailchimp Newsletter Ideas

In just a few steps, you’ll have a unique, engaging and informative newsletter design ready to send.


Mailchimp newsletter ideas FAQ

1. What is an infographic newsletter?

An infographic newsletter is exactly what it sounds like, an infographic that’s sent as an email newsletter, instead of a typical email newsletter. An infographic newsletter can be used to share complex information by visualizing information and data, using icons, charts, color and formatting to make something readable and engaging.

2. How do I determine great Mailchimp newsletter ideas?

This is dependent entirely on your industry and your audience. Consider what information you have access to as an organization, and what is valuable to your audience. Whether it’s original research and data, or information already out in the world, can you get it to your audience. Content supports their goals, and answer their questions is a great starting place.

3. Can you create a newsletter in Mailchimp?

You certainly can, but there are design limitations in Mailchimp that you won’t experience in other platforms. Using Venngage, you can design impressive infographic newsletters that are eye-catching and engaging, and import them into Mailchimp.

Need to make an infographic newsletter for Mailchimp? Start creating in seconds with our professional templates and simple online editor.





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