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7 Easy-To-Edit Healthcare Infographics Templates



Today, global organizations to local clinics use healthcare infographics to keep medical professionals and the public well-informed. Healthcare infographics help healthcare staff to learn faster, and healthcare clients to navigate new, unfamiliar spaces.

When you share healthcare data, trends or processes, it may be to guide decisions, inspire action, or encourage change. If the information you share is lost on your audience, you’ll have missed an opportunity to accomplish your goal.

A simple healthcare infographic conveys what several paragraphs, or minutes spent explaining can. You don’t need design experience or sophisticated software to create healthcare infographics, either.

This post shares healthcare infographic examples to inspire you and healthcare infographic templates that you can customize right away.

Eager to get started? Choose a healthcare infographic template from our templates library and customize it for free using Venngage’s Infographic Maker.


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1. Avoid illness healthcare infographic template

Avoid Illness Healthcare Infographic Template


Imagine sharing this information as only text, without any accompanying visuals? Your readers would lose focus halfway through.

Not only do you want to share valuable healthcare information, you need people to understand and remember it, for it to be impactful. A simple healthcare infographic like this one helps you do exactly that.

Just follow these three steps when customizing the template to make sure your information is conveyed clearly: 

  1. Number your list
  2. Use bold headings
  3. Accompany each section with icons

This allows your audience to easily remember the major takeaways, even if they can’t recall the finer details later on.

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2. Antibiotic resistance healthcare infographic example

WHO Antibiotic resistance infographic example

Explaining complex processes like antibiotic resistance development to non-medical professionals is a challenge. However, a healthcare infographic that explains the entire process makes the concept far easier to understand.

You’ll notice that this healthcare infographic example from the WHO uses a very simple layout and design. When it comes to communicating, communicating simply is best.

With the use of icons, arrows and minimal text, the World Health Organization is able to convey sophisticated healthcare information to a broad audience.


3. Prevention healthcare infographic template

Prevent Spread Healthcare Infographic Template


As circumstances change, so much our habits and behaviors. For every healthcare-related scenario, it’s important to provide clear instructions and guidance on steps to follow, and when.

This healthcare infographic template provides much-needed guidance on how to avoid getting coronavirus and how to prevent spreading it in one visual. By comparing the two different circumstances, people understand how to apply two different sets of behaviors.

The use of comparison in healthcare infographics is a common and effective way to communicate information.


4. Flu vs pandemic comparison healthcare infographic example

CDC flu and pandemic infographic example

As the coronavirus spread, many people struggled to understand what made it so different from the typical flu virus. But if people were to take precautions seriously, they needed to understand the dangers of the coronavirus.

This was a perfect opportunity for a comparison healthcare infographic, which is what the CDC decided to do.

The healthcare infographic compares traits of the seasonal flu versus pandemic, hitting home the differences between these viruses. We are able to understand things faster, when we take something we are familiar with and compare it to something that is different and new.


5. Concept comparison healthcare infographic template

Comparision Healthcare Infographic Template


Like in every industry, the healthcare setting has its share of technical terms and jargon. For non-medical professionals, the language used in healthcare settings can be confusing and overwhelming. Providing the resources to help individuals understand what is being communicated to them, makes their experiences within a healthcare setting vastly better.

The simple benefit of a comparison infographic, is that an explanation isn’t necessary when you can use actual examples. In this concept comparison infographic template, readers can compare the terminology under each heading to easily understand how they differ and what to expect in each instance.

This is more helpful than a long-winded explanation, and a great example of when a healthcare infographic should be used.


6. Frontline workers healthcare infographic example

Frontline Healthcare Infographic Template


This frontline workers healthcare infographic template takes a very complicated situation and simplifies it.

The infographic does three things really well by using data, icons, and design best practices:

  1. It provides a significant amount of context.
  2. It addresses a number of misconceptions.
  3. It provides actionable tips and examples.

Healthcare infographics like these are particularly useful when people wish to help, or need to do something, but aren’t clear on how to proceed.

While the sections in this healthcare infographic repeat with a similar structure, the colors applied to them change and forms a pattern. This makes them scan-able because as the reader you know where to retrieve the information you want.

The colors for each section are also pulled from the icons that represent them. This avoids` adding too many colors and ending up with a design that’s messy or distracting.


7. Healthcare infographic timeline template

Healthcare Infographic Timeline Template


Hospital or healthcare facility projects can be complicated, long-term endeavours with many moving parts and changes. There may be times where you need to keep staff, board members, government officials or the general public up-to-date on what’s happening.

A healthcare infographic timeline template like this one can be used to walk people through long-term projects. Whether it’s building a new facility, or rolling out a new program, a healthcare infographic timeline is an effective visual.

This template can be quickly customized. An organizational logo and brand colors can be applied with a click through My Brand Kit, and stock photos (or your own images) can replace the existing ones in the template. It can be used as a slide in a presentation or as a stand-alone healthcare infographic.


8. Revenue cycle healthcare infographic template

Revenue Cycle Healthcare Infographic Template


In a number of healthcare settings, small and large, understanding a number of processes is key to driving productivity and efficiency. This revenue cycle healthcare infographic template is just one such visualization of a process within a healthcare setting that can be customized.

Many processes are sophisticated, consist of multiple steps, or can just be overlooked. A simple infographic that highlights how a process is broken down and should be followed helps to keep staff aware of procedures.

By replacing icons, logos and text, this healthcare infographic template can be customized to visualize any process you need to communicate.


9. Job aid healthcare Infographic template

Job Aid Healthcare Infographic Template


Patients in a healthcare setting will come from all walks of life and have many unique needs. It’s important for all staff – from healthcare professionals to receptionists – to know how to communicate to their patients in a considerate, effective manner.

This job aid healthcare infographic template is a great example of a clear and simple job aid for all healthcare staff. It empowers your staff to provide exceptional care, it is a resource they can rely on, and a way for them to continuously learn.

As a result, your staff are able to provide exceptional care for your patients, and your patients have a much easier time navigating your facility.

Healthcare Infographics FAQ

1. What are the 7 types of infographics?

There are many different kinds of infographics, but they can be broken down into these seven types of infographics:

  • List infographic
  • Process infographic
  • Comparison infographic
  • Timeline infographic
  • Statistical infographic
  • Informational infographic
  • Resume infographic

To use customizable infographic templates like these, visit the infographic templates page.

2. How do I make a medical infographic?

Using Venngage’s vast library of infographic templates and its simple editor, anyone can make their own medical infographic. It does not require any design experience or downloading design software.

Make a medical infographic in these four simple steps:

  1. Gather the information you need to share
  2. Select a medical infographic template from the templates library
  3. Add your information and apply new headings, icons and colors as needed
  4. Download/save your completed design as a PNG of PDF

You can also save your own medical infographic as a custom template to share or modify later in My Designs.

3. Where can you use infographics?

Infographics are versatile visuals that help you communicate information on any topic. They can be used digitally and in print. Here are some of the most popular places you can use infographics

  • Infographics can be used to summarize lengthy blog posts
  • Infographics can be used in onboarding documentation
  • Infographics can be used in training modules
  • Infographics can be used as posters in a workplace
  • Infographics can be used in presentation slides
  • Infographics can be used in annual reports
  • Infographics can be used on social media

Need to make an infographic? Start creating in seconds with our professional templates and simple online editor.



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