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Best Speaker WordPress Themes for Motivational Speakers


Here you will find the most popular and best coach and speaker WordPress themes.

Events play a great role in improving businesses. They are a powerful marketing strategy that helps exhibit, display, or present a new product or service. On the other hand, events can also be used to communicate and motivate employees to become more optimistic. Well, whatever the purpose of an event, surely it needs a great speaker to add depth and value to it. Speakers should at least inform, persuade, inspire, motivate or transform. If you’re an event planner, choosing the best speaker for an upcoming event is crucial. But with the advanced technologies today, you’ll be able to land on the right speakers through the internet. So, as a speaker, never fail to build an online presence for your career. If you wish to have a good quality website you must check out these speaker WordPress themes and pick the best that fits your needs.

What else should a speaker website have? It must have an exposure of social media proof of how you can make an event successful with the number of followers you have earned. Or, you can showcase testimonials with the exact words they appreciate or thank you. These will do a lot to the success of your website. To cater to all these elements and details, you should consider using a Speaker WordPress theme.

Best Speaker WordPress Themes 2020

In this list of speaker WordPress themes, you will find different ways to showcase your credibility. So, instead of making your website from scratch, you can just pick one from these premium WordPress themes and start building your online presence. These themes have features that will give you the chance to stand out from the competition. Most of these themes have powerful plugins to help you create a beautiful speaker website. Such features include WPBakery Page Builder, one-click install, LearnPress, Book Appointment, Accesspress, WooCommerce and more.

So, check out these Speaker WordPress themes and get ready to shine today!


Webify - speaker WordPress theme

Coaches, mentors, speakers, podcasters, anyone, do yourself a favor and create a page with Webify. It’s a one-stop solution for everything website-related, including a page for a speaker. Start on the web like a champ even if you are building your very first website. You can make it happen quickly and effortlessly, as Webify requires no coding and design knowledge. Once you start working with Webify, all the rest happens in a small breeze. With the tons of ready-made material, you can create the right page for your business and services without a hitch.

There is a nifty demo available, but you can also mix and match features and functions from other predefined samples. Introduce your signature style and get your word out professionally. Raise the awareness, get others familiar with what you do and scale your project to new heights — all thanks to a fresh website you are about to create with Webify.

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Divi - multipurpose WordPress theme for speakers

Divi is a speaker WordPress theme, that is no doubt. After all, it comes with a whopping collection of over 800 predefined designs and more than a hundred full-blown website demos. I know, right? That is a ton! However, the amazingness of Divi does not end there. The tool gives you complete creative freedom when it comes to designing and establishing the page of your dream. With Divi, you can pretty much hammer out just about any website you want, whether you would like to keep things simple and clean or rich with features and effects.

Divi also butter smoothly reshapes to all and every device and operates flawlessly on all web browsers. It is optimized for fast loading speeds, as well as for search engines (call it Google-friendly, if you will).

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Jevelin is a modern and mobile-friendly speaker WordPress theme ready to take up any challenge. And if you are in need of creating a page for a speaker, life coach or a mentor, let Jevelin take care of the situation without the hassle. With its many predefined samples, layouts and elements, you will have a small breeze crafting such a page that will push your project to new successes. Keep it quick and effortless by going with the out-of-the-box version or improve Jevelin with your creative touches. Have in mind, Jevelin comes with WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder which offers you codeless, visual editing.

Other treats of Jevelin include Slider Revolution, Contact Form 7, over 40 custom-made shortcodes, SEO-friendliness, mega menu and social integration. It also comes with video tutorials, extensive documentation and free support for your convenience.

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Coaching WP

speaker wordpress themes

Organizing an event for a business to continue its progress is an ideal strategy. And for that event to work effectively, you need a speaker who can give essential knowledge and motivation. So, to help you find the best speaker to suit your needs and standards, you can look for them in search engines. Hence, as a speaker, you must be ever ready to give a nice, user-friendly website for your audience. And to help you build your website easily, you can opt for a speaker WordPress theme. Well, we’ve added Speaker and Life Coach WordPress Theme to our awesome list so you can check out its quality.

This WordPress theme is perfect to use for a trainer, mentor, business coaching, one-on-one coaching, author and more. It was built using LearnPress, a powerful LMS courses management with tons of easy-to-use features. It was also created using Bootstrap framework so your website will always be mobile-friendly. Furthermore, monetizing with your site is always possible, as this theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce. This enables you to sell almost anything using this theme. Moreover, it integrates various payment methods such as PayPal, 2CheckOut, Stripe, Authorize.net or Offline Payment Method. As the theme comes with four awesome demos, you have lots of layout options to choose from for your speaker website. What’s more? You’ll never have to worry about search engine rankings, as this theme was built with SEO in mind. It is also compatible with Contact Form 7, Mailchimp, Slider Revolution and more.

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speaker wordpress themes

As a speaker, you need to have a good website that will speak of your expertise in the field. You might have various successful talks in big events, but without a good website, you can never easily expand your reach. So, building a website for your career will truly help you out. If you plan on doing so soon, you can find an excellent speaker WordPress theme for your startup. Instead of building it from scratch, why not just pick from the ready to use, powerful and beautifully-designed themes? Here’s Eistruttore that you can enjoy when you create your speaker website. It’s a WordPress theme intended for speakers, life coaches and other professional individuals who love to inspire and motivate.

Eistruttore is built using Bootstrap framework that doesn’t require coding skills. It has 3 beautiful homepages for your coaching or motivational speaking career. It’s perfectly compatible with WPBakery Page Builder for easy drag-and-drop editing of front-end and back-end design. Particularly, this theme has 50+ predefined content elements that you can play with to build your own website. In addition, your website needs to load fast so your audience retention would be great. With Eistruttore, you won’t have to worry about the loading speed as the codes of this theme is highly optimized so your website can load faster. Moreover, changing the theme settings wouldn’t require you to touch any codes as theme options panel will do work for you. Just choose your own preferences and changes will directly reflect.

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rosaleen speaker wordpress theme
Rosaleen is a WordPress theme for speakers and coaches of all niches and industries. With the available demos and a few customization tweaks, you can tailor Rosaleen to your precise needs efficiently. The integration of Elementor saves everyone’s day, whether you are a coder or not. You don’t even need to be design-savvy, Rosaleen is for everyone.

The big bundle of features rocks pretty much everything you need. From page layouts to components and various plugins, Rosaleen takes care of it all. You can also start a blog and even sell products online. If you are ready to expand your potential, do it with Rosaleen.

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dolife speaker wordpress theme
Dolife is a speaker WordPress theme with a modern and professional design that will help take your business to new heights. You can choose between different samples, configure default settings and tailor Dolife to your wishes. It’s possible to make Dolife your way without the need to write code – hurray for Elementor.

Practical inner pages, SEO optimization, fast loading speed, Google Fonts and online shop with WooCommerce, are just a few of the features of Dolife. You also get testimonials, pricing tables, slider, blog and contact form as an extra dose of goodies that will do you well.

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lyfpro speaker wordpress theme
Life coaches and speakers, here is another superb WordPress theme for you to employ, Lyfpro. With its trendy, modern and professional look, you will want to utilize this tool out of the box. Lyfpro practices all the modern trends and regulations of the web, as well as sports only the latest technologies. It is a top-class alternative that will help you stand out from the masses.

Lyfpro delivers plenty of material, so everyone gets to establish a custom website that follows their signature style. A few of the amenities are sticky header, three homes, Slider Revolution, child theme and pricing tables.

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mentor wordpress themes

Experiences teach lessons. Indeed! However, there are individuals who have been lucky enough to have the gift of motivational speaking. While some people are dumbstruck in front of the crowd, some individuals just confidently speak and easily inspire an audience. Well, if you’re one of these motivational speakers, mentors, coaches or enthusiastic individuals, you should by now have your own website. With an online presence, you will be opening greater opportunities for your career. As long as you have a good website you can build your credibility and expose your impressive background. Also, event planners will have access to your portfolio, check out your previous talks and decide when to call you up. You would also be able to prove your worth as a speaker in displaying some of your testimonials from the real past events. So, why not check out Mentor for your website now!

Mentor is a personal development coach and a speaker WordPress theme. It’s perfect to use for personal development mentor’s website as well. However, it’s also ideal for coaches, trainers, therapist, training, speakers or other professions who need a personal website. With Mentor, the important elements that people need to see can be displayed well. You can present your services nicely, get email addresses using the motivational newsletter section, and encourage them to subscribe on your website. Moreover, you may also let them set up an appointment with you as they decide to hire you to speak for an event through the Booked Appointment plugin. This theme also includes a pricing table for different services package rates you want display.

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public speaker wordpress themes

Having a good reputation is important for any speaker. Without it, there would be no people who will listen to your inspirational or motivational talks. Meanwhile, as people are more engaged in the internet now than before, you also need to build an online presence. As an individual who motivate, inspire or inform in an event, it would be best to have a good quality website that will present you to the bigger audience. If you build your own website for your credentials, the audience will know how perfect you are to an event they’ll set-up. Hence, if you decide to build your own website never miss considering speaker WordPress themes for your project. The best thing with WordPress theme is that running and managing your own website will be easier, robust and effective. If you’d like to see how it works, you should check Evently now!

Evently is a modern event and conference theme packed with amazing 9 homepages and 3 premium plugins to make your website super amazing! It’s built for speakers, events and other business-related websites it suits with. Moreover, Evently is compatible with premium plugins such as Slider Revolution, WPBakery Page Builder and Timetable Responsive Schedule for a more interesting website. With this theme, you can exceptionally introduce the speaker of an event, share details of the event, and create a detailed event schedule. It also has a section for the blog so you can tell success stories of the previous events. Lastly, you can always use your website to sell whatever inspirational stuff you want your followers to acquire through the WooCommerce plugin.

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lifevent speaker wordpress theme

Lifevent is a flexible speaker WordPress theme for live events, conferences, forums and the like. This excellent tool treats you to three different samples out of the box, all creative, modern and enticing. Now there are two paths you can take to establishing your online space. First, you can stick to the out of the box look (yes, it’s that pretty!), add your details and you are good to go. On the other hand, you can customize Lifevent entirely with the use of Elementor. With the page builder, you do not need to change code to make improvements. You code visually.

Other amazingness of the theme are two speaker types, unlimited header and footer layouts, custom elements and countdown timer. Of course, with a website, you can also sell tickets, start a blog and even push stuff online. Lifevent is a solution that will do the trick with ease.

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picwik speaker wordpress theme

For coaches and speakers, Picwik is a striking WordPress theme that makes things pop online. If you are looking for a web design that will push your services on a global scale, Picwik is the way to go. It is a remarkable and easy to use theme with all the elements and components to kick things off right away. You received both front and internal page designs that you can mix and match according to your taste. And if you would like to brand and tweak the presentation, do it with Elementor.

Parallax and video backgrounds, audio support, paid and free courses, ratings, bbPress compatibility and entirely translatable are several of the special treats that you get with Picwik. The layout is also flexible, mobile-ready, as well as in tune with browsers and retina screens.

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everlead speaker wordpress theme

When you take your business seriously, you need to be serious about your website. Without one, well, no one will treat you seriously. In this day and age, you can have an online presence all set and ready to go quickly. With the right speaker WordPress theme, like Everlead, you can make magic in minutes times. You can now make an immediate difference and start on the internet like a baller. You even have multiple samples at your disposal that will get the ball moving in just a click.

From the full presentation of yourself and what you do to blogging and eCommerce section, Everlead is a serious deal. There are loads of shortcodes and widgets available for quick integration. Extra amenities include smooth scrolling, several header styles, social integration, mega menu and online booking plugin, Booked.

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Life Coach

speaker wordpress themes

Social media has become one of the most popular and powerful marketing platforms that most businesses utilized. Well, we don’t need to wonder why they do. In fact, a survey reveals that there are 3.397 billion active social media users in the 4th quarter of 2018. So, imagine selling your products with this huge and gigantic audience. Furthermore, the average daily time spent recorded was 116 minutes a day. If a few ( that could mean a million or thousands) of these users will know that your brand exists, you would surely stand out! Hence, there would be no reason why speakers should not create a website to improve their career. Then, display their social media followers and fans to make it even more interesting, credible and compelling. If you decide to build your own website soon, you might want to consider Life Coach.

With Life Coach, to start building an online presence is just a matter of drag and drop. It’s a speaker WordPress theme that most speaker and life coach would love. It will be the perfect solution to make their hard work, expertise and skills noticed. Life Coach is a user-friendly and intuitive theme that is built using Bootstrap framework along with other web technologies. It’s compatible with Unyson framework for drag and drop of elements in building your web pages. In addition, its compatibility with Slider Revolution can make your content look fantastic and beautiful. Moreover, Life Coach is also fully compatible with Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce plugins to sell anything in your website with ease. What’s more? If you wish to showcase your social media fans, subscribers and followers, this theme will make it easy for you with the Accesspress Social Media Counter plugin.

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speaker wordpress themes

Almost all people, rich and poor alike have social media accounts these days. This way, each person can freely express what they feel. There may be negative feedback with such expressions. However, for many businesses, these social media platforms are truly a hero! Imagine selling your products and services to the billions of active users of such platforms. On the other hand, creative individuals may also use the social media platform for their career. And to help them show how influential they are, they must have the best website to cater to their needs. As of now, WordPress has been the most popular CMS that you can take advantage of. It will definitely aid you in building a nice and beautiful website in no time! Here’s another speaker WordPress theme that you’ll gonna love, LifeGuide.

LifeGuide is a clean, professionally designed, intuitive and modern WordPress theme for a personal coach, life coach, mentors, and motivational speakers. It’s powerfully built using Bootstrap framework so you can ensure that your website will look good on all devices. With the Unyson Page Builder, building your pages is just a matter of drag and drop. If you want to build your own shop within your website, that’s very possible with the WooCommerce plugin compatibility of this theme. What’s more? If you wish your clients to book an appointment with you, it would be easy to apply as this theme is also compatible with Booked Plugin. Meanwhile, the Accesspress will help you display the number of followers and subscribers you have on your website.

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Tribe Coach

speaker wordpress themes

Do you want to drive more traffic to your speaker website? Do you wish to attract more visitors and open valuable opportunities for your career? Why not take your website to the next level with the premium speaker WordPress themes? Yes, indeed! WordPress can help you boost your online presence with whatever type of products or services you want to showcase. With WordPress, your site is highly visible on search engines, giving you the chance to be picked by various event planners across the globe. That’s not all; WordPress also comes with numerous plugins that can help you build your website beautifully. If you wish to have a good speaker website, you should check out Tribe Coach Speaker WordPress theme.

Tribe Coach is a WordPress theme with a feminine design. It has a clean and responsive design perfect for coaches, speakers, mentors and other individuals whose career is centered on giving motivation and inspiration. Tribe Coach also comes with many ways to collect email addresses for marketing purposes. It supports Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder that lets you build your pages by drag and drop. It is also highly compatible with the WooCommerce plugin in case you want to sell services, courses, workshops, ebooks and products directly on your website. Above all, the one-click install feature of this theme will help you set-up your website without coding required.

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