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How a Business Negotiation Expert Engages Audience with Venngage


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The Background

Keld Jensen Homepage

Keld Jensen is a leading negotiation, trust and behavioral economics expert with 30 years of experience in the industry.

To date, Keld Jensen is:

  • An author of 24 books on these subject areas
  • An associate professor at three institutions (Thunderbird School of Global Management at ASU, BMI Institute in Belgium and Lithuania, and Aalborg University Denmark)
  • A highly sought after keynote speaker

He also manages a consultancy where he trains individuals, organizations and governments on business negotiation principles and practices.

Keld consistently makes complex, multi-disciplinary information understandable to audiences worldwide. One of the key ways he does that is by designing engaging visuals to support his lecturing, teaching, training and content marketing.

Using Venngage, he can consistently engage his online following, providing insights and value consistently. Here’s his journey with Venngage.



The Challenge

Engaging a global audience in a fast-paced world across multiple channels.

Keld Jensen Feature_Quote_1

“Before Venngage, the challenge in this industry was that if you wanted to create something like an infographic or diagram, you’d have to go to someone that would do it specifically for you. That was expensive and it took a lot of time.” – Keld Jensen

Like many expert consultants, Keld has to continually produce engaging content for many different audiences, including clients, students and online followers. When he considers the volume of designs he needs on a recurring basis, relying on designers or agencies is a costly, time-consuming ordeal.

In today’s online world, thought leaders in any space are expected to share valuable information often, and in ways that are easy to understand. In instances where Keld wishes to act quickly, relying on someone else to draft and visualize materials becomes a roadblock.

“You know, you’ve got what you think is a brilliant idea one morning, and you just can’t do it. You would have to reach out to a designer, and wait on them.”

Keld needed a solution that was easy for a non-designer to pick up, and allowed him to create professional-looking graphics at a moment’s notice.


The Solution

An easy to use, visual communication platform for high-quality, professional designs.

Keld Jensen Feature_Quote_2

“Venngage is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I’m not big on trying to read manuals to figure out a platform. If it doesn’t come naturally as you play with it, I tend to leave quite early.” Keld says, adding, “Some of these Venngage alternatives require you to learn quite a bit before you can use them well.” – Keld Jensen

Venngage’s ease-of-use, simple interface and drag-and-drop functionality, allow for non-designers like Keld to visualize complex information in ways that are attractive. Among the many different features the platform offers, Keld finds that the variety of infographic templates are the clear winner.

Keld Jensen Plain_Quote_1

“The feature I enjoy the most is the infographic templates library. The options available save us a lot of time and work. We start with an attractive template and we can quickly adapt them for what we need. The search function of the page is also great, making it easy to find the right template every time.” Keld Jensen

Being able to share current information to keep your audience feeling up-to-speed is a great way to provide value. Keld can do that with infographics like these:

Tips Online Negotiation-1


Nego Economics Explainer Infographic


When it comes to training, Keld can easily create materials that supplement the learning experiences of clients and students alike. He designs helpful checklists like these to include in course materials:

Checklist for Successful Negotiation

Checklist for Successful Negotiation 2


Keld also shared a recent example of how he was able to provide his expert commentary as a visual on a major negotiation process.

“A few weeks ago, there was a big news story between a medical company creating covid vaccines and the European Union. We wanted to share our commentary on that negotiation process. So we went into Venngage and looked for types of templates that could be used to capture specific points we wanted to tell the world about. We found the template that worked, we threw in the data and off we were.”

The end result was an engaging, informative piece that looks professional and is easy to understand.

Negotiating Mistakes Combined-min


The ability to participate in a world of constant change with content that is relevant and engaging, allows Keld to enrich his audience. His thought leadership in the areas of negotiation, trust and behavioral economics shines on a regular basis.

What also continues to stand out to Keld, even as Venngage rolls out new features and functions, is how easy it has been for him to use.

Keld Jensen Feature_Quote_3

“It’s an inexpensive, great design platform that will make your graphic designs more professional. And it’s accessible. I really think the accessibility of the tool is key. It’s very simple, which I enjoy a lot.” – Keld Jensen

Rather than invest in professional graphic designers, or countless hours learning how to use a sophisticated design tool, Keld gets professional design and ease-of-use all in one platform.


The results

Substantial savings, a larger online following, and a brand that stands out.

Keld Jensen Plain_Quote_2

“Without Venngage, the alternative would be to rely on third-parties to create our visual collateral, so there are substantial savings.” Keld points out, tacking on, “In comparison, Venngage’s cost-to-value is great. Venngage is priced very reasonably for what you’re getting.” – Keld Jensen

With consistent designs that are engaging and captivating, Keld has grown his online following substantially.

Keld Jensen Quote Feature Quote 4

“Venngage has certainly helped us build our online following. You know, when I look at competitors in our space, they don’t create anything as visually compelling.” Keld explained, adding, “We have more readers, more followers now, and these are ways you drive revenue – it leads to more clients, more book sales and so on.” – Keld Jensen

Beyond his expertise, gifted oration and know-how, his infographics and other content get plenty of praise as well. The information he shares is not lost in dreary design, but elevated as eye-catching visuals.

“Quite often we get feedback on our infographics that the designs are cool! We get a lot of positive feedback on the design, not just the content.” Keld said, adding, “People often ask me who created them.”

Captivate audiences with your industry expertise using professional infographic designs.

Get started with Venngage today.



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