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How ChadSan uses Infographics to Grow its Audience



ChadSan is a technology-driven and people-focused firm of Chartered Accountants providing accounting, bookkeeping, tax and advisory services. Ditching timesheets, ChadSan provides dedicated client managers available to their clients at any time, and even acts as remote finance teams for clients.

ChadSan likes to stand out, and that includes embracing new ways of doing things.

Vera Aroca, ChadSan’s Head of Marketing Communications, is an accomplished marketer with over ten years of experience in the field. She oversees communications, content creation, and branding for the company.

One of Vera’s ongoing tasks is to continually communicate jargon-free accounting and finance information to a broad audience in a meaningful and accessible way. She doesn’t have a background in finance or design.

Here’s how she met that challenge using Venngage.




Communicate valuable accounting concepts and information to small business audiences.

When Vera got started at ChadSan, her first order of business was to transform white papers on accounting into new content. Her colleagues, most of them accountants, were not sure how to put an engaging spin on fairly dry content.

Looking for the best way to go about it, Vera encountered some challenges along the way.


“At first, I was using PowerPoint and Canva to create my online marketing content. The templates were either plain or the tool was limited. With an accountancy practice, you’re dealing with very complicated concepts and structures which need to be communicated in a digestible way. And that means you need a tool that can do a lot.” – Vera Aroca

Not happy with her early attempts, Vera continued looking for ways to communicate lots of information effectively and in one place. Through Venngage, she learned about infographics and things fell into place for her.


“After discovering Venngage, I realized sharing the wealth of information ChadSan had would be best through infographics. And from that point on I’ve stuck to only using Venngage.” – Vera Aroca


Attractive infographics that allow Vera to share a high volume of information in a way that’s engaging and exciting.

As Vera designed one eye-catching infographic after the other, she was able to create an entire resource page of accessible accounting and finance information for ChadSan’s small-business audience.

Infographics have proven to be a versatile content type that work in almost any setting.


“99% of what I create are infographics. I convert very dense white papers into great infographics that are easy to read. Even our pull up banners at in-person events, they’re pretty much infographics, just blown up and printed.” – Vera Aroca

Of the many infographics Vera has created over the years, here are just three that caught our eye. She was able to design these by customizing existing templates and a splash of her own creativity.






View full infographic

These are infographic designs that Vera created with Venngage infographic templates and the online editor. Seeing the impact of infographics for ChadSan, Vera has become something of an infographics advocate. She understands and appreciates their content marketing power and accessibility for small businesses.


Whenever she gets the chance, Vera encourages small business owners to start using infographics in order to achieve their own marketing goals.


“I always tell people that they need to get started with infographics. At events, I’m chatting with small business owners who’ve never heard of infographics, and they’re blown away by what I show them. Others tell me they use infographics too but that they pay designers nearly £2000 to make them!” – Vera Aroca

The power of infographics to convey almost any kind of information is very clear to Vera. She has used them consistently to visualize all sorts of content. With her approach to content marketing, Vera has helped to grow ChadSan’s audience and client base.


Grew a highly-engaged audience for ChadSan, by designing professional infographics using Venngage.

As marketing manager, Vera is the bridge connecting ChadSan to its small-business audiences. As someone without an accounting background, Vera had to understand a lot of new, complex information in order to communicate it.

Putting herself in the place of her target audience, she immediately saw the value of infographics and their potential.

Within her first year using infographics at ChadSan:

ChadSan’s page views climbed by 75%.

ChadSan’s Twitter following grew 64%.

Vera also created a sales-enablement resource page of infographics covering a range of client-centric accounting topics.

Vera’s infographic designs improved the sales funnel at ChadSan. She has helped client managers to better support existing clients, and win over new ones by pointing them to accessible infographic resources that help them understand complex information.

She has also developed a fun, personable brand for ChadSan through cool, unique visuals.

Helping ChadSan engage their audiences in such a novel way has helped Vera demonstrate her value to the company as a marketer. It has also provided her with confidence as a marketer in a new, unfamiliar space.


“In a big way, Venngage instills confidence. I’m not an accountant but I work almost entirely with accountants who really know their stuff. Designing impressive infographics, visualizing content in a way they never expected, and growing our audience with that content has impressed my team, and given me quite a bit of confidence as a marketer.” – Vera Aroca

We hope to empower even more marketers across industries, like Vera, who need to communicate visually and effectively.

Still communicating complex content the old-fashioned way? Get started with Venngage infographics and design impressive visuals that engage your audience.



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