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Top 17 Job Board Websites Templates 2020


The most resourceful and powerful job board website templates for creating impactful freelance marketplaces and job portals. These tools have a ton of features and page layouts for you to mix and match.

As the world grows ever more connected in the 21st century, distances become less meaningful concepts and cultural identity becomes a single entity that envelops all of mankind. Many things have changed and many more will definitely follow suit. Borders become less crucial to keep or remember, languages unite more so than they divide, and knowledge and opportunity bring man together with men. One thing is decidedly certain, though, and that is—no matter what the future will look like, folks will always need to find work.

He who provides employment or employees to others shall never be without business! That is why will always be a sound idea to go into the Job Board website market. Offering a hub for employers and employees to find each other will ensure your website is always popular, particularly when the going gets tough and the economy is acting up—that is when users will most flock to your website!

New technologies such as HTML5 provide a powerful and functional framework upon which you can find sophisticated, modern websites that will stand the test of time as you attempt to play professional scout or matchmaker. Whichever path you may choose, the following collection of templates features the best job board website templates in the game. Check them out.

The best job board website templates (WordPress + HTML)

Divi (WordPress)

divi job board website template
With the versatility of Divi, you know you can go after the creation of just about any website you want. For as long as you do not limit yourself in any way, shape or form, you can establish your dream page with Divi. And if you are looking to build a job board website, you can do that, too, with the amazing and always improving Divi. Not only does Divi have hundreds upon hundreds of ready-made layouts, but it also has its very own page builder for your convenience. With the latter, you will never need to code to make any corrections and improvements.

You can also style the web design however you fancy. You can keep things super minimal or spice it up with different animations, effects and other whatnots. Divi is also optimized for mobile devices, high loading speed and SEO.

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Jevelin (WordPress)

With a multi-purpose solution like Jevelin, you know you can create tons of entirely different pages without a hitch. While it comes with over twenty ready-made demo content out of the box, you can always take things to an entirely new degree and customize Jevelin to your taste. With the integration of WPBakery page builder, you will never need to change a single string of code. Call Jevelin very beginner-friendly if you will.

Jevelin is also compatible with all devices, browsers, modern plugins and retina screens. You will find your website operate at high speed, too, and have a boost in search engine optimization. For everyone new to building pages like job boards or any other, Jevelin also includes video tutorials and assists everyone with a professional team of experts as well. Bring your idea into being speedily and start making moves online with a striking web platform.

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CareerUp (WordPress)

careerup job board website template
As the name suggests, CareerUp is a job board WordPress website template with all the necessities and more. Right away, you get to choose between six professional and stunning demos. With these alone, you have multiple options to establish the ideal page for your needs and wants. To top it all up, you can also modify and edit each demo, however, keeping it as is works, too. You can perform any customization tweak without coding, thanks to the practical Elementor drag and drop page builder. Simply install the demo with one click and go from there.

Other killer features of CareerUp include advanced search, map listings, application tracking, front-end listing submission and resume builder. You can also import jobs from 3rd-party platforms, like Indeed. For a job board, CareerUp is a complete solution that will get you going in a snap of a finger.

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Kormosala (WordPress)

kormosala wordpress job board theme
Create a web site that lets your users find the right people for the job or vice versa. This tool is the job board website template you have been waiting for. Kormosala is highly customizable, crafted by hand, and comes with map listings you can just plug and play. Kormosala includes advanced search options to get your users to find and get in touch with the potential employers they want to work for. With filters such as distance radius, job type and salary, they are sure to find a user interface that gets them results.

Kormosala is fully responsive across all platforms and the best and ideal solution for your needs. With the very many features and functions, you can now start a general or a niche job board platform in little to no time with Kormosala. There is even stuff like resume builder, front-end submissions, video uploads and application deadline amongst many more in between.

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Fitsica (WordPress)

fitsica wordpress job board theme
Make sure the people looking for jobs in fitness and yoga use your job board website by employing the user-friendly Fitsica. It is built by hand with the powerful and practical Elementor. Knowing this, it will be a breeze fine-tuning and tailoring Fitsica to your needs and requirements due to the codeless-process. In short, Fitsica will never ask you for experience.

Moreover, you will find easy access to the included WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and Slider Revolution features. Choose from five different and unique home page designs, but you can expect even more with the upcoming theme updates. You will be able to let your users know what’s on the way while you craft the perfect site for them. Needless to say, Fitsica is the fastest and easiest way to get your job board up and running on the internet.

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Workio (WordPress)

workio job board website template
Even though creating a job board may sound intimidating, it’s far from it. After all, with the right tools, you do not even need to have any prior experience whatsoever. For instance, go with Workio, and you have the majority of work done out of the box. And when you feel like improving it, you do not even need to bother with coding and whatnot – you do it all visually. This sounds a lot of fun, and it sure is.

There are five main home page layouts to choose from, along with many more internal pages to mix and match. This job board website template is a pack of goodies that will do you well. It features a layout with map, front-end submissions, social app logins, resume builder and job alerts, to name a few. You will find nothing missing, and that is a guarantee.

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Jetapo (WordPress)

jetapo job board website template
Establishing a platform where employers and employees or companies and freelancers will gather happens quicker than you think with Jetapo. With all the right elements and functions, you can start working on your project with confidence. It does not even matter wheter you have experience or not with building such platforms, with Jetapo, everyone can make it happen. Let’s face it, Jetapo will never ask you for coding and design knowledge. And when you do decide to configure existing settings, the drag and drop method does the trick.

Pop-ups, CV page, private messaging, paid submissions, Ajax notification, sticky header, well, you know what’s up – Jetapo rocks it all and more. Still, you need to know that this is just a small portion of the entire bucket of features that Jetapo has in store for you. Make it yours and start something new with ease.

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Workup (WordPress)

workup wordpress job board theme
Go beyond a simple job board and give your users a platform they can use for anything they need. Workup is a striking job board website template that lets them post jobs, manage their human resources and run all of their job recruitment assets. Workup is fully mobile-ready across all platforms, making it just as useful on a mobile device as it is on a desktop. This simple script will help you craft the ideal web platform right away.

Workup is easy to use and always comes with a quality guarantee. Use the pre-made layouts to get your site rolling today and start making some noise online. From home and internal page layouts, Elementor, custom shortcodes and one click demo data import, Workup rocks it all and plenty more. It takes little time and barely any effort to start with your brand new project on the internet, connecting employers with employees and freelancers.

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jobhunt html5 website template
Pretty much every template you find in this collection has a very self-explanatory name and JobHunt is no different. It is a job board HTML website template with included PSD files. 53 HTML files and 53 PSD files make JobHunt template a serious deal full of options and possibilities. Of those many pages, five are custom-made index pages. In addition, you will find several job, employer, candidate and blog pages in the JobHunt package.

JobHunt is also a Bootstrap Framework template what makes it flexible and simple to modify. Change colors, perform tweaks and fill it with personal touches for a memorable experience. Introduce newsletter pop-up to your page, grab visitors’ emails and inform them about all the new vacancies.

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Job Stock

job stock html5 website template
Job Stock is not your every day HTML5 job board website template. It is neat, follows all the modern web standards and sports a whole bunch of incredible goodies you can take to your benefit. Along with four different front pages, Job Stock also has a dashboard template included in the bundle. On top of that, a whopping 27 inner pages solve all of your questions and concerns. No need to worry how you will build a particular area. For the most part, it is quite possible that Job Stock has it part of the big package.

To some level, Job Stock is reasonably minimal regarding it looks. All for a good reason. It makes the experience finding the gig more pleasant. Still, the features are there and hard to miss.

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Job Pro

job pro html5 website template
With Job Pro HTML5 website template, you can construct contemporary websites for job seekers and employers. It is a template for sites that help connect people and make both parties satisfied. The employer just found a new terrific employee while the employee scored a new job. Job Pro has plenty amazing features to bring about the much needed website as quickly as possible. A lot of content is pre-made and ready for you to put it to use straight away.

Job Pro is great for job directories, resume markets and recruitment agencies. You can choose between two home pages and eleven valid HTML5 inner pages to complete the website building process ASAP. All the content is easy to customize, responsive and ready for all sorts of challenges.

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Job Finder

job finder html5 website template
A very straightforward website template for job boards, Job Finder, does not overwhelm the visitor with too much stuff going on. It displays only the most important and valuable elements for job finders to find what they are looking for quickly. No unnecessary clutter and other whatnots. Two index pages, one with image and the other with slider quicken up the site development process. Moreover, you are also treated to loads of other material that will come super handy when finishing the online Job Finder platform.

Some of the additional elements are pricing tables, listings, blog pages, Google Maps and a functional contact form. If a mobile app is what you have in the works as well, Job Finder is fully equipped with call-to-action buttons to get more folks to download it.

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Recruit Pro

recruit pro html5 website template
Recruit Pro is a 100% responsive template for constructing staffing and recruiting websites. The template is powerful enough to satisfy the majority of your ideas if not all of them. Besides, if it misses something, feel free to modify it accordingly and turn Recruit Pro template into a professional job portal. It is all feasible with the right set of products and tools.

The web design of Recruit Pro template is very modern and neat with cool characteristics. You can use the item out of the box but do edit it as discussed earlier. Full-screen slider, job search, categories and latest jobs sections are predefined for your convenience. Recruit Pro is perfect to take care of your web presence and promote your mobile app.

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oficiona html job board website template
If you think your resume cannot get any better, then think again. With Oficiona, you can achieve an incredible feat with its revolutionary layouts and features. This job board website template delivers amazing results for job seekers no matter what device or platform they use. Oficiona is adaptive, user-friendly and time-efficient so there is no need to be a pro in building a website at all.

The best thing about Oficiona is that it evolves with you, and it is so mindful to its clients. You will get access to features like employee dashboard panel, four home pages, as well as blogging tools, which are exactly what every business needs. The web design of Oficiona is also very clean and modern, making sure everyone gets the most out of your outstanding platform.

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jobguru html job board website template
Get your work hunting website going with Jobguru. With this HTML job board website template, you can do so much as an employer, job office or a recruiter. Besides, if you are in need to create a generic job board platform, Jobguru works for your needs, too. It has multiple layouts that go along with various color schemes and designs. After choosing the one for you (pick between two homes), customizing pages and posts will be a piece of cake.

You can even add and manage social media links and blog pages and increase your potential. Integrate YouTube videos, employee and candidate dashboards, earnings pages and more. Lastly, track your site’s progress by integrating analytics tool and optimize your platform accordingly. Overall, Jobguru is the most systematic and complete template you could ever find.

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cariera html5 website template
Awesome Google typography, great free Font Awesome icons, and many outstanding features make Cariera template great alternative to all other job board website templates. It comes with MailChimp, an eye-catching Isotope gallery, four headers, and four-footers, plus three index pages. Additional pages for candidates, employers, blog and even an online shop are all part of the deal. Do not miss out on those since they help you avoid building them from scratch.

Cariera is mobile-friendly, retina-ready, has a functional AJAX contact form and valuable pricing tables. The template fully supports videos, comes with testimonials and animated statistics. If you have not yet decided which template to go with, you might just found the ideal one. Further investigate Cariera template and witness its power and the excellent potential it has to become the tool of choice.

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workscout html5 website template

WorkScout is a clean and crisp, levelheaded and professional, well structured and polished, attractive and deeply engaging, dynamic and easy to use and customize, visually simple and inviting, functionally rich and feature-dense responsive HTML5 job board website template. It is a fantastically flexible and very solidly built template that has been carefully constructed on a solid foundation of HTML5 elements on a CSS3-powered Bootstrap framework that is modular and developer-friendly. This ensures WorkScout has the optimal combination of raw power, sheer pliability and technological resourcefulness to handle all the needs a modern job board website may encounter during its design, development and maintenance.

Including premium plugins for your convenience and to dazzle your users with, such as the Slider Revolution and Showbiz Pro Responsive Teaser jQuery plugins, on top of Responsive Pricing Tables, limitless menu levels as well as the gorgeous responsive jPanelMenu, for a responsive menu experience as seen on websites like Facebook or YouTube mobile, right out of the box. The Responsive Boilerplate design of the attractive and cutting edge Skeleton Grid will make your website stand out from the crowd like none other. Over 20 included HTML5 pages make building your own professional job board website a painless matter that will take minutes at most. Enjoy WorkScout today!

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