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Top 28 Best Premium Tumblr Themes 2020


There’s definitely still a lot of buzz and talk happening around the acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo!, as some analysts worry that the blogging network is starting to see its downfall. Technically, even if such analysis were to be correct, that downfall would likely be only attributed to the fact that some of the revenue/income numbers are down, and investors are starting to worry. Where Tumblr community is concerned, the network is still popular with hundreds of millions of active users, and the market for themes isn’t slowing down either.

Tumblr’s strongest point is perhaps the fact that it’s heavily associated with the millennial age group, all of whom are educated in digital content sharing, and are willing to invest their dollars into products that provide value, which means that there are huge opportunities for Tumblr to use its advertising platform for generating solid revenue and trust as the journey keeps going on. Brands are beginning to realize that in order to have successful advertising campaigns, they need to understand the mindset of the users that are browsing the network they’re trying to advertise on.

The first post that we did on Tumblr templates was about free Tumblr themes, with a huge turnout, great feedback, and incredible support — we listened to the comments of the community readers and have decided to expand on that initial post with a roundup of the best and most modern premium Tumblr themes. Take a look at the following premium themes and let us know what you think, it’s a rather diverse compilation and we tried to cover all aspects imaginable; bloggers, journalists, writers, photographers, millennials, storytellers, etc.


If you would like to create a Tumblr-style website, you can now make it happen with Divi. This versatile and multi-purpose WordPress theme has all the necessities and then some packed and ready to use. Another amazing feature of Divi is the fact that you will never need to write a single string of code. With its codeless approach to web development, anyone and everyone can establish their preferred pages.

Also, you do not need to worry about any other technical aspects of a website. For instance, Divi is also mobile-friendly, cross-browser compatible and optimized for fast loading speed.

And if you are truly a beginner, first watch video tutorials, read the documentation and even get in touch with the support team. You will quickly get the gist of it and the outcome will be just around the corner.

More info / Download


Starting nearly any type of website is a small breeze with Jevelin. If you have a general idea of the style (read Tumblr), you can get things moving forward right away. Jevelin is a highly adaptive and simple to use WordPress theme with loads of options and possibilities. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Jevelin works with both flawlessly. Even if you are building several different pages, you can do them with Jevelin, too, and no one will have a clue they are all founded on one layout.

From tons of shortcodes, loads of internal pages and parallax effect to nifty animations and mega menu, Jevelin has it all and more. But if you find a demo suit your style out of the box, by all means, employ it exactly as is.

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etc grid theme
Whoever would like to differentiate from the masses, you better consider using Etc. With its striking, elegant and modern design, you will capture everyone’s attention in a snap. Presenting your content uniquely is a piece of cake once you start working with Etc. Moreover, Etc also adjusts to all devices fluently for an always smooth and seamless experience. It also works without a hitch on all modern web browsers and retina screens. In short, everyone will enjoy browsing your site regardless of the device and platform they use.

Other treats include animated cursor, infinite loading, hover effects, several portfolio pages and full-screen backgrounds. The installation wizard also makes setting up Etc and all the elements it comes with child’s play. Create a strong and lasting first impression with an online presence that will inspire.

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agencia tumblr theme
You get hit with a lot of professionalism and great attention to detail once visiting Agencia’s live preview. It comes with many outstanding features and extras what make it truly a premium Tumblr theme. Agencia is ideal for both freelancers and creative agencies who strive toward high-end web appearance. Showcase your latest works and completed projects, advertise your services and share more regarding what you are all about. Turn visitors into customers with a web design appealing to the eye and of just the right amount of special effects.

Agencia has a full-width slider that helps promote your best work and even your team members. On top of that, you will also find exclusive widgets to connect your page with Flickr, Instagram and Twitter. Show them how social you are and capture their emails with MailChimp newsletter box.

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blank tumblr theme
Nope, it is not that you get a blank canvas when you go with Blank premium Tumblr theme. Sometimes, the names of the items can be a bit tricky so make sure you do not follow their meanings to the T. For instance, Blank is nothing but blank. Instead, it is a mesmerizing theme for bloggers with a unique look to it. It has a neat and minimal web design with original details that will make you keep coming back to Blank. Loaded with creativity and first-class performance, everyone browsing and reading your page based on Blank theme will have a blast.

If you are a novice, Blank also has a thorough documentation that will assist you with installation and customization. But it might just happen that other than adding your content and details, you will not want to do much concerning the design. It is that pretty (!).

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gradi tumblr theme
Creativity understands no boundaries. For your amazing talent and services, Gradi helps you hammer out the most amazing websites. Established businesses and startups, with a premium Tumblr theme, you can create a memorable experience. Boost your businesses and online projects and see how far you can get in the shortest space of time.

Gradi is a wide theme for Tumblr pages with a beautiful selection of colors, solid features and overall top-notch user experience. Big slider with text and call-to-action buttons, attention grabbing hover effects and cool portfolio, do it with Gradi. Introduce testimonials and let everyone know that your services are one to consider.

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anna tumblr theme
Bloggers of just about all levels and topics will greatly benefit from Anna premium Tumblr theme. You can be a lifestyle, fashion, food or tech blogger, no matter the genre, Anna is ready for the challenge. The first thing what everyone visiting your page sees is the big and astonishing header slider. It clearly makes you stay for a while only to take pleasure in the stunning pictures.

Anna has a clean and simple grid layout with an option to change colors, fonts, buttons and the like. Show and hide the avatar, introduce social sharing buttons and link your blog to Instagram or Twitter via widgets. Anna supports all types of posts; image, gallery, video and audio. Moreover, it is responsive what makes your final creation to adapt to all devices fluently.

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casy premium tumblr theme
Casy is a neat, modern and sophisticated premium Tumblr theme for building striking online portfolios. It has a very minimal look that appeals to a wider audience. Casy ensures that the experience browsing your magnificent work is always at the highest degree. The tool sports a three column grid style that adjust to mobile devices butter smoothly. Even when it comes to web browsers, retina screens and search engines, Casy is optimized for all and then some.

Other goodies of Casy are Instagram and Twitter feed widgets, typography and color options and share buttons and notes on each post. Casy is also compatible with Disqus and Google Analytics for simple integration. You can start on the web like a champ with Casy and hammer out an online portfolio that will represent your art and projects strikingly and originally.

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modenta tumblr theme
Modenta is a striking, clean and minimal premium Tumblr theme that you can put into pricing immediately. With the very many different demos, you will quickly find the right look that suits your style best. You can employ Modenta for all sorts of blogs, like personal, travel, food, fashion, photography, you name it, Modenta covers it. Of course, each sample is also editable, so you get to tailor the theme exactly to your liking.

Moreover, the design is 100% responsive and cross-browser compatible, ensuring smooth operation at all times on all devices and platforms. Along with several pretty home pages, Modenta also includes many more inner layouts for you to quickly mix and match the available and have a full-blown blog ready to go. Enter the online space like a pro with Modenta and kick off a new blog without a sweat.

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vidy premium tumblr theme
If you are passionate about creating videos, Vidy is – hence the name – the number one premium Tumblr theme solution for you. Of course, even if you like sharing others’ masterpieces, again, Vidy is perfect for you and your ideas. On top of that, you can freely customize and modify the look of Vidy and tailor it to your needs and regulations to a T. Vidy rocks a stunning web design that starts with a full-screen image above the fold to create a strong first impression on all your visitors.

Whether you are a band, a solo musician, video blogger aka vlogger or any other creative personality, take a peek at Vidy’s live preview page. Change colors, fonts, introduce your custom content and start seeing the final product come together with little work and energy involved.

More info / Download


mountain tumblr theme
Do you plan on creating a personal website, a blog about your journey through life? Or maybe something entirely different and it is a nifty blogging Tumblr theme what you need? With help from Mountain premium Tumblr theme, you can craft matchless websites in a snap. Modifying the design and tweaking it with your individualize touches will be a breeze with Mountain theme.

Mountain rocks the online world with a nice and wide slider and just the right amount of necessary features. It forms a distraction-free experience so your readers will love returning back to your blog. Of course, Mountain supports all posts types, has social media buttons and a Twitter widget. Are you ready to realize your idea and make something phenomenal and appetizing?

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stella tumblr theme
Stella is a classic but sweet feminine premium Tumblr theme for bloggers. Loaded with amazing features and customization options, you can quickly and efficiently modify Stella to your likings. For your information, Stella sports more than ninety functions regarding adjustments so reshaping it to your needs will be a breeze.

On top, Stella has a convenient navigation with social media icons followed by a slider with recent posts. Different widgets for recent posts, newsletter subscription and social media feeds are also available in the bundle. With a lovely theme like Stella, your readers will enjoy every second spent surfing and reading your blog. It is the kind they will not mind to share it with their friends and help you spread the word out.

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phoenix tumblr theme
For business purposes, you will unquestionably want to check out Phoenix. Tumblr fans will be amazed by the level of professionalism you bring to the world with your page. There are numerous options you can take to your advantage when working with Phoenix premium Tumblr theme. You can adjust almost any element you see in the live preview. In just a matter of minutes, you can have your business website up an running effortlessly with Phoenix.

Phoenix is optimized for speed and high performance so guests from all devices will appreciate your content frictionlessly. It is surely going to be the outstanding slideshow what will glue everyone to their screens. Make sure you choose pictures wisely and promote your works and services and have them clicking right away.

More info / Download


hendrix tumblr theme
With the modern look, Hendrix theme rocks the online world, sparking joy in like-minded folks will be easy. Hendrix comes ideal for artists, creatives, musicians, bloggers and even for corporate needs. It is the web design that makes Hendrix Tumblr theme one to have in mind. Even if you skip it for now and keep on browsing our premium Tumblr themes collection, chances are, you will come back to Hendrix. No worries, it will still be right here, ready for you to put it to use.

Hendrix has a single column layout with many great features and lots of ways to tailor the theme to your requests. Change texts, colors, images, hide or show certain elements and track your site’s performance with Google Analytics. On top of that, Hendrix offers friendly support when it comes to any particular adjustments you would like to make to the theme.

More info / Download


delicious tumblr theme
Any foodies around? While Delicious is a premium Tumblr theme for foods and drinks, you can use it for other niches just as well. For instance, you can make a remarkable lifestyle, fitness and even health blog out of Delicious. And that is something you will do in close to no time. The theme is simple to use and edit for you to achieve the best results possible.

Nice typography, awesome attention to detail, featured slider with a frame to make it shine and plenty widgets all come packed with the Delicious kit. Write an enticing about me profile, share images from Instagram and grab their emails with the subscription box.

More info / Download


cherry tumblr theme
With a focus on large images and posts, Cherry is a premium Tumblr template that makes pages like none out there. To some extent, the layout is very simple, but on the other hand, it is quite an extraordinary web art. Full screen banner with text and social icons along with drop-down navigation are the first thing guests see. Will they be moved? You bet! Once the scrolling begins, the center of attention is your blog and nothing else. Parallax effect and on scroll content load has them hooked and turns them into instant fans.

Cherry supports all types of posts, allows you to alter it and even has an option to do some deep customization. However, for the latter, you will need to get in touch with support and they will help you out with small modifications.

More info / Download


air tumblr theme
To differentiate yourself from other artists and creatives, craft a simple but distinctive portfolio website. You need not to look elsewhere, you just came to the right place. With Air premium Tumblr theme, you can achieve superb results regarding your web presence. Make it noteworthy!

Air is a light and super responsive theme that fluently adapts to all screen sizes; mobile, tablets and desktops. It is also compatible with all the modern browsers, optimized for search engines and has all the social sharing functions you need. Additional features of Air theme are the infinite scroll, smashing hover effects and an original back to top button.

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disqo tumblr theme
How you will use DISQO Tumblr theme is entirely up to you, but its initial target are blogs and online portfolios. DISQO will best work with entertainment of almost any kind. It is great for music and video type of websites with many one-of-a-kind features. Tell your story through texts, flicks and songs in a genuinely notable way.

For the most part, DISQO has all the needed at your disposal. Still, performing any set of improvements is very possible and, most importantly, efficient and straightforward. DISQO is a very convenient premium Tumblr theme which makes the entire experience uncomplicated. Change colors, texts and fonts, add custom images and implement Disqus or Facebook comments.

More info / Download


modular tumblr theme

Giraffic Themes devs are known for their household themes like Amplify, Stacked, Cookbook, and now Modular as well. Giraffic Themes build themes for Shopify stores, but also Tumblr blogs and their work comes with impeccable design quality as you’re about to find out. Modular stands out as a single page theme that is best for musicians, music groups, bands, and artists alike. The rich full scale header at the top of the page can be used to capture the essence of what your project is all about, you can position your social media links (Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc,.) at the very top, while having the room to show a navigation menu of all your most important pages.

As users scroll down from the header they can immerse themselves in a Pinterest-like cards style design that shows your latest published content. A load more button exists that’s powered by Ajax to load more content effortlessly. Then you get to showcase a simple widget that consists of any vital information that your fans or readers would need to know; in the demo this is a widget that shows the About Us information. As the page progresses, you have a widget for showcasing your latest album releases with the ability to link out to services like Amazon, Spotify or iTunes where your fans can go purchase your latest albums.

If you’re a band or a musician that does live shows, get excited because Modular lets you list the information of your upcoming shows, with dates and locations, and separate links for buying tickets. If that wasn’t appealing enough, how about widgets for Instagram and Flickr to display photographs from you performances; this way fans can also find your social profiles and follow you. The last bit before the footer can be used to show any kind of merchandise that you’re selling, and the footer itself is a full-width custom color background element for showing navigation links, but also social media information.



phase tumblr theme

Phase was built by a senior designer from Amsterdam! It’s a multi-column blogging theme efficient for photographers, digital creatives, artists, and simple bloggers who enjoy using grid column layouts for displaying content. What’s interesting about Phase is that it relies on the dimensions of the view width to display content. That said, the number of grids that are shown on the homepage are going to depend on the width of the screen that’s viewing the page, this is true responsive design at its best. Mobile devices, and even tablets, often struggle to render content properly when multiple grids are being used. With but Phase you can throw those worries out of the window and know that you readers will experience the same stunning browsing experience regardless of the device that they’ve chosen to view your blog with.

Phase integrates Disqus, Google Analytics, provides a number of unique color settings to change the appearance of your blog. It has support for infinite scrolling (but also traditional pagination), text that you can arrange and modify in your own custom way. There are also great ways to display your most important links, and share buttons. Perhaps not the greatest choice for writers who wish to share stories, but digital designers and photographers could definitely find use for Phase’s functionality.


Go Big

go big tumblr theme

Precrafted worked hard to establish a reputation for itself as one of the leading Tumblr premium theme developers. Now they serve thousands of customers across the planet from any niche imaginable. Go Big is definitely one of their flagship themes, intended to be used by creative agencies, creative people, brands, small businesses. Besides, all those who enjoy aesthetic design that’s complemented with a grid-column layout.

The first impression is the big header outpost that has a full-width full-page header image with a logo position centered in the middle. This you can customize any way you wish, and even include a video background to show what your brand is about; as seen in the demo. Go Big could certainly be beneficial for skateboarders and other extreme sports enthusiasts, the layout is perfect for such niches. Go Big’s menu allows your visitors to search your blog, navigate your pages and find your social networks, all in one place.

There’s a drop-down ‘tag menu’ to help organise your content – show links to just the tags you want. You can also choose to ‘fix’ the menu to top of the screen as you scroll down, so it’s always their to guide your visitors. You can configure Go Big to show either a single-column layout (good for writer blogs) or multi-column layout (good for photography bloggers) based on your requirements. The in-built photo management features allow you to create stellar photo galleries and have them show up as galleries on the homepage, so you don’t lose any design flexibility when launching it that way. Currently Go Big supports a selection of the most trending social media platforms that you can showcase as individual and stylish icons: Vine, Skype, Email, Twitter, Google, Spotify, RSS, you know the drill.


Other Mood

other mood tumblr theme

Other Mood comes from Other Themes. A group of developers who focus on launching premium style themes for Shopify, Tumblr, Craft and Webflow. Since Tumblr is widely used as a blogging platform for sharing photographs, it comes as no surprise that Other Themes would want to launch their own photography oriented theme, and they’ve certainly reached a good result. As such, Other Mood is entirely about photo posts. Make them any size or dimension and they’ll fit perfectly in your homepage grid. The actual post pages are rather flexible without much distractions happening. Generally, we could consider this as a minimal design approach. You’ve got some social sharing buttons, and crucial post information, but everything else has been removed to put the emphasis on the photos themselves.


The Florist

the florist tumblr theme

As you might have noticed, all of these premium themes are unique in their own way. They’re diverse and targeted for specific audiences, which is really exactly what you are looking for when planning to purchase a premium theme anyway. The Florist as the name might give it away, is for those who like to share stuff about flowers, also known as florists. Florist’s design begins with that full page header that you can customize to rotate several different photographs of yours. There’s plenty of space for a big logo and your brand description. The color scheme is rather minimal, and most of the focus goes towards the photos themselves. There’s a hamburger menu at the left-hand of the website, which once opened presents different widgets like navigation, social, and bio information.

As a responsive Tumblr theme, it is going to work well with just about all of the modern web browsers. The options panel allows you to manage and customize pretty much all of the aspect of how you will want to display the content. A neat little feature is the ability to display and hide captions for what you submit. Sometimes, all you want is to just publish a stunning image and be done with it. Florists might find it cool that Florist theme offers an in-built filters option. Meaning, you can apply filters to your photos before you publish them; what a time saver!



selfie tumblr theme

Precrafted has been in the business for quite some time now, and their library of premium Tumblr themes is full of gems, such as this one — the Selfie theme. A stunning approach for a unique design, with an original concept and completely authentic vision. Selfie is the perfect Tumblr theme for those who like to publish photos of themselves. But it is also open to anything else that would capture your attention.

What’s unique about Selfie is that it divides your blog into two different screens. The left screen is left for your logo and a sliding set of images (selfies?), and you also get navigation items on the same left page, whereas the right side is all about content. Even when someone engages one of your content pieces, they can still see the left side screen too. It kind of creates this wonderful reading experience, and you won’t find something like this elsewhere.

You’re in total control of the appearance of colors, icons, titles, content descriptions. Any HTML element that you see in this theme, you can customize freely. If you like to feature your content from time to time, indulge in the sticky posts feature that will remain at the top of the page always. Those who’re experienced with using custom fonts can plug any font type from TypeKit, Google Fonts or Fonts resources.


Indy Plus

indy tumblr theme

The developers of Indy Plus know how to make a blogging theme that stands out from the rest. In this case, it is thanks to the full background image that you can apply to your theme. It just magically adds that extra flavor that you don’t so often see anywhere else. Even individual blog posts can benefit from that full background spectacle, and if you choose carefully, you can impress a lot of readers.

Indy Plus allows to specifiy a logo image at the header of the page which is consistent throughout all of the blogs pages. It has a nice sliding out menu that’s packed full of yummy widgets like page links, search bar, social media links, and widgets from platforms like Instagram; got to keep those readers engaged. You have a choice of a masonry style layout (grid) or a traditional single column that you’d typically see blogs using.

Indy Plus will work wonderfully for writers, designers, artists, photo bloggers, and anyone else with a passion for online publishing. The developers of this theme encourage you to reach out to them if you’re experiencing any problems. They will be more than happy to assist you in achieving the design result that you’re imagining.



monaco tumblr theme

The first thing that comes to mind when reading the word Monaco? Expensive, luxurious, modern, that glamorous stuff you know. And the Monaco Tumblr theme lives up to those standards beautifully, defining itself as a colorful theme for enriching the colors of your own personality. With infinite scrolling, a crisp design, and unlimited potential of colors that you can apply, Monaco will cater even to your wildest needs of your imagination. Monaco lists the posts in a masonry grid layout. It gives each published post its own little grid box which fills out the rest of the design space beautifully.

It’s a stunning theme to use for your projects where you plan to republish a lot of content from other Tumblr bloggers. You could easily use Monaco to create your own niche specific Tumblr archives. The price is only a couple of bucks, and you might as well go ahead and grab it now.


Inspire Well

inspire well tumblr theme

Style Hatch knows how to deliver a theme that will blow your mind. Indeed, Inspire Well has some of the best design qualities that we’ve seen so far. The theme might not look like much, but if you start browsing and reading content, it becomes evident rather quickly that Inspire Well could be utilized in environments where you’re publishing articles or general content on daily basis, since it does have that magazine feel to it. The neatly organized sidebar flows together with the overall design of Inspire Well theme. It will certainly serve its purpose as a flexible navigation widget for all blog purposes.

The grid layout allows you to specify different sizes for each of the grid posts that you are making, so for example for photography posts you could use extra large, and for average written content you could use extra small. Both types flow together into the design itself as you create a unique content browsing experience. You can setup your latest tweet streams, or use other social network widgets to show what you’re doing to your community.



juuvy tumblr theme

Juuvy has a hip feel to it. It’s a theme for chic oriented bloggers, and certainly manages to portray itself as a style that wouldn’t go unnoticed in any situation imaginable. You get a beautiful full-length sidebar that gives you the freedom to showcase and display any kind of content that you feel would be right for your audience. You have the masonry grid layout that once again focuses around two different grid size types. This way, you can highlight the most important content first, and then less important posts you can showcase using the smaller size grid.

Content pages are compactly organized and there’s definitely a lot of potential to focus only on the content, all the Tumblr stuff like reblogs and comments are located on the side of the post. Putting it all together, it does kind of work actually. And if you are totally not happy with the colors that Juuvy is using, then take your time to create custom ones. You can even make it so that the design is completely dark, and becomes a completely different design from the demo altogether.


For everyone who is new to Tumblr you might first be interested in testing the waters with free themes. We have a collection carefully crafted for you, too.


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