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Work Smarter With Real Time Collaboration


By Alice Corner, Aug 06, 2021

Working on a document as a team can feel like a competitive sport at times. Seeing everybody live editing docs in order to hit a deadline is stressful but always rewarding. Working collaboratively is the secret to the success of many companies, including Venngage.

One of the problems we have solved for our users is working in silos. We knew that a lot of back and forth communication about changes to visuals and presentations was holding teams down and making work more difficult than it needed to be. That’s why we created Real-Time Collaboration so that the whole team can work in Sync.

real time collaboration


Built for fast-moving teams that need to be on the same page, real-time collaboration enables you to polish your design with your team in real time, leave comments on each other’s work, and save your designs in one shared folder. Get feedback from your teammate, ask your boss to review your design, or hand off a design to your colleagues seamlessly.

With your Venngage Business account, you can easily invite and manage your team members to collaborate on a design, all in real time.

On your My Designs page, click on Invite Team on the top right-hand side and start adding team members to collaborate.

real time collaboration

Choose whether you want to keep a design private or share it with the team on a case-by-case basis and organize your designs and projects into shared team folders. Plus leave comments on your visuals with feedback and suggestions for your team.

real time collaboration

Real-Time Collaboration is just one of the perks of Venngage for Business, the visual communication solution for professional teams. Learn more about Venngage for Business today.




About Alice Corner

Alice is a Content Marketer at Venngage, the online report, presentation, and infographic maker. She writes about nonprofit marketing and good design.


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