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101 Business Name Ideas & Tools for a Better Brand


business name ideas

If it’s not already hard enough to come up with a great business idea, picking a name can be just as challenging. That’s why we wanted to share with you some of our best ideas for business names, including tips, tricks and tools for starting your business on the right foot.

Once you’ve come up with a great name, use Venngage for Business to manage your logos, color palette and other brand assets in-house. My Brand Kit lets you apply the appropriate branding to all your design assets with just a couple of clicks.


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What makes a good company name?

Shakespeare wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Hate to disagree with the Bard, but stench blossom doesn’t have quite the same ring. Coming up with a good company name is tricky, as it requires balancing several factors:


Will people remember it when they hear it?


Does it give them a clue about what you do?


Is it obvious how to say it aloud? Entrepreneur advises against Web 2.0-style names that shorten “er” to “r” or replace words like “for” and “you” with numbers and letters. Those visual interruptions create confused pronunciations.


Does it sound like the name of another company or organization?


Is it available as a URL? What about keywords? Does another company or organization use similar terms in its name that will make it difficult for you to stand out? Similarly, are social media handles available?


Will the name make it difficult to create a logo? Long words, names or phrases can force a logo to be quite small to ensure all the letters fit. Business Insider recommends keeping the name to one or two syllables.

Here you can see an example of Venngage’s branding, and if you need to create your own feel free to use this template for free as a guide:

business name idea


Want to learn more about branding? You can check out our blog on how to create a brand style guide and see our 70+ brand guideline templates, examples and tips for consistent branding.

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How to choose a company name

Brainstorming a company name can be an exhausting process. Fortunately, there are several helpful business name generators out there that can give you a technology-assisted boost.

Remember, though, that no tool is a substitute for having a deep understanding of your market. So, before you go too far down the road coming up with a business name, here are the four things you must know:

  • What is the state of the industry?
  • Who is your customer?
  • Who is your competition?
  • What sets your company apart?

Having a firm grasp on all of those factors will help you balance the many factors that play into coming up with the ideal business name as well as creating memorable branding. (Have we mentioned that you can make sure your brand is well-represented by using Venngage for Business?)

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Business name generators

business name generator banner

Here are our favorite business name generators and why we think you should check them out:


The Canada-based e-commerce platform Shopify has an easy-to-use tool. Just input a word that sums up your business and the platform will generate dozens of business name ideas.

While they are unique to Shopify’s storefront marketplace, they may not be unique to the world, so be sure to do your due diligence.


Dropshipping app Oberlo was acquired by Shopify a few years ago, and it also offers a unique business name generator.

Oberlo also has other marketing tools, including a slogan generator and marketing calculators. As with Shopify’s tool, remember that just because a name is available on Oberlo, that doesn’t mean it’s available in the real world.

Name Ideas Generator

An available web domain is often the deciding factor between business name options. Name Ideas Generator is a useful tool for seeing variations of potential domains, and it also lets you get a peek into keyword suggestions.


Sometimes getting a new perspective on language is helpful, and Namium‘s generator lets you choose between English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

FreshBooks Classic

Looking for just a few options based on keywords and an industry? Try FreshBooks’ name generator that lets you select from industries that include creative/marketing, legal services/business consulting, trade/home services or information technology. You can then further narrow down by entering your keywords.


Like some others on this list, GetSocio‘s name generator lets you see available e-commerce storefronts. It also lets you drill down into some popular types of businesses, like bakeries, boutiques, startups, web apps and more.


Get some ideas for logos right along with company names with Brandroot‘s business name generator.

The AI-powered tool does have some limitations, as you need to focus on a single keyword, but adding visuals to the mix lets you see different name options come to life. And you can even purchase the domain directly in the platform.


Sponsored by web hosting company Bluehost, Namesmith lets you input a keyword to see how different methods can be used to come up with unique domains. Phonetic blends, written blends, rhymes and other modifications are all included.

Business Name Guide

Run by software development company Anadea, Business Name Guide generates name ideas based on combinations of common words or phrases and your business keyword.


In addition to a name generator, NameStation also lets users run naming contests where the site’s hundreds of contributors pitch ideas. With the name generator, you can narrow down based on available domains or various naming methods, like modified words, sound-alikes and more.

The tool does require signing up, and name contests are at a one-time cost of $40.


This unique name generator creates blends and mashups, both randomly generated and based on words or letters you input. Wordoid also checks domain availability.

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How to get a unique business name

We’ve touched on this a bit already, but if you are going to legally register your business, it’s important that it holds up to an official legal standard.

Requirements vary by state and country, but rules generally include making sure the name you choose can’t be confused with any other company in operation.

Business-name registration is done on a state or provincial level, but there are some national checks you can do, too. Check to see if a word is trademarked via the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Canadian Trademarks Database or UK Intellectual Property Office. Google the country or state where your business will operate for more local details.

Some of the business name generators we listed above also offer domain name searches, but you can do this yourself at places like Instant Domain Search or Hostinger or at website/hosting providers like Squarespace, Wix or GoDaddy.

If the URL for the business name you want is already taken, you may be able to see who owns it. ICANN is an international nonprofit that manages the global domain name system. The owner of the domain you want may be willing to sell it to you, though it’s generally easier to pick a new one.

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Business name ideas

It’s time to see what the business name generators can do. Here are 101 names we came up with using the name generators and what types of businesses they might be right for. (And no, we didn’t buy the domains.)

business name ideas banner

Let’s take a look at the first 35 more generic names:

  1. Lokx: Home/business security, online privacy
  2. Adapt Wellness: Yoga, wellness, lifestyle brand
  3. VitaPedic: Children’s health and wellness
  4. Chatia: Website chatbot
  5. Appify: App development
  6. NewHighs: Recreational marijuana
  7. Vaxxu: Vaccine tracker, digital vaccine passport
  8. Exhackt: Online data privacy, background checks
  9. LuxWellCenter: Luxury lifestyle brand
  10. Appish: App development
  11. FamilyDocStore: Medical supplies
  12. Qerp: Software as a service
  13. Verilarm: Security alarms/cameras, background checks, online privacy
  14. WeeklyMarket: Food and grocery delivery
  15. Drream: Luxury mattresses
  16. LilVilla: Vacation home rental service
  17. JaneMed: Medical marijuana
  18. ScreenMetrics: Consumer data analytics
  19. Well.ly: Wellness, lifestyle brand
  20. Qwertsy: Software as a service
  21. Typeful: Webforms, surveys
  22. Unplugged Wellness: Yoga, wellness, lifestyle brand
  23. WellFem: Women’s wellness, lifestyle brand
  24. MobileJet: App development
  25. MightyPuff: Medical and recreational marijuana
  26. Mobolio: App development
  27. Tech.ly: Software as a service
  28. FirstCall Security: Home/business security, online privacy
  29. TechPulse: Software as a service
  30. MediPrompt: Medical, health
  31. Securityworks: Home/business alarms/cameras
  32. Happy Medicine: Medical, health
  33. MediTHC: Medical marijuana
  34. MobiSaurus: Mobile app development
  35. Plantista: Recreational marijuana

Catchy business names

Catchy business names often combine two ideas into one, making it clear instantly what the product or service does. DoorDash, for instance, immediately signals that it’s a delivery service. Here are a few catchy business names and industries they’d be ideal for:

  1. ColorSwipe: Paint-matching app
  2. LawnLabs: Gardening, landscaping, lawn care
  3. ClickRole: Recruitment, hiring
  4. NowVideos: Viral videos
  5. YogiKid: Children’s yoga
  6. MinuteNanny: On-demand nanny service
  7. HappyStaffer: Employment agency
  8. MediMaid: In-home elder care and homemaking
  9. TotalFolio: Wealth management
  10. DogDorm: Pet daycare and boarding

Company name ideas

Some company names are memorable because they’re unique. While everyone today knows about Nike, when Phil Knight launched the brand decades ago, most people mispronounced it. Often, a word from another language or an English word or phrase slightly changed can be the winner.

  1. Vinoteq: On-demand wine delivery
  2. Adorro: Dating app
  3. Buzzitive: SEO and marketing
  4. Aquoro: Pool supplies
  5. Wurku: Staffing and hiring
  6. Cryptobits: Cryptocurrency
  7. Kushist: Recreational marijuana
  8. Compuro: IT services
  9. Ordavo: Grocery delivery
  10. Biometrie: Biometric security

Cool business names

Some cool business names seem to come out of nowhere, having no obvious ties to real-world terms. In some cases, like Haagen-Dazs or IKEA, they are completely invented. While they’re both the subject of myths, neither of those companies’ names have a true origin other than their creators’ imaginations.

Here are some other invented names from the name generators. Which industry are they right for? You decide!

  1. Korox
  2. Vaxan
  3. Carozeno
  4. Celant
  5. Excaton
  6. Veravel
  7. Occlon
  8. Merint
  9. Cestyx
  10. UZKO

Have you decided on a unique-sounding business name but are unsure how to create a plan to bring your goods or services to market? Check out our tips for creating a marketing plan.

Brand name ideas

Looking for a name that’s in the spirit of another unique brand name but don’t want to completely rip it off? Let’s see how well the name generators can handle being inspired by existing brand name ideas:

  1. Google: Chromesa, Semelo, Gogedo
  1. AirBnb: Metavea, Roomocity
  1. TikTok: FameFreak, ShuffleFox
  1. Tesla: Turing, Faraday, Curie
  1. Chewy: Juicy, Spicy
  1. Fabletics: Athsy, Nevarna, Zentrea
  1. Netflix: Televizion, Streamiac, Epiisode
  1. Disney: Zinderella, Monorail
  1. YouTube: Tubesy, Vootia, Anavid
  1. PayPal: OnePurse, CashPrimer, Paycue

Funny business names

Naming your business is, well, serious business. But some types of companies lend themselves to overly trendy/precious names.

If you’re opening a craft brewery, why go with a serious name? Here are some funny business names to inspire you or just make you chuckle, straight from the Hipster Business Name Generator:

  1. Duck & Cellar
  2. Daughter & Lye
  3. Pistol & Toad
  4. Braid & Pebble
  5. Hats & Notebook
  6. Lamb & Painter
  7. Camphor & Thorn
  8. Clam & Virtue
  9. Sack & Mortar
  10. Scarecrow & Rat

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Business name idea FAQ

Have more questions about coming up with a business name? We’ve got answers.

How do I name my small business?

There’s no one answer here, but unless you are creating a new product that needs a name, it’s often easiest to name your small business with your last name + whatever service you provide. The most important thing is that the name is memorable and descriptive.

How do I come up with a catchy business name?

A catchy business name should be short and easy to pronounce. Consider mashing up some of the keywords in the service you provide, so long as you don’t create weird spellings that will trip people up when they say the name of your business.


In summary: Once you’ve mastered the challenge of naming your new business, keep all your assets on-brand with Venngage

Hopefully, you’ve been inspired and gotten some useful tools that can help you give your business the name it needs to grow and expand.

Remember that with just a few clicks, you can set up Venngage for Business to ensure your name, logo and corporate identity is carried through all of your visual communications.

Business Name Ideas

Once you’ve set up your brand, you can apply all your branding requirements to any designs in one click with My Brand Kit:

Business Name Ideas





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