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8 Mental Health Infographic Templates (+Examples)


Mental Health Infographic Blog Header

Did you know that leading organizations like NAMI, MHA, and others educate people on mental health most frequently using mental health infographics?

Mental health infographics are simple and accessible visuals that help people (who aren’t mental health professionals) understand important and complex mental health information. When you communicate to staff, students, parents or entire communities, mental health infographics help you convey a lot of information clearly and effectively.

Take a look at these mental health infographic templates and examples to help you create your own.

Not a designer? No problem. Our easy-to-edit infographic templates and online Infographic Maker make it simple to create your own mental health infographics.


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1. Fact sheet mental health infographic template

Mental Health Illnesses infographic template


This mental health infographic template breaks down something complex into manageable chunks of information. The bulk of the infographic consists of headings and vibrant illustrations that communicate singular ideas clearly. Any accompanying text provides context and examples.

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This template can easily be customized for other healthcare issues: diseases, syndromes, chronic illnesses and more. With our in-editor library of over 12,000 free icons and illustrations, you’ll find the right visuals to help convey your message. We also have 400+ diverse icons for better representation of everyone in our communities.


2. Fact sheet mental health infographic example

Fact Sheet Mental Health Infographic Example

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) created this amazing mental health fact sheet infographic to support people managing their own or others’ mental illness.

The messages are clear, the different icons engage our attention and help to break up the text. Not only does it provide advice, it offers guidelines and examples of how to act on the information. This infographic is of practical value to anyone who needs this type of support.

Mental health infographics like these can be used to empower mental health workers and train healthcare staff. But it can be used in any professional or community setting as a resource to support people’s mental health journeys.

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3. Employee mental health checklist infographic template

Employee mental health checklist infographic template


This customizable employee mental health checklist infographic template is a simple tool for helping people mindfully manage their mental wellbeing.

To customize the template, swap out icons, add news sections and text and hyperlink to more in-depth resources. Sharing the checklist infographic as an Interactive PDF makes links clickable.

The rates at which people are experiencing anxiety and depression have spiked severely over the past year. At the same time, professionals are increasingly working remotely, while engaging with their colleagues, friends and people in general less frequently.

Connecting with your staff and team in person can be challenging, but providing visual resources is the easiest way to do so.


4. Workplace mental health chart infographic template

Workplace mental health chart infographic template


We’ve often heard that mental health illnesses, or mental health in general, exists on a spectrum. This mental health chart infographic template depicts one context in which that applies.

Using simple icons that convey varying emotions, and a matching color palette, this chart infographic depicts a range of emotions and conditions that people may be experiencing at any given time (with relation to employment).

Infographics like these are valuable because they provide emotional context for our interactions with people at different stages of their career or employment status.


5. Children’s mental health infographic template

Childrens Mental Health Infographic Template


Sharing information is not quite the same as informing and educating people. To effectively inform someone, they’ll need to retain the key points.

This children’s mental health infographic template is an easy-to-read guide for identifying mental health illnesses among children. The icons and headings work together to help information sink in, while the explanations/examples in each tile provide needed context.

To customize the design, sections can be added or taken away, the length of the infographic changed under the settings tab in the editor and a new color palette can be applied for a unique look.


6. Tips mental health infographic example

Tips for Stress and Anxiety Mental Health Infographic Example

The Anxiety and Disorder Association of America created a great mental health infographic for dealing with anxiety.

The super large icons and bold text really support the scan-ability of the infographic. It makes reading through the infographic less intimidating and also ensures a hassle-free mobile experience. It’s important to remember, many things we share with our audiences today may be viewed on a large monitor, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone screen.

Finally, the infographic is longer in length than some other mental health infographics we may have come across. But spacing the text out and not overwhelming the reader is a great approach.

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7. Disorders mental health infographic template

Disorders Explainer Mental Health Infographic Template


This mental health comparison infographic template is a great way to provide clarification to any topic shrouded in misconceptions. By comparing myths to the corresponding facts of a mental health illness (bipolar disorder, in this case) you provide accurate information and undermine falsely-held ideas at once.

You can reinforce the comparisons you’re making through design. Bold headings, lining up sections head-to-head and a distinct color palette for each myth and truth effectively draws out the individual points in this comparison infographic template. The icons establish a line down the middle to establish the two sides of the topic.

This mental health comparison infographic template can be used for any topic, mental health illnesses or something else entirely.


8. Coping mental health infographic template

Coping with Stress Mental Health Infographic Template


Messaging within your mental health infographic design is important. Acknowledging a time period as a crisis is an important step to take as an organization. It allows employees to feel that experiencing stress, burnout and other intense emotions is normal.

This mental health infographic template also uses icon illustrations effectively, by helping readers visualize each outcome.

Being able to visualize an outcome is key to bringing it about. For people dealing with overwhelming amounts of stress, they can benefit from visual cues to take care of themselves and do something that they will enjoy.

The Venngage editor makes it easy to capture a range of activities, ideas and feelings with a library of over 12,000 icons. They’re all free and you can replace any icon in our templates by clicking it, clicking the Replace button and selecting a new icon from the library.


Mental health infographics FAQ

1. What is a mental health infographic? 

A mental health infographic is a visual that provides information related to mental health wellness and illnesses using text and visual cues.

2. How do I add mental health information into an infographic?

Every Venngage infographic template is completely customizable and can be edited online. It’s free to sign up and edit templates, there is no software to download and your changes save as you go.

3. Why do I need to use infographics to communicate about mental health?

Mental health is a very broad, complex and constantly evolving topic. But the audience who need information about mental health are the general public who are not experts in mental health. Mental health infographics help to make complex mental health information easy to understand and act on.

Need to make an infographic? Start creating in seconds with our professional templates and simple online editor.




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