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This Financial Consultancy 2x Their Revenue Using Venngage


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The Background

LISG Case Study Landing Page

Life Insurance Strategies Group is a high net worth life insurance consultancy. They consult for high net worth individuals looking to life insurance solutions for their planning needs as well as for life insurance carriers and producers who distribute life insurance plans and products.

In addition, they are a content marketing agency for their clients in this niche space.

Pete Dziedzic is the General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer at Life Insurance Strategies Group. He oversees marketing and content creation, along with Legal, People and IT for the company.

Pete is responsible for building the Life Insurance Strategies Group brand and providing impressive, valuable marketing for the consultancy. He also developed its content marketing service which generates half the consultancy’s revenue.

Pete’s not a designer and doesn’t have a design team (or marketing team) at his disposal. Still, he was able to create highly professional marketing materials that elevated Life Insurance Strategies Group’s brand and reputation – using Venngage.

Check out his journey below.


The challenge

Creating professional marketing materials to grow a business and brand

Pete recalls the very day he knew he needed a simple design solution.

Life Insurance Strategies Group was going to speak at a conference and Pete wanted to provide one-page handouts to attendees about their consultancy. It was an easy way to promote the operation, but his options seemed limited.

“You can’t really put something like that together on a word processor, it’d look terrible. So I needed to find a platform that would let me create sharp, professional content that looks good printed.” – Pete Dziedzic

Hiring a designer was a costly and time-consuming option, and a freelancer may have had mixed results. With previous marketing experience, and an eye for good design, Pete knew the types of things he wished to create.

After a quick online search, he saw Venngage’s templates and decided to try it out.
With its vast template library, ease of use and convenient features, Pete found himself using Venngage for all of the consultancy’s marketing collateral.


The Solution

Venngage allowed Pete to design content that impressed clients and presented a strong brand.

Plain_Quote_1 LISG Case Study

“Venngage is much more than just an infographic-maker, it’s the go-to content creation tool.” – Pete Dziedzic

Pete used Venngage to visualize the complex high networth life insurance space that clients had to navigate. He was able to demonstrate expertise and build trust instantly.

Feature_Quote_1 LISG Case Study

“Life insurance in the high networth space is like a ‘black box’. There are a lot of structures and moving parts, and it would take three or more paragraphs to describe something specific. But when you can just show clients a visual, highlight how things work step-by-step, you really help them understand something complicated.” – Pete Dziedzic

Here are a few examples of visuals Pete has created using Venngage. These include LISG assets, as well as assets created for clients.

Case Study LISG One Pager


Above is the one-pager Pete was able to design and print off to distribute at an upcoming conference.

Below is a client process infographic that LISG shares with their new clients.

Case Study LISG Client Process Infographic


And these following designs were created specifically for LISG’s clients:

Case Study LISG Process Diagram Leyden Succession


white paper example case study LISG


White paper 2 Case Study LISG


Infographics, blog visuals, white papers, presentations, client pitches – Pete was able to design them all through Venngage. With an engaging approach to marketing and communicating visually, Life Insurance Strategies Group was able to stand out in a space that traditionally wasn’t sleek or stylish.

Pete’s marketing materials got a lot of attention and praise from their clients. It turned out that many clients actually had a similar need for marketing and branding, but did not have the time or means to create their own.

This unmet need led to Life Insurance Strategies Group providing content marketing services.

Feature_Quote_2 LISG Case Study

“We never intended to create a marketing agency, but clients were so impressed with our own marketing materials that they asked us to create things for them too!” – Pete Dziedzic

Life Insurance Strategies Group can create a whole suite of marketing assets through Venngage.

Plain_Quote_2 LISG Case Study

“The library of templates is really helpful. You choose something you like and run with it, and the templates are easy to brand and create content with. They’re also a great starting point for design inspiration.” – Pete Dziedzic

Beyond the templates library, Venngage’s simple features helped to elevate the Life Insurance Strategies Group brand.

With My Brand Kit, Pete easily applies their consultancy’s logo, brand colors and brand fonts to any assets he creates. This helps him to showcase a strong, cohesive brand. He even created a brand style guide using Venngage!

LISG Brand Guide-01


Neat features like the print bleed option, allows Pete to go that extra step and provide added value. With a click in the editor, he can apply a print bleed to any design so that it’s print-ready.

“Small things like being able to apply a print bleed lets us look like design professionals for our clients. When I can send my clients their digital version and a print version, it’s a value-add for them – they’re impressed and happy with the level of service they’re getting.” – Pete Dziedzic

Venngage also allows Pete to ramp up his productivity and stay organized.

Plain_Quote_3 LISG Case Study

“It’s so easy to scale design production, too. I save our client content as templates and then rather than start from scratch for future designs, I have my own library of templates organized in folders for each client. It’s so quick, saves so much time for me and it always looks professional.” – Pete Dziedzic

With Venngage’s ease of use and versatility, Life Insurance Strategies Group was able to level up their marketing in no time.


The Results

Using Venngage, Life Insurance Strategies Group doubled their revenue.

“This is an industry that’s conservative and old-fashioned. We used Venngage to create marketing materials that looked clean, modern and fresh, and that really attracted attention. It made us stand out from our competitors.” – Pete Dziedzic

Through consistent branding and design quality, Pete was always able to present a professional, engaging brand at every step. The impact was very real, with referral business growing significantly.

Plain_Quote_4 LISG Case Study

“When you get a new customer it’s always a good thing. But there’s something sweeter about getting a customer that’s a referral. It tells me our clients are happy, and that they’re telling people about us. It reminds me that we have a strong reputation.”
– Pete Dziedzic

More than that, Life Insurance Strategies Group was able to establish a completely new stream of revenue for their business (and added value for their clients).

Feature_Quote_3_LISG Case Study

“We created marketing materials, in Venngage, to market ourselves initially. But then clients saw what we were creating and wanted us to design their marketing materials, too. This content creation side of things generates half of our business now, and it’s our way of giving something to our clients that no one else really has or does.” – Pete Dziedzic

Life Insurance Strategies Group is able to provide a comprehensive set of services, unlike their competitors, and deliver far more value to their clients. It’s what keeps them winning as a team, and allows them to stand out from the crowd.

“We’re able to create things that just look better, and we stand out. In many ways, we’re seen as a go-to solution for marketing content in this setting.” – Pete Dziedzic

Professional branding and multi-channel marketing, all in one solution.



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