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How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Infographics


convince boss invest infographics

Let’s say you’ve had your “aha” moment. To you, the benefits of infographics are clear.

But what do you do if you need to make them clear to someone else? How can you communicate to your boss, for example, that’s it’s worth the time, effort, and cost?

Chances are you’ve had to “sell” your boss (or whoever you are wanting to) other ideas in the past.

Infographics are still making their way into the mainstream, but their potential impact is undeniable. Here are some tips for having that conversation with the person who needs you to help them have the “aha” themselves.

Table of contents:

  1. Infographics can be a game-changer for your team
  2. Effective communications always take investment
  3. Poor communications will cost you


1. Infographics can be a game-changer for your team

As with most other things, to make a strong case to someone else, you need to consider the WIIFM or What’s In It For Me.

Think about what matters to your boss, their boss, or whoever is making the decision. Then think about how your proposal connects to their priorities.

To help you with that, here are some key benefits you might highlight to help your manager see how infographics can be a game-changer for your team.

Infographics build knowledge and influence

You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what some Venngage users have shared with us about how infographics have benefited them.

Pete Dziedzic at LISG understands how infographics can help businesses improve their communications with clients and customers.

convince boss invest infographics

Infographics are also useful for internal communications, even if they can be underutilized like Arun Raman says.

convince boss invest infographics

The success you can experience by creating and sharing infographics can also improve your reputation among your colleagues or even in your field, as Vera Aroca notes.

convince boss invest infographics

Your manager doesn’t have to take your word for it either. Consider the people that they are most likely to want to hear from, and then ask those influencers what they think about your team using visual communications or infographics. They may be able to say it better than you can.

Infographics increase engagement, internally and/or externally

Infographics are hands-down the most engaging content, according to marketers surveyed for our 2020 report.

Naturally, we believe that often showing is better than telling. The very best way to make the case to your supervisor or team is to start creating infographics that you know will make a difference for them.

You can begin with relatively low-investment yet high-impact infographics. Here are some examples of topics you might consider.

convince boss invest infographics


convince boss invest infographics


convince boss invest infographics


convince boss invest infographics


Infographics can support entire teams

When you talk about graphics with others, they will likely think about a designer your team is already working with, or could work with in the future. You can help them see that with simple solutions like Venngage, the entire team can have the tools to work on infographics.

Team members can even collaborate with one another as they produce visuals. For example, one team member might put the data into the table, and another might make the graph attractive. Or, one team member might write and add the copy, while another selects visual elements like photos and icons.

Venngage Real Time Collaboration

Your colleagues may already be using a tool like Filestage to comment on versions of graphics created in heavy programs. With Venngage, they can make these comments directly within the platform, which saves a lot of time and confusion.

Venngage Comment

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2. Effective communications always take investment

If you haven’t heard yet, there it is: In the world of project management, absolutely nothing is cheap, fast, and great. Period.

convince boss invest infographics


We know you want great designs because they are the best way to ensure you get the benefits you’re looking for.

Infographics, like all communication materials, always take time and usually take some money as well. Just consider how much you are spending on other high-use visuals like reports, presentations, etc.

If your boss is the calculating type, they will definitely be looking at the numbers.

convince boss invest infographics


Often the question facing those who want infographics is: Do you want to spend a lot of money hiring a professional, or do you want to spend a lot of time learning difficult-to-use software?

But with a simple and powerful solution like Venngage, you can save some money and also save some time. We have hundreds of ready-to-use templates for business, reducing weeks of work into days or hours. What boss doesn’t love hearing that?


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3. Poor communications could cost you a lot

We are prone to giving more attention to the negatives than the positives, so when all else fails, you can help your manager see the costs of creating poor visuals, or worse—creating none at all.

A good reputation is priceless, and research shows that poorly executed visuals can definitely cost you this. If you can, share a case study with your boss of how communications have gone sideways in the past (we’ve got lots of public examples here, if you need inspiration).

Don’t forget to highlight the costs of these misses to your audience as well.

It may be easier to note where misleading information has led folks astray, but there’s probably also been lots of instances in which the lack of effective communication has led to mistakes and missed opportunities.

This includes the very common practice of burying important information in “boring,” complicated, text-heavy materials that no one reads.


In summary

As I’ve said before, infographics are game-changers, and hopefully by now you’ve got lots of ideas for how to build the case that your team needs to invest in them.

We also want you to know you don’t have to go it alone. We’d love to share more with you about how Venngage can help your team create game-changing infographics. And we’ve got a stellar support team to assist you along the journey.





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