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People Hate Video Ads. Why Do Marketers Love Them?


Video Ad Data Story

If you ever have wondered why you see the same type of ads everywhere you look, it’s probably because they work.

Even the most hated ads seem to be extremely profitable for many brands.

So don’t expect those to disappear anytime soon.


A solid majority of people hate video ads

There’s nothing more annoying than getting to a site and having a video ad scream at you from somewhere on the page.

About 67% of people seem to agree with that statement, ranking video ads with sound as the most annoying type of digital ad.

In my experience, local news sites are one of the worst offenders of this marketing faux pas.

Video Ad Data Story

But those types of video ads aren’t limited just to websites, they are in your YouTube videos, mobile apps and even streaming services.

It’s hard to avoid them, which might be why people hate them so much. They also distract you from something that you were trying to read or enjoy more than some others, like search ads.

People even hate video ads when no sound is playing, with 55% of people saying that those are the most annoying.

About 10% of people said that no digital ads annoyed them, which actually seems impossible. No one likes ads.


Video ads don’t drive a majority of revenue

It would make sense to see these video ads everywhere if they were driving revenue.

But out of the main advertising channels video ads only accounted for about 18% of revenue.

Video Ad Data Story

Compared to search, video ads drive about half of all digital ad revenue. And even at their current growth rate, it would take a long time for video ads to catch up.


So why keep using them?

The growth potential of these video ads seems to be getting marketers excited about using them. Compared to last year, video ads drove about $5 billion more in revenue.

Video Ad Data Story

This means that revenue from video ads grew by 20% in one of the worst economic conditions we have had in a long while.

Search had similar revenue growth in but that only accounted for about a 9% increase when looking at the whole picture.

Revenue from mobile video ads saw some of the largest growth of any digital ad platform.

Mobile video ads make up about 70% of all video ad revenue, with desktop’s share of that ad revenue decreasing at a consistent rate over the past few years.

Those mobile video ads drove about $18.5 billion in revenue last year, with a growth rate of 25.3% since 2019.

Video Ad Data Story

Search and display ads on mobile each grew at 8.8% and 13.3% respectively.

So mobile video ads are growing at double the rate. And that’s why we will never escape their wrath.






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